Wife Discovers Erotic Photography – Chapter 8


After Maggie and Sean left, Stephanie and Chris went immediately upstairs to the bedroom. They hurriedly undressed and Stephanie retrieved the shots from her shoot with Ron and Frank. She handed the packet to her husband, “I think you are really going to like these. Especially since the shots were your idea.” As she and her husband looked at the photographs, she relived the shoot. She felt so wicked having her husband deliver her to Ron’s house. She still couldn’t believe Chris set the whole thing up. After she entered Ron’s house, she gave him a deep kiss. He told her to turn around so he could admire her outfit. He told her he was glad she wore the same dress she was wearing at the exhibit. He scanned her body and reached down and cupped her mound through her dress and told her, “I’m glad your husband set this up. I’ve really been looking forward to fucking you again.” She couldn’t help but look down at his crotch, where in spite of his slacks, she could see the outline of his cock. She reached down and felt his thickness and said brazenly, “And I’ve been looking forward to getting some more of this.” He pointed her down some stairs to his rec room. Jeff was finishing setting up. She looked a little surprised. There was another man that looked a little older than Ron. Ron introduced him as Frank. “Didn’t your husband tell you there would be two of us?” The she answered, “No he didn’t.” Kissing Frank lightly she said, “But I don’t mind. I’m pleased to meet you.” Ron addressed his friend, “Well, what do you think? Isn’t she as hot as I told you she was?” Frank scoped her from top to bottom, “You didn’t do her justice. She is even sexier than the photographs you showed me.” She questioned him, “What photographs have you seen?” Ron answered, “I showed him the boardroom shots. He really liked them.” She was becoming even more turned on thinking about Frank seeing her sucking Ron’s cock and getting fucked while bent over the boardroom table Ron instructed her to turn around, “Show Frank what a great ass you have.” She turned around and looked over her shoulder, “What do you think?” Frank ran his hand over her succulent globes giving each one a little squeeze. “You were right. She does have a great ass.” She didn’t protest. She was used to being felt up before her shoots. Besides, he was going to do a lot more than cup her ass in a few minutes. Jeff piped up, “Ok hold on. Let me get set up before you guys start. I know Stephanie’s hot, but I need to get my lighting fixed.” She excused herself to go to the bathroom to arrange her makeup. She came out and walked up to Jeff and the two men. She felt their eyes on her body. She dropped her panties on the floor, “I doubt I’ll be needing these.” Jeff went over the almanbahis şikayet shoot. He explained since her husband set this up, most of the shots would show her face. She was getting excited as he told them the various poses he had in mind. The photographer instructed them to stand by the bar. There was a wine glass set up for Stephanie and whiskey glasses with scotch for the men. Jeff explained it was more elegant than using beer bottles. He took shots of them getting acquainted. After a few sips of wine, she became more relaxed. Jeff encouraged them to make small talk. She smiled at the camera over her wine glass. She knew what was coming. Jeff continued to give her directions, “That’s it Steph, flirt a little. Let me see you lean one of your breasts into Frank’s arm. Ron, you and Frank look at her breasts.” She did as she was directed. She looked up at Frank and said, “Does that feel good? Do you want some more?” Frank replied, “Yeah. You have great tits. Ron was telling me all about you.” Jeff kept taking pictures and directing. “Alright, let’s get one for your husband. Stand in the middle between both guys. Now look in the camera and give your husband a big smile.” She stood in the middle and smiled as she was instructed. She felt their cocks pressing against her. Jeff then had her stand with the back to the bar with her elbows resting on the bar surface. He told her, “That’s it. Now give me a little thrust of your tits. But not obvious. Perfect. Just like that. This is really a good choice for a dress. It really frames your tits.” She always got turned on when Jeff talked about her tits. Jeff told Frank to feel her ass. “Ok Ron, while Frank feels her ass give her a nice kiss. That’s it. Light at first. Now Steph, give him a big kiss back” She moaned as she thrust her tongue into Ron’s mouth while Frank fondled her ass. Ron put his hand in her dress cupping one of her breasts. She turned to Frank to kiss him. Frank replaced Ron’s hand in her dress. Ron was feeling her ass. “That’s it you little slut. Let him feel those nice tits.” She moaned, “Ohh god. Both of you feel my tits as much as you want.” She became more vocal as the two men played with her. She put her arms around Frank giving him a deep kiss. Jeff got some close-us of their tongues intertwining. Then she shifted and kissed Ron. While she was kissing one the other felt her ass. Jeff had She sit on a barstool. He dress slid up over her stockings. She started to pull her dress down, Jeff stopped her, “No need for modesty now. Taking off your panties was a good idea. I can get some pussy flashing shots. Just think of being out with Chris and flashing another man.” She left her dress hiked up. The two men stood on either side of almanbahis canlı casino her looking at her exposed legs. Jeff took some shots of her from the front getting a good view of her pussy. The two men each put a hand on her thighs running up to the juncture of her legs. She opened her legs giving both men better access to her enflamed cunt. Moisture was gathering in the outside of her slit. Their hands met at her pussy. Each one took turns penetrating her labia and feeling the inside of her cunt. She moaned. Jeff kept taking shots capturing of the look of passion on her face. Ron said to Frank, “Didn’t I tell you she had a hot pussy.” “Yeah, I know. I can’t believe she’s this wet.” He slid two fingers deeper into her cunt, “You told me she was tight, but this is too much.” She became more enflamed as the two older men talked about her tight wet pussy. Jeff told them to relax. He needed a break to load some new film. She was visibly flushed. She took a couple of sips of wine. Jeff picked back up. “You guys take off your shirts. Stephanie, let me get some shots of you undoing your halter so we can see those tits. Let your husband see you undressing for these guys.” She looked at the camera while she undid her top. She let the two ends fall exposing her breasts to Jeff and the two men. Her breasts where swollen with desire. Her nipples were erect and aureoles dimpled. At Jeff’s direction, the men each took one of her breasts in their mouths. They licked and kissed her breasts while Jeff got his shots. After sucking on her breasts, the two men stood up while Jeff took pics of her wet tits and nipples. “Ok guys let’s get Stephanie out of her dress.” Ron reached around her and unzipped her dress. He pushed both the dress off of her hips. Jeff continued to shoot. She was left in her garter belt and stockings and high heels. Jeff told her,” Let’s get another shot for your husband.” He directed her to stand between the two men. “You guys take one of her tits. Stephanie reach down and feel their cocks. That’s it give me a nice smile.” The models did as they were directed. From here the pace picked up. Both men fondled her. She had her back to Frank with her arms stretched over his head, leaving her body exposed for both men’s pleasure. He cupped her breasts while Ron played with her pussy. Ron bent over and took one of her breasts in his mouth. Jeff directed the action, “That’s it Ron, suck on her tits. Leave her husband a souvenir.” She felt him using his mouth and teeth. He stood upright to admire his handiwork. He left a love bite on the underside of her right breast. She said in a husky voice, “He will love it. Frank you give me one.” They shifted position and Ron played with her pussy and almanbahis casino held her breast for Frank’s love bite. She alternated between kissing both men and caressing and tonguing their nipples. Both men had more chest hair than her husband. Jeff told them, “This is what Stephanie really likes.” He positioned her on her knees. “Ok Steph, you know what to do.” She looked up with a lustful expression as the two older men anticipated getting their cocks sucked by the young blond wife. She placed a hand on each of them. She felt their thickness through their slacks. Frank was not a big as Ron, but he was still a lot bigger than her husband. As she fondled them she said, “I bet I know what you boys want.” Jeff directed her to start with Frank. She unbuckled his belt and slowly lowered his zipper, while Jeff continued to shoot. She lowered his slacks and feasted her eyes on his erect cock. It was pointing up out of his sandy pubic hair. He had nice heavy balls. She had one hand resting on his upper thigh and the other grasping his cock. “That’s it Steph look up at him.” Frank looked down at her, “That’s it you little slut, go ahead and suck it.” She leaned forward and started licking his shaft. As soon as the warmth of her tongue touched his cock, Frank inhaled. She opened her mouth and slid it over his head, tonguing the ridge of his crown. Frank put his hand on the back of her head pushing more of his cock into her mouth. She started moaning on his cock and making mewling noises. “Fuck Ron. You were right, she does know how to suck cock.” “I told you she is a slut.” He said to her, “Now suck mine.” Jeff directed her to alternate between sucking the two older men. There was just the sounds of her sucking and the lewd talk of the two older men as Jeff took his shots. Chris broke her concentration. “Jeez Steph, you really liked sucking them.” His wife answered, “You know I do. Besides, it was one of the scenes you suggested. I wanted to give you a good show.” She flipped through a couple of more. “Here is another scene you recognize.” Jeff had directed her get up on the bar and lie down on her back. She thought it was just like the scene from the John Holmes film. She stroked her husband’s erection as they looked through the shots of his wife stretched out on Ron’s bar. She remembered how turned on she was as Jeff directed her, “That’s it spread your legs nice and wide so Frank can get a taste.” He got some shots of her open pussy and Frank licking her. Ron had moved behind the bar and was kneeling on a bar stool allowing her to suck his cock. Jeff told the men, “Frank go ahead and eat her pussy while she blows Ron.” Jeff just watched while the two men had their way with her. Frank was noisily eating her enflamed cunt. Ron was squeezing one of her nipples, “I told you she had a great tasting pussy.” Frank didn’t answer. She was thrusting her pelvis against his face, “Ohh god, eat my hot cunt.” She kept sucking Ron while the other older man ate her cunt.

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