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PrincessMy mind is a fucking slugfest. Muhamed Ali versus George Foreman. The Rumble in the Jungle. I sit in my car, pensive. Two massive personalities square off inside my indecisive head. Punch after punch controlling my every thought.In one corner, Peter the jock. Twenty-two year old, six foot, blonde hair, blue eyed, former all-American football phenom. In the opposing corner, Princess.Princess loved dorning my mother’s flowery sundresses while she was at work. Squeezing oversized feet into her platform espadrille sandals while balancing awkwardly in front of the full length mirror. Princess was gorgeous. Princess was flamboyantly fun. But, more importantly, Princess was comfortable.I had always been drawn to the daintier things. As a kid, my friends would play ‘construction crew’ in the sandbox while I wandered the perimeter of the playground plucking flowers. Time soon shifted the focus of that activity. The construction kids took notice of me drifting off to collect my botanical beauties and used it as an opportunity to practice their punching skills.Pee Wee football presented itself as a means to mask what I felt. Plus, I figured if I was going to get hit, I might as well wear some pads. Unfortunately for me, it quickly became evident that I was a natural at the sport. I was the center of attention, the apple of my father’s eye, even a local Catholic high school recruited me. What was once just a mask, began to feel more like a permanent identity. Just perfect.My first gay kiss happened senior year. A linebacker named Steve. He was somewhere in the vicinity of two hundred and eighty pounds. Needless to say, he was the one who made the first move. I may have been a dumb jock, but I was not stupid. The kiss itself was magical and totally cliche; steamy locker room, towels wrapped around waists, muscular skin still glistening from the shower.He slid his tongue into my mouth commandingly, using his weight to press me back into the cold, steel lockers. I let my hand fall, brushed it against his terry cloth towel which had tented by his rigid cock. He abruptly pulled back. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing, homo?” His punch landed square with a powerful thud to my chest.We never spoke of it afterward. He knew. I knew. But, the internal back and forth we both seemed to struggle with always landed on the side of invisibility.That football career landed me a full-ride scholarship to a mainstream college. This school was not Catholic. However, the threat of jeopardizing a free higher education over some perceived locker room scandal forced Princess further into hiding.My family wasn’t much help either. I remember once asking my ex-Marine father if he ever got a weird feeling when he was naked in front of other men.“What do you mean, weird?”“You know, weird.”“No. I don’t know, weird.”“Never mind.”He never pursued the hints any further. Maybe he didn’t want to face what inevitably would have been a barrage of uncomfortable follow up questions. Questions I’m sure he was ill-equipped to answer.So, here I sit; Pride week, in my car, outside a known sex club, forty miles away from home, adorably etlik escort dressed as Princess. A battle of epic proportions seething in my head. Go in? Introduce her to the world? Or, stay in the car and retreat back into hiding.I pull the rear view to face me. The reflection is familiar, but her poise, not a look I recognize. She’s beautiful. You’re beautiful.Fuck it.I push open the car door with vigor. Decision made. Ali the underdog now stands tauntingly over his unconscious adversary. Victorious.  The air inside the club is rousing and I am charged with a brewing twenty-two year old enthusiasm. Princess feels amazing, strong and assured in her convictions with a burn that’s spreading like wildfire. I have always known who she is and now I know what she wants.Tonight, dressed to the nines, she is damn well going to get it.The bar running along the left side wall is packed with an eclectic crowd. A stage juts out and dominates the center of an expansive room. A thrumming bass pounds my chest. The music fades and a voice barks over the P.A. system, pulling my attention to the stage area.“Ladies and gents, and the gents dressed as ladies… Please help me bring to the stage with a spirited Pride week welcome… Our newest member to the Whacka Whacka Club… Coming all the way from Knoxville, Tennessee… The beautiful southern belle, Raelynn!”RaelynnAfter her set, Raelynn exited the stage and trepidatiously made her way back to the performer’s lounge. Her first show was a success. A thirty minute solo act which drove the crowd to a frenzy. Tony, the club’s manager, burst into the room soon after. Raelynn nervously grabbed a robe to cover.“Modest. I love it. Look kid, the crowd fucking loved you.”“Thank you, sir.” She answered in a soft, southern drawl.“Goddamn. It’s not just an act, huh kid?”“Sir?”“Never mind. You’re all set up for the night. Room A. Her name is Crystal Evans. Don’t let her tattoos scare you, kid.” His tone was quick, snappy. It matched the darting of his eyes, like he had just downed a massive cocktail of amphetamines.“Crystal owns a chain of bars and restaurants across the state,” he continued. “She’s got more money than you and I can spend in two fucking liftimes. Don’t fuck this up.”“I ain’t never been with a woman before.”“Why do you think she asked for you, kid?”Raelynn stepped in to room A, pulling the door closed to mute the raucous of the club. She was dressed as requested; a black, loose fit camisole top, multicolored stretch knit skirt and of course, cowgirl boots. Her thick, wavy amber red hair was loose, framing her cherub-like face.“You put on quite a show tonight,” Crystal rose from the shadows to greet her. Raelynn stood tall in her heeled boots, but Crystal’s lanky frame towered over her by a good four inches. “That was your first time?”Her voice was sultry and raspy, like a rock star who had grown up on the road. Jet black hair was pulled back tight into a single ponytail. A dark cotton tank hugged her braless chest, accentuating the taut curve of each orb and flaunted her erect nipples.“Yes ma’am, it was.” Raelynn’s eyes nervously keçiören escort drifted to the floor.“Well then, tonight will be a night filled with firsts.” She quipped with a gentle chuckle to try and ease the tension. “I gotta admit, hun,” she stepped toward Raelynn. “When Tony told me you claimed to be a virgin I thought he was full of shit. But, looking at you…” Her voice trailed. “How old are you, hun?”“Nineteen… and I’ve had sex, just not with a-” their eyes connected. “Never with a woman, ma’am.”Crystal flashed a warm smile and extended her tattoo covered hand. Raelynn followed the ink from her knuckles and wrist to the full sleeve of artwork running up the slender, feminine arm. She was in her late thirties but genetics, with the help of her favorite plastic surgeon, made her appear much younger. Captivating.“Come, sit, let’s chat.” She led Raelynn to a nearby sofa.“I like your tattoos.” Raelynn nestled into the cushions. “I want some of my own. My middle nam-” she stopped abruptly, catching herself mid-sentence.“It’s okay, hun. I’m not going to bite, yet.” Her warming smile worked to defuse Raelynn’s defenses. “I know this is awkward. Technically, I paid for you to be here,” she took her hands and looked deep into her eyes. “That doesn’t mean we have to do anything that makes you uncomfortable.”Raelynn stared for a moment before continuing. “Ma middle name’s Rose,” her drawl now more pronounced. “So, I thought maybe a tattoo of the flower, right… here.” She raised her right arm and sensually lifted her shirt to expose her tender rib cage.Crystal reached a hand out to stroke her skin. Black, grey and red ink danced across Raelynn’s alabaster skin like a pillar of smoke rising from a brick chimney. Raelynn felt a stir.“Do you like girls?” Her hand brushed the underside of Raelynn’s full breast. Their eyes once again connected. Raelynns’s cheeks warmed with a rush of blood. Crystal inched closer. Close enough to feel the heat radiate off Raelynn’s flush face; a hair’s breadth separated their lips.“Are you ok, hun?” The whisper forced its way across Raelynn’s mouth. She was nervous and scared and insanely turned on. The ensuing kiss freed a pent up energy that billowed from deep within Raelynn’s core.The bass from the club thumped densely through the walls. Their tongues danced and lashed. Time was moving at warp speed. Crystal slid her hand between Raelynn’s bare tits and pressed to feel her heart. Its rapid beat emphatically answered her previous questions.Crystal pounced on the moment and moved swiftly to the floor. Fingers hungrily traced along Raelynn’s thighs, pushing her apropos, rainbow colored skirt up as they slithered. Inch by inch revealing the skin that hundreds of perverted onlookers ogled not moments earlier.She began to smell the hint of arousal as Raelynn’s immaculate, pantiless pussy came into view. “Jesus baby, you are soaking wet.” Her hands cupped the sides of Raelynn’s waist before digging into the soft doughy flesh of her ass, yanking her with fervor to the edge of the couch.Raelynn’s mind was a blur, rifling through a list kızılay escort of possibilities. Maybe, it was the club’s atmosphere that had kick started her arousal. Perhaps the stage act, the energy from the Pride week crowd cheering her on. Maybe, it was the nerves of being with a woman of Crystal’s stature and experience. Maybe… it was just simply being with a woman.Crystal’s fingers brought Raelynn’s attention back to the room as two found her tight dewey tunnel and curled up and in with a firm pull. The pads of her fingertips pressed Raelynn’s spongy g-spot, circling it at first, signaling that they had found their target. A strong whimper served as affirmation.Raelynn’s heart was surging. The beat, indistinguishable from the thrumming outside the room. Her clit was engorged and being suckled as fingers continued to float between her thickening walls.Raelynn was close to reaching her peak, Crystal felt it. She turned her head, baring her teeth to Raelynn’s inner thigh. Tonight’s finish would be memorable for so many symbolic reasons, and Crystal would leave her mark as a reminder.Raelynn’s scream was loud and piercing and swallowed by the energy outside the room. She writhed, trying to squirm away from Crystal’s oral clutch. The stinging bite was applied with expert precision to accentuate the climax while leaving an indelible imprint on her chaste skin. The act itself lasted seconds, but Raelynn’s orgasmic waves felt like they stretched on forever.Her mouth agape, was once again filled with Crystal’s tongue, this time more sensual. Tender. Caressing.“Come home with me,” she whispered into the kiss.”You don’t belong here.”Raelynn pulled back to see the sincerity in Crystal’s piercing blue eyes. It was all happening fast, but she pondered the offer. “What about Tony, the club?” her voice was still breathy. “He had me sign something, two shows a night for like the next month or something.”“Tony’s just a coked up manager,” she laughed. “The actual club owner is a friend, she’ll understand. Fuck, I’ll buy out your contract if I have to.”“I don’t know what to say.”“Say you’ll leave with me, see where this goes?” She kissed her again. “We can swing by Indigo’s Ink, and get you that rose. Indigo did most of my work. He’s the best tattoo artist in the country, but he’ll tell you he’s world renowned.”“Will it sting?” Raelynn ran a finger over the crimson indentation marking her inner thigh.“You can handle it, hun. Maybe even grow to love it.”Indigo“Well, technically I’m not open… buuut it’s fucking Pride week, so I do have some appointments.” Indigo’s purple latex-clad hand cradled the phone to his ear.“What can Indi do for the one and only Crystal Evans?” There was a pause. “How old? Robbin’ the cradle huh, love? As long as she’s over eighteen, but a rose? Seems a little mundane,” he sighed. “Oh well, bring her by. Sounds like someone’s smitten. I have to meet this girl.”He spun and listened to the voice on the other end, then continued. “I have a client in the chair now,” his voice lowered to a whisper. “Big NBA star, and he is hot as fuck, so give me a minute before you come by… I’m winking into the phone.”“Who the fuck is that?” A deep, hulking voice came from the chair off to the left.“Ugh. Rude.” Indi huffed in his direction before turning back to the phone. “Ok baby, let me finish up with Chocolate Thunder over here and I will see you in a little while. Kiss kiss”

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