Wife showing herself in pub.


Once, years ago, my wife, a devout exhibitionist, and I used to go to pubs where we weren’t known, something we did quite often. Sometimes she would wear clothing showing off a particular part of her body, e.g low cut neckline, split skirt, see-through blouse,  very short skirt with stockings, clothes so tight it was obvious her lack of underwear and the like.This type of evening started with her showing herself to me only, first her breasts, then normally her shaved pussy also. This would always make me rock hard, and hopefully, I would be able, depending isvecbahis on circumstances, to masturbate her, and even myself.I remember once she was sitting opposite me, with five or six people sitting quite far behind her. She had opened her dress totally, exposing all of her body to me. I was rock hard, squeezing myself through my trousers. I had carried one of her favourite vibrators in my boot, and brought it out, and handed it to her. This gave her the spur to start wanking using the vibrator, first to tease her clit and lips, causing her pussy isveçbahis giriş to open, shining wet with her wetness. Then she started plunging the vibrator deep within herself,  trying to keep quiet, and not give away to the people behind her what was going on. She eventually came in a torrent; beautiful to watch,  but leaving me frustrated that I couldn’t wank at the sight. If a pub was really quiet, normally midweek, I even managed to coax her to walk to the loo naked, carrying her dress over her arm, then wear it back to our table, unless really isveçbahis yeni giriş quiet, then no need to wear it even.This behaviour eventually led to her allowing glimpses of her breast maybe to another person, making it look like a wardrobe malfunction. Similarly, a glimpse of pussy would sometimes be afforded to someone else in a similar manner. On later occasions, we agreed to let another person look at her body with eye to eye contact, making sure the person was aware it was intentional. This was very exciting, making me hard at the same time as some stranger.We continued like this for some time, occasionally letting more than one person see her body. This always made us so excited, we would fuck like rabbits after getting home, retelling the experience to each other.

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