Work Place Pleasures


Work Place PleasuresFellow worker, Sultry, has come out as a crossdresser, he wears a dress to work, the receptionist Mary, thinks he is cute with his heels and stockings, my other fellow worker, Skinny, who is gay thinks the crossdresser is over playing his obsession/fetish/life style and is jealous since Skinny has not come out as gay. A day at work becomes interesting when Skinny comes to me and says he saw Sultry’s stocking tops exposed in the conference room and he wears garters.I told him he better cool it since we are all allowed to be whoever we want to be and wear what we want to wear. He came into my office and said, “well if I could come to work wearing a skirt, bra, tits, makeup, and a wig, I would do it, since my boyfriend likes those things.” I replied, “you have a boyfriend?” He said, “well yes I am gay and have cross-dressed as a gay fag sissy since I can remember.” Then I told him to close the door.Once the door was closed, I asked him to take a seat next to my chair to the side of my desk, he did. I stood up and pulled down my pants to reveal my see-through lace panties with garter belt and stockings showing. His eyes got big and he stood up and pulled down his pants to show me his own dainties, panties, stockings, garters, and a bustier which held in his small waist. He said, “I wear the bustier for back support, is also makes my breasts a bit bigger but not real big.” I said, “how long have you been wearing these things?” He shrugged and said, “ever since my mother let me dress in her clothes when I was in my teens.” Wow, I thought what a wonderful mother, I wished mine had dressed me.He told me how he wished we could all wear our unders as outers and just live in a world of sensuality beyond our present societal dreams. I reached out and felt his cock, being so close I thought it would be ok. He smiled, reached out and felt my cock as it was getting hard in my panties. We stood there for a few minutes just feeling each other. We were both getting hard, Skinny was starting to gasp and moan a bit and I told him to be quite since the door was closed and someone might hear us. He continued to moan though, and I stopped feeling him, then he stopped feeling me. We both were staring at each other, dressed as women, all our clits pulled out, hoping no one would catch us, the excitement of opening a new adventure hitting our brain. Skinny leaned over and kissed me, tongue down my throat with me responding unwillingly, I was also enjoying the kissing which surprised me since I had never kissed a male before. We both pulled away in about 15 seconds, which seemed like an eternity, and gathered our wits. “What had we done, what barriers did we cross, what doors did we open?” How could we face each other in the workplace like nothing ever happened? We both got our pants pulled up, covering our lingerie, and looked presentable. I went over and opened the door while he sat in the side chair.Skinny, I said, “we have to keep this to ourselves, or face some pretty tough times”, he agreed, and we both left for the day. I ran into Sultry in his dress, stockings, keels, and makeup/wig and thought, “what if he knew Skinny and I were dipping into his territory undercovers. I noticed he looked up at me with some look that seemed he knew that I was under dressing and I was ready to divulge my under dressing but he passed by.I was going through the front lobby and Mary said she noticed bahis şirketleri that Sultry was dressed pretty sexy today, I said, “well, I hope you like his look, I wished I looked that good dressed as a woman, maybe someday.” She replied, “I thought you would be supportive since you are so open about your views on humans”. I agreed and said I would love to dress as a woman if I was allowed too.” Her eyes got wide and I noticed and we exchanged a special moment where we were as one. Her big boobs were always on my mind as I would come and go, and I did the best I could to not notice, and then thought, “well I would love to suck your tits for a whole day or more if you would let me.” Of course, my thoughts did not get a response, but my cock did. I went home for the day thinking, wonder what will happen tomorrow.I went in this time with a bustier on, bra, AA cup breast forms, complete with girdle, stockings, panties, and a slip under my male clothes. I ran into Sultry and he was dressed in a skirt with blouse, boobs, girdle, stockings, heels, makeup, and wig. He was not a he, but a she, looking to be seduced. I thought I might be able to accomplish something like that. We exchanged eye contact walking down the hall, and I asked him to visit me with a computer problem later that day at 10. I ran into Skinny right after and asked him to meet me at 10 as well. Then I requested Mary to come by my office at 10 to give me some information. The plan was set. I went to my office at 10, Skinny came by first, I said, get striped to your lingerie and sit down. He did as asked. I closed my office door and would only let in someone who knocked. Sultry came by, knocked and I said, “come in:”, and in he came, in his dress, wig, makeup, and lingerie, once inside he saw Skinny in his lingerie, and me undressing to show off my lingerie, and he got the message of the invite and striped to his lingerie. We three were looking at each other like we were in heaven, and we were. Who would have thunk it that we could be so open with each other at work, we were all wondering how this would pan out when there was a knock at the door. Who could that be we all wondered, and I knew it was Mary and her curiosity about us.She came into my office, with the three of us dressed in our lingerie, in her tight-fitting top which showed off her big boobs and her tights which showed off her nice butt and mound. We were all dropping our jaws and licking our chops in anticipation of seeing here breasts exposed. We did not have to wait long, she saw that we were all in lingerie and said, “I thought you guys were a bit deviant, my radar sensed this female side of you all.” We all nodded and said, “come on in”. and suggested she get comfortable. Being a work we all were like, “well this can’t get to far out of hand, we have other work to do”. I suggested that we kiss, to get closer, Skinny kissed me, Sultry kissed Mary, and then we exchanged partners. This put us into intimate contact to hold us till later. I suggested we put our clothes back on, and go to my house for some real intimacy with our obvious sexual desires. We all followed my suggestion.After work I raced home to get things ready for our meet up, we were all coming directly from work, so we would not get distracted with personal business. Skinny was the first to arrive, he was so ready to jump in, I had him undress to his lingerie and put on one of my dresses and bahis firmaları wigs. He looked marvelous and sexy, I had to kiss him deeply and feel him up a bit until he relaxed and got a drink. Sultry showed up fully dressed and did not need any primping, he was ready for action. Mary came next and was wearing her leggings, tight top, and that was it. I was dressed in some leggings, with my boobs and tunic on, my balls were tied and bulged out the front of my leggings, which made the others gawk at my cock.I went up to Mary and kissed her deeply and felt up her boobs, the ones I had been oogling for months, hoping to get my lips around her nipples. She swooned into my arms and said she wanted me for so many months as well. I said we will get to taste each other tonight.We joined up with Skinny and Sultry and they were already in an embrace that would not unlock. They were kissing each other so hard, no one could interrupt, and Mary and I then sunk to our knees and pulled out their cocks and started to suck them. They were both getting hard, and Mary was into seeing me suck like she was, she was instructing me on how to suck a cock, and I knew how but it was cute that she was my instructor. We were deep throating both as they continued to kiss each other deeply. Skinny being gay was all over getting into another male, and Sultry was simply living his life out as the female he wanted to be. Mary and I had our hands all over each other while we sucked the cocks in front of us.I was sucking Sultry and she Skinny, even though Skinny was gay he did not mind Mary giving him a blow job. I was loving Sultry and his long cock going down my throat, I was hoping that he would fuck me before Skinny blew his load. Sultry must have read my mind and pulled out and walked around me to mount my boi pussy. His long cock was quick to poke my boi pussy and in he went, then he reached over to Skinny and grabbed him over to kiss him while he was fucking my boi pussy. My cock was so hard, I could have cum so fast, but wanted a better moment to release all this sexual tension.Mary was fingering her pussy with at least 4 fingers in her gash as she was sucking Skinny. I went over and helped her suck, double teaming Skinny’s cock, as he kissed Sultry. Mary was getting so turned on that she was moaning and gasping about how good we all were. She was over the top with emotion wanting us all to hold her in her feelings of warmth for all of us. We pulled her up between Sultry and Skinny with me on the bottom. Sultry turned me over and I then sucked Skinny deeply running his long cock down my throat. Mary sat on top of my chest with her pussy rubbing against my chest bone as she sucked Skinny’s nipples and tweaked Sultry’s nipples. We were like a motor with all parts going at the same time. Ecstasy was to be had in all of our hearts; this is what we had lived our lives for up till this moment.Mary asked me to fuck her, “please fuck me my perverse friend, I love how you are so open to having a wonderful sexy time.” I was still being fucked by Sultry, so she slid down and put my stiff cock into her dripping pussy. I told her, “Mary stick my fucking love pole into your welcoming pussy, I want to be inside you, I want to fill your being with my love for you and your perverse view our gathering.” She leaned forward and lined up my cock with her pussy, then sat down on my cock.We were into a ride of our lives, touching kaçak bahis siteleri all the sensory triggers especially the liquid realm, with juicy stuff going on in all our connections. My mouth was filled with cock and Mary’s pussy was filled with juice to slide me in. Wow, I think this is about as wild as I was ever alive. I finally was pushed over the edge with Mary fucking me and Sultry fucking my ass. I was pushed over the top and came several time shooting my cum in to Mary and her expansive pussy.Sultry then came into my boipussy and I loved feeling his warm fluid filling my inner pussy. He was so fully of cum that I overflowed with his juices running out of my boi pussy. I loved his release into me, making me feel so feminine that I swooned to his kisses as he reached over Mary. Staying hard he pulled out and introduced Mary to a double fuck, leaning into her butt as she realized what was about to happen, she pushed back, opened up and accepted the double penetration she only had dreamed about. I was happy to have the extra stimulation from Sultry, and he was looking for some anal stimulation as well. Skinny was still stiff and went to help Sultry out and fucked Sultry’s ass as fast as he was fucking Mary. We all came again and fell into a lump of flesh, very much high on our sexual joining.We were all so into our sexual dream high, having accomplished a joining that we all were adventurous in chasing, that we did not hear the doorbell ring. It was our boss who was standing at my door. I would never have thought he would have come to my residence. I pulled out from the pile of bodies and made myself presentable. Opening the door, I saw he had an envelope and a six pack of beer with him. I said, “George, what’s up, trying to sound kind of nonchalant, he said, “I thought I would bring your promotion over with a six pack to celebrate your new level.” I was like, you got to be k**ding me, now, today, this moment, I was so busy getting sexually high and now work.” He said, “hope you don’t mind me coming here unannounced.” I said, “well, since you are unannounced you have to be able to expect the unexpected.” He looked at me like, I am ok with that, what is going on? I motioned for him to come in, then I brought him into the bedroom, and he saw the pile of bodies that were still recovering from our sexual pleasure party. The bodies were not caring who came in, but they did look over. “George”, Mary said, “What in gods name are you doing here?” George said, “I was coming over to give this guy his promotion, unannounced, and he invited me in.” I looked over and said, it’s ok, George has some interest in our endeavors, I had hoped.George looked over our orgy mess and I could see he was entranced by the sexual atmosphere. He said, ‘I thought you guys were having fun outside of work and I planned my timing of coming over hoping to party with you guys and girls.” We all turned to him and looked like we were expecting something. George saw the situation and said, “I know you all have a deviant theme in your lives about sexual adventures and I was hoping to reveal myself in your flavor of tastes.” He then pulled down his pants to show us his panties, nylon see through, showing his large cock, I would estimate at about 9” or so. The others were aghast at the show of his cock. Sultry was licking her lips and Skinny was doing the same. I was like, “I hope we get through this”. George then walked into the group and laid down with the group and said, “take me to your deepest pleasure center, I want to go there.” And they all devoured him with their mouths and other parts. This was a great conclusion to the work orgy.

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