Yui’s Awakening. Part 13.


Yui’s Awakening. Part 13.Yui and Sana were once again in Thailand, in fact Sana had asked Yui if she would like to partner again for the Thailand shoot, and Yui, though thoroughly enjoying long nights of love with Emi, thought that a break would be good, and now it was her turn to be away.Indeed, Yui had told Emi about her previous trip, and all the sexual adventure it involved. Emi winked at her as she left.”Yui darling, I hope you can enjoy a sexy Thai girl while you are there, but be careful”, she whispered before kissing Yui’s full soft lips.Sana and Yui were met at the airport by the same massage lady from her first shoot. They all hugged, and then she introduced a tall, attractive western woman who had just walked up their group. Her name was Linda, and she was Australian, had been living in Thailand for 8 years, and was, at least both Yui and Sana assumed, a lesbian. She was tall, with medium length blonde hair tied back, her bare arms and smooth, long legs were beautifully toned, which made Yui think she was a dancer.”Nice to meet you all”, she addressed the girls and the crew.”I’m going to look after you while you’re here. If you need anything, just ask”.As she spoke she looked directly at Yui, which made her blush.The shoot that day was at the beach, which once again was full of people, including young local girls giggling, splashing about in their bikinis, some even just wearing a long t-shirt.”Do you think Linda is lesbian?” whispered Yui to Sana during a break.”Probably. But I’m more interested in them”, she nodded at a small group of young girls at the water’s edge, splashing each other.”Yes, so cute”, whispered Yui, still thinking about Linda’s long legs.After a while Linda arrived to watch the shoot, and with her was a group of about five local girls, some of whom had the short haircut indicating they were butch lesbian. They stood and watch, occasionally Linda would lean down and whisper something to one of the girls, and sometimes she would put her long arm around the shoulders of another.”Come to my house around 7 tonight, ok?” said Linda at the end of the shoot as Yui and Sana were rinsing off the sand.”She knows where it is”, she nodded towards the massage lady.Around seven o’clock, as Yui and Sana walked along the street behind the massage lady, Yui had by now, become very turned on at the idea of Linda being a lesbian. Since she had met Dina, she was intrigued at how different a western woman’s attitude to sex was.”I hope a couple of those cute girls are coming Yui chan”, whispered Sana, as they walked up the drive to Linda’s nice looking medium sized house.The door was opened by a dark skinned, long haired beauty who wordlessly ushered them in through the living room and straight into the bedroom. At this point the massage lady bid them a good night.There, stretched out on a large bed, surrounded by 4 beautiful, naked local girls, in the soft light, was Linda, naked, kaçak iddaa her long legs being lovingly caressed by 2 gorgeous Thai girls.”Ah, it’s the Japanese girls! Thank you for coming! Please relax, have a drink, get comfortable”, said Linda, before whispering to the cute girl next to her.The cute girl, her naked little body tight and lithe, moved silently over to the two stunned Japanese girls and offered them a cocktail each.Within minutes Yui and Sana were both helped out of their clothes by several soft and gentle naked Thai girls, and soon these girls were walking around the two women, caressing their nakedness.”Please help yourself to any of my gorgeous girls, ok?” said Linda.Sana immediately walked over to a beautiful naked Thai girl, her brown skin glowing in the soft light, long straight black hair cascading over her lovely shoulders. She put her arm around her waist and walked her over to the other bed where there were two other local girls already laying next to each other kissing and caressing. Yui watched as Sana and her girl joined the two lovers on the bed, and felt her wetness as Sana became the center of attention, with lovely soft brown hands all over her body.Yui, on the other hand, had her sights set on Linda, and crawled onto her bed where Linda’s long toned legs were being caressed by two gorgeous young local girls. Yui joined them in their appreciation of those long legs, running her fingers along Linda’s calves, gently caressing with the backs of her fingers, then the palms of her hands. Then she moved up, caressing Linda’s firm thighs, first focussing on one, letting her fingers explore the soft warmth of the inner thigh and the lightly muscled and sexy curve of her outer thighs. She then moved to the other. Meanwhile, the two beautiful girls had shifted their attention to Yui, running their soft and gentle hands all over her naked body.”Mmm, seems they like your sexy body Yui. I can see why, you’re so so gorgeous”, whispered Linda, eyes still half closed from Yui’s gentle loving on her legs.”Do you like my legs?””Yes, so long, so beautiful”, whispered Yui, now kneeling between those long legs, running her hands along the length of each one.Linda whispered something in Thai to the two girls and they both knelt on wither side of Yui and continued their gentle exploration of Yui’s body.”I told them to love your sexy body Yui, hope you don’t mind? I love watching girls enjoy themselves”, said Linda.”I love to be watched”, Yui found herself whispering, as she raised her arms above her head, letting the girls caress her naked surrendered body completely.”Touch me all over… explore my body… love my body… I want to feel your lovely hands all over my body…”As Yui whispered to the girls, Linda translated into Thai, and the two girls intensified their attention on Yui. Yui raised herself on her knees, allowing the girls to explore every part of her hot little kaçak bahis body. She kissed her shoulders and her arms as their hands played over her soft warm skin.”Oh god, that is so hot Yui. I’m so turned on now”, moaned Linda as she began to masturbate with one hand while squeezing and pulling at her nipples with the other. She whispered something else to the two girls in Thai. They began to kiss Yui’s arms, moving closer to her face. Yui lowered her arms and put them around the slim waists of these two gorgeous girls on either side of her. She pulled them closer to her, feeling the warmth of their slim bodies on hers. She leaned towards one girl, aching to kiss those full moist lips. Their kiss quickly evolved into their tongues dancing, and the other girl leaned in to join them. Yui turned to repeat her kissing with the other girl, and soon she had both of these sexy young girls’ tongues in her mouth at the same time. She was so wet and felt like she dripping down her thighs at how sexy this all was.Yui opened her eyes briefly to find Linda’s face close to hers, and the two girls parted to let Linda in. Yui was still up on her knees, and as she looked down at Linda’s handsome face, and felt Linda’s strong large hands around her waist, she leaned in to kiss her. Linda’s kissing was more forceful than the soft local girls, and Yui felt almost overwhelmed by the intoxicating lust.Linda moved one of her legs between Yui’s legs, and Yui lowered her soaking pussy down onto Linda’s beautiful thigh. This was exactly what she wanted. She wanted to grind her aching pussy onto Linda’s beautiful legs.As she rubbed her wet pussy on Linda’s thigh, the two girls sucked on her nipples, and Linda grasped her tiny bottom in her large hands, intensifying the pressure on her soaking little pussy.Meanwhile, Sana had been the center of the attention of three sexy little local girls, turning their bed into a mess of long black hair, naked brown skin, writhing bodies, and lustful moaning. She didn’t need any translating, there was no need for verbal communication other than moans of approval. Occasionally she would talk to them in Japanese, telling them how sexy they were, how good she felt. Whether they understood didn’t matter, all that mattered was the gratification of the lustful desires of the four young women. Sana was in her element, this was what she had been wanting since the job came through; to be tasting the sexual pleasures of Thailand’s cute, sexy little lesbians.With two sexy little Thai girls sucking and nibbling on her aching nipples, and Linda helping her grind her pussy on her sexy legs, Yui finally reached an orgasm that left her panting for breath collapsed on Linda’s firm body. Linda held her tight against her body until she had recovered. Linda then rolled Yui onto the bed, onto her back. Yui was still exhausted, but delighted to feel the warm smooth bodies of the lovely Thai girls on illegal bahis either side of her. Their soft hair cascaded over her lovely skin, their gentle hands caressed her body all over again, and she reached out to touch their beautiful smooth bodies in return. Turning one way, then the other, to look at the two beautiful girls touching her, she could not get over how sexy the whole scene was, with the sounds of four young women in the throes of pleasure coming from the other bed, and two gorgeous Thai girls loving her body, she almost didn’t notice Linda moving down to get comfortable between her legs.Linda was now licking, and sucking Yui’s pussy lips into her mouth, avoiding her sensitive clitoris for the moment, but the sheer delightful pleasure in having her pussy lips sucked hard was so delicious. She let out some cries of delight now and then, and Linda increased her attention.Linda now parted Yui’s legs even more, licking her soft thighs, pushing her legs back towards her stomach, lifting her bottom off the bed, and exposing her sex completely. Yui enjoyed being controlled by this woman in charge, and let her do whatever she wanted.Soon, the sexy girls on either side of her were kissing each other above Yui’s face, then leaning down to kiss her one by one, then kissing each other again. Meanwhile Linda was devouring Yui’s wet pussy, as well as sliding her tongue down to dance over her sexy little anus. Eventually Linda’s powerful tongue was darting in and out of Yui’s tight little anus, and Linda’s attention was now completely on this. Linda beckoned one of the girls to come and lick Yui’s pussy while she ravished her beautiful little anus, and soon Yui was again orgasming, succumbing to waves of delicious sex as the three girls made sure she was being looked after in every respect.Yui, exhausted and limp, caressed any skin that came anywhere near her. Linda, by now warming up, had decided to go over to the other bed where Sana and the three sexy, cute little Thai girls were still entwined in a black haired, brown skinned tangle of sex. She climbed onto the bed, caressing the soft thighs, legs, arms, backs, bottoms, wherever she could touch, gently talking to the girls in Thai, then manoeuvring herself so that she could lay on her back with her long legs spread. Two of the girls began to focus their attention on her, while the third girl continued her sucking on Sana’s aching pussy.As Yui regained her composure, she looked over at the other bed to see how Sana was doing, and was pleased to see Sana on her knees, grinding her pussy on Linda’s face, while two Thai girls on wither side of her sucked her nipples and ran their hands all over her body. Meanwhile, another girl was between Linda’s legs sucking on her pussy, and within several minutes Linda was announcing that she was coming. Her muffled orgasm reached up into Sana’s pussy, and she too orgasmed until finally falling limp on Linda’s long body.Yui and Sana stayed that night, enjoying a sleepless night of sex, and the next morning were almost too exhausted to make it to their hotel to collect their things and get to the airport.

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