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Subject: Random Tails/ What-I-Want Please donate to Nifty to keep this site running for all our fun. This is of course all fantasy and such real life conduct is not condoned Or encouraged. What I want. by Tagenhard [email protected] ota There he stood, the new obsession of my window peeking adventures, Mr. Henley. He was the newest neighbor, he and his pregnant wife moved in two months ago and were two doors down. Not that it really mattered how close he was. Our neighborhood was 10 houses on a cul-du-sac that was carved out of the abutments of joining freeways. Tall concrete sound barrier walls surrounded the entire neighborhood. Everyone had bushes planted in their backyards to soften the view of the walls and this provided me the perfect way to maneuver thru the yards sight unseen. In the cover of night I could dash from our house to the back bushes and travel to anyone else’s backyard. Then creep up to their house and window peek. There was no dashing across the street, thru the street lights where I could be seen. No being seen by neighbors after hours wondering why I was out so late and bringing it to my parents attention. In the darkness and the cover of bushes was my secret world. Now some people keep their curtains and shades drawn tight once the sun goes down and there is just nothing to see but others will have the shades anywhere from fully open to a point where it’s just not quite tight and a slat of eye line is available. Now don’t think I’m bad, I’m just curious. Curious about people and the things they do. How they behave and act and how they look when they are naked. Naked and alone or naked and with someone else. And yes I’ll admit I prefer seeing naked men. I think I know a lot about sex even though I’m only 9. I’ve watched people have sex where the man pushes his hard cock, that’s what a man’s wiener is called, into another person’s mouth or in-between their legs or into their butt hole. I’ve seen husband and wives fuck, as it’s called on the internet. I’ve seen teen boys and teen girls also fuck. I know a lot about sex and I learned it all from the internet and from watching my neighbors. Well not just my neighbors, I also peek on my dad. I think my dad’s pretty cool even if he is 32. We just had a birthday party for him today. Almost all the neighbors came including Mr. Henley and his pregnant wife. We talked some and he was real nice and put his arm around me. He squatted down so we were face to face as we talked and he acted like he was actually interested in what I had to say. When others weren’t watching and I was nearby he would give me a tickle in the side till I giggled then he would tussle my hair and say he hoped his son would grow up to be as nice as me. The party ran on and some of the people left when it got dark but others stayed and drank more. They got goofy like adults do when they drink. Mrs. Henley wanted to go home saying she was tired but after walking her home Mr. Henley came back. The other men made jokes about cutting the chain and being a free man for the night. Mr. Henley said he might as well have fun here drinking since the Mrs. wasn’t giving it up any more. The other men laughed and told him to get used to it. As the night wore on the men would go around the side of the house to pee inside of going inside to the bathroom. I made my way around to the side of the house when no one was looking and took up a position behind another bush so I could watch them. Most of these men I have seen naked already but never saw them peeing. There was a lull and I was getting ready to sneak away when I heard someone coming. My dad came around the corner and he didn’t just pull his cock out of his zipper, he unbuttoned the top button and lowered his zipper and spread his pants open so I could see his pubes along with his cock. He lifted his balls out and let them drop free. A golden stream of piss soon shot out and I heard him sigh. I thought I saw my dad looking my way and wondered if he knew I was there when “Is this a two man bush?” I heard and then saw Mr. Henley come into view.”Help yourself.” My dad replied turning his attention to him. Mr. Henley did like my dad and opened his pants completely even pushing his pants and underwear down a bit. I learned earlier during the party that Mr. Henley was 21. Now he stood with his cock and balls fully exposed next to my dad and let out a stream of piss of his own. As they peed side by side I watched and found myself with my hand down the front of my pants rubbing my hard little prick. “Nice party, thanks for inviting us.” Mr. Henley commented.”My pleasure, glad you’re having a good time.” Dad replied”You have a very nice son, seems like a great kid.”Dad paused a moment. “Yea he is.””How old is he?” Mr. Henley asked as they continued to pee.”A fast growing 9.” Dad returned. “Being a kid now a days is so different than when I was that age. What with the internet and all they know so much more.” Dad paused. “He seemed to like you and your attention but then again he has always been very affectionate.” “Well it was like playing with a little brother.” Mr. Henley chuckled.Dad stopped peeing and I watched as he gave his cock a shake, then a second shake followed by a third. “You know what they say.” Mr. Henley laughed.Dad replied to him but in a soft enough voice that I didn’t understand what he said. I saw Mr. Henley nod but not say anything back. Dad now was giving his cock slow long strokes and it appeared to be getting bigger and longer. Mr. Henley just finished peeing and shook his cock off like dad did. Then he also slowly gave it a few long strokes and he also started to get harder. They stood side by side stroking themselves till they both had full hard on’s. That’s what they call it on the internet when a man has a fully hard cock, it’s a hard on. Anyway I watched as they both stroked themselves slowly then let go of their cocks and let them bounce in the air in front of them. Dad’s cock was longer and Mr. Henley’s was fatter but they were both amazing to look at. Then they both pulled their pants closed and covered themselves up and walked away talking softly. It was getting late and I had seen enough so I snuck out of the bushes and slipped back into what remained of the party. Mr. Henley grabbed onto me and tickled and wrestled with me for a while till mom came over and admonished him for getting me too worked up before bedtime. He apologized to mom and stopped but gave me a wink before returning to the other guys. I did start yawning shortly after and mom scooted me off to bed. I said my good nights and Mr. Henley gave me a lite slap on the butt as I turned away. I giggled and ran to my dad wrapping my arms around his leg and hugged him. He pushed the side of my head up against his crotch and I felt his hard cock thru the fabric. He had never done this before and I looked up to him with a smile on my face. He looked back at me with a goofy look. The kind of look you give your friend when you dare him to eat a worm and he does. You know a mix of yuck your gross and a look of fascination and wondering what else you can make him do. He tussled my hair and then sent me off to bed. Even though I had been yawning, I found myself lying in bed unable to fall asleep. The thoughts of the night danced in my mind. Seeing the different men peeing and seeing both dad and Mr. Henley with hard cocks and them touching stroking them. I heard the sound of the party slowly fade away and then mom and dad closing and locking up the house. I heard their bedroom door close and the house fell silent. I was still awake and thinking of sneaking out and window peeking when my bedroom door opened and closed. Dad stood there in his bathrobe and it was open. He was naked underneath and his hard cock jutted out in front of him. He walked slowly over to my bed. “You like seeing men naked, don’t you son?” He asked in a soft voice I was staring straight at his cock and hairy balls swinging in front of me. Without thinking I just shook my and softly replied yes. After I did it I realized I had admitted to my dad that I was interested in men’s cocks. I looked up to him and he again had that goofy look on his face. He stepped closer. “Open your mouth.” He instructed me and I did so without hesitation. Dad pushed his hard cock into my mouth. I had gone from just watching people have sex to now actually experiencing it. He pushed in till I gagged and then pulled out. My face followed his retreating meat. “You liked that didn’t you?” He asked with a bit of a sneer in his voice. I nodded my head yes and licked my lips.”Well your mother is expecting me to fuck her tonight so that’s all you get istanbul travesti for now. But she is going away this weekend and you are going to be taught all about making a man happy.” Dad slapped his cock across the cheek of my face and then turned and walked out. Oh man it was Wednesday, I have to wait two whole days and then I get to actually have sex with a man, with my dad. I was so awake now that I couldn’t just lay there in bed. I snuck out of my bedroom window and decided to try Mr. Henley’s house first. The bedroom windows were closed up tight but there was a soft glow coming from the den window. I found the shades open wide and the window up about half way. There he stood, the new obsession of my window peeking adventures, Mr. Henley. He was totally naked standing in front of his desk facing his computer screen. This put him at a side view with a slight angle turned towards the window. He made me think of a swimmer with a sleek and slim body. He had black hair and had a small batch of it above his hard marvelous cock. His balls looked to be smooth. His nipples were large around and dark in color. He was watching something on his computer screen and wrapped his hand around his meat.He slowly stroked his hard cock with his right hand and reached up and pinched his left nipple between his fingers as he did. His attention was fixed to whatever he was watching on his computer. A soft moan escaped from his lips as he increased his speed. He stopped and dropped a wad of spit down onto his cock then wrapped his fingers around it again and went back to pumping it. I heard him whisper softly in the silence. “Yea take my man cock up your ass you bitch boy. Feel me fuck you.” I figured he must be watching a gay video like I have seen on the internet. “Yea take my cock, aw man you’re so tight and hot you little faggot.” He increased his speed of stroking and dropped another glob of spit down onto his cock as he did. I wondered how his cock would taste as compared to my dad’s. I knew I wanted to touch it and feel it and taste just like I wanted to do with my dad’s. I had heard the men make jokes about Mr. Henley not getting any sex since his wife was pregnant. I thought once dad taught me how to make a man happy this weekend that I might be able to help Mr. Henley out. I had my hand down my pants and was rubbing my hard little prick as I watched Mr. Henley stroke harder and faster. I felt a tingling sensation building in my legs and thought I might have to pee. My body shook and I gasped at the feeling. I was afraid Mr. Henley might have heard me and dropped down into the bush in case he looked out the window. After a few moments I heard some breathing at the window and while staying in the bush I looked up to see Mr. Henley standing at the window still beating off. He arched his crotch area and a jet of white cream shot out into the air and landed on the bush where I was. I knew from the internet that this was cum. Another glob shot out followed by another and they both landed next to me on the bush. I don’t think he knew I was there because he didn’t say anything. I watched as he then just stood there with his cock jutted out into the night air. It was slowly getting softer when suddenly a golden stream arched thru the air and splattered on the bush and me. I held my breath as he pissed and the stream fell across me getting me wet. The stream slowly ended and he took his softened cock in hand and shook it a few times. Then he turned and walked away. The computer light went off and the room went dark. I was left alone and wet in the darkness of my secret world in the bushes. When I got back home I took a garden hose and washed myself off. I took off my clothes and wrung them out as best as I could. I laid them out on the ground to dry as I wiped my body dry with my hands. I heard a car door slam and snuck around the corner of the house to see Pete Jensen walking into his house. He was walking wobbly and I figured he must have been drinking. Pete is a high school jock and always has a girl hanging on him. Normally Pete’s windows are closed tight and I have never seen him naked before. I thought that just maybe since he was drunk he might be careless tonight and so I decided to go peek. Naked, I worked my way thru my secret world over to Pete’s house. I saw the light come on in Pete’s room and the windows were wide open. He didn’t go to the windows and close them up like I thought he would but instead sat down on the edge of his bed. I could tell he was kicking off his shoes and heard them clunk onto the floor. He pulled off his socks and gave them a sniff before tossing them into the corner of the room. I thought that was funny and had to stop myself from laughing. Pete stood up and peeled off his shirt. He was breath taking. A tight six pack stomach with a broad chest that had golden nipples pouting out from a soft spray of golden hair across his chest. He took his shirt and wiped his pits with it and then sniffed that before tossing it over to where his socks had landed. Pete left the room and I saw a light come on in the bathroom. The window was closed up tight so I stayed where I was. A few moments later the bathroom light went off and Pete strolled back into his room. His button and fly on his pants were open as he walked over to his window that faced the neighbor and he closed it up and closed the curtains. I figured that would be the end of the show and he would close the window that faced into the back yard next. This is the window I was watching thru. But he didn’t, he left it open and I saw him shuck off his pants and toss them to the pile he had started. He stood there in his BVD’s and ran his hands across his chest and stomach and then down across his crotch. He wobbled a bit as he lowered his underwear and stepped out of them. I got my first view of Pete naked. A golden blonde patch of hair sat atop a fat cock that jutted straight out from his body. I knew he was half hard as it wasn’t standing straight up like a hard on would. He took his under wear and wiped it thru the crack of his ass and yes he sniffed that before tossing it to the pile. I wondered what his ass smelled like as I watched him rub his hand across his cock causing it to get harder. I needed a better look and so I crept right up to the window and peered in as he began to stroke himself. He spread his legs a little and I saw him push his other hand in between his butt cheeks. As he stroked his cock in his right hand I could see his left hand moving back and forth under him. I realized he was playing with his asshole and a giggle escaped from my lips. I froze when I realized what I did but he didn’t stop what he was doing so I figured I was safe and he didn’t hear me. I grabbed onto my hard little prick and rubbed it as I watched him play with himself. When he would stroke outward the cap of his cock would flare open and turn reddish. Then he stopped and seemed to be catching his breath. He walked out of the room naked and I saw the bathroom light go on again. I waited for him to return and slowly rubbed myself as I did. I jumped as a hand wrapped itself across my mouth and an arm enclosed around my chest. I struggled against him but he was stronger. His hot breath whispered in my ear. “Calm down you little freak, I’m not gonna hurt you.” I took a deep breath and let my body relax. I felt his hard cock pressing against my butt as his strong arm held me tight to his firm chest. “You like looking at naked guys?” He asked and I nodded my head yes. “Do you wanna do more than look?” His tongue licked across my ear as he asked this. I nodded my head with more enthusiasm this time. He carried me further into the back yard where it was darker. “I’m gonna take my hand away from your mouth, you’re not gonna scream are you?” I shook my head no and took in a deep breath when he removed his hand. He let go of me and spun me around so we were facing each other. “You’re Kip, right?” Pete asked me. “Yea.” I replied in a hushed tone matching his. His hands were roaming all over my naked body and he was touching me everywhere. “What are you? 7 or 8?” “No.” I pouted. “I’m 9.””Oh well I’m sorry.” Pete chuckled back. “I didn’t mean to insult you. You ever play with a naked guy before?” I shook my head no slowly. Pete had sat on the grass and leaned back against a tree. The faint light from his bedroom played shadows on his naked body. Pete took my hand and placed it on his hard cock. “Do you wanna play with my body?” He inquired with a twinkle in his eye. With my gaze set squarely on his hard cock in my hand I nodded yes. I felt a hand on my head gently pushing it down towards kadıköy travesti this hard teen flesh. “Well you naked little freak then play with my hard cock. I want you to taste it.” Pete whispered softly but firmly. I had a quick taste of my dad’s cock and now I could get a better chance of actually having a cock in my mouth. I guessed the hard piece of meat in my hand to be about 6 inches long and a fat head on it. I had seen cocks like this on the internet and had watched videos of how to suck one. Thank god mom or dad never put lock out filters on my computer. I’ve been looking at naked men and watching videos for years now and I knew what I wanted. What right does anyone have to tell me I can’t want this or do this simply because I’m only 9? After all they expect me to know how to behave in public and how to be polite and how to make smart choices and all that other stuff. So why can’t I be expected to know what I want sexually? “Come on little dude, suck my hard jock cock.” Pete encouraged as he pushed my head further down till my lips came in contact with his hot flesh. Dad did a quick in and out but here I could linger and enjoy as my tongue reached out and swirled around the fat cock head. I took his shaft in my hand and held it still as I washed around and around the plumb head and then wrapped my lips around it drawing it into my mouth. “Fuck yea you little faggot suck my cock.” Pete whispered as he pushed my head down further. I took as much as I could before gagging and he let me lift my head back up and catch my breath before pushing it back down again. I took more of the hard meat into my mouth before hitting my gag point. I kept working at it and finally got half into my mouth. I started to stroke the shaft as I sucked it, just like I had seen on the videos. “You catch on quick you naked little freak.” Pete commented. “Is my cock really the first one in your mouth?” Without thinking I shook my head no. “Well, just keep sucking it won’t take me long to fill your mouth with my hot jock juice.” Yes, I thought, I finally get to taste some cum. I’ve seen it on the videos, I’ve seen others thru the windows shoot it out. Mr. Henley shot his out on the bush around me but now I was going to experience it and taste it. “Ah I’m getting closer freak get ready.” Pete’s breathing was becoming more jagged and he was holding my head in place as I sucked and stroked. I felt his leg twitch and then a flood of liquid filled my mouth as he softly groaned. “Fuck yea cock sucker take that.” I swallowed as best as I could but some ran out of my mouth and down the shaft of his cock and onto my stroking hand. His cock became wet and slippery as I kept pumping till he pushed me off. “To sensitive.” He huffed with his still uneven breath. I sat back on my legs licking my lips as I watched him get his breath under control. “Who else have you sucked?” Pete asked looking at me with one eye closed. I didn’t answer. His right hand shot out and grabbed onto my small balls. He didn’t squeeze hard but hard enough to make me moan in some pain. “Who else have you sucked freak?” “No one.” I replied.”You said my cock wasn’t the first one in your mouth.” He squeezed harder. “Who else?” “Dad.” Escaped my lips.Pete let go of my balls and I sighed with relief.”Well, well. Daddies sexing his boy.” Pete laughed.”No.” I shot back. I explained what had happened and about the weekend coming up. “That would be fucking hot to watch.” Pete chuckled. “A daddy fucking his kid mouth and ass, wow. Hey once your dad busts that boy pussy of yours let me have a go. I’ll start leaving my back window open.” Pete got up and wiped the end of his cock off in my hair then just walked away back to his house. The yawns were catching up to me as I dragged my little behind home. It didn’t occur to me that dad might want to fuck my ass till Pete mentioned it. It was all I could think about as I drifted off to sleep in my bed. Thursday and Friday dragged on for ever and ever. Dad pretty much ignored me for the two days which made it even worse. Friday night mom kissed me at bedtime and said she would be leaving early, probably before I got up and told me to be a good boy and obey my dad. I promised I would. I awoke facing the window and saw the sun was just coming up. I yawned and rolled over to see my dad standing in the doorway, naked and with a hard on. Where Mr. Henley had a swimmers body and Pete had a jock body, my dad was more of a lumberjack. Big hairy chest with pink pouty nipples breaking thru the hairy. His stomach wasn’t flat but it wasn’t fat either. It was also hairy and the hair flowed down to his crotch and his balls. I guessed his cock to be longer than Pete’s but the cock head wasn’t as fat. He took very quick steps and was at my bedside grabbing me by my hair and pulling my face to his crotch. “So you like naked men huh. Well if my son is gonna be a faggot then he is gonna make himself useful. Open your mouth.” Dad ordered. I did so without hesitation and he shoved his cock into my mouth till I gagged. I realized dad was gonna be much more aggressive than Pete as he held my head in place letting me gag for a few moments before pulling out and letting me catch my breath. He slapped his hard meat against my cheek and then shoved it back into my mouth. I did better this time and grabbed onto the shaft preventing him from ramming it all the way in. I sucked on the head as I swirled my tongue around the ridge and thru the piss slit. Then I pulled as much of my daddies cock into my mouth as I could before gagging. “You have done this before. You can’t be this good naturally. Who have you sucked?” Dad asked with a firm voice as he pulled out of my mouth. I looked up at him but hesitated to answer. I felt his hand go around my throat and squeeze gently. “Answer me or I will punish you.” I had never seen my dad like this and it scared me and excited me at the same time. I still hesitated and his grip tightened. “Pete.” I squeaked out. Dad let go and sneered. “That would be hot seeing you sucking on that hot jock cock. We’ll have to invite him over.” Dad pushed his cock back into my mouth. “Show me what you learned.” He ordered. As I started to swallow his hard cock and stroke it he commented. “I’m gonna be fucking your mouth and ass plenty but your also gonna be getting fucked by other men. I’m gonna find as much cock as I can to fuck you up the ass and I’m gonna watch my little faggot son swinging from all that manhood.” Dad’s talk was actually making me excited and I sucked harder on his cock. I was stroking as fast as I could on the bottom half as I got the first half which was about four inches in my mouth. I wanted to taste my daddies cum in my mouth, I wanted to feel it sliding down my throat and I wanted to be his little faggot. “Greedy bastard.” Dad chuckled as I sucked harder and he grabbed me by the hair again and drove his cock further into my mouth. He tried to make me gag but I was quickly becoming better at this. “Fuck yea you’re a natural cock sucker alright. I’ll have to have you teach your mom how to do this. Hell fuck it why teach her when I can just fuck you.” Dad’s breath was quickening. “I’m gonna fill your fucking mouth with the seed that made you get ready for your daddies fucking cum.” With that he did ram his cock in as deep as he could and spewed his load of cream down my throat. I swallowed as fast as I could but started to cough and sputter with his cum blowing out past my lips. “Fuck yea choke on it, choke on your old man’s cum.” Dad crowed as he dumped one last load down my throat. “You shouldn’t be so rough with him Hank.” I heard a voice say to my dad. “Shit the little faggot needs to learn to take it.” Dad returned as he pulled his cock out of my mouth and slapped it against my face. I coughed up some cum and it splattered down on my pajama top. I looked over to see Mr. Henley standing there slowly taking off his clothes. Dad caught the expression on my face and laughed. “What you think we didn’t know you were watching us take the piss at the party the other night. Poor Dave here is so fucking horny since his wife won’t spread her legs that I invited to help him break you in.” “How did he do for his first time?” Mr. Henley asked as he lowered and kicked off his underwear. “Shit I wasn’t his first. That teen jock Pete blew a load down his throat Wednesday night. I think I’ll invite him over to take a turn at his ass once you’ve broken him open.” Dad commented. “So how did you get Pete to fuck your mouth?” Mr. Henley asked as he stepped up in front of me with his cock getting harder and waving in front of my face. I figured it didn’t matter bakırköy travesti if they knew so I explained the night to them. “Shit.” Dad said in a drawn out voice. “Fucking little perv from the get-go” “But now he’s gonna be your little perv to use as you want.” Mr. Henley pointed out. “That’s for sure and I want to see him get his ass fucked. That honor I will give to you Dave.” Dad replied “Well thank you very kindly good neighbor.” They talked back and forth as I sat there listing to them talk about me. Mr. Henley turned his attention to me. “So you are going to get fucked up the ass by this piece of meat.” Mr. Henley stated and waved his hard cock in my face. “But I will go slow and easy and not just rape you like your dad probably would.” Dad made a scoffing sound but said nothing.”But first suck on me and show me what you learned.” Mr. Henley ordered but with a softer and gentler voice than dad used. I leaned forward and sucked his head into my mouth while I fondled his shaved balls. His cock tasted fresher and cleaner where my dad’s was more musky and pungent. He did put his hand on my head and pushed his cock in faster than I was taking it but not fast enough to make me gag. It seemed to glide into my mouth with more ease. It was like a torpedo slipping thru the water where dad’s was like a log jamming into a dam. Mr. Henley pulled out and leaned down and kissed me gently on the lips. He pulled away and looked me in the eyes. “I’m going to turn your 9 year old asshole into a boy cunt.” Then he kissed me again before standing up. Hank get on your hands and knees Mr. Henley ordered. Dad did so and Mr. Henley pulled me down onto the floor onto my hands and knees and set me so my face was at dad’s ass. He pushed my face into my dad’s hairy ass crack. “Lick your daddies’ asshole get your tongue inside.”Again I had seen this in a video on the internet but I was a little hesitant at first. Mr. Henley pushed my face in harder when he didn’t see me doing anything. I stuck out my tongue and ran it across the puckered hole. It didn’t taste as bad as I expected but it was nasty and perverted and that made it fun. Doing nasty bad perverted stuff with an adult was what I wanted. I started to work my tongue into the hole and I heard my dad moan “Fuck yea.” I felt Mr. Henley’s hand slide down my back once I started to chow down on my dad’s hairy asshole and he slipped it down to my own little ass. His finger caressed thru the valley and rubbed across my tight pink hole. I twitched at the feeling of the finger pressing against me. A cool liquid soon dribbled down the valley of my ass crack and I felt the finger smear it around my hole. Then the finger pushed into me slowly. It felt wrong, it felt odd but the single finger didn’t hurt it just felt out of place. He worked it in and out of my hole a few times then he withdrew it. More pressure was applied and I realized he was pushing two fingers in now. He was still being gentle and slow with his fingers in my ass but with his other hand he still firmly held my face into my dad’s ass crack. Dad crawled away from me. “Man that is fantastic but I can’t take any more.” He commented. I saw he was hard again and pearls of liquid were dropping from his throbbing cock. The doorbell rang and dad went to answer it. Mr. Henley had both fingers deep into my hole now and I was growling slightly at the feeling. They pulled out and quickly three fingers were shoved in. I squirmed at that and growled louder but didn’t cry out. “Fucking little fag, your gonna love getting fucked.” I heard a voice laugh. I opened my eyes to see Pete standing there looking down on me. “Naked little freak told me you were going to be teaching him what’s what about a man’s cock but he didn’t say it was going to be a neighborhood affair. Looking good Mr. H, that’s a hot cock you got there. Can’t wait to see you spread that ass open with it.” “I should beat your ass for getting in his mouth before me.” Dad growled at Pete. Pete laughed again and started to strip off his clothes. “Instead of beating it why don’t you fuck it with that big drippy cock of yours?” “What?” Dad exclaimed.”Don’t get me wrong I’m no fag. I ain’t gonna suck your cock or eat your cum but I do enjoy a hard cock up my ass. You should try it you might just be surprised at how good it can feel.” Pete was now naked. “I don’t think so.” Dad replied. “Other than his tongue no one touches my shitter.” Mr. Henley was vigorously working his three fingers in me and I was squirming like a worm on a hook. “How did you discover that you liked getting fucked?” He asked. Pete was stroking his hard on slowly watching me get fingered. “Back when I was 14 Mr. Greeley caught me plowing his 10 year old daughter’s hairless cunt. He had me keeping fucking her but then shoved his cock in me and fucked me as I fucked her. It hurt at first but then it started to feel good and I’ve been playing with my ass ever since. I understand from the internet that there are a lot of married men who have their wives fuck them with dildos.” “Yea I’ve read the same thing.” Mr. Henley commented.”I’d be happy to help you explore the idea if you want.” Pete offered and winked at Mr. Henley. “You fags do that on your own time.” Dad barked. “Where here to fuck the kid.” “Hanks right. You and I can talk about that more later, but right now it’s time to turn this 9 year old ass hole into a boy pussy.” Mr. Henley stated. He shifted his position and without warning I felt his three fingers pull out and the touch of what I guessed to be his cock head. I felt my hole being spread open and a firm shaft pushing in. I yelped but then found my open mouth being stuffed with Pete’s cock. Mr. Henley pushed gently but firmly in and wasn’t going to be denied his prize. I squirmed and moaned out around Pete’s cock but Mr. Henley held me by my hips and kept driving in till his crotch was snug up against my butt cheeks. Then he stopped and let me get used to the feeling of the fullness of a man’s cock fully up my ass. The stinging and burning slowly went away as a bottle of some strange smelling stuff was pushed up to my nose. I inhaled and the more I inhaled the less my ass hurt. The bottle was removed and I was floating. Pete was firmly holding my head and fucking into my mouth as Mr. Henley started to now pull back a little and then push back in. He increased his speed slowly till he was shoving it in me at a steady pace. I was being fucked I realized. Not just played with but actually being fucked like I had seen on the videos. “Fuck yea that is hot seeing my boy fucked from both ends. I think I like seeing him getting used by you guys more than I actually like doing it with him.” Dad groaned out. I opened my eyes and could see around Pete that dad was beating off as he watched. “If I keep your faces out of it, is it okay if I film this?” He asked. I heard both of my fuckers say yes. Soon I heard dad muttering hot and man I love this and I’m ready to cum just watching so I guessed he was filming me being a fag. “Man all mighty you are fucking hot and tight.” Mr. Henley exclaimed. “I’m going in right after you.” Pete commented. “Get my cock in there before his hole has a chance to close.” “Fuck him using my cum as your lube.” Mr. Henley added. “Fucking hot.” Both cocks were fucking into me completely now and neither of them seemed to care if I was enjoying it or not. I realized I was just a tender young body to fuck and I was okay with that. I was 9 and I wanted to be a cock slut. Who are you to tell me I can’t be. “Oh fuckin hell I’m gonna cum.” Mr. Henley shouted out then slammed into me all the way and held himself there. I think I felt my insides filling up with a warm liquid but then again it might have been just my imagination. He grunted several times and swore as I could feel his body shudder against mine. “That was fuckin incredible.” Mr. Henley roared. “Get ready Pete, this little pussy is ready for you.” Pete pulled out of my mouth and I sucked in a fresh supply of air that smelled of sweat and musk. I felt Mr. Henley pulling out and as soon as he left me I was tossed onto my back, my legs shoved into the air and a new cock pushed into me in one swift long thrust. I grunted out loud and tossed my head back and forth. I clawed at the carpet as Pete fucked his cock into me hard but I didn’t want him to stop. “Yea you’re getting into the groove of this I can see it in your face.” Pete breathed out. “Take my fucking cock in your pussy.” I felt some hands take a hold of my head and opened my eyes to see Mr. Henley’s asshole dropping down onto my face. I pushed out my tongue and let in slip into the pucker as much as I could as it landed. I feasted on that hot sweaty hole as Pete fucked me. Dad must still be filming I thought because I could hear him muttering in the background. The weekend had just started and already I was happier than I had ever been.

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