Wife Gives In Pt. 02


I felt the cock head against my ass, and I let out a pained cry as it forced its way into me. It was my second time, and my husband had used the implied threat of taking my niece’s hot holes, if I refused to offer up my ass as much as he wanted, what he considered was his due after 15 years of marriage. At least my husband had lubed up well, it was still a slow, grunting reaming as my ass walls opened reluctantly to his cock pushing slowly into me. With a final lunge, my ass got the maximum stretch, and I let out another pained cry as his 9-inch cock was driven in to the hilt, his balls swung down, smacking against my pussy.

“Oh yeah, still virgin tight, nice” he grunted, “my 9-inch ass buster cock will stretch you out nicely.”

He pulled back, and drove forward again, stretching my tight little hole open again. My ass was throbbing, feeling incredibly stuffed, aching at the penetration, as my bunghole got its second reaming. I imagined his glistening prick, pulling back, then driving forward again, spreading open my ass. I felt a slight give, as my ass seemed to accept it, and it took a minute at most, he suddenly froze, and grunted, “Oh yeah, cumming, oh FUCK!”

I could feel his ass jerking dance, then a hot bloom of cum as he burst deep inside me, the jetting rush of white-hot spunk painting my bowels, he pulled out, and shot two ropes of spunk all over the tight rim of my ass.

Afterward, as I sat on the toilet and bore down, a loud ripping fart sounded, and a hot rush of cum spewed out, more wet farting sounds as I felt more hot rushes of cum being farted out, splattering into the toilet bowl, along with all the air that had been pumped into my ass.

As I wiped, I wondered how much longer this would go on.


It had now been two weeks since I got my asshole virginity taken, and I was surprised. I was now looking forward to getting my back door stuffed. After those first two frenzied fucks, he became much more tender and gentle, getting his mouth on my asshole and giving me a delicious ass munching, warming me up nicely, giving me time to let myself adjust when he got his cock in. It took 3 times before the feeling of being invaded went away, and the feeling of having my asshole spread open, on the 4th go, made my body surge with heat. I had been on my hands and knees, and I had reached down, stroking at his balls, then seeking the wet heat, my cunt was soaked, blazing hot, and I masturbated wildly, the crazy rush of lust from both holes joining up, and kaçak iddaa making me hotter than hell. I could feel that rush of an oncoming climax.

I had shrieked out, “Fuck my ass, cum, cum in my ass, fuck FUUUCCCKKK!”

I had tumbled, my cunt spasming wildly, my asshole clamping down hard. Dimly I’d heard my husband growl, “Oh yeah, cumming, fuck FUCK!” than the hot wet rush of his load splattering far up my ass, my asshole milking at him, sucking every drop out of his prick.

Mark was really primed up, every night, he rode my hot, wet heat, then took my ass, and this night, he wanted to try it a different way. I was on my back, he pushed my knees up, grabbing my ass and pulling my cheeks apart.

“Let’s try it like this.”

I grabbed behind my knees, pulling them up tight against my tits, I felt a slick finger sliding along my ass crack, worming its way inside, prepping my ass for another ride. I let out a purr of pleasure as his finger wormed its way inside, spreading the lube. I could feel his lubed-up prick nudging against my asshole. I opened my ass to him, relaxing the tight anal muscles, and with a grunt of pleasure from both of us, he surged in slowly, spreading me open with a slow, steady drive, I was really into getting his hard cock to ream out my asshole. It really fired him up, every day for the past two weeks, he’d fuck my needy cunt, then flip me over and take my ass, and both my holes felt well used.

With one last push, I felt his balls smack against my ass as he buried his prick to the hilt. I put the soles of my feet on the shoulders, so my legs would stay shoved up against my tits. I had a surprise for him that I’d hidden, and I brought it out. It was an 8-inch dildo, the color of pink bubblegum, and I grinned at his eyes widening.

“While you fuck my tight little ass, I’m gonna ram this baby up my cunt, and let you enjoy the feeling of my dildo rubbing against your prick!”

I reached down, feeling the wet heat, placing the dildo against me. With a slow, steady push, I impaled my needy cunt, not stopping until it was buried to the base. I felt the dildo start to rub against his cock as I dildo fucked my needy cunt, the feeling of both holes being fucked, a cock and dildo rubbing against each other inside me, made me squeal with lust. My husband’s grunts and growls of pleasure let me know he was enjoying it as much as I was.

My lust was roaring, and I started to fuck myself faster, eager to cum, tighten my asshole around his cock, and kaçak bahis make him explode. My husband was pulling almost all the way out, then driving back in, his cock at full extension, oh yeah, he was going to explode, and I went over, shrieking with pleasure as my orgasm made my body light up. The contractions of my ass hole milking extra tightly against his plunging prick, he made that sound I knew so well, and he drove in one last time, grunting and growling as he spent himself in a shuddering climax, I could feel his cock bucking and jerking, pumping a thick, juicy load deep inside my dark hole.


“The power will be out for the rest of the day, so you might as well go home now.”

I looked up from my desk, pleased at this announcement. The power had gone out 20 minutes ago, and we were getting out right now, 3 hours earlier than usual. I knew my husband had today off, and what better way to spend the extra time, than in bed?

I was smiling as I went in through the front door. I crossed to the staircase and started up. The thick carpeting absorbed my footsteps, and as I got to the top of the stairs, I heard voices from our bedroom. At first, I thought it was just a sound from the TV until I heard a voice that was not my husband’s, that I recognized.

“Two of my three holes are still virgin. Watching you fuck my Auntie’s ass was really exciting, and I want my last two cherries plucked, and seeing how stiff your big cock is, I think you’re up for that.”

My smile melted away, my 18-year-old niece Brittany just said that and I crept forward. The bedroom door was open, and I cautiously peered around and saw everything.

“First, I want you to take my tight little virgin pussy.”

I saw the shocking spectacle of my niece Brittany stark naked. With her big dairies, a wispy strip of pubic hair as blonde as the hair on her head, no doubt my husband was going to enjoy taking her cherries. No guy I could think of would not jump at the chance to take a hot and horny 18-year-old that looked as good as my niece. I saw her smile of desire as she lay back, spreading her thighs wide.

My husband was quickly between that spread, sliding lube over his cock before guiding his cock head up to her entrance.

“Let me have it, take my virgin pussy.”

He guided it in, and I could see her grimace as he penetrated. He came up against her virginity, she cooed, “Do it, break me open!”

He drove his hips forward, and she let out a pained cry as her virginity ended. illegal bahis She grunted, “Don’t stop all the way,” and as my husband bottomed out, she let out another pained cry as she was stuffed.

“Ohhhh, so big so hard. Don’t stop, fuck me gently until I get totally warmed up, do it.”

I watched, open-mouthed, as my husband did exactly that, giving my niece a slow, gentle fuck. She let out a couple of soft yelps as she was warmed up, then she let out a louder moan, and I saw her body relax, her legs came up around my husband’s waist, and she purred with pleasure.

“Ummm, oh yeah, so much better, keep fucking me Uncle, make me cum!”

He started to fuck her a bit faster, encouraged by her growing sounds of pleasure.

My pussy began to drip as I watched the hot fucking action. My sweet 18-year-old niece, legs spread, being pinned to the bed under my husband’s body, as my horny husband drove his rampant cock into her, wildly fucking my 18-year-old niece that he’d just deflowered. I could hear the wet squelch of Brittany’s dripping cunt being pounded by my husband’s surging prick, Brittany’s tight pussy had adjusted as grunts, moans, and cries of mingled ecstasy filled the bedroom.

I watched, unable to do anything but attend to my own throbbing pussy. My hand was inside my panties, finding the wet heat, and letting out a soft growl as my fingers started to caress my eager heat. My mind was whirling, my husband was fucking my niece, and she was loving it. As I felt my orgasm starting to build, my mind went with it.

How tight was Brittany’s tight little cunt, how did it feel around my husband’s cock as he fucked her? How did it feel, to have a tight teen cunt milking at his prick, eagerly wanting his hot flood of cum? That made my lust burn, and my nipples stood straight out so stiff and hard, my other hand tweaked at them, letting out a purr as I felt the extra surge of heat.

Brittany purred, “Oh yes Uncle, cum, cum for me, flood me, NOW!”

They reached the peak as my husband made that sound I knew so well, I could imagine his cock unleashing a torrent, pumping his thick cream deep inside the tight teen cunt of our niece. I went over with them, my pussy gushing crazily as I came with a gut-wrenching force. Brittany’s loud squeals of pleasure completed the scene, I could imagine the tight teen pussy milking wildly at my husband’s cock.

Brittany had said that two of her hot holes were still virgin, now she was down to one, which one? Her sweet mouth or her tight little ass? My pussy refused to calm down, and I couldn’t stop myself. I had to get in on the action.

Stripping naked, my panties were a damp, sodden mess, I took a deep breath, then did it.

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