What happened in the basement apartment ….


What happened in the basement apartment ….I had never had sex before that fearful day I decided to skip a class and hang out in the wooded area behind the track field. Bruce, Charlie and Daniel came charging down the path claiming that the Principle was chasing them. Believing what they said I started to run with them till we found ourselves out side one of their home.Assaulted a undressed I was pulled across the floor and hung over an ottoman naked from my waist down and forced to endue the most vile thing my mind could imagine at that time. Ignorant to what was happening I tried to twist and struggle only to have fingers slide effortlessly into my anal orifice. One finger, two fingers, three fingers entered my virgin anal flower and began to twist and stretch my anal sphincter tube till it was stretched to the point to be used.The fingers were extracted and a slick cool substance was smeared between my butt crack and over my now aching anal flower. I could feel the presence of a bare leg between my ankles and my feet being parted very crudely till a body was now kneeling between my knees and thighs. It was Bruce that had the opportunity to take my virginity and loosen me up for the other two. I twisted and tried to turn only to be held more tightly. Fingers parted my clinched buttocks and a rubbery cool warmth bulbous ball was pressed between my buttocks parting them for the rigid thick staff that followed.My mind swirled as I tried to understand what and why they were doing this to me. I had no thought that two males could engage in sexual intercourse nor even how sexual intercourse was performed between a male and female! As the bulbous ball probed my anal opening I was alarmed as it started to enter no matter how hard I tried to clinch my anal opening taught!My trying to struggle free may have done the opposite by assisting in aiding the entry of the rigid phallus. I cried out in agony as the enormous ball penetrated my anal sphincter tube and slid into my rectum snapping tight around as the penile ridge entered into my lower colon. Once in the Bruce waited patiently before continuing his assault, slowly pulling back and pushing forward sinking another one or two inches deeper into my no longer virgin bung hole.In agonizing discomfort I had to endue the tortuous onslaught until Bruce had sunk his entire length of his penis into me. I think it was at that moment I some what understood that there was a guy that had entered my butt with his penis and was now in the art of having sex with me!My mind flooded with all manner of wild exotic imaginations as to what the out come would be. Thoughts flooded my mind as to how I was going to explain to my folks how I got pregnant. How would I be able to face my friends after knowing I was taken and had sex with another guy. I had not even had sex with a female yet and here I was over a piece of furniture being sexed by another guy. From the expression of words as how tight my bung hole was to how it was gripping so tight my mind was over whelmed.I tried to break free, violently trying to twist and bulk the Bruce off my restrained body only to hear him exclaim ‘ … how good a piece of ass … ‘ I was. Tears of pain and embarrassment flowed from my eyes and my voice cracked from my tortuous screams of anguish. Till I finally resigned myself to the fact I would be there ‘ … till … ‘ he finished his assault!It seemed like hours I had to endue the viciousness of his assault till his companion chastised him into hogging all the fun. I was somewhat relieved as the Bruce started to extricate his enormous penile tube from my aching anus. Just as he pulled free and obscene sound erupted from my tortured, defiled, ruptured bung hole. The brute on my shoulders started to rise and to my astonishment the Bruce, that just had his way with me, was now sliding quickly up my back and replacing his cohort now I had a naked guy straddling my neck, shoulders and head.I struggled to kaçak iddaa free my self by twisting my head and shoulders, my wrist were held firmly together by Bruce as did Charlie. It was then that I caught a glimpse of Charlie, who had been squatting over my shoulders. I could see he was removing his jeans and dropped his shorts moving out of view I felt Charlie separate my ankles with his feet and his body kneeling between my knees and thighs.Now I knew what he was about to do and I struggled more strongly cause having gotten a glimpse of his man hood I was not about to let him put his male member into my bung. I had not seen the first one but this phallus looked as huge as my arm. I heard Charlie try and comfort me by telling me I was ‘ … going no where till they had there fun …’ it did not calm me as I tried more determinedly to free myself.To my horror, as my new assailant pressed his man hood against my clinching buttocks, I could feel the size of his bulbous penile glans and imagined it was twice the size of the first. Thankfully my bung hole was now well lubed from Bruce assault and Charlie was able to press his gigantic bulbous glans thru my buttocks to my aching anal opening.I cried out in anguish pleading for him not to enter but it was to no avail as he continued forwarded with his actions! As his huge glans pressed against my anal sphincter tube opening it seemed to suddenly pop open and let the immense glans enter. Once again my poor over extended anal sphincter tube closed tightly around the invading monster imprisoning it in my rectum.Terrified beyond understanding my body convulsed viciously as Charlie pulled back and pressed forward repeating this action till his pubic was buried between my buttocks. Again I was enduing the most vile act that could be done to a young man. I could hear the vile comments Bruce and Charlie were making as the assault continued for what seemed like hours.This assault ended not as the first with the Charlie on my shoulders chastising Bruce of hogging all the fun! Instead this Charlie picked up the pace of his assault rapidly pulling back and slamming forward in such a fashion I thought he would lacerate my insides. Suddenly he slammed against my buttocks with such determination not once, twice but three times till his midsection was pressed so tightly against my buttocks they were spread apart.Gripping my buttocks in each hand he started to grind his midsection against me and I felt a sensation I never experience. His penis throbbed violently and a substantial squirt of fluid struck my insides, it was more of a sensation then a physical feel. His penis throb and throb as I could sense the fluid traveling from the base of his penis and exiting the tip. Then I could feel his huge testicles as they twitched against my and his heaving breathing as he collapsed down on to my back.With no alternative I laid beneath Charlie as Bruce removed his self and stood to one side watching. After a while the Charlie started to extricate his still rigid penis from my tormented anal sphincter tube. My body unable to move from the traumatic experience just endued i stayed in that position. Air escaping from my now gaped anus along with copious amounts of seminal fluid streaming down my inner thigh. I did not know that Charlie had just came in me since I had no ideal that guys could do that! Yes I had masturbated before but was not yet making any seminal fluid or sperm as of that time.Just as soon as Charlie pulled out and was now sort of in a reclining position beside me, one of his arms were still stretched over my back. My arms were aching so badly from being restrained I could barely move them. Bruce had now maneuvered behind me and before I could react to being free he was now entering my well used anus again. My no longer virgin bung hole was now so stretched his penis entered with no resistance from my anal sphincter muscle.In agony I laid there as Bruce started to ram his penis kaçak bahis in and out my very tender anal opening using me as if I was nothing but a sex objected. I feebly tried to protest and reason with him to stop and release me only to hear him warn me of what could happen if I did not cooperate. I hear Bruce, as he lowers his lips to my ear and warn me ‘ … you not thru yet one more is coming and he is bigger then both of us. He did one guy in Juvie and that guy still have to wear a bag to shit in! So you better act right or he will bust your ass wide open! … ‘I could not understand anything could be any worst then what I had just endued, I had been had by two guys and the first was in me again. In my mine what could be any worst, I thought that may be the third would come in and do the same thing and the worst was that I would have to keep secret what had conspired. The Bruce was now working his body on me as if he was a maniac! Bruce would slam his penis into me and grind against me until he to started to throb and fluid would leak from between our organs.Bruce stayed on me as his male member throbbed and twitch until the Charlie was ready again and they did this a number of times so many that they did not have to restrain me so viciously any more. I just submitted to them till they finished and hoped they would release me. By now my jeans, underwear and other tennis had been removed from my body and I was now naked from waist down to my socks.I had almost forgot about Daniel until after Bruce and Charlie had taken me so many times they were either tired or exhausted, so I thought. Looking back this had been a well orchestrated assault that they had mastered in Juvenal Jail.They were now off me and pulling me and the ottoman from the spot we were in, there was lots of body fluid on the floor and they were positioning me for Daniel. I just thought this was part of their twisted mind and deviant activity. It was at this time I managed to get a look at Daniel, he was as naked as a new born baby standing stroking an anaconda size penis that sent terrifying thoughts thru my mind.In my weakened state I tried to rise up and break free only to be viciously slapped down and restrained again this time more viciously then the first. The Bruce and Charlie took hold one of my ankle and one of my wrist each. My ankles were pulled up to my buttocks and my wrist were pulled back so that my hands were at my feet. Both of them had one of their knees on a shoulder of me. I could twist my neck and turn my head but that was all I could do as the Daniel walked around sizing up the scene.Daniel’s man hood looked impossible to exist, I knew there was no way I could endue having him enter me even if I wanted to. The conversation was low cause the music had been turned up loudly doing the assault from the first two I could not clearly make out what they were saying.I did understand that they were sure Daniel, would not have a problem entering my now ravished bung hole. And that he would like that they had decided to take me instead of some girl they looked at first! I again tried to plead and beg for my release by telling them ‘ … I would not tell any one what they had done … ‘The three of them sort of chuckled and Daniel replied to me very strongly that if I ‘ … do not cooperate, we are gonna fuck you again and again and then tell every one you wanted us to and now you are mad at us cause we want fuck you again! Now go and tell any one you want! …’. Dejected and afraid I was now openly weeping begging for him not to do any thing to me.Daniel assured me he was gonna ‘ … fuck you and my boys are gonna fuck again too! and you are gonna be letting us do it …’ In my presence state I could not do anything but cry as he got between my knees and slid his humongous penile glans over my very tender bung hole. I heard him say my bung hole was ‘ … so swelled it’s looking like lips puckering up for a kiss! …’.Daniel lowered his illegal bahis self into position and pressed his magnanimous penile glans against my well used bung hole and slowly pressed. He new what he was doing and that he could possibly injure me if he did not take his time. ( Looking back I am very grateful he did so. ) His bulbous head pressed and spread my anus until it started to open on it’s on and accept his entrance.Once again my anal sphincter tube was stretched to limits I never thought it would be able to and allow this invading monstrous snake to enter it’s sanctioned tunnel. My anus stretched around the enormously huge glans till it entered and closed up snugly around the glans as it slipped into me. My body trembled unconscionably as it strained to assent to the invader.Daniel gripped my buttocks and parted them as his huge sex tool slowly entered my over stretched anus. He would stop and pull back then slowly press forward till I heard him say encouragingly ‘ … almost half way, almost half way! … ‘ My mind reeled as the other two exclaimed there bewilderment with comments like ‘ … damn, never thought I would see that …’, ‘ … shyt this Bitch is the best piece we ever got … ‘, ‘ … if he takes all that dick we got a Bitch for life! … ‘.Daniel had pulled back and pressed forward so many times I lost track, I vaguely remember him saying ‘ . damn no Bitch ever took this much of my dick. Shyt y’all can let him go now he can’t get off my dick any way! … ‘. My feet and wrist was released but I was i n no position to get away.Daniel with his elongated mammoth dick had me pinned like a butterfly and he knew it. I was still over the ottoman my knees were on the floor and my hands clutched at the ottoman for support as he pulled back and pressed forward till he had all his man hood buried into my body.Bruce and Charlie had went and retrieved a Polaroid camera ( it was cutting edge camera at that time that took and developed the picture instantly. No doubt they had stolen it from some where and was putting it to good use! ) taking picture after picture tossing them to the floor one after another. I tried as best I could to keep my face from being seen but pictures of my bung hole and the third guys penis was their main concern.Once they had taken all the pictures they wanted Daniel instructed them ‘ … get ready to have some fun. I’m gonna make this Bitch want us to fuck him every time he thinks about us! … ‘ To my horror the first two return to our side and took hold of my arms and wrist as the third gripped my shoulders and started to slid his tool back and slam forward into my butt.I cried out in agony and anguish as he pummeled into me like a mad man, my arms were twisted behind my back again so only one had to restrain them while the other came to my head and held in such a fashion he could press his man hood into my oral orifice when I screamed out. I thought they were trying to kill me as they would push as much of their man hood into my mouth till it entered my throat.Never had I ever thought of doing such a thing or being treated this way, for hours this went on till I was whipped and submissive enough that they only had to call to me and I responded the way they wanted. When Daniel had came in me he did not pull out he just stayed lodged in my butt while I sucked the other two then he would start to fuck me until he came again.For over six to eight hours this went on in the basement rooms, when they were tired I would just curl up in a fetal position until one or all were ready for me again. Pictures of me being sexed by one or two of them were taken and littered the floor. They would sit in chairs or on the floor and tell me to crawl over to them and suck their dicks like ‘ … the dick sucking Bitch you are … ‘ and I would subjectively do as told just to please them.Before time for their folks to get home from work I was told to clean the floor up and get dressed. Once I was dressed they took more pictures and had me suck them off again then made me leave telling me ‘ .. we will be in touch Bitch! … ‘. And over the years they would all be in touch using me as their ‘ objet de sexe

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