Dildo Ride

Subject: What I Saw 29.3 What I Saw 29.3 I’m back…here is another chapter in this VERY long story. Hope you enjoy. Feedback always welcome…and inspirational. “This boy definitely needs more than just dick in his mouth…I think he needs to get fucked!” The man slid his huge hand out of the back of Lane’s underwear and used his two hands to grip the boys waist. Lane’s eyes widened and he pulled his mouth off the rampant cock of the other black guy standing in front of him. The slick heavy erection swayed as the kid craned his head around and watched the guy kneeling behind him line up his massive cock and press his hips forward, grinding his wet dripping erection against his jean clad ass. The head swelled as it skidded roughly over the material and Lane groaned and shot a look at Paul being pinned to the wall by a couple of the onlookers. “I…can’t…no…” the boy breathed and weakly tried to pull away from the man and get off his knees. As he shifted position I could see the jutting painful erection Lane was sporting. It was visibly straining against the soaked pouch of his white briefs. He barely moved before the man standing in front of him put one huge black hand on each of his shoulders and forced him back down to his knees. The kid looked up at the man, “please…don’t make me…I…promised…” he said weakly as his eyes again flicked over to Paul. The man kneeling behind him sucked in a sharp breath as he knelt us his huge cock head grazing the kids lower back. Lane jumped as if burnt. The man trailed a hand up from his small tight waist and slid his palm over the smooth muscled back and a slight moan escaping his full lips as the boy shuddered at his touch… then he let his hand slide over one rounded shoulder and trace up the back of Lane’s neck… then with one quick motion, roughly tangled his thick fingers in the kid’s sweaty curls. His forearm and bicep flexed as he yanked hard twisting Lane’s head back. “listen you fucking little slut…” He pulled harder on the boy’s hair and spat out through gritted teeth, “this is going to happen…I’m going to fuck you…then my friend is going to fuck you…then any other man here or who fucking shows up is going to fuck this ass…” As he said this last word he moved his other hand down and roughly jerked the elastic waist band down. Lane’s creamy smooth, perfect ass cheeks jiggled at the rough motion. Men in the corwd let out expletives as that incredible ass was exposed. The front of the briefs remained snagged around the kid’s rock hard cock but his ass was on full display. In the dim light of the truck it glowed stark white and light glistened off the thin sheen of sweat on his darker back. The severe flair of the full cheeks were prominent in comparison to his tight waist. He was bursa escort shirtless…pants down…on his knees. “holy Fuck! Look at it” The man said. He groaned and let the hand untwist from the underwear and cup one of those full heavy cheeks. Lane groaned. The man’s big dark hand was shaking in excitement as he trailed his fingers in the deep sweaty crack. Lane jumped as the man let one thick finger penetrate the tight hole. “Shit…” the man’s arm flexed as he fucked his finger in deeper. “He’s fucking slick and wet…you been bred already tonight you fucking sick little slut?” Lane shuddered uncontrollably and hissed out “yessss”. The black man shook his head and laughed, “Who the fuck are you, Kid?” Over against the wall Paul struggled. “Hey…Hey…stop…you can’t…I said at the beginning he was just giving blow jobs…nothing else…fuck ..you haven’t even paid.” He ended weakly. The black guy standing laughed, his huge cock swaying. He reached into his back pocket and threw a crumpled twenty on the dirty floor. He looked over his shoulder at Paul. “That should cover it.” He turned back around and looked down at Lane. He used one hand to guide the boy’s head. “Now suck my cock while he fucks you…whore.” Lane groaned and let the man force his mouth over his obscenely bloated glans. His lips strained as they slid further down the shaft. Spit collected at the corners of his mouth and he let out a moan as in a matter of seconds his throat was convulsing around the tightly encased shaft, the entire length of the cock deep inside him. The man kneeling behind Lane laughed and looked over at Paul. “You want to get closer and watch this…I’m going to fuck this little slut good…make the little bitch cum.” He slid his hands back around the kid’s waist and lined up his huge dick. It was so hard it was pulsing in time to his heartbeat, rearing over the kids creamy white ass and sweating back. He was so aroused by this sick scene the dick was standing up almost tight to his stomach, rigid, immovable. He bit his lip and flicked his eyes up to the kid’s head. He watched as the boy slid his mouth back until the standing man’s erection popped from his spitty lips. Lane lewdly flicked out his tongue teasing the dripping head. All resistance gone…Lane was in overdrive now…He was about to get fucked by a huge black cock…it had been too long and he was lost. The man moved his hand rapidly and landed a stinging slap to the side of the kid’s face. “Faggot…reach back and put me inside you…show everyone how much you need to get fucked.” He said. Lane moaned and looked back over his shoulder. He reached behind him, his hand shaking and wrapped it around the thick eleven inch cock. He let out a gasp at it’s heat and firmness. He stroked bursa escort bayan up and down the full length a few times, eyes widening. He bent forward and arched his back as he guided the huge purple head to his asshole. He spread his knees as wide as his jeans and underwear would allow. He let his palm slide further down the heavy underside of the erection as the head pressed against the tight slick hole. Lane shuddered again, threw his head back and cried out, “Oh…god…fuck me…god please…” As the black guy eased his hips forward. The blunt wet head brutally parted the perfect pink asshole. It was wet and shinning in the dim light the hole spasmed around the wide flange of the head and with a deep groan the man thrust forward and the entire head was in. Sweat poured off Lane’s body and I saw his cock jump trapped in the front of his underwear. Shit it looked like he was going to cum already. The black man sensed the same thing and froze. “Not yet little man…let’s make this last a bit…” He held his body steady, not penetrating the kid any deeper. His chest heaved in excitement. From against the wall Paul said in a resigned voice. “It won’t matter…he can cum over and over again…it won’t slow him down…especially since I haven’t let him shoot in a long while…fucking pig!” the last word spit out in disgust. Lane moaned and with trembling hands tried to pull his pants and underwear down further. The black man roughly trapped his wrists. “No you don’t faggot…let’s leave your little panties on…your brother said he didn’t want you undressed…so I’ll fuck you in your underwear.” He let go of Lane’s wrists and placed his hands on each of the boy’s shoulders he steadied the kid and slid his hips further, ass clenching in exertion. A bead of sweat dripped off the tip of his nose. “Fuck…tight hole” he huffed as about half of his length slid into the kid. Lane’s mouth gapped open and he let out low grunts. The man standing in front of him just watched, his erection pulsing in front of the kid’s twisted face, as with a smooth motion his friend fucked the full length of his thick rock hard cock into the kid balls deep. Lane almost screamed in an agony of pleasure as he felt the wiry bristles of the man’s pubic hair against the sensitive nerve endings around his stretched ass lips. The man leaned forward, sweat darkening his grey t-shirt. “I’m all the way in kid…you ready for this?” he hissed. He let his hand slip off Lane’s shoulders and slide down the boy’s body, gripping the kid’s waist tightly again. His whole body was shaking as he drew his hips back. I watched as the thick veiny shaft slid out of the kid. Semen streaked the dark shaft and it was all I could do to suppress a groan. He paused when just the huge head was escort bursa still in the boy and then fucked his hips forward… impaling the kid to the balls once again. Lane let out a scream and began to shake. I looked down and saw his dick jumping in the briefs he was on the edge, seconds away from shooting. The man pulled back again and began to fuck the kid in long strokes. His heavy balls swayed and slapped meatily against the kids sweaty skin. Lane’s ass cheeks shook with each thrust. The kid’s entire body seemed to harden and I knew he was cumming. He was crying out, swearing and almost screaming. One of the men in the crowd said “Shut the kid up…the cops will come…shove a dick in his mouth.” The man standing in front chuckled and roughly grabbed the now thrashing kid’s ears and directed his mouth onto his cock. Lane began to deep throat the cock as I saw his underwear darken and fill with hot sperm. It seemed like he came for minutes. Shot after shot filled the cotton until it couldn’t hold any more and cum began to seep through the webbing and drip onto the filthy floor between his splayed legs. The guy fucking him was groaning and trembling as the kid’s ass lips fluttered around his thick shaft. I saw his balls harden and he groaned and thrust forward hard, ramming his cock in as deep as he could. Lane’s body jumped as the granite head jammed against his prostate. He moaned around the cock in his mouth as he felt hot cum shoot deep inside him. “I’m fucking filling you up whore.” The man hissed. The guy standing watching this as Lane worked on his cock groaned. Seeing his friend hunch over the kid cumming up his ass tipped him over the edge and he shuddered and looked down at the kid. “I’m going to cum…eat my cum…FUCKER!” he moaned. His hand twined in Lane’s curls and he began to ejaculate. Lane was all the way down to the base on his dick, his lips grasping and straining in his curly nest of pubic hair. The man groaned and pulled back his cock shooting into the tight throat. The dick sprang out of the wet mouth and jerked upright. A thick creamy shot of cum rocketed out of the gaping piss slit and landed with a wet splat across Lane’s wet lips and one cheek. The thick sperm dotted up into his sideburn and caught the edge of his ear. Lane groaned and reached up gripping the shooting cock and slid his lips back over the head catching another hot shot of semen against the roof of his mouth. He moaned and trapped the head in his lips letting the cock spasm and ejaculate the rest of the huge load right into his mouth. The man behind him pulled back weakly and let his long cock flop out of the kid. The dick jumped and a shot of cum spat out and landed on the upper part of one white ass check. The man collapsed back on his heels and milked the last drops of cum out of his long wet cock. He flicked hi hand and let droplets of sperm hit the boy’s sweaty heaving back. He wiped sweat off his head with the back of his hand and said. “Fuck that was amazing…whose next?”

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