Subject: Zachary All Grown Up Chapter 10 Zachary All Grown Up Chapter 10 By JJ [ [email protected] ] EVERYONE PLEASE KEEP NIFTY FREE DONATE WHAT YOU CAN!!! Chapter 10 Friday May 28, 2021. It is 8 am. I have been up since 5:30, have been to the gym, and have loaded the SUV. I just have to pack a cooler with some water and pears and plums. Zachary stopped on his way to school to drop off his bag for the trip. He was only going in for 2 quizzes then leaving. Also to check if there was anything vital he was going to miss on Tuesday. I had 2 bags assuming that Zachary was only going to pack shorts and tees. I took a couple of sweatshirts, sweatpants, and sneakers. It could 82 here and only in the 60s there. Plus I had to bring grooming stuff, plus lube he coy fully reminded me last night. I finished up and went in to shower we should be on the road by 9:30. Warm sunny weather was predicted for the entire weekend. He surprised me carrying a pair of sneakers and a brand new pair of flip-flops. He told me they were an early father’s day present and they were the same as he was wearing. I asked what did Bob’s have buy 1 get 1 free sale. He said yep, he said he was taught by me never miss a bargain. Then he called me a dick. I squeezed his neck and said I got your dick, he whispered ‘yes you do’. Why the sneakers, he said Poppa told him it might get cold, plus some places don’t allow sliders or flip-flops. It was 9:25 when we left. Didn’t take long to get to the Wilbur Cross parkway, we made good time till we got near Boston, but was pretty much on track. It always gets crazy near Boston, but once we got into Maine I let him drive. All the way up we talked listened to music, sang and he would hold my hand when he could or rest it on my thigh. We talked about what he wanted to do with his life, he said he didn’t really didn’t know. He said maybe an accountant, he liked numbers. He also liked working with his hands. But most of all he didn’t care what he did as long as I was part of his life anything would be tolerable. If anyone else had said that to me I might have laughed. This was no infatuation. I have watched him mature over the past 2 years. When I was his age I had no clue what so ever, the only constant thing in my life at that time was my girlfriend who ended becoming my wife. I became responsible because of her, so I could equate how he felt. At one point I asked him while we were holding hands if he was ready for tonight. He just smiled and took my hand and put it on his crotch. Damn he was hard which in turn got me hard. He asked if he ankara escort could suck me while I was driving. I was tempted, but traffic was getting heavy. We had not had sex since his birthday. Even though he was in the garden everyday every time we would start Mario would show up or call. It was eerie, I was getting paranoid, and it had no effect on Zachary other than blue balls. He really had a great bond with his Grandfather. I wanted to get there as fast as we could. We had 3 days to go up and down rte. 1. if he wanted. I wanted to take him to Kennebunkport and Ogunquit It was a beautiful stretch of road. We made good time and arrived a little after 1pm. Check in was normally 4pm, but I paid a little extra to have the room ready for 2pm. By the time we got to the Hilton the room was all set. I had picked a good place it was within walking distance of everything we needed. We got settled in, I said let me close my eyes for 20 minutes then let’s go check out the harbor. I didn’t dare get on the bed, but lay on the sofa. He came and lay next to me before I knew it we were asleep. We slept for a good 30 minutes or so. We kissed and he moaned. I said let us go we have all night for this. It was a just after 3pm and we headed straight for the harbor. They were working on huge ship from the late 1700’s. Zachary was in his glory. He got plenty of information from one of the foreman. The foreman looked to be close to 70, but it was hard to tell your typical weather beaten face, but didn’t have an ounce of fat on him. He gave Zachary a tour, and asked him if his Dad wanted to come. Zachary told him he’s not my Dad, he’s my boyfriend. The foreman gave me a nod and a wink, which I found out later about what transpired. The foreman said we were both lucky guys. Zachary got all the information he needed for his paper took some pictures with his phone. We were told to stop back anytime if we needed anything while were there. They work there seven days a week. We walked around for another couple of hours checking out downtown. We stopped at a small outside restaurant and had cold lobster salad hoagies minus the bread, some coleslaw. I think it was on both our minds to eat light. We walked around another hour or so, he ran into a CVS said stay here he would be right out, and then headed back to the hotel. We got to the room and said he needed to use the bathroom. I thought he was sick and got concerned when he was still in there 20 minutes later. I was sitting on our balcony looking out over the ocean with a bottle of water. He appeared and looked OK, I escort ankara asked him if he was good and he said fine, and then whispered even though we were alone, that he cleaned himself out for later. I was confused and must have looked it and he laughed and said you don’t want shit on your dick or the sheets do you? I laughed and said I guess not. Then added I am just as much a virgin as you with this. He said he was going to take a shower and wanted to go to bed. I said fine when you are finished I will take mine. He looked a little disappointed but I reminded think about it. He said right this is our first time. He showered and came out in a long tee shirt that was mine that he pilfered a while back. Geez he was adorable and sexy. I went in to shower and was going to shave and he said No he wanted the 5’oclock shadow. I showered fast and dried and powdered myself. When I came out there was music on (his play list of course).He had turned all the lamps off except for a couple of dimly lit ones. I have to admit he knows how to set a mood. He was in bed propped up on a pillow waiting for me. I dropped my towel and climbed into bed. I reached out and pulled him into my arms, he giggled and I nuzzled his neck he moaned. I started to kiss him and he started to get aggressive with his kisses an nibbling and chewing. I whispered slow down we got a long way to go yet and if you keep it up I’m going to cum. I moved down to his neck, and slowly made my way to his nipples he shuddered, and moaned. I moved down that beautiful treasure trail of his and licked the underside of his dick, proceeded to suck him like I was starving man. I never realized how I enjoyed doing this to him. I could feel him getting close and he wanted me to stop he didn’t want to cum yet. I pushed his legs further apart started teasing his inner thighs with my tongue. Then I did something that pushed him over the edge. I started sucking on that sweet little hole of is. He had a few blonde hairs around it that I yanked on. I tried to get my tongue in the ass as much as I could; I wetted a finger and switching between using my tongue and the finger. He started begging me to fuck him. I reached into the night stand and grabbed the jar of Palmers. I put a little on my finger and played with his hole and slowly inserted it. All the time watching him to see how he was doing. This is the third time in my life where I have witnessed someone look at me with such love. I slowly got 2 fingers in him and he was panting, moaning and nipping where ever he could on me. He was getting loud and was ankara escort bayan pleading for me to fuck him…….Now!! I lubed my dick lifted his legs and started to enter him. I found the restraint not to just plunge right in I knew I would hurt him. I slowly got a little more than half in and he was enjoying it. He drew the rest of me in by pushing my ass with his arms. I waited till I felt his ass relax then proceeded to fuck him. I watched his eyes glaze over and the first time I ever witnessed someone’s eyes roll up in their head. He kept calling my name and telling me not to stop. I had to keep slowing down to keep from shooting. I have never been inside anything so tight, and soft. I had to concentrate on the music or work. I tried not to look at my lil man. I would have lost it completely. We finally reached the plateau where we both needed release. I kissed him and picked up the pace I said I was getting close he said he was almost there, and I know it always happens in stories and porns but we did cum at the same time. I had collapsed on him, and whispered in his ear and said I love you he whispers back I love you more. Then asked if he was okay, and if he regretted anything? He replied it was 100 times better than what he expected. We kissed for a bit and my throat was getting dry. I got up and got 2 waters, he ran to the bathroom to clean up before I leaked out of him. He liked the lube I used. He said it was thicker and felt better then what he used to jack off. I told him it was cocoa butter. I can’t use the lubes like Glide, I will break out. I was ready for round two, and as we kissed and I played with his hole, I could tell it was a little sore for him. I knew he wouldn’t refuse me but I couldn’t hurt him and massaged it a little and put some butter on it to soothe it. I was sitting up in bed and he took charge he sat on my lap and began to kiss me. The little fuck is a great kisser. He nuzzled my neck and was sitting on my dick before I knew it I was inside of him again. He was riding me like he was on a horse. I lasted a little longer this time, but he didn’t he shot all over my chest. When I came the song playing at that time was ‘Come What May’ from Moulin Rouge. He was started singing. ‘Come what may’ ‘I will love you’ ‘Until my dying day’ ‘Come what may’ He had tears in his eyes, I felt myself tearing up also. We kissed and I said what am I going to do with you? as I rubbed the back of his head. I popped out of his ass and he went to clean himself and we spooned and kissed and he fell asleep. The one thing I have to talk to him about that he is kind of loud, which is a turn on, but can possibly be trouble when we are home. I can’t believe I was getting hard again. 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