Subject: Wrong Side of The Tracks, Part 8 Please support Nifty!! Donate:: http://donate./donate.html I may have gone off the deep end with this one. If you haven’t read “Post Deployment Dad” (book 1 and 2) or “The Family Hogan” you might want to switch to those first to catch up. I got this idea from a reader who thought, since everyone was in the desert, to have them all meet. What better way to do it than through the owners of a clothing optional gay resort? Enjoy and let me know what you think! It could be a one off chapter or continue on. I lose interest when you lose interest. Let me know how I’m doing! ail. Thanks for the continued support. All my stories are pure fiction from my twisted mind. I use real places but with made up people. The situations are fantasies. Nothing more. The Palm Springs motel and home are made up. They don’t exist. And yes. I have a thing for Palm Springs. Used to live there. Live life how you wish on your own terms and do not judge others. Life is too short. Where we left them:: Coach scrambled to the mat and laid down on his back. As dad started to squat down on his face Shay said, “Back to work, what are you boys going to do?” he said to Philip and I. “Can we go to the bedroom?” Philip asked me. “Of course babe. Why?” I asked. “I want to be alone with my man for a while. We can come back out later if you want.” then he kissed me. He usually felt more uncertain of things than I did. Even though he was probably more twisted than I was. He needed my reassurance right now that I was his. “Of course babe. We can play over there anytime. Let’s go to our room.” and as we started for the house we heard the gate slam shut meaning that Shay was at the motel for a while. We also heard the grunting sounds of coach eating dad’s ass. We knew they both would be back at the motel soon for a few more rounds. But Philip and I would call it a night. Wrong Side of The Tracks, Part 8:: The next Thursday Philip and Dad left for Michigan. Philip was really excited to see his grandparents again. I was sure that dad was excited to be alone with the ‘torpedo’ again. I left for school before they even got the truck loaded up for the airport. The day was pretty uneventful. My mind wandered during classes a bit. Not about anything in particular. I just felt off. I knew it was because Philip wasn’t here to entertain me. It was like missing my partner in crime. At 2:30 I left my last class and went to the athletic building for wrestling practice. Even though, due to our weight difference, Philip and I weren’t partners, I would still miss him there. When I got to the wrestling room after changing into my gear Coach yelled out, “O’Cain, you’re with me. Grant (my regular partner) is with Austin (Philip’s regular partner).” Obviously, since Coach and I were closer in height, it made some sense. But he was thicker than me from years of weight training. Austin was a bit bigger than Grant. Not a lot as Grant was bigger than me, but I guess it also made some sense. I guess. Coach was in his usual singlet. The one he’s been wearing since he started wearing them. But something was different. Coach usually wore boxer briefs. You could tell. But today he wore a jock. His ass was framed in it. He looked over at me and I could tell he knew that I noticed. For a brief second he gave me that nervous subservient look. But it was fleeting and he was back to his dominant coach roll. I always wore a jock under mine. I loved the way my ass felt with just one layer of fabric on it. Thin stretch fabric at that. Philip liked to freeball but the coach had a talk with him a week ago. He was a distraction. I wondered if it was more of a distraction for the students or the coach himself. So Philip wore a jock after that as well. By the middle of practice Coach and I stunk. He used to be really good about wearing natural deodorants but he’s changed since that night at our house. I’m sure I’m the only one that noticed. But it was turning me on. One position he had my head locked in his legs. I looked up at his trench and saw a damp spot at his hole. It was darker than the rest of the sweat on his crack. I barely struggled wanting to stay in that position for a bit longer. His ass was facing the wall. When I slipped a finger under his singlet he froze. I went right for his hole. It was slick. Already lubed up. The fucking slut. My cock was getting hard. He broke his hold on me and whipped around and looked at me with fear and lust at the same time. After that he ended practice ten minutes early, around 4:20, and before I left he said, “O’Cain, stick around and help me clean up. Partners bro.” , he said it loud enough for the other students to hear. Once the last student left he turned to me and said in almost a whisper, “Dude, can I come over? I’m going crazy. I can’t do anything here and I really need it.” I was surprised. He was doing well keeping it all separate. “Yeah. I’ll head out. Take your time but come over when you’re ready. Around six maybe? I’ll leave the front door unlocked. I’ll see you on the Ring app. Lock the door when you come in. I’ll be by the pool. You want Shay to know?” I said. “Either way. Thanks man. I feel like you and Philip are the only students I can ever trust.” he said quietly again. “Coach,” I said as I started to walk away. “Yeah?” he asked. “Nothing on but the jock. You can wear a towel till you get to the door. Leave the towel on the porch.” I said. “Oh fuck.” was all he said. I knew he liked it a bit dangerous. And it would be just a bit dangerous. Our front porch is hidden just enough from the street. I went to the locker room and stripped off. Most of the guys were gone. Just a few stragglers in the showers. I decided to forgo a shower and stink. Just for the coach. I put on board shorts and flips. Threw a tee shirt over my shoulder. The locker room was right near student parking so it was pretty normal for jocks to walk out shirtless to their cars. I liked the cocky exhibitionism of it all. A lot of the guys did. I pulled the jeep into the garage. Right next to Philip’s. They took dad’s truck to the airport. Dad had decided to give Philip the other space in the garage as jeeps were easier to break into. Philip felt weird about it at first but dad insisted. After the garage door went down I stripped off and left my clothes where they were. I went into the house and straight into the shower. Just to douche. No soap on my pits. After I felt good and fresh I dried off and then grabbed a bottle of water and headed out to the pool. istanbul travesti There was no sign of Shay around. He’s either at the motel or out running around. I got some lube and poppers from behind the pool bar and then threw a couple of foam pool lounges onto the deck. I didn’t know what coach had in mind but I covered all the bases. I was hoping Shay showed up because after doing shit to the coach I was going to need some ass play myself. I settled onto a lounge chair and looked at my phone. I figured I still had almost half an hour or so before the coach showed. I absentmindedly played with my hole, spreading my legs as much as I needed to to put a couple fingers in and stretch it a bit. I squirted some lube deep. Loved my cunt to feel wet. About five minutes later the gate to the motel opened. I looked over and it was Shay, in his barely there sarong, and two other guys who were both naked. One was tall and strapping. Looked military. The other one was muscular but shorter. But not by much. Didn’t give the military vibe but there was something else. “Rory, I was wondering if you’d be home. How’d practice go?” Shay asked. “Went well. Who are your friends?” I asked. “Well these strapping men have been friends of mine since I moved to the desert. The tall hunk is Jason and the hot and thick one is Patrick.” Shay introduced the guys. They both waved hi. The taller one was zeroing in on my fingers in my hole. The look of lust that appeared on his face was undeniable. The one called Patrick just looked at me and grinned. Not as much in lust as Jason but more like conspiratorial. Jason had on some old military dog tags and Patrick had nothing on. “Another Patrick? Has dad met them?”. I wasn’t actively playing with my hole anymore but I hadn’t moved my hand either. I had two fingers still in the entrance. “Jason is a Marine son, met your dad overseas. He just recently met Patrick by the pool at the motel. They are among many of the locals that have a day pass membership.” Shay said. Then Jason said, “Ex-Marine Shay, get it right.” he chuckled. “No brother.” Pat says “Once a Marine always a Marine.” Shay retorted. “But anyway, I hope we’re not interrupting Rory but the guys never saw the house.” “Nothing to interrupt yet. But the coach is coming over in a bit. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind the company either.” I replied. “Hear that, boys. It’s a party. Let me give you the two dollar tour and then we can settle by the pool. Unless you’d rather go back to the motel?” Shay asked as he moved the guys towards the house. “Who’s the coach?” Jason asked. “Archer” Shay replied. “Fuck. Archer has a demanding hole.” Patrick piped up. He’s been quiet till now. “I’d say a small gathering is better than by the motel pool. What say you Patrick?” Jason asked. Delaying Shay from proceeding to the house. He just turned back around to listen to the answer. “I’m good either way. But we usually do better in a smaller crowd.” he smirked. “Archer is always interesting. What about Billy and Pike?” That’s when Shay turned to me, “They were meeting another couple at the motel this evening. Mutual friends of all of ours. I told the bartender to send them over if they wanted. Hope you don’t mind Rory. Was the thing with the coach a private thing?” he asked, even though he knew better. My hole was aching now. These guys were already hot, I could already imagine the other two, “Is one of them a Marine as well?” I asked. “They both were” all three of the guys said at once and then laughed. And then Shay said, “But they didn’t know Jason and your dad until they met here in the desert.” “Yeah, my son’s lover introduced them to us. So we’re pretty much all family.” Jason volunteered. “My son is Josh and his lover is Wes. Wes is an Army grunt but we don’t fault him for that.” he grinned, “Josh is in college.” “Family? I like the sound of that,” my perverted mind was in high gear. By this time the tour was forgotten about. Jason had taken a lounge chair next to mind and Patrick stood by Shay. I noticed Shay’s hand had found its way to Patrick’s ass. Then Jason turned to me and said, “Billy and Pike each have a son as well. Pike’s son graduated this year, Keon. He’ll be going to the same college my boy is going to. Billy’s son is still in high school. Palm Springs High.” “Really? Do I know him, I wonder? Is he in sports?” I was intrigued. “I’m in the wrestling program.” I said, a little too excited. “His name is Sean Ryan, he’s a junior and is on…” Jason began. I finished, “…is on the football team.” I said. My lungs let out all the air they had in them. Although Philip was the sexiest boy I’ve ever met, Sean Ryan was a very close second. It was actually pretty much a tie. He was a junior now and was one of the most popular boys in school. What Philip didn’t have Sean did, and vice versa. Those two could own the school. Or own me. I’d be down with that. Hope Philip would. “Yep.” Jason chuckled, “You must know who he is then?”. “Everyone knows who he is. He’s one of the sexiest guys in school. Girls are fawning all over him all the time in the halls. He looks older than he is and has a swagger next to none. Always has a five o’clock shadow and a sheen of sweat that never goes away. Just enough hair on his chest to enhance his smoldering appearance.” I answered. “Always wears tight shorts or jeans and button down shirts that show off his powerful chest. Just enough open buttons to keep the teachers off his back. His clothes always look like they are going to burst. I always had the sense that he wears as little as possible.” Philip and I had engaged in conversation with Sean a few times. But all the jocks talked to each other. And since I was new in school and Philip was always sort of a loner we never really got close to anyone yet. It was all casual conversation. “And he’s a big ole bottom” Shay snickered. “What!?!” I asked. “No way.” “Oh baby boy he has an itch worse than yours will ever be. But you’re right about your description of him. Couldn’t have described him better. You must have paid a lot of attention to him.” Shay teased me. Just then a couple of guys walked through the gate. Just as fucking hot as the rest of the men here. I was going to be in masculine overload really soon. They were still in shorts and a tee shirt. “Billy, Pike, you made it. Come on in.” Shay said. Then he gestured towards me, “This is Pat’s son, Rory, Rory this is Billy and Pike. Billy, we were just discussing Sean.” “Oh, oh. What did my boy get into now?” he asked concerned. “Oh kadıköy travesti no, nothing like that. Rory was just giving us his description of the boy. When he’s seen him at school. Quite accurate and a bit titillating!” Shay said with a chuckle. “Oh yeah? Are you friends with my boy, Rory?” Billy asked me. “I wish” I laughed, “We’ve chatted before but I had no idea he was like me. Into men. I’m sort of shocked actually.” “Well I guess we are all friends here?” Billy asked the crowd. “Rory knows all his daddy’s secrets as well as mine. We know all of his. No worries Billy. The boy keeps his mouth shut, unless there is a Marine cock to swallow, then he opens wide and deep.” Shay said with amusement on his face. “Pat and I never go without, with this young cub around.” he finished. Billy relaxed and let out a deep breath, “Then he knows we are among friends and family?” “Absolutely sir. I wouldn’t risk all of this for anything.” I answered. “Coach is the only outsider that I know of, that knows. But he’s such a slut he wouldn’t give this up either.” “Archer?” Billy asked the others. Everyone sort of chuckled and answered yes. “Well then. Mind if we get comfortable?” Billy asked as he stripped off his tee shirt. He kicked off his flips as he did. Pike came up behind him and unfastened his shorts for him and let them fall. Billy stepped out of them and Pike picked them up and folded them and put them on a chair. Pike made sure that Billy was taken care of before he stripped himself. The dynamic of their relationship was evident. The tour of the house was long forgotten. Shay passed out beers and the guys either were in the pool or lounging. Some in the sun and some in the shade. It was all mostly conversation with some innuendos thrown in. The ring app on my phone went off and I announced, “Coach is here.” All eyes went over to the French doors. Soon a very sheepish Coach arrived. His eyes widened when he saw the crowd. Shay spoke up, “Hey Archer, don’t be shy, we didn’t know you and Rory had anything planned. Sorry we crashed the party.” he said as Archer scanned the crowd. He obviously knew everyone. “I’m not.” was all he said. Shay grinned. He knew that Archer was thinking about how much cock he could get right now. Coach was the only one with anything on. His jock. He listened well. After Shay gave Coach a beer Coach walked over to me and was about to say something. I knew what he wanted to say. He knew I leaned more towards being a bottom and he wanted more. I let him off the hook, “Coach, it’s fine. Let’s just have some fun. I know that cunt of yours needs more than I can give. So does mine.” I grinned at him. He sighed with relief. Things got really casual after that. Next thing I knew Shay was eating Patricks ass over by the pool bar. Patrick was bent over the bar itself. His legs spread wide. Jason was ignoring it. Coach, Pike and Billy were talking with Jason and I. Well they joined us in the area we were in. Although I was first interested in getting railed by Jason, and still was, Billy was now on my mind. And his son was totally my dream fuck. Although we might be bumping pussies from what I hear. The guy, Billy, was a stunner himself. Longish hair parted in the middle. Long enough to go behind his ears. Not a military cut for sure. He looked like a very hot college student. Anyone would be surprised to know he had a son in high school. Although he had that Dom/Sub thing going on with Pike he didn’t come off that way in conversation. He was actually down to earth and seemed unaware of how hot he really was. Pike, Coach and Jason headed to the pool. Just like that. I wasn’t sure when that was decided. Billy moved over to the lounge next to mine. “So you know Sean but you’re not friends?” he asked. “Not exactly. All the jocks tend to gravitate towards each other but we know each other and have had some conversations. Nothing earth shattering. Philip and I are pretty much loners.” I responded. “Philip?” he asked. “Philip is on the wrestling team with me. Also my boyfriend. He lives here with us now. He’s in Michigan with my dad. Visiting his grandparents.” I said. “His parents don’t mind?” he asked. Obviously wondering how they would feel about their son in this sort of household. “His mom hasn’t been in the picture for years. They think she might be dead. His father is in prison for at least 10 more years. We’re all he has.” “I see. Are you and Philip exclusive?” he asked like he was making sure. I thought we went over that already. I chuckled a bit and said, “I’ve grown to love Philip a lot but I’m sort of a slut. And he has guys after his cock all the time. So it would be mean to deny the rest of the world either one of us. ” I kidded. “Well I wouldn’t mind being in the middle of that.” he said. “Oh yeah? You give as well as you receive I assume?” I asked him. “Oh I have an itch alright. I like to fuck but sometimes I just can’t get enough cock up my ass too. You know the itch I’m talking about bro?” he asked. “Yeah. I sort of have it right now.” I said as my hand traveled back to my cunt. I had been neglecting it since Billy and Pike showed up. “You remind me too much of Sean. He started young though. With his step father. How young were you when you realized what your jock pussy was for?” his cock had filled with blood. He was on the verge of going fully hard. “I knew it for years but I wasn’t able to get a real man’s cock until about this past year. Now I don’t see how I could live without it.” I was honest. “Do you mind if I invite Sean over? I think he would really like to have another friend his age that understands. Now that Pike’s son, Keon, is in college he’s kind of lonely at school.” Billy said. “I doubt that. He’s got people around him all the time. The dude is a stud.” I said. “They’re not real friends son. He doesn’t get close to anyone because of how he is at home. He doesn’t want anyone to know yet. Keon was the same way. He’s a little more out now at college, but not much.” Billy confessed. “Sure you can invite him over. Am I going to have to fight him for his daddy’s cock?” I joked. “Nah. He’ll probably try to get Shay’s cock. He’s had a thing about Shay since he met him. Thankfully Shay can got two to three rounds. Because I think Patrick is getting the first round.” we both then looked over to where Shay was still eating Patrick out. Then, beside the pool, Jason was fucking coach. Pike was watching, waiting for his turn. Billy pulled out his phone and pressed a contact. “Hey, it’s dad.” he began, bakırköy travesti “Yeah I know you know, don’t be a brat.” he was smiling as he said it, “I’m over at the house by the motel. Yeah that one. Do you want to come over? Rory O’cain is here. Yeah, from school. Well his dad is Pat O’cain, you remember, the owner of the motel, yep. Wow son. You catch on quick.” he laughed. Then he said to me, “He just figured out that your dad is Pat. Doesn’t know why he didn’t put it together before.” Then he went back to Sean, “So you coming? Yes it’s naked. Just like you like. You’ll have to ask him yourself. Well Coach Archer, Jason and Patrick and me and Pike. And Rory of course. Ok. See you soon, son. Be careful. Love you.” and then he ended the call. “He wanted to know if you and Philip were an item. I told him to ask you. I don’t think he was clued in on your preferences.” Billy said. “Well that makes two of us. I had no idea about him.” I admitted. “So what shall we do while we wait for my boy?” Billy said with a lustful glare. “Well. My cunt has been needing attention since you’ve all arrived and no one is giving it the time of day.” I said in a low and deep voice. “Well let’s see what we can do about that.” Billy said as he stood up. He took a towel and put it on the concrete and kneeled down on it. Then he lifted my legs. Bent them all the way to my chest and then he head approached my taint. “Where did you get such a beautiful shaved snatch son?” he asked. “I don’t shave. It’s always been like that.” I said. “Big ass butt with a jock pussy in the middle. Fucking has it’s own lips.” he said before he started to eat me. He licked my lips like a real man should. Fucked my hole with his tongue. Deep. No hesitation. I could tell my lips were getting puffed up. And contracting on their own. I needed some relief, and soon. Before I knew what was happening he put his cock head right at the entrance and then he slowly slipped in. With a constant push he kept going till his balls were against my trench. He looked me straight in the eyes and then raped my mouth with his own. His hips started to pump the girth of his cock against my inner walls. I felt wet. He made me wet. He was a natural lover. Knew the right move, how to angle it. The man was hot but he could have also posed for the cover of a romance novel. His movements were a thing of beauty. Even the coating of sweat on his skin enhanced his look. When I get a fuck this good, which dad, Shay and Philip know how to give me, I start to zone out. Concentrating only on how the cock in my ass is making me feel. The awareness of my surroundings seems to fade. But I felt a presence, another man, next to us. I stopped my eyes from rolling into the back of my head long enough to look up. It was Sean Ryan. Fucking hottest stud in school next to Philip. He almost seemed like a mirage. “Is his cunt as tight as mine dad?” Billy looked surprised at the sudden presence of his son’s voice. After the shock, which only lasted a moment, was over Billy said, “18 year old jock cunt is all tight. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind doing something with his mouth or his cock son.”, the man casually said to his boy. “Keon stopped by and fucked me earlier. Then I went for a run. Think he’s like some flavored swampy ass?” he said. I looked up at the naked sweaty jock. I was laying flat on my back as his daddy rutted my jock pussy. Sean lifted a leg over my head and said, “What do you think stud? Want a taste?” “Yes please.” was all I got out before he lowered his ass to my mouth. I immediately opened it and stuck my tongue out to meet his hole. I immediately tasted the earthy, raunchy sweaty hole. With my tongue I felt him push out a little and a drop of cum met my tongue. My inner pig needed more. Above me Billy and his son were making out. Billy was fucking me a bit harder, but steady, as his son pushed back on my tongue, willing me to fuck him with it. My cock, which is usually only half hard when I get fucked like this, was standing at attention. The scene was really hot. Sean pushed back from his daddy, smothering my face, and then he stood up and turned around. He looked down at me and said, “Bro, I hope you’re versatile, I need dick.” and then he squatted down in front of his dad. I felt a hand on my cock guiding it to Sean’s hole. I felt my cock become surrounded by the heat of his ass. He was tight but I slid in with little resistance. But I did hear a satisfying grown come out of him, “Fuck yeah bro, I think we need to be closer friends.” he said under his breath. Then he bent down and kissed me hard. His dad fucking me still. When he backed away from my face I asked, “We need to include Philip in our friendship, is that alright?” “Fuck, Philip Romero? I knew you guys hung out but he swings our way too?” he asked as he pushed back on my cock. He acted surprised even though I knew he suspected. His dad’s right arm around his chest and stomach. It was almost like he was fucking his son instead of me. But, for some reason, we were all in sync. It was fucking hot. “Yeah, he’s my boyfriend. He lives with us. But I know he finds you fucking hot too. Never thought you would bottom though. We’ve talked about you.” I confessed. “Yeah? Talked about taking my cunt man? Both of you. I’d be down for that bro, anytime. Out of all the jocks at school you and Philip definitely drew my attention. Fucking hot slabs of teen muscle man.” he said out of breath. His dad was kissing his neck and licking his shoulders. He paid attention to our conversation but didn’t interrupt. But when his son mentioned that Philip and I could have his cunt Billy slammed deeper into me. The man was as twisted as we were. Wanting his boy used. “Then consider us close friends from now on. Our secrets are safe in the group.” I said. “Perfect,” he said. Then he proceeded to assault my cock as his dad assaulted my ass. I couldn’t hold off any longer. Billy’s cock in my ass triggered an incredible orgasm. I shot off in Sean’s ass with as much power as I ever have. As soon as my ass muscles tightened around Billy’s cock he shot off as well. Sean came on my stomach as well. Three very satisfied men. Sean and I ended up having a post orgasm make out session. Billy, meanwhile, had fallen out of my ass and went to get himself another beer. “Wanna come hang out in Philip’s and my room?” I asked Sean. “Fuck yeah bro. I got nowhere to be.” he answered. “Spend the night?” I offered. “Try to get rid of me.” he answered. Would you like Part Nine? Write to me! Some other stories of fty//gay/incest/post-deployment-dad/ *Please support Nifty*, donations are needed to keep this service going. 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