Who’s Your Poppy!


My name is Lucas Moore, I’m 54 years old and I own a small packaging company in Brunswick, Georgia. I grew up in Athens, Georgia and married the love of my life, Jeri Colton, right out of high school. Jeri was not your typical southern belle, she had short jet black hair with the bluest eyes and a smile that would melt anyone’s heart, a true knockout. Fortunately for me her smile melted my heart.

We were in love when I got her pregnant. I did the right thing by marrying her, but mind you we would have gotten married anyways as we were in love.

I went to school at UGA. My parents were kind enough to allow us to live with them while I attended college. This was a wonderful benefit to us as it allowed Jeri to stay home and raise our new born daughter, Megan. Megan was the love of our life and we, along with both our parents, spoiled her rotten.

After I graduated UGA I got a job selling graphic packaging to CPG companies. CPG stands for Consumer Product Goods, companies like Coke, Nabisco, Kraft Foods, etc. Within a couple of years we had saved enough money to buy our own home. Being that my main clients were mostly situated in or near Atlanta we bought a starter home in Peachtree City, GA. Now that was back in the early 1990s when housing was more affordable in Peachtree City than it is today.

When our daughter, Megan, turned 6 years old it allowed Jeri to find a part time job to help supplement our income. Before long I had grown my business to the point that I was making some serious cash allowing Jeri to become a stay at home mom.

It was at this point in my life that I decided to roll the dice on my abilities to provide for my family. After many confidential conversations with my most important clients, conversations about whether they would follow me if I left my current employer, I decided to invest in a small packaging company in Brunswick, Ga.

With the help of my parents, my liquid assets, and a small bridge loan from the SBA we closed the deal. I found myself the majority owner of a company with 95 employees and approximately $12 million in yearly revenues. I renamed the company Lucas Enterprises and set out to see if I had made the correct decision to invest in myself. We sold our home in Peachtree City and bought a much larger home right on the ocean in St. Simons Island.

Before long it became obvious that I had made the right decision, thanks to three loyal clients. After a 6 month wait, for appearance sakes, they moved all their packaging business to Lucas Enterprises. Within the year I had solicited outside financing to acquire a larger facility. This allowed me to get more equipment increasing throughput. Long story short, revenue’s tripled as did profits. We were on our way and I never looked back.

At the age of 30 I was a self made multi millionaire without a care in the world, that is until I came home one day to find my wife looking very somber. Jeri had been diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. It was like getting hit by a locomotive. I was shocked. I said we would get through this together but Jeri knew that wasn’t going to happen. In less than a year Jeri passed away. She fought valiantly but in the end it was to no avail.

Both Megan and myself were distraught, Megan, more so than I, as she was younger and had spent all her life being nurtured by her mother. I tried as hard as I could to be tough for Megan’s sake but I cried myself to sleep every night for as long as I could remember.

At work I relied on my Administrative Assistant, back then known as my secretary. Her name was Penny and she had my complete trust. She had been with the company when I had invested in it. Immediately I sensed that Penny was someone I could rely on. Even though everyone looked at her as my secretary, I viewed her as much more. She was a confidant, someone who could hear my daily frustrations and help point me in the right direction.

For the better part of a year, following the death of Jeri, she was the CEO defacto of Lucas Enterprises. We communicated everyday but Penny was the one in the building making decisions in my absence. Our company continued to flourish at an unprecedented rate under her stewardship. Upon my return I immediately promoted her to Executive Vice President, second in command on the Org Chart, reporting only to me.

As much as I tried to help Megan through this difficult phase she was intent on finding her own path. Saying she was a handful was putting it mildly. She was into drugs, alcohol, and bad boys. At the age of 17 she became pregnant. I never liked the father which was probably not a good thing and soon she gave birth to my granddaughter, a beautiful little girl named Brandi.

Brandi soon became the apple of my eye. I tried my best to get along with Megan and her husband Mac, but it was fruitless. Both Megan and Mac were more concerned about their social calendar than providing for Brandi. As I voiced my concerns, it became apparent that I was an outsider rather than a dad and güvenilir bahis grandfather.

I did my best to stay close to Brandi. As she got older she started to call me Poppy. She would smile at me and say, “Hi Poppy!” It broke my heart when Mac got a new job in Birmingham, AL. It didn’t sit well with me and I think they realized it as well.

After the move to Birmingham our communications became less frequent, our get togethers almost non existent. It saddened me so much that I just immersed myself into my company, which at this point had grown to a multi plant regional manufacturer, employing over 500 people with revenues in excess of $200 million.

This brings us to today. I haven’t seen or heard from my granddaughter in over 4 years. She just turned 18 so I sent her what I thought to be a nice birthday gift. I didn’t receive any thank you nor any acknowledgment from my daughter which was par for the course.

I was in my office reviewing budget numbers for the upcoming year when Penny popped in and said, “Lucas, can I interrupt?” I looked up and said, “Of course what’s up?”

Penny approached, closing the door behind her, and said, “Sheriff Rice just called and said he has a young woman under custody who says she is Lucas Moore’s granddaughter.”

My heart stopped for a split second as I tried to digest what Penny just told me. I said, “Wait a second, is Bobbie, Sgt. Rice, saying this girl is claiming to be my granddaughter?” I looked at Penny as she just stood there, frozen in her tracks, nodding yes.

I stood up and said, “Let’s go see what this is all about.”

I hurried out with Penny racing behind me trying to keep up. “Lucas, slow down.” she shouted.

I stopped and waited for her to catch up and said, “Penny I haven’t seen my granddaughter in over 4 years. I don’t even know what she looks like. Oh my god. what is she doing all the way here and by herself!”

We got in my car and sped towards the Sheriff’s office. As we approached I slowed down and asked Penny, “Now Penny, you and I go back a long way. Why am I feeling so god dang nervous?”

Penny laughed and said, “Oh Lucas, you’re nervous because you haven’t seen your granddaughter in four years! My Lord you don’t even know if it’s her. You’ll be fine. Let’s just go in and see if this young lady is indeed who she says she is.”

We walked into the Sheriffs station and saw Bobbie sitting at his desk. He got up and came to us, shaking our hands he said, “Lucas this girl does not have any ID on her but she did have 2 joints and $24 in cash. She looks like she’s been on the lam for several days.”

I said, “Well let’s go see if I can tell if she is who she says she is. I haven’t seen her in four years so I don’t know if I’ll be able to tell.”

Bobbie led us back into the building we’re they had several jail cells. We stopped just outside the door and waited for Bobbie to get the young woman claiming to be my granddaughter.

As he came out I saw her and immediately knew it was her. Her face was a spitting image of her grandmother. She had flowing black hair that stopped just past her shoulders. She stood maybe 5’3″ at the most and god knows she couldn’t weigh more than 100 pounds. She was wearing a cute little sundress with sandals but it was her striking hazel eyes that i remembered.

I smiled and said, “Brandi?”

She raced from Bobbie’s side yelling, “Poppy. Poppy. Oh Poppy.”

She ran right into my open arms and gave me the biggest and best hug I can ever remember getting. I hugged her tight and said, “Oh Brandi. How on earth did you get here.”

Penny, immediately seeing my eyes mist up, knew to just observe. Bobbie on the other hand said, “Hold on there Lucas this runaway has no ID. You mentioned you hadn’t seen her in four years how can you be so sure it’s her?”

I started, “Now Bobbie, a granddaughter always has a special name for her grandfather. Only she would know to call me Poppy. I’m certain this is my granddaughter. Whatever fines or legal issues she has will be addressed. In the meantime I ask that you release her into my custody. You know my word is solid.”

Bobbie was a little concerned about breaking with protocol but seeing that it was me he relented, “Okay Lucas, but you know I have to cite her for the marijuana possession.” I looked at Bobbie and nodded, “I understand. I’ll get my attorneys involved so that everything is above board and legit. Bobbie thank you. I owe you!”

We left the sheriff’s office and headed to my office, once there Penny left us alone. I sat behind my desk and Brandi took a seat on the couch. She immediately said, “Wow Poppy this is nice.” I laughed but immediately changed the subject.

I asked, “Okay Brandi would you mind telling me what this is all about?” I watched as she lowered her eyes away from my glare and said, “Poppy I just wanted to come see you.”

There are only two things someone can do to get my dander up, first is to say you’re going to do something and then not güvenilir bahis siteleri do it. Second thing is lie to me. Obviously Brandi just got my dander up.

I walked to her and said, “You know that answer was a bunch of crap. Either you tell me what’s going on or I’m going to punish you for lying.” I could see that Brandi was taken back by my approach but I needed to know what the hell was going on before I called her mom.

She started saying, “Poppy it’s the truth. I missed you and thought I would come and surprise you.” I fumed at her irreverence. I said, “Come with me young lady.”

I led her to my desk and ordered her, “Put both your hands on my desk.” She looked at me with a little smirk as if this was a joke before finally putting her hands on my desk.

I stood behind her and said, “Brandi, when you come to see me again you will never lie to me. You will always tell me the truth. I’m not sure how your parents raised you but telling lies are a big no no with me.”

She looked back and said with another little smirk, “What are you going to do Poppy, spank me?” I grabbed her dressed and pulled it over her ass and quickly spanked her ass twice. She winced but didn’t say anything.

I said, “Spanking will be the least of your problems if you ever lie to me again.”

I looked and saw she barely had any underwear on. Both her cheeks were fully exposed except for a little piece of fabric that was nestled in her crack. I continued with my spanking. Alternating from one cheek to the next before Brandi finally cried out, “Oh please Poppy. I’m sorry. Please stop. It hurts.”

I leaned down and asked again, “What is going on?” She started crying so I lifted her off my desk and brought her back to the couch, sitting her down I asked, “Brandi tell me why are you here?”

She looked at me with her adorable hazel eyes, sniffling she started, “Poppy I didn’t know what to do except try to come here. My dad and mom aren’t getting along. They are always fighting and eventually they take out their anger on me. I don’t have a phone to call you. Gosh Poppy I don’t even have your phone number. All I had was the name of your company.”

She started to cry uncontrollably as I pondered what on earth could have happened to this child for her to be so traumatized. I sat down next to her and pulled Brandi into my chest running my hand through her hair trying to comfort her.

Softly I said, “Brandi, talk to me. I can’t help you if I don’t know what’s going on. Don’t be afraid to tell me the truth honey. I’m your grandad and I love you.”

Brandi pushed away and said, “Poppy, I’ve been so alone. Mom and Dad are never home. I’m tired of trying to take care of everything. I am not going to college because we can’t afford the cost. I don’t want to end up like mom and dad.”

Again she started to cry uncontrollably. Holding her tight I tried to do my best to comfort her. Suddenly she wrapped her arms around my neck and nuzzled her face into my neck.

I said, “Brandi, don’t cry it’s okay. Sweetheart you can stay with me as long as your parents say it’s okay. I’m going to call them right now. Is there anything else I should know?”

She pushed into me tighter making me feel a little uncomfortable but she quickly distracted me by saying, “Poppy everyone my age smokes pot from time to time. My friend gave me a couple of joints before I left just in case I started to stress out. As you can see I didn’t smoke them.” She pressed her body further into mine as I tried to not make an issue out of my awkwardness.

I pushed her somewhat off me, her arms still clinging around my neck and said, “Brandi, please stop your show of appreciation. I’m going to call your mom to see what is going on.” I looked her in the eyes and continued, “Be prepared for a spanking if your story doesn’t check out with your mom.”

I pushed her off my lap onto the couch and walked to my desk. As I dialed her mother I glanced over at Brandi and saw a beautiful little woman, scared and unsure, hoping her Poppy would make things right.

I was just about to hang up when someone picked up and said, “Hello.”

It was a woman’s voice so I assumed it was Megan, I said, “Megan, this is dad.”

It wasn’t Megan, she said, “Hold on.” In a few moments I heard Mac say, “Lucas, long time since we’ve talked.”

I interrupted him and asked, “Who was that woman who answered? Is Megan home?”

Mac hesitated a little bit almost as he had been caught doing something wrong. He replied, “Well, ah she is our neighbor. Yes she is. We was just chatting when you called. Megan is at work. Can I do something for ya?”

God it took all my patience not to blast him but I realized that wouldn’t help me understand what was happening.

I said, “Why aren’t you at work Mac?”

Mac mumbled, “Lucas I got laid off about a month or so back. Damn economy sucks. Megan will be back around 7:00. Call back at that time. Goodbye.” The phone went dead as the asshole hung up on iddaa siteleri me.

I looked at Brandi and asked, “Did you bring a suitcase with any clothes and essentials?”

She looked at me sheepishly and nodded no. I continued, “When did you leave and how on earth did you get here?”

She looked at me wearily, probably still feeling the soreness from her spanking and cautiously answered, “Poppy please don’t get mad. I left early this morning with some friends that were going down to Jacksonville to visit a college. I was scared so I didn’t think to pack anything.”

I growled, “You mean your parents don’t even know you’re gone?”

Suddenly she dashed at me and hugged me tight as she started to cry, “I’m sorry Poppy. I didn’t know what to do. I had to go and this was my only opportunity. As soon as mom left for work at 6:00am, I left as my dad was still asleep. I’m not lying to you Poppy. Please believe me.”

I held her close slowly caressing her head and said, “It’s okay Brandi. I’m not mad at you but something doesn’t make sense.” I pushed her away and said, “Go sit down for a spell and rest while I think.”


I sat down on the couch as Poppy had ordered. After that spanking I was not going to do anything to upset him although it did feel nice to be held by him afterwards. I didn’t realize how handsome and strong a man he was. I haven’t seen him in over four years and back then I was still just a little girl.

I could sense he was frustrated with my dad and rightfully so. I know dad lost his job but he really hasn’t tried to find a new one. Every time I come home from school he and our sleazy next door neighbor, Cherie, are on the couch high as a kite. The house always smells like a pot house until I open the windows and let some fresh air in.

Of course mom is totally unaware since she was pulling extra hours at work to make up for the loss of dad’s paycheck. Gosh she was working 7:00 to 7:00 everyday of the week. I felt so bad for her. However it seemed like she had lost all patience with me. She blamed me for dinner not being ready, for the house looking like a pigs dive, and for it always smelling like marijuana. As much as I told her I wasn’t the one smoking pot she refused to believe me.

Suddenly I was brought out of my haze as I heard Poppy say, “Brandi come here please.” I saw him seated at his desk, his chair swung out looking at me. God he looked so handsome. I walked towards him, then surprised him by jumping on his lap and pressing myself onto him.

I whispered, “Oh Poppy I’ve missed you so much. Please don’t send me back. Please.” I nuzzled my head into his neck and remained silent.

Soon I felt his hand softly caressing my back as he said, “Brandi, you can stay with me until I figure out what’s going on with your parents.”

I squealed and gave him a kiss on his lips saying, “Oh Poppy thank you. I love you.”

He held me tight to his body before finally looking down at me and saying, “You’ve certainly grown up into a beautiful young lady. I’m going to enjoy having you nearby for a change. Now I have an idea. I’m going to get Penny to take you shopping so that you will have some clothes to wear as well as all the essentials a young woman needs. Okay?”

Squealing with delight I gave him a quick kiss. Bouncing on his lap I felt something poking me in the ass. Shivers ran down my spine at the thought of Poppy’s cock hardening because of me. I got off his lap and stood next to him while he called Penny.

Penny entered the room and approached Poppy saying, “Lucas, I can certainly take Brandi shopping but don’t you think its a better idea to wait for her parents to come get her?”

Poppy quickly replied, “Penny, Brandi is going to be staying with me for awhile, at least until things settle down at home. Now please just get her some clothes and essentials. Obviously don’t spare any expense. I’m sure Brandi will let you know what she prefers but also make sure you get her some business casual outfits as she will be spending her days here interning for us. Drop her off at my house when you are done. Thanks Penny.”

I could see Penny was a little put off. I need to find out a little more about Ms. Penny as she seems like trouble. We left for my shopping spree and spent the better part of the next two hours at the local outlet mall getting me a new wardrobe.

When we got to Poppy’s house I was shocked to see how spectacular it was. As we walked in through the front door I saw the Atlantic Ocean. My god this place is like a resort.

Penny said, “Brandi follow me and I’ll show you were the guest rooms are, you obviously can choose the one you like best.”

She left to start bringing in my clothes a I looked at the rooms. I chose one with a view of the ocean. It had its own bathroom as well as a cute little balcony. Penny found me and we proceeded to bring in the remaining items. I was so excited with all the items we bought, it was like Christmas and my birthday all in one.

Penny showed me around the house and said, “Brandi, here is your grandfather’s phone number. If you need him, call him from the landline over there. Hopefully he should be home soon. I’ll see you tomorrow morning at the office.”

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