Would You Like Ketchup With That? 3


Hi.  My name is Jenny and I am an uncertain-sexual.  Until recently, I was very secure in who I was and what I liked.  And then, a guilty pleasure – drive-thru fast food – turned my world sideways. Now? Now I am falling for a girl who insists I call her ‘Miss’.  A girl who has awoken something within that I find frightening, confusing, and yet so exhilarating that I fear I have become addicted to the need that she feeds.  A hunger that grows each time I hear her voice or see her or even think of her.  A fire within that I am quickly losing control of.Two weeks ago she paraded me through a public park in just a robe and a thong, tied me to a bar and teased me until I was begging her to make me come. Then, she stuck a dildo on the headlight of my car and made me fuck myself on it while eating her pussy, not letting me come until she gave me permission. I ended up in her bed, physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted. I’d woken just as the sky began to lighten, intent on fleeing for the safety of my home and sort myself out.  And yet the second she stirred, sitting up, her gaze sleepily regarding me, and spoke, my breath caught in my chest and I simply stood at the foot of the twin bed we’d shared, studying her shyly.  When I’d pushed the covers back, I’d left her exposed from the waist up.  She looked amazing.  Flat stomach, a hint of curves disappearing under the sheets, breasts that were perky and firm and tipped with nipples that were maddeningly perfect.  She’d be breath taking if I’d been into girls and, quite honestly, I was still uncertain about my attraction to her.  It was more about how she treated me than who she was, I that made any sense.  Something indefinable that I couldn’t quite put into words.“You look amazing, dirty girl. Leaving?”“Yeah. I need to-“ I started, blushing furiously at her words.“You’re forgetting something.” One dark eyebrow lifted, her expression expectant.“I-?” I looked blankly at her.“Miss.  You’re to call me Miss.  Remember?”I swallowed nervously, remembering her request, and tried again.“Yes, Miss. I thought I’d go home and clean up.  I feel-““Dirty?” She grinned, turning the sheets down and sitting up, appraising me, making me uncomfortably aware of my nakedness.“Shower here. I’ll find something for you to wear.  Don’t worry, pet. Something that doesn’t offend your modest sensibilities,” she teased. Afterwards, feeling refreshed, she gave me a pair of leggings and an oversized Wonder Woman tee.“Your car?”  I asked, pausing at the door and wondering out loud, realizing that she’d driven mine to her place.“I took a cab, Jenny.” “Oh.  Okay.  Miss,” I said, stumbling slightly over the words, feeling suddenly awkward, our hands brushing as we both reached for the doorknob.  I wondered if I was expected to kiss her?  If this had been a ‘normal’ date, hookup, whatever, with a guy, would I have?  Depended on the guy, really.  But at least, I’d have known…She lay her hand over mine as I went to turn the knob, and then, higher, wrapping her fingers firmly around my wrist, stopping me dead in my tracks and taking the decision out of my hands.“You may kiss me, pet.”  Her words gave me permission, but her tone turned it into a command.  Shyly, my heart fluttering in my chest as she presented her cheek to me.  Pursing my lips, I leaned in, closed my eyes, and kissed her softly.  The kiss may have been tentative but the feelings within were intense.  Afterwards, I couldn’t get out of the house and back to the safety of my car fast enough…That night, I used the dildo that I’d fucked myself on, that she’d conveniently left on the back seat, to fuck myself while replaying the previous night, sticking it to the side of my washing machine, turning it on, the vibrations traveling the length of the black rubber as I impaled myself on it. The climaxes kept coming until I could take it no more.  My bed was calling me.  It was all I could do to keep my eyes open, and yet, I needed to do one last thing before crawling under the covers. I grabbed my phone and almanbahis took a close up of the dildo, aware of how obviously wet it was, my juices smeared all along the length. And another, even more intimate photo; a selfie of me licking my just as wet fingers.  Before I could change my mind, I sent both to Violet, accompanied by a blushing emoji.When I woke up the next morning, the very first thing I did was check my messages.  Only one really mattered, the one from Violet.  Two simple words.  ‘Good girl.’oOoSo, I like girls. Or I like Violet, at least. Her, and the things she does to me; the kinky stuff.  She’d opened a door and given me a taste of something that I’d never known I was missing and I found myself yearning for more…  I spiced up our usual exchange at the drive-thru, pulling up to the window, my skirt hiked up around my waist, her dildo, buried in my cunt so that all that was visible was the base.  It earned me a smile that sent thrills and shivers through me and, by the time I’d pulled away, the receipt, on which she’d scrawled Call [email protected] sitting on my bare thigh, I could feel my juices pooling on the seat against my ass.  I was unable to concentrate for the remainder of the day, although I did try to busy myself with mundane tasks, most of which consisted of me finding time to reach between my thighs and touch myself until all I could think of was calling her and begging her to let me come for her…oOo“Right on time like a good girl.”Those were the first words of our conversation and I found myself blushing from her praise, a shy smile forming on my lips.“I hope you had a nice day, Miss,” I managed lamely. Her laughter was rich and sensual as she wasted no time.“I hope you didn’t make yourself cum, pet.”I shook my head quickly, even though she couldn’t see the gesture.  “I wanted to,” I admitted softly.  “I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to…”“But you played with that dirty little pussy of yours, didn’t you.” “I couldn’t help myself…” My words trailed off and I could hear her humming softly for a few moments before continuing.“What are you wearing, pet?”“Umm… shorts and a tee…”“Details, please.”Taking a deep breath, I began again.  “A pair of loose fitting lavender shorts with a drawstring.  A grey tee with…”She cut me off, suddenly, her voice stern.  “I’m disappointed you didn’t dress up for me.  Go change and then call me back.”The line went dead, leaving me speechless and somewhat aghast, my brain went Into overdrive as I moved quickly from my bed to the closet, mentally going through my wardrobe for something that she would deep appropriate, not wanting to keep her waiting for any longer than I could…A dozen minutes later, I tried again, fingers trembling as I held the phone to my ear and waited for her to pick up.“Yes?”  Short and succinct and expectant.  I didn’t waste any time, having rehearsed this speech as I was getting dressed.“Black lace panties, Miss. French cut.  A matching half cup bra.  Black thigh high stockings held up by a… garter belt.”  I paused, feeling a little silly.  It was, quite literally, the third time I’d worn it, or anything like it, the first being when I’d first bought it and wanted to see how it looked, the second one Halloween when I’d dressed up as a slutty witch, and the third, the following Halloween; slutty pirate. Imaginative, I know.  “Go on, pet.”Heat colored my cheeks and I giggled a bit, causing her to chuckle warmly.  “I tied my hair back with a black velvet ribbon. I thought you might like it…?”I waited, holding my breath, the realization hitting how much her approval meant to me.“You sound delightful.  Picture, please. I’ll use it as my new wallpaper.”I’d already anticipated this.  I quickly opened my gallery and messaged her a selfie taken of my reflection in the bathroom mirror. I’d tried to look sexy, tried being the operative word.“Mmm.  Pretty,” came her reply.  I let out a breath I hadn’t realized I was holding.“Thank you, Miss.”“Shoes?”“Oh, sorry! Patent leather three inch heels. I don’t have anything bigger.  almanbahis yeni giriş Sorry.”“No worries, Jenny.  From now on, though, whenever I ask you to call me, I want you to look your best.  Is that understood?”I swallowed, my heart beating a little harder, and answered, my voice quavering just a little.   “Understood, Miss.”“Now, I think it’s about time we had a conversation…”We talked for a little over an hour, getting to know each other.  It sounds strange, seeing as how we’d been intimate in some ways, and yet, it had all been sexual.  Not that this wasn’t, but it went beyond just mere titillation.  She had questions about my experience as well as my experiences. We talked of desires and fantasies and curiosities.  Of limits and fears.  Yes, it was all sexual, and I admit to being incredibly turned on the entire time, but it was emotionally intimate as well.  I discovered that, beyond desiring Violet and how she made me feel, I liked her as well.  She was smart, clever, funny, warm, caring… all the things that attracted me as a friend.  As the evening wore on, I found myself relaxing enough to stray outside the confines of my role as pet.  Not too far out, but enough so that I felt comfortable sharing with her as well as asking my own questions, learning as much from her as she did from me. Yes, my panties were soaking wet, despite the fact that she’d warned me about touching myself the entire time, which I managed, if barely.  At times it seemed my hand had a mind of its own and I’d find my fingers brushing here, caressing there, each touch intimate and sensuous, and yet, I managed to keep them from wandering between my thighs, much as I wanted to.At some point, we both paused and let quiet reign, both content to be with our thoughts for a while after the intensity of sharing.  Fittingly, it was Violet who broke the silence.“How badly do you want to get off right now, Jenny?”I prefaced my words with a prolonged groan of frustration that had her laughing.“Are you familiar with chastity belts, dirty girl?” she teased.“A little. I mean, I know what they are.”“Good.  I’m seriously considering getting you one.  I won’t, as long as you behave yourself.  It all depends on you.”I closed my eyes and leaned back.  I had spent the entire hour on my bed, propped in a sitting position, my back against my pillows which, in turn, were supported by a brass rail headboard.  In my mind I conjured up the pictures I’d seen of the device, imagining myself in it.  I can’t say I liked the idea but I can’t say I hated it, either.“Whatever you think is best, Miss,” I replied meekly, wondering at the heat burning within as I turned my fate over to her. I think she sensed my surrender, despite the physical distance between us.  I know I felt it.  I’d taken another step away from something or, more precisely, towards something.  It wasn’t anything I could define, but I felt it, nonetheless…“Something to think about.  I can see you now, driving up to my window, pulling your dress up to your waist, your pussy locked away where no one but me can get to it…”She ended the thought with a lingering moan, confirming what I had suspected. Unlike me, she didn’t have anyone telling her she wasn’t allowed to touch herself. I wasn’t sure if she was using a vibrator, a dildo, or her fingers, but she was definitely playing with her pussy.  My first thought was how unfair it was.  My second, however, and the one that stayed with me, was pride that she was getting off thinking about me. After that, neither of us spoke for a while.  I simply listened as she slowly worked herself into a state of ecstasy, her moans coming louder, until they became gasps, and then cries, and, finally, a long drawn out noise punctuated with ‘oh fucks’ and ‘oh gods’ culminating in a triumphant series of ‘Yes’s’  as she climaxed into my ear.Afterwards, I listened to her breathing, coming down off her sexual high, wondering if she was going to deny me the same. “How bad do you want to come, dirty girl?” she eventually asked.  almanbahis giriş I am sure she could hear my heavy breathing as I fought the urge to disobey her and get myself off.I shrugged even though the gesture was wasted.  It might have well been a rhetorical question.  She already knew. She just wanted me to admit it out loud.“I could just make myself-““You could, Jenny,” she interrupted, “but it will be so much better if I’m there, watching. Am I right?”I didn’t answer right away.  She was silent as well, confident, perhaps, that, eventually, I would give in.  And, of course, she was right.“Yes.  Miss.”“Then come here, pet. Hurry.  And Jenny?”“Yes?” I managed, my throat suddenly dry.“Dressed exactly as you are.  Now, hurry, before I change my mind and make you wait for a few days.”My phone went suddenly silent, leaving me with a choice. I really couldn’t pretend that I didn’t understand her instructions. She wanted me to walk out of my place dressed in the sexiest lingerie I owned, drive over to her place, knock on the door, all because I needed to cum so badly that reason and common sense went out the window.  It really wasn’t much of a choice.  I glanced through the curtains. It had grown dark enough that I might not be noticed.  I gathered up my courage, tried not to think about what I was doing, gathered up my wallet and keys, and peeked out the window to make sure I was in the clear.  Taking a deep breath, I left, my hands trembling slightly as I nervously locked the door behind me and hurried to the car.I tried not to let myself be distracted on the drive over.  Thankfully she lived in a neighborhood I was familiar with, otherwise, I might have gotten lost.  After all, last night had been my one and only visit.  So many thoughts cluttered my mind, none of them particularly calming.  What if I got pulled over? What if I had a flat? What if someone noticed I was driving around wearing a black lace bra that barely hid my nipples? What was going to happen once I got to her place?  What was she going to make me do?  Worst of all, these thoughts that should have convinced me to turn around and go back to the safety of my home, were turning me on.  The car smelled of pussy.  Of my pussy.  My panties were not just wet, they were soaked. I could even feel my juices tickling my ass hole.  I was fairly confident that there would be a dark patch on the seat beneath me by the time I arrived.Like I said, I tried not to get distracted.  I drove past her street three times before giving up and texting her, asking for her address. Her reply?338 Pinewood. 

6.  Panties around your ankles before knocking or I’ll send you home. Fuck. She wasn’t helping at all…I found a parking space that was… close, but not as close as I would have liked.  Looking around carefully to make sure I was in the clear, I slipped out of the car and did a fast walk, not wishing to attract attention, to her place.  Despite everything, I was still nervous about seeing her and about what would happen once the door closed behind me. In any other circumstance, I would have dallied on the concrete slab that made up her front porch until I’d talked myself into knocking.  In any other circumstance, I wouldn’t have been standing, illuminated by the porch light, in panties, bra, garter, stockings, and heels. My chest tight with fear at being caught, I hooked my thumbs into my panties and slipped them down my legs until there were around my ankles and then I knocked and waited, my cunt slowly leaking, the fragrant discharge tickling the insides of my thighs.  And waited, my nipples swollen and hard, rubbing against the lacey upper edge of my bra, threatening to escape. And waited, my breaths coming shallow and fast, breasts rising and falling until my left nipple actually did pop out.  And waited, glancing towards the street, at the other apartment, particularly the windows that looked out on Violet’s front porch.Finally, the door opened, and I let out a wordless exclamation of relief, gaze riveted.  The transformation was almost shocking.  Yes, I’d seen her naked, but mostly, I’d seen her in her drive-thru uniform.  Tonight she’s shed the extremely pretty girl next door look for something much more befitting her role in our relationship.

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