Would You Like Ketchup With That? 3


“Yeah. Maybe later. I’m at a friend’s. The drive-thru girl I told you about.”I blinked, staring at her back, her bare ass perched comfortably on the edge of my bed, my head nestled comfortably on my pillow. Yawning, I noticed she had her cell phone out. ‘She’, by the way, was Violet. The girl I didn’t really have any feelings for, despite that my pulse was suddenly racing at the sight of her. Despite that the last thing I remembered from the night before was her holding me while I climaxed on a rubber dildo, my hands cuffed behind my back and clamps abusing my tender nipples while watching porn on my tv…Closing my eyes, I listened to her voice, a shy smile on my face as I came to terms with a few things. I was hooked. On her, at least, and maybe that did make me a lesbian. Bi, at the very least. There was certainly no way of denying the attraction I felt nor the sudden almost overwhelming desire to touch her. Maybe wrap my arms around her while she was sitting there, talking on the phone. Maybe even kiss her…The moment passed, or at least the intensity of it did, when she turned towards me, her gaze boring into me as if she could read my very thoughts and desires. Her lips curved suddenly into a smile. Not a very pleasant one, I might add, though it raised goosebumps up and down my arms.“Good morning, slut,” she greeted me, not even bothering to take the phone away from her face. “Yeah, she just woke up. Super cute.She was talking about me, I realized, my cheeks burning with embarrassment.“She’s shy, but I’m working on that.”She laughed at that, her lips puckering into a kiss which she directed at me. And yes, I smiled shyly back, the desire to touch her renewing itself. Or the desire to be touched, perhaps? Both, if I was being truthful.“Jenny. Amber wants to say hello.”“Oh. Hello,” I managed before my bottom lip disappeared between my teeth.“Not like that. Here.”She tapped her cell a couple of times before holding it out so that I could see the screen, or rather, the face on the screen. She’d put us on a video call.“Hi, Jenny.”She was pretty, though not in the same way as Violet was. She looked like she’d probably been on the cheerleader squad in high school. Dimples, white teeth, loose auburn curls, and big blue eyes. The kind of girl who boys would trip over just to get her attention.And she was dressed. Unlike me. When I tried to cover myself up, however, Jenny reached out and slapped my hand playfully.“No. See? I told you she’s shy.” I watched as her smile grew even crueler.   “Tell Amber what I call you, Jenny.”I was silent for a moment, my eyes going from the girl on the screen to Violet, knowing I probably looked like a deer caught in headlights as she lifted one perfect eyebrow at me. Taking a deep breath, I tore my gaze away and focused on her friend and swallowed nervously. My mouth suddenly felt dry.“Her dirty girl,” I whispered.“Speak up,” she commanded.“Her dirty girl,” almanbahis I repeated obediently, this time I little louder.“Oh.” Amber laughed, shaking her head a little as the image of her face grew larger, as if to get a better look at me.“She has nice tits, Vee.”I could feel my cheeks burning. I glanced at Violet again, a pleading look on my face, silently begging her to make this stop. By the time I realized my mistake, that it would just goad her into doing worse, it was too late. She took the phone away, putting it on speaker, so she could resume her conversation while I was forced to listen in.  “She only comes when I let her.”“Wow. When was the last time?”“Last night. I made her watch porn and fuck herself on a big rubber cock. You should have seen her. It was fucking hot.”As for me, I wanted nothing more than to just curl up and die. Or maybe touch myself.“Damn. Next time, I want to watch.”“What are you doing right now?”“Nothing much. My day off.”“What do you think, dirty girl.” Violet was looking at me, her gaze drifting down to my nipples. I realized that they’d grown hard while they talked. Not only that but my pussy was wet. Licking my lips, I shrugged and looked away, knowing that, no matter what I said, it was out of my control.“She says she’d love to have you over.” She blew me a kiss, her eyes sparkling with amusement. “I’m texting you the address.”“Give me an hour or so. See you then.”Violet shut off the call and put the phone down.“Why don’t you shower while I pick out something for you to wear.”“Yes, Miss,” I answered meekly, realizing my fate was sealed, unsure how I felt about it…I took my time. The hot water felt good and I needed to clear my head a little. This was all going too fast. Things had gotten so out of control. Not just now, but a while ago and yet, I couldn’t stop this. Or, if I was being completely honest maybe I could and just didn’t want to.“Dirty girl,” I told myself softly, the water feeling good on my shoulders and back. I wanted to touch myself, only I couldn’t. Not without her permission, afraid of what she’d do if I did. “Violet’s dirty girl. Oh, god.”Eventually, I turned the water off and dried myself just in time for her to join me, a playful smile on her face. She was wearing a robe. One of mine. Red and so short that if she’d bent over her ass would be showing. It was tied loosely around her waist.“I raided your closet.”“It looks good on you.”“I know,” she smirked as she grabbed my hand and led me back to my bedroom.“We’re going to have to get you some sluttier clothes, Jenny. For now, this will do.”She’d discovered some more lingerie that was left-over from when I’d had a boyfriend and life was ‘normal’. A fishnet leotard. Like the crotchless panties, it hadn’t gotten a lot of use, although I’d worn it as a dare as part of a Halloween costume one year. And yes, I’d put black tape over my nipples. It had been a thrill, too. I remember feeling almanbahis yeni giriş sexy and daring and a little bit slutty.“Stand still, slut.” I did just that as she carefully put my collar back on, buckling it carefully around my throat. “There. Perfect. Now get out while I shower. Where do you keep your nail polish?” she asked, popping her ‘p’s, naturally.“Second drawer down,” I told her, pointing towards the sink.“If Amber shows before I’m done, let her in.”Before I could answer she shut the door, leaving me alone. With a sigh, I dressed, checking myself out in the mirror afterwards. I looked… sexy. Hot? Definitely slutty. The costume didn’t leave much to the imagination. My nipples and boobs were on display as was my smooth pussy. I tried to get into my role a little, feeling less shy about it now that I was by myself. Standing on my toes, I arched my back a little, thrusting out my breasts. Turning to the side I checked out my ass. It looked good. I looked good. I felt a sense of pride wash through me. Violet could probably have had any girl she wanted but she’d chosen me. Maybe part of it was she’d sensed something deep inside that was waiting to be woken, but I was sure she’d noticed me because of how I looked. Feeling a little more confident, I strolled around my apartment, making sure that the curtains were still closed, of course. I really didn’t want any neighbors getting a good look. I wasn’t that confident.I paused, noticing my laptop on the coffee table. Without even thinking about it, I sat down on the couch and turned it on. Those videos she showed me last night… It was easy to find them again. She hadn’t bothered to delete my history. Those, and others. There was a whole website devoted to women being filmed like that… not porn stars. Just girls like me. Girls who’d been talked into it. Or maybe they’d just wanted to…I browsed through several thumbs until I found one with a blonde girl who looked a little like me. ‘Cock hungry slut gets banged in adult theatre’. Curious, I hit play and, of course, the doorbell rang moments later. I glanced at the front door and then towards the bathroom. She was still in there, the door closed.“Please please please come out,” I begged softly, my pulse racing, my heart beating nervously, wondering if she hadn’t heard the bell or was simply choosing to ignore it. The later, I suspected. She wanted me to answer it, knowing I’d be humiliated. I’m not sure how long I sat there on the couch, indecisive as the video played on, the blond girl sucking on some guy’s cock while jerking off another, her blouse hanging open exposing her tits. Long enough for Amber to impatiently ring again just as some burly guy pushed her skirt up around her waist.“Coming. I’m coming,” I mumbled as I crossed the room and opened the door a crack. Just enough so that I knew it was Amber and not the FedEx guy delivering a package.“Hi,” I managed, my voice almanbahis giriş shaking a little as I stared out, half-hidden behind the door, giving ground as she pushed it open enough for her to enter.“Hi, Jenny.”She was wearing shorts, sandals, and a halter top and looking casually gorgeous.I quickly close the door behind her, which allowed her to get a good look at me. At how I was dressed. She licked her lips and giggled a little, then went silent, her gaze drawn to my laptop and the sounds that were coming out of the speaker.“Did mean to interrupt. What are we watching?”“Nothing,” I mumbled, feeling flushed, unsure of what to do in her presence. Cover myself? Rush over and turn off the porn video that was playing? Offer her a drink? Thankfully, Violet saved me just then.“Hey, beautiful.”She looked the same and yet there was something indefinable about her, something I couldn’t quite put my finger on. She still wore my robe, although her toenails. Her fingernails too, I guessed, although she had her hands behind her back so that I couldn’t tell. So did the lipstick she was wearing. Her eyes were dark. Mascara and eyeliner.“I see you were keeping busy, dirty girl,” she said with a smirk, nodding her chin towards my computer.“Yes, Miss. I was curious?”She just laughed, shaking her head a little, her arms moving forward. I’d been right. Red, just like her toenails. The leash, though, was black. She held it loosely, dangling it from one hand, the metal clip tapping her calf as she used her other hand to point at a spot on the rug just in front of her, one brow lifted, her gaze locked on me. The command was clear. Glancing once at Amber, aware that she was watching me just as intently. I moved slowly, dragging my feet a little, until I was standing before Violet, breathing so hard that I felt a little light-headed, our gazes locked, her expression expectant, although she didn’t say a word.Eventually, I lowered myself to my knees in front of her, never once looking away, my chin tilting up, forgetting about Amber for a moment, lost in Violet’s predatory smile as she bent over me and attached the leash to my collar.“Stay,” she told me.I didn’t dare move as she moved further into the room, out of my sight, although I did breathe a sigh of relief when the sounds of the video I’d put on suddenly stopped.“Want anything, Ams?” she asked, taking over as hostess, despite it being my apartment.“Wine?”“If there’s any. Why don’t you come with me? Jenny’s not going anywhere.”I could hear the knowing smirk in her voice. So certain. With good reason, because she was right. She’d told me to stay, after all. I didn’t really have a choice anymore. Whatever it was she’d awakened in me now controlled me, at least, in her presence. I let loose a sigh and simply accepted the truth. I was her dirty girl. I belonged to her. I felt my nipples tighten at that thought and heat growing deep inside my pussy even as I felt my juices trickling past my swollen outer lips. By the time they returned, each cupping a stemmed glass, half full of blush, I was ready to be her dirty girl even if that meant humiliating myself in front of her friend.

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