Wrong Number? Maybe Not! Ch. 01


“Tony! Your ass was supposed to be under me at 7. It’s 9 PM, man. Where the fuck are you?” My instinct is to politely say that this caller has the wrong number…but I am intrigued enough to ask of him:

“Sorry, man, this isn’t Tony, but my ass needs a guy hovering over it as well. Think we can maybe work something out?” Silence. He’s obviously thinking.

“Uh…what’s your name, then?” I love fishing.

“Stoney. The folks were nature freaks. Some call me Rock. Go figure.” I like his laugh. It’s very throaty and manly. My imagination ‘sees’ a beefy hunk, 6′ tall, 200 pounds of deeply solid rippling work muscle, all sweaty and manly ripe from his daily labors. Man, I have some imagination.

“Right. Look, kid, I’m hot to trot, so if you are near to me, let’s talk details.” Gonna reel this one in.

“And your name is…?” Kid, huh? Well, I am only 18. Difficult to tell his age without a picture. He sounds about thirty, but that’s just a wild guess.

“Charlie. Rhymes with Harley – my side ride. Friends call me Chuck. You lookin’ to get fucked, kid?” Hooked, just have to reel him in.

“Always, my man. Always. I live in Westertown. You?” Hope he’s not too far away.

“Eastville. You of age?”


“Bingo! You drive? Should take you thirty minutes tops to find me.”

“Got my Honda. No Harley, but it’ll get me there.” I hear a deep sigh over the phone. Like the sound one makes right after good sex.

“This just keeps gettin’ better. I’ll text you my address. Clean up and out for me real good, huh. You are soon gonna get the best pounding of your sweet young life…Rock. Love the way it rhymes with cock. You a ‘big’ guy?”

“Average. 5’10″…oh. You mean cock size, right? Sure you do. Also average – six and a half when very turned on. Cut. Nice and thick. You?”

“Nine inches of arrow-straight bear-can thick man muscle aching to fill your young little ass with three days of built up magma pushing my nuts to their limit. Here’s the text. See ya!” Before I throw my phone onto the table, and bolt to get ready, I call my friend Rich.

“Should I worry?” Rich is my go to for advice on everything. He will answer me as soon as he stops laughing.

“Maybe. Text me his address just in case…and add me to your will before you go. Otherwise, enjoy the ride there…and his ride on you!” I love Rich’s sense of humor.

“Thanks, bud. I will. Call me at midnight just in case, okay?” He agrees.

Part 2 –

My ride to Eastville is a quick one. It’s a beautiful summers night with a very full moon illuminating these wealthy area back roads. You have to be pretty well off to live in Eastville.

9 Pound Circle Extension. You can’t make this shit up.

“Park it over there.” Well, well, well. My imagination was not that far off. Charlie looms large in his oversize doorway. The rest of the house…mansion, actually, is already impressing the crap out of me. I secure my helmet to my bike, and stride up to him like I own the place. Cocky. Confident.

“Hello.” He ignores my greeting and is reaching toward me. My belt is now in one of his big fists; and I am being taken into his lair. We stop in what I would call a receiving room – but what do I know. “So, you…”

“Not now, kid. We’ll do all the talking and stuff later. After the sex. Cookie has a nice big meal waiting for us when we’re done. I told him we need about an hour. That’ll put us at around 11 PM. You’re a good looker, Rock. Let’s see the rest of you. Strip.”

“What, no tour of the house?” My shirt hits the floor before I finish the sentence. Then my shoes and jeans. I like to go commando, and I can see a smile of appreciation on his face. A very good looking face, at that. Yeah, he’s around thirty. His eyes are glued to my body; and his hands are busy removing his own clothing. We are soon just two naked men facing each other; with blood pumping quickly into both of our cocks.

“You’ll get a tour – of the important things: the toilet, and my bed…IF you please me. You got a good start, kid. A very good start. Hot body. Looks like you work out, right?”

“I thought yalova escort you said no talk until after the…” He’s taking two steps toward me and his mouth is now glued to mine. I’m being bent backwards like a dame in an old movie. I feel his heat and body hair tingling the skin of my chest and thighs. His arms have me in a hug…his hands are slowly reaching down to cup my ass cheeks. Man, this guy can kiss! He’s tongue fucking me like it’s all he wants to do. Fat chance.

“You clean?” He’s still holding my ass. He can walk and chew gum at the same time, because his next sentences have no affect on his ability to play with my ass, my crack, and…”

“Woah! Warm me up first, will you, please?” His finger circled my hole for a nanosecond before he tried to shove it in. He has me by the shoulders now, and looks puzzled.

“No. Tell me you’re not a virgin.”

“No. Not fully.”


“Look. I’m only 18. I’ve been to lick-and-suck city a few times, but never to pound town. You need this, and so do I. Is there a problem?” He looks like there’s a problem – a combination of pissed off and undecided. I’m an emotional guy. I feel some tears welling up. He takes a deep breath and slowly exhales.

“Sit with me, Rock.” Now he looks like my Dad, all ready to give me a lecture. “I assumed you were…experienced. It’s a very different game with a virgin. I don’t…”

“Fine. I’ll leave.” He must have seen a tear fall onto my cheek. He has me by the arm.

“Stay. I’ll just change gears a bit. You are one hell of a hot bodied piece of ass; and I will be honored to break you in.” This is a different side of Charlie than before. Gentler. Maybe.

Part 3 –

“Yes. I’m clean. You told me to.”

“Good. We can use condoms if you like, but I get tested often; and I’m on PREP as an extra precaution.”

“Bare, then. I want to feel you, and I bet you like it raw, right?” He is nodding.

“Come on, let’s go to my bedroom.” He’s leading the way. We pass through a huge kind of open space with a central table full of flowers. I have a real good view of his muscular back and ass. This man is a beast. Okay, not a beast, but he sure is jacked. Thick thighs. Full bush around that python he calls a cock. Sweet treasure trail leading up to a hard-bodied torso topped by large bulging pecs. All perfectly proportioned and very, very manly. I could not have chosen a better stud to take my cherry, and I tell him so. “Thanks, kid. Hop onto the bed. Time for that warm-up you asked for.” Before I can do as he says, a handsome dude carrying some linens passes by the open doorway and sneaks a peek at us. Charlie lifts his head and tosses him a smile. “That’s Tony. Late as usual. He’ll get his tomorrow. Now, on your back, Rock.”

“I don’t care if it hurts. Just do me, okay?” He’s fussing over some things in the nightstand.

“No chance, kid. You’re gonna love every bit of this. I promise.” With that, Charlie shows me a kit that opens to reveal a series of different size dildos. He is lifting my legs to the ceiling, like you do to clean up a baby’s butt. Real close to my hole, he blows a hot breath on it, and I jump a little. “Sensitive, huh?” I nod. “How does this feel?” He’s got a type of syringe in his hand, and has the tip right at my hole.” Just a quick squeeze…and…”

“Oh…Yeaaahhh. Nice. It feels real nice.”

“It’s lube kid. This is a lube shooter – a great invention to grease up tight young holes like yours.” His hand is hovering over the dildos. The one he chooses is not the smallest, but it still looks too big for me. Then I think, fuck that – Charlie has a real live dildo that he will be fucking me with soon; so I better get used to the ones he’s gonna warm me up with. “Here goes. Roll with it, Rock. Try to relax. Push out a bit like you’re gonna poop.” There is a momentary resistance at my entrance. But Charlie is a powerful man; and he is applying ever increasing pressure to the dildo.

“Almost open. Distract yourself with a happy thought, Rock, and this will soon slide in nice and easy.” I ‘see’ a hunk on a website taking it in the ass from two gorgeous yalova escort bayan studs…and…

“Oh! Yes! It’s in, right? It feels like a big one.” He has paused with the dildo just inside my pucker.

“Hang on, son. It’s going to go in all the way, nice and slow…right…NOW.” No worries, this feels amazing! It’s like a reverse poop, only way better. This fullness is something I want to stay, not force out of me. It’s a lot like taking a cock deepthroat style – just a bit further south.

“It feels wonderful, Charlie. Is it all the way in, now?” I feel another push, and a bump into something very sensitive deep inside my channel. “Oh, fuck!”

“Now it is. That was your prostate taking a hit, kid. Want to feel it again?” I nod.

“Fuck. Oh, that’s nice!” I feel Charlie slowly pulling the dildo from my channel until it is almost all the way out…then…BANG! He’s pushing it back in real fast. Now out again. BANG! And again, faster now. BANG! Faster still; and I am breathing real hard with my chest heaving.

“Good boy. You took that well. Let’s go up some sizes…in steps; to open you up and stretch your hole for daddy’s big one.” More lube from the shooter. Three dildo sizes later, and I am sweating like I just ran five miles in the rain. But I am loving all of this. Charlie is real attentive to my inexperience; and I know that he will get me opened enough to take his cock before the night is over.

“Can you leave the next size in and lay on me for a kiss, Charlie?” I would really like to feel his body weight on me; and his tongue in my hungry mouth once more.

“Sure, kid. How’s this?” In goes the last dildo. Charlie is lowering himself onto me. Seeing his body hovering like this is the sexiest thing ever. With the weight of his belly on mine, his cock and balls are pushing my package into the bed, and I love it! The whole combination has the dildo feeling like it is going to burst through my channel any second. What an awesome feeling!

“I’m ready, Charlie. Please take my mouth. Then take my cherry. Please.” Oh. His kiss is heavenly. He is mastering my body, and I am his to take. He’s inching down my torso now, licking me like a cow licks its calf. After a few very feather-like kisses to my sensitive cockhead, he’s pulling out the big dildo, and it gets tossed to the floor. A second later, and I am dragged to the foot of the bed; with my ass right at the edge. I lift my legs up high for him; and Charlie is gazing at me with the quiet stare of the wolf.

“I’ll go slow, kid. That is, until my animal side takes over. Then it’s pound town time for the both of us. Ride it out, Rock. I give a real good ride.” I know he will.

Part 4 –

“Oh. God! Fuck, Charlie. You’ll rip me ’til I bleed.” He sure is fucking big! Just the head and an inch or so are into me…with a lot more to take. I know I said I want this. I know… “AHHH. Don’t stop! Get it all in! AHHH. AHHH. AHHH.” I feel faint. Stay with it, Stoney. Feel it all. Memorize this first cock as it burns its way into me. I will probably never have a bigger one!

“Done. You took it all. Proud of you, son.” I open my eyes; and through some tears I see Charlie, all smiles, with his belly touching the back of my thighs; and all nine inches of his engorged manhood buried deep inside my tunnel. “You are a real thing of beauty, my young friend. This body of yours will make your choice of lovers very happy. I know I am.”

“Thanks, Charlie. Now pound the crap out of me. I want to watch the muscles of your hunky bod exert themselves with the fuck you promised me. You sure are a thing of beauty to my eyes, as well, Charlie. Chuck. Chuck fucks. Chuck fucks me. Fuck me Chuck. FUCK ME CHUCK!!!”

“You asked for it, kid!” OMG. What have I done. I am being pistoned to death! How can anyone take this massive cock? My body is moving back and forth with each of his thrusts. Oh. That’s better.

“Like that. Good.” He’s found a good pace for the both of us. Every inward stroke makes me moan automatically. I want to laugh, because that is how I see guys react in porn videos. I thought it was an act. It’s escort yalova not.

“Sweet assed young buck. You are bringing out the best of me, Rock. Fucking your hot young body is the best I have had in a long, long time.” It should be. I put in a lot of gym time to get to this stage of development. I am all shaved and smooth, not the hairy hunk that Charlie is. It’s all good. He’s still rocking inside of me. The man has stamina, for sure. I would have nutted a long time ago. “Gonna ramp this up for you, Rock. My body needs to nut. Gonna go all animal on your ass, son. Take the ride. Take the fullness. Take my cock. Take it.” He’s speeding up. “Take it. Fuck you’re tight. Fucking tight. So fucking….so very…TAKE IT – TAKE IT – Oh, my fucking God! – TAKE IT! TAKE IT ALL!!! AHHHHHNNHHHAAA!!!

“Pump it stud! Pump my ass full! Oh, Charlie! I can feel your cum flowing into me! Oh. Man. This feels amazing!” His mouth is wide open; he is wild-eyed with uncontrolled pleasure coursing through his body. Involuntary shocks are making his chest and shoulders quake. There is drool dripping onto my thighs, and running down to my crotch. Heaven help me – my cock is so hard that it hurts. I feel his dick pushing my own cream from my body; and the first spurt cuts through my slit with a painful twang like someone snapped a rubber band onto the head. My cum is landing on me everywhere. I even have some in my own mouth! I love the taste of fresh cum!

“FUCK. FUCK. oh….Fuck.” He is crumpling onto me, not caring about the mess he will have sticking to him from my spooge. I am holding him now in my arms. He is coming down from his high; and placing little kisses on my spoogey body. “Mmmm. You taste as good as your ass is tight, my young friend.”

“Thank you, Charlie. Thank you.” I can feel him slowly going soft inside of me. I want him to stay there forever. Soon he will slip from my channel, and most of his semen will follow his cock as it leaves me. I want to feel sad about that, but I feel too elated to go there. My first anal fuck was amazing. He filled me in so many ways. I am on a cloud and don’t want to leave.

“Dinner? You as hungry as I am, stud?” I sure am.

“Can I stay with you tonight, Charlie? Yes to dinner.”

“Sure, kid. Why not. I already broke most of my rules. Why not.”

Part 5 –

Tony, all jacked and fine looking in his tight tee and jeans, is serving up a meal fit for a king. King Charlie. And me. Charlie is diving into his plate like a shark into a sea lion. The guy can eat! This is giving me time to lock eyes with Tony, as he hovers near me, fussing with serving me all kinds of goodies. As my mind begins to wander and think about him serving me…something more personal, I find myself staring at his nicely shaped bulge. Either the jeans are way too small, or his dick is a fat one, because the fabric is so stretched out that the zipper is totally showing. Maybe it’s the size of his fat nuts?

“Like what you see, kid?” That shocked me back to his eyes. Blue. Deep and sexy blue eyes. As I start to smile, I realize that Charlie is watching us.

“Go for it, Rock. Tony is one hell of a lay.” Damn. I had figured Charlie would want me for himself. But, hell, if he says to go for it…

“Yeah, Tony, I like it. I like it a lot.” He seems confident and in control.

“Finish up, and I’ll let you have me for dessert. Don’t worry, kid, Charlie and I are cool about ‘sharing’. Ain’t that right, lover?” Charlie just nods as he chugs his wine. So I guess I will have a taste of Tony himself, as well as the great meal he made for us.

“I’ll clean up. You go to the second bedroom. Take a shower. Wait for me on the bed. Clean. Naked. Get yourself hard. At your age, it won’t take long to get ready for a second round. Just don’t take it too far. I like to get fucked long and slow, right Chucky?” Chucky nods, gives the thumbs up, and rises to plunk down onto a nearby couch. Looks like he’s up for a nap.

“Gonna rest a bit, kid. Tony will take over. You’ll love it! You and I will catch up later for a night time quickie. See ya.” His eyes are closing. Mine are following Tony’s fat ass as he goes back and forth with the dishes. Looks like I will take my first bottom tonight. What a mind fuck! From virgin to totally used in one awesome night. This is gonna rock!

To Be Continued…

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