You are the best ……


You are the best ……Hi guys, here is a story of a Boy, who had a great time in his holidays.Mom: “Darling, will you be going out today”Son: “Hmm, Mom I planned to go out with my friends for lunch but it got cancelled”Mom: “ohh, Okay never mind, I’ll manage”Son: “Yeah Mom if you want something I can do it”Mom: “Ohh baby, I just wanted you to give a visit for you Aunt Chithra’s house, she called me and said that she has a dress stitched for me,”Son: “hmm, yeah okay I’ll go, I’m free for anything”Mom: “I can bring that when I return from, but today I have some work in the office, I guess your not angry with me”Son: “yeah okay”Mom: “okay baby I’m getting late now I’m gonna get freshen, so lock the house and stay until I come back”Son: “okay mom” she said and led her way to her room.Ok now I’ll introduce them. Son’s name is Akash, Many usually call him AK. Akash is a 17 years old boy who is in Class 10. His mom’s name is Jayanthi, she is usually called as jaya. She works in a bank which is 2 KM away from her house. She is a sexy lady who has a perfect body shape with an attractive way of dr****g sarees. She usually wears saree below the navel for at least 5-6 inches. This makes her look even more beautiful. She wears Sarees for Office and House and wears nighty at night. They both live in an apartment while her husband Gopikrishnan lives in Dubai. He visits them once a year at November for Deepavali. This time for Deepavali he couldn’t come because of his promotion. Because of Akash lives with his mom, he has got all the passion he wants like a small Baby. Even Jayanti shows him all the love she has got. Jayanti’s sexual life has stopped from many years, she had not even worried about that. She’s been showing all the love toward Akash like for her husband (not sex, care).After few minutes Jaya entered the living room. Akash was watching TV while sitting on the couch. Today she was wearing shalwar instead of a saree.Akash: “Mom, you look really beautiful in saree’s rather than Shalwars” Akash said in a sad manner.Jaya: “ohh, darling I am already late for work, it would take me 5-10 minutes to d**** saree. This is more easy for me”Akash: “hmm, but….”Jaya: “Honey don’t worry, only for today” she said by raising her eyebrows and smilingAkash: “yeah that’s what I wanted”Jaya” “hmm, okay honey I’ll leave now, but don’t forget to visit Chitra aunty”Akash: “okay mom don’t worry I’ll go”Jaya came near him and gave him a kiss in his foreheads and went. Jaya didn’t have a bad intention because of no sexual life from long time, so she always cares Akash like a infant, Hugging him kissing him on foreheads and cheeks etc…… She wanted him to feeling fine always because his father is not with him. And one thing about Akash, he has some bad intensions when he was in collage, he had bad intensions on his professors, because of their revealing of their navel by saree. After jaya left the house Akash locked the door and went to his room, he took his towel and went to jaya’s room. He preferred to use jaya’s bathroom because it contained the heater and also it had more space. He went in and locked the door. He hooked his towel on the wall hanger, then he saw jaya’s bra hanging near his towel.He got a boner and started to stroke his cock. He took the bra to his hand and smelled, he got more sexually attracted and started to stroke more faster. Then soon he was near to cum, he took the cup of the bra and kept it under his cock, and cummed on it. He was feeling great after jerking off his moms bra. Then soon he washed the bra to not to get caught. He had a wash and soon he dressed and went to Chithra aunt’s house which was 1.5 KM away from his house. Akash: “Hi aunty”Chithra: “Hi Akash, guess your Mom sent you na?” she said while hugging Akash.Akash: “Yes of course”Chithra: “Here Akash, this is what I wanted to give you” she handed over the dress to Akash.Akash: “Ok aunt I’ll meet you later”Chithra: “Hey why are you in a hurry, spent some time here and go da”Akash: “hmm, ok your wish aunt”She was also dressed in a shalwar and was exactly looking sexy as his mom. But she was bit thin than his mom. Chithra was married but she had no c***dren. Only she and her husband was in the house.Chithra: “Ok Have your seat here ma I’ll be back”Akash nodded an sat on the couch. He started to play games in his phone. Ouch! Ohhh! came a voice from the kitchen.Akash stopped playing and rushed towards the kitchen. He saw Chithra aunt lying down with her hand on her hip. Akash: “Are you okay aunt?”Chithra: “Akash can you help me to stand up?”Akash: “yeah yeah” Akash went near her and caught her right hand.He couldn’t get her up so he kept his hand on the left side of her waist and pulled her. She finally got up, but she couldn’t stand steadily. So his hands were acting for her as a support, one on her waist and the other on her right hand. Chithra: “Akash, take me to my room da please”Akash: “Yeah, ok”Then Akash took Chithra to her room, and made her sit in the bed. Chithra: “Hey can you do me a small help”Akash: “yeah”Chithra: “if you don’t feel shy can you apply some balm on my hip?”Akash: “ahh hmm….”Chithra: “Please, I would ask my husband if he was there, but now he has gone for work”Akash: “yeah okay”Chithra: “yeah good boy, check for the balm in the TV stand”Akash went near the TV stand t grab the balm. He took it and returned to the room. Chithra was lying on the bed upside down. Akash: “Aunty where should I apply?”Chithra: bahis şirketleri “yes on the back waist da”Akash Sat near her and moved her kameez up, then her back lower waist was visible. He started to apply balm. Chithra: “Ohh, dear that’s right, little down, yes. Hey pull my pants bit down and apply, still I have the pain there”Akash: “ohh, aunt, are you serious?”Chithra: “ohh Akash, lower my pants a bit and apply. Don’t feel shy it’s just a help na”Akash: “hmm, yeah ok”Akash took a deep breath and pulled her pants downwards. It was hard he forcely pulled her pants removed it fully.Akash: “ohh shit, sorry aunty”Chithra: “Akash what on earth did you just do?”Akash: “ahh, I’m really sorry aunty, I was not in an intension of doing that!”Then Chithra tried to wake up but she couldn’t because of the pain. She again slept.Chithra: “hmm, ok leave it, you just apply the balm on my waist”Akash: “ok aunty”Now Chithra’s was almost nude downwards, with only her panties down her hips. Then Akash came near Chithra and started to apply balm on the area which se asked. When he was applying balm his hands were rubbing her Ass, not intentionally but by mistakenly. Akash: “Is it okay, or should I give a massage on your hip?”Chithra: “Hmm, yeah better give it a go”Akash: “Yeah ok”Chithra: “Akash if your uncomfortable sit on me, its fine”Akash: “Hmm, yeah ok”Akash liked that and he happily sat on her. He already had got a boner and now his cock was on her ass, while he was massaging her waist. Chithra’s eyes were closed, so Akash slowly unbuttoned his trouser from one hand and took his cock out. Still he was massaging her waist, but by one hand. He started to stroke his cock slowly without knowing to Chithra. Suddenly he shook, then Chithra caught him bare handedly.Chithra: “Akash? Why is your dick outside? Were you jerking off?”Akash stammered. Chithra: “Get off me!” she said in a rude way and turned but still lying on the bed.Without answering Akash stepped out and was standing still with his Dick out. Then when he was putting his dick back inside Chithra said.Chithra: “Akash stop! What if I tell this to your mom? What if I call your mom? Or what if I called your Father? What if I Wanted to fuck you?”Akash got amazed and saidAkash: “What, do you want me to fuck you?” Akash said while smiling.Chithra: “yeah what if this pussy needs your thick cock?” she said while rubbing her pussy through her panties.Akash: “Hmm but I feel awkward, this is the first time for me”Chithra: “Ohh never mine baby don’t feel shy I am there”Then she stood up suddenly, Akash who was fulled with amazement asked herAkash: “Aunty you said that you had a severe pain in your hip and that you couldn’t stand up?”Chithra: “yeah I had it, but it flew away when I saw your dick”Akash: “Ohh, now I understand, you and your pussy is very hungry na?”Chithra: “hmm yes” She grabbed Akash and started to kiss him like a hungry dog, exchanging Salivas and enjoying each other. Then Akash stood up and removed his pants and his t-shirt. He lyed on the bed and Chithra removed her shalwar she was in her underwear. Then Chithra started to Stroke and suck Akash’s cock hungrily. Now Akash’s cock was fully inside Chithra’s mouth. Akash was about to cum, he cummed inside Chithra’s Mouth. She gulped it after sometime playing with his cum and slept on the bed with tiredness.Akash: “Oh my god, you are literally the best aunt In the world”Chithra: “Thankyou honey”Then Chithra unhooked her bra and removed it revealing her perfect tits.Then she grabbed Akash’s hand and kept it on her tits. He pressed and started to lick it.Chithra: “do you want to taste my pussy?”Akash: “yes of course”Then Akash removed her panties which were already wet and started to lick her pussy, he did for some time and slowly inserted his cock in her. He started it slowly and then gained pace and started to fuck her hard. Chithra was moaning and making all sort of Sexy noises. After few minutes they changed to cowgirl position. Akash was pressing her tits and fucking her. Next was the Missionary position, Chithra liked that position and they continued in that, finally Akash cummed inside her. On the time she felt his hot cum inside she turned her head kissed Akash.Akash: “once again inside you na”Chithra: “hmm yes baby”Then Akash took his cock out and saidAkash: “I am scared aunty”Chithra: “Why da?”Akash: “What if you get pregnant? What if your husband doubts you?”Chithra: “Don’t worry I’ll take care of that”Akash: “I guess you are birth control na?”Chithra: “Hmm”After few minutes of relax they both walked to the bathroom and had a cleanup. Then Akash wore his dress and went to the living room and waited for Chithra. Then after few seconds Chithra came near Akash, she kept her hand on his head and saidChithra: “Honey go home without thinking, and the important one is you shouldn’t say a word of this to anyone. Okay?”Akash nodded and kissed her, she smiled. Then Akash left the place carrying the bag with Chithra gave for his mom. After coming home his whole mind was in Chithra, he couldn’t even see Television. He spent the time watching porn videos, Youtube videos and television. Usually Jaya comes home at 3 but today she was bit late because of work. Time passed and Jaya came home at 4. Jaya: “Hi baby” She said and hugged him.Akash: “Hi mom” Jaya: “hmm, did you to Chithra’s house?“Akash: “Ohh yeah, I had a great time”Jaya: “Is it? Did she give you the clothes?”Akash: bahis firmaları “Yes it’s on your bed mom”Jaya: “ok, I’ll check it, Did you eat anything honey?”Akash: “Yes, while coming home from Chithra aunt’s house I ate in a nearby hotel”Jaya: “ok good” she said and went inside her room. Akash also followed her.Jaya: “ohh what I nice one!” she said while seeing the dress which Chithra gave.Akash: “hmm, it’s beautiful”Jaya: “ok wait let me change, then we’ll see is it beautiful for me or not” Akash: “hmm, ok”Jaya: “Akash wait outside for a moment, I’ll change this dress.”Akash: “Ok mom” he said in a sad manner.Jaya: “ohh sweety, keep your face bright, ok you wait here”Akash: “yes, ok mom” he said while smiling.She opened the dress and stretched it out, it was a Shalwar. She saw Akash, smiled and turned. She removed her shalwar only leaving the trouser. Akash now got a boner, and he couldn’t believe his eyes, his mom was in front of him, just in the bra and a trouser. Then she wore the shalwar and turned to Akash.Jaya: “Baby how is it?”Akash: “Really awesome, if you wore that trouser also” he said while pointing the bag which contained the shalwar.Jaya: “hmm, alright”She came neat the bag and took the trouser out. Jaya: “Akash please can you turn until I Change this trouser?”Akash nodded, then jaya held his shoulders and turned him. She went back 2 steps and removed the trouser which she was in dressed. When Akash herd some sounds he turned, he saw his mom in her panty, before Akash could turn he was caught.Jaya: “You naughty wanted to see me in my underwear?”Akash smiled, jaya also smiled in return and started to wear the trouser.Jaya: “How is it? Am I beautiful?”Akash: “Your sexy mom”Jaya: “Sexy? From when did you start to admire my beauty?” She said in a horny way.Akash: “hmm, I guess when I was 15 years”Jaya: “hmm, then 4 years of experience na?”Akash: “hmm” Akash noddedJaya came near and gave him a kiss on his lips, which Akash didn’t even expect.Jaya: “Okay baby sit in the couch and wait I’ll be back in few minutes.”Akash: “Ok mom”Then Akash came out from the room and sat on the couch eating biscuits, while watching TV.Jaya: “Akash!”Akash: “Yes mom” he said and went toward the room.Jaya was in the bathroom wearing a bathdress.Akash: “hmm, what mom?”Jaya: “Did you just play with my bra?” She took the bra in her hand and said by pointing it.Akash: “no mom, what’s the problem?” Akash pretended Jaya: “Before I was to leave the house for work, I had a wash. Do you remember it?”Akash: “Hmm, yeah I do”Jaya: “ha, I left my bra without washing, I thought of washing the laundry after coming home so I left it on the bathroom itself, and now the bra is wet. I want to know what happened?”Akash was now stuck and finally answered.Akash: “Mom when I hanged my towel, I fell”Jaya: “Hmm, then It might be wet only one side, but it’s fully wet. Did you do something?”Akash: “ahhhm…a-aaaaa”Jaya: “Yeah just say what happened without stammering”Akash: “hmm, mom to say the trr-truth I -iiii took your Bra and…”Jaya: “So you played. Am I right?”Akash nodded with nervous. Jaya: “And then why did you lie? I think this is the first time you lied on me.”Akash: “Sorry mom, I-ii just………”Jaya: “Stop, enough, just clear your way from here”Without even talking one-word Akash turned and went to his room. Jaya came forward and sat on her bed, taking her phone on her hand.Akash: “(Fuck, I just got caught, I would have turned on the ventilator and gone, shit)”He spent few minutes in his room and then again returned to the couch. He sat and was thinking a way to convince his mom. I made up his mind and went to his mom’s room, he pushed the door and the door swang inside. His mom was completely nude, she was on her way wearing her underwear. For the creek of the door Jaya turned, covering her tits by her hand.Jaya: “Akash!, were you just spying on me?”Akash: “N-noo no mom”Jaya: “I just even can’t believe you, you’ve becoming very-very.. ahh, just get the fuck outta here, without staring at me” she scolded Akash. Akash who was worried went back to his room.Akash: “(Ohh god, why are these fucking things happening for me. What the fuck did just happen to me did I just see my mom naked? But not her fleshy boobs only her thick ass.)”Akash started to stroke his cock, when he was about to cum, the door opened and his mom entered, he covered his cock by the blanket but before that she saw him.Jaya: “Shit, I’m gonna call your father, You’ve gone mad today”Akash: “Mom, please don’t mom, please forgive me mom” Akash cried, tears burst out of his eyes, he was pleading his mom.Jaya: “Akash, ok relax. First sit, then talk”Akash soon wore his trouser and grabbed his computer chair and sat, his mom knelt down and asked.Jaya: “Akash, what happened to you? Why did you do these all sort of things? I can’t even believe that you are my son. Do you know how Perfect your father is? Because of his discipline was very good I wanted to marry him.”Akash: “Mom I didn’t know that you were dressing and suddenly I came, I wanted to convince you, but..”Jaya: “Yeah ok don’t worry about that, I wanted to know from when do you have these habits of peeping, playing with my bras, and masturbathing?”Akash: “ahh-hmm i-iii”Jaya: “Akash stop stammering and say, I am not gonna scold or punish you, just say”Akash: “mom, I’ve been masturbating since when I was 15 years, but I’ve not even touched your bra, this was the first time, and the same kaçak bahis siteleri for peeping. I am not a person like that mom”Jaya: “Do you masturbate everyday?”Akash: “Sometimes”Jaya: “How long does it take for you to cum?”Akash: “Mom, why do you ask these questions?”Jaya: “Akash I am your mom, please answer”Akash: “Ahh, like 2-3 minutes.”Jaya: “ok, I’ll prepare dinner for you, first you take a bath”Akash nodded and took his towel, Jaya left the room and went to the kitchen. Akash: “(That was strange, why did she ask these? Will she complain it to father? Or consult a doctor?)”Akash went to the bathroom near the kitchen and had a bath. Then he came and sat on the dining table for dinner and was thinking of what would Jaya do. After some time Jaya came to the dining table carring a hot box. She kept in on the table and Akash started to eat the chappati which was inside it. Then time flew and the next morning arrived. Jaya: “Akash, it’s getting I’ve gotta go, soon wake up”Akash: “Yes mom,” Akash said in tired voice.Jaya: “Akash, I’ve made you breakfast make sure you eat it, I’m leaving for work now”Akash: “ok mom”Jaya: “ok bye takecare”Akash: “bye mom”Then sleepy Akash got up from bed and went for bathroom for a cleanup. After the cleanup, he thought of being in him boxer underwear rather than wearing a denim. He had his breakfast in his underwear. He spent his time Watching movies in TV. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. He went near the door and saw from the window. It was Jaya. He got Amazed and rushed to his room and wore a short, and rushed to the and opened it. Akash: “Hey mom, what made you come so early?”Jaya: “hmm, Boss’s brother had passed away so he sent us early, because he wanted to go, and tomorrow we won’t be having work”Akash: “hmm” Jaya: “Do you want some coffee Akash?”Akash: “Yes”Jaya: “ok I’ll bring it”Akash went to the kitchen, he was mesmerized by is mom’s waist. (The picture above will give you an idea)Akash couldn’t control himself, he went near his mom and grabbed her by her navel.She stopped making coffee.Jaya: “Akash, what are you doing?”Akash: “Mom, I couldn’t resist when I saw you from back”Akash pressed her waist tightly and Jaya moaned. Akash started to rub his face on Jaya’s neck and he bit her earlobe. Jaya: “Akash stop this”Akash: “Your so sexy mom”When Akash again bit her earlobe, Jaya caught Akash’s hair from one hand and his face from the other hand. Then Jaya turned. Akash grabbed her more front and started to kiss her on the lips. First she wanted him to stop, but after few seconds she also enjoyed it. Then they both started to bite each others lips and exchange saliva. Akash: “Your lips are so tasty mom”Jaya: “Yours too honey”Then something weird happened, Akash grabbed her ass, but Jaya didn’t even speak a word about it.Akash: “Mom, your ass is so soft”Jaya: “thankyou sweetheart, I think you like my body”Akash: “yes of course, your too hot mom”Jaya: “Thankyou. Are you hard for me?”Akash: “What?”Jaya: “Is your dick hard for me?”Akash: “Mom are you serious?”Jaya: “Hmm, I can feel you, I know that your hard. come with me” Jaya took him to her room and pushed him to the bed.Jaya came near him and kissed him once again. Then she removed his Short and underwear. She held his cock in her hand and started to stroke it, and suck it. Akash was feeling amazing and he wanted more from her. Then she started to lick his balls. Akash: “Mom, you do it like a pro”Jaya smiled and spitted on the cock. Then she again started to suck his dick.Akash: “ohh, I’m gonna cum.”Jaya: “Yes baby do it”Then Akash’s cock was fully inside her mouth, then he cummed. After Cumming Jaya spitted the cum on the dick and stroke it.Akash: “You are really the best mom in the world, who would let their son fuck”Jaya: “hmm, yeah”Then Jaya got up and went to the bathroom. Then few minutes later she came, Akash was hard again because he started to stroke his dick. Jaya: “ohh honey, you’re hard again. Do you want a second time?”Akash: “yess”Jaya: “it’s gonna be little advance than the first time”Akash: “ohh yes, I need it”Then Jaya came closer and removed her pallu, now she was standing infront of Akash with just her blouse and petticoat.Then she removed her petticoat also, now standing with only her blouse and panty.Akash: “Mom, soon removed them also, I can’t resist seeing you.”Jaya smiled and started to remove everything. Now Akash’s Sexy mom was fully nude standing infront of him.She came closer to Akash and started kissing him, Then she took Akash’s dick and slowly inserted it in her pussy in Cowgirl position. After sometime they changed their position to Doggystyle and started fucking. Soon Akash was about to cum.Akash: “ohh, I’m gonna cum”Jaya: “Baby do it on my face”Then soon Jaya turned and lyed on the bed, Akash soon cummed on her face, she started to lick the cum.Jaya: “Good one honey, you did it better than your father”Akash: “Is it really?”Jaya: “hmm yeah, have you fucked anyone before?”Akash: “ahhh, no mom, this is the first time.” He don’t wanted to say what happened yesterday.Jaya: “Really, I don’t think so”Akash: “No, mom this is my first one”Jaya: “ok ok, from now you can fuck me anytime, this body is yours Akash”From that time, they both used to fuck every night. Sometimes Akash would be in his underwear through out the day, and even nude sometime. This was same for Jaya, she used to stay in the underwear after coming from work and even sometimes nude. On the other hand, Chithra, Akash used to visit her everyday while Jaya is in her office, with her permission. He used to have sex with him, everyday.I think you guys enjoyed my story. Thanks for reading and meet you in another story. Bye

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