Why I Am A Bull – Ch 5: Grace


It was a lazy Saturday morning a few weeks later. We’d seen a lot of each other in the intervening period, and I regularly stayed over in their gorgeous flat, enjoying the place Ian had once occupied in Eva’s bed.”And then, Gabby said…” Eva paused, she was laughing so hard, she couldn’t speak. “Gabby said, ‘I think Ian’s having an affair!'””All because Dan had said he’d been acting funny at work?” I asked.”Yes!” She was practically crying she found it so funny. “Dan had told her Ian’s been closing the blinds in his office, is always looking at his phone, leaving early or going out for ‘business meetings.'””But you’re sure he’s not?” I cheekily queried.”Of course not!” Peals of laughter came from her. “He’s been looking at that photo of us and disappearing to call me and text me to ask when you and I are next meeting up. He’s become quite obsessed. If I unlock him, he masturbates like a puppy humps a chair leg.” She almost wept with laughter.”Anyway, Dan wouldn’t go there. He was just winding Gabby up,” she added.”Why not?” I asked.”Well, at an office away-day last year, we were both a bit bored and a bit tipsy, so I fucked him. He couldn’t say no. I’m ‘the boss’s girl,’ so he had to do what he was told. Plus, he’s a dirty bastard who jumps at the opportunity of an illicit shag, so I doubt he’s too traumatized by the experience,” she confessed.Eva was the most special woman. Beautiful, clever, more than sexy and, as I knew, an insatiable sexual explorer. Despite the fact we’d just had almanbahis fantastic, acrobatic sex – sex that had got better each time as I got acquainted with the signs and signals her body displayed during the act – I was aroused by her secret.I like sexual women. Women who use their power over men. Women whose inhibitions don’t inhibit them. Demanding women who want more than most men can offer them or will allow them to have. I like that they feel the same way about sex as I do, and I like rising to the challenge of meeting their appetites. Unlike Ian, I like them because I give them what they want, and they’re happy to receive it; often more than once.As she talked about sleeping with Dan, I could feel the blood heading south. For just a split second, I thought, ‘Is this what Ian craves? Does Eva’s infidelity make him feel like I do now?’Maybe we weren’t as wholly unlike each other as I thought.”You naughty cow!” I jokingly informed her. “Does Gabby know?””Oh, God, no! She’s so straight she could get a night job as a ruler. And don’t tell her, for God’s sake!” Eva chided.”Don’t worry, I’ve barely seen them since their flat warming. So, Dan. How was it?” I asked.”A lady doesn’t say, but since it’s me… it was six out of ten. Fun, but not to be repeated. Why, are you feeling threatened, stud?” she teased.”Noooo. I’m not really the competitive type,” I said, which while true in some respects, wasn’t entirely honest.She stroked my slightly engorged cock. It responded as it always does, almanbahis yeni giriş growing thicker and heavier, now pointing down at a forty-five-degree angle, touching the bed as I lay on my side.”Don’t believe you!” she laughed. “Ian, Ian? Come here, honey,” she called out.A minute later, Ian came in. He looked at us on the bed. Me naked, with my cock extending from my groin to the bed, Eva, half-sitting, half-lying next to me in a T-shirt and lacy lilac panties. She reached over to her bedside table and took out a key.”Come here, darling,” she said. He dutifully approached the bed, and she shuffled over to the side, leant over and unlocked Ian’s cock. It sprang out and pulsed. He wasn’t bad looking. He was actually quite fit – kind of an athletic build – and I could see why a woman would find him attractive, until he got naked, of course.”Gabby tells me you’ve been having an affair!” she accused him.”What? No! Of course not!” he protested innocently.Eva laughed at him. His cock pulsed a little harder. It was probably now as big as it ever was going to be and still looked like a finger.”Ok, I believe you.” she teased him. “Steven says he not the competitive type. But I think he’s being, let’s say, economical with the truth. Come and lie down, darling.”He took his place next to Eva, and she knelt up between us. She looked from him to me and back again. She measured Ian’s cock with her hand, and holding her fingers still she moved her hand over to mine. It was just over half almanbahis giriş as long as mine, maybe four inches.She tutted. She placed her hand around my cock as far as she could, gripping it tightly, leaving a gap of just over an inch between her thumb and middle finger, and carefully held the position as she placed the imaginary member over Ian’s groin. She comically moved her hand around emphasising the huge gap between her fingers and his cock, and tutted again.”Oh, Ian. If only, if only, if only…” she playfully moaned.He made a pitiful attempt at trying to hide his excitement. He loved her attention, and she knew it. She continued to compare Ian and me. She placed two hands around my bicep, removed one and placed it on Ian’s arm. She sighed theatrically at the large gap.”However, darling, there are some things you can do that Steven can’t,” she announced, “Steven can’t have a blow job and Steven can’t fit in my bum.”That was probably true. I’d not even tried. Apart from the fact Eva had a cunt that felt like heaven, I’d only ever fucked a woman’s arse on two occasions. The first was “successful” as it turned out the little slut was a huge masochist, and the second less so as she wasn’t. A case of her eyes being bigger than her arse, so to speak.She pulled her T-shirt over her head – her nipples announced she was horny. She came over to me, pushed me playfully onto my back and straddled my cock with her lilac panties. She gently rotated her hips and, of course, the effect was instant. Pre-cum oozed from me as her weight balanced on my hardness. She pulled the panties to one side, lifted my heavy member and very slowly slid down onto it, leaning forward as she did so, her firm tits now pressed against me.

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