What a Piggy Wants (Part II)


With my hands firmly grasping onto her pigtails, I pulled her head into me. Her open mouth enveloped my cock as I thrust it deep into the back of her throat. The warmth and wetness of her mouth overtook me for a second as my legs buckled and my body contracted. She began to gag as I held her head firmly in place for a few moments, thrusting my cock back and forth. I let up and she pulled her head back as she coughed and tried to compose herself. Drool was running down her chin mixing in with the savory substances still plastered to her face. I looked kaçak iddaa down to see my cock and the area around it covered in the slop from her face.She was looking up at me with her mouth open and tongue sticking out, as if waiting on being told what to do next.“It’s not going to clean itself,” I said as I pointed to my cock and stomach.She immediately went at it, feverishly licking away all of the substances now dripping off of my body. She was swishing saliva around in her mouth and spitting it onto my body, and then licking it off in kaçak bahis her attempts to clean off the slop. She could tell I liked it as she licked my cock up and down, because despite her head being covered in the smelly slop, that devilish grin returned to her face. For now.“That’s a good little piggy,” I told her as she looked up at me, her mouth open and tongue still sticking out. I reached down to adjust the pig snout on her face and put it back in place, causing her to let out a little giggle. Her face looked cleaner, probably from all the illegal bahis spit and drool coming from her mouth. “Does my little piggy want my cock inside a different hole now?”“Oink oink,” she responded with a smile, as she turned around and got on all fours. She lowered her head and raised her ass up, as she backed her exposed cunt up to my cock. The pigtail butt plug pressed up against my stomach as she slid her now dripping wet pussy against my cock, still slippery from her cleaning efforts.I reached down and slowly inserted my cock into her. She moaned and backed up into me even tighter. I began thrusting — slow at first, but gradually picking up speed. I grabbed her by the pigtails and pulled her head up. “Is this what my dirty little piggy wants?”

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