What happens at the cabin stays at the cabin


We had been driving for about 30 minutes.  I take my eyes off the road for a moment, to look at you. You smile.  You’ve never been to the cabin with me.  You’re excited, you can’t wait to get there and see it.  I’m excited too but not for the same reasons.  You look hot in that short skirt and that top with your tits almost hanging out.  Only another 30 minutes, and we will be there.  I’ll have you to myself until tomorrow.   There’s smoke coming out of the chimney, good.  My husband told me he would have the cabin ready for us.  I park the car, we look at each other.  “Are you ready for this, hun?”.  I say,  “Oh god yes.”   We run into the cabin, the supplies can wait.  I turn you around and pin you to the wall.  I kiss you, you taste so sweet.  hmmm. I nibble your ear. You moan. hmmm.  bahis siteleri I leave a trail of kisses down your neck. hmmm. I look at you, your eyes are closed, you are smiling.  I unbutton your shirt. I lightly bite your nipple through your bra. You jump and moan. I massage the other breast.  Then I change nipple.  “Ohhh, ohhhh, yes” you moan.  I leave your bra on, I like to see the cleavage.   I slowly kiss all the way down your belly. hmmm. I pull your skirt down.  I’m reaching down below your belly button. Oh, I’m so horny, but I want to make this last.  I rub your legs and gently pry your legs apart.  I leave little kisses all over your panties, I don’t go near your slit. You grab my head and try to move it towards your pussy, but I refuse.  I’m not ready for that yet.  I run my canlı bahis siteleri tongue down your right leg. You shiver. I stop near your knee. I move to the other knee. I run my tongue up your left leg, right back up to your panties.  I stop.  You moan, “Please, please don’t stop.”    I take you to the room and lay you on the bed.  I take my top and skirt off. I leave my bra and my panties on as well.  I climb on top of you, I’m sitting on your mound. I grind my pussy with yours.  I massage you tits.  hmmm. “Please, I need you.”   I tell you to take your bra off and I suck on each nipple, back and forth for a couple of minutes. I take my bra off.  You know not to touch. This is all about you right now, there’ll be plenty of time for me.  I pull your panties off and then mine. canlı bahis I kiss your shaved mound, you buck, you are so horny.  I lick your slit.  hmmmm.  I find your clit and lick it, hmmm.  Then I stick my tongue deep in your pussy.  You jump, “oh, oh, hun”  I fuck your pussy with my tongue, you are so wet. I lick your clit and stick a finger in your pussy.  “Oh, oh hun, I’m going to cum.” “No, no, not yet” I tell you.  I stick a second finger, then a third, “Oh babe, you are so tight.”  “Oh, oh hun, can I cum yet.” “Beg me first.” “Please, please can I cum now.”  “Yes babe, cum for me.”   You cum and I suck all the juices up.  You taste so sweet.  I come up and lie beside you for a few minutes. ******   We get up and get dressed.  We go to the car to unload all the supplies for the evening.  You say “Don’t forget the toys, hun.”  I smile, “no babe I won’t forget the toys.”   We just finished putting everything away.  We decide to go out to supper.   We chatted through our meal, and then we had a couple drinks.

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