Subject: Welcome to Gayberry 45 Welcome to Gayberry � 45 Feel free to address any comments on this story to hoo. His is a work of fiction and is based on no real persons, living or dead. If you enjoy this or any of the wonderful stories here, I hope you will consider a donation to the Nifty Archive to keep the site going. It is a treasure!!! fty/ 45 When they arrived home, all the boys were having a great time, all gathered around the big table in the breakfast room, enjoying their sundaes. They had all changed into the bright Speedos, which surprised the men, as the boys usually preferred swimming naked. “We decided we’d like to have our own swimsuit competition like they did at the pageant” Walt announced.”Even Jimmy, Kurt and Mark have their bathing suits on.” “They certainly do” William said. “This is the best-looking group I’ve ever seen in swimsuits � even better than the pageant.” The boys were incredibly sexy in their tight little speedos, their smooth boychests and smooth legs exposed. No two of them had quite the same skin color and they all had slight variations in their nipples. Only Walt, Jeffy and Billy Paul had any pit hair at all. With Billy Paul and Jeffy it was still very fine and light in color. It was barelyy discernible unless you got very close and stroked their arms, which all the boys seemed to like. Ben and Marv made it home now, both having stayed to help Michael and Frankie make sure the school was secured. “My goodness” the coach said. “A table full of Speedo boys. And everyone a handsome lad!” “What are we going to wear to swim?’ William asked. “I bet the warden and the doctor didn’t bring swimsuits with them.” The doctor had brought his but the warden had not. “I haven’t worn a bathing suit in years” the warden said. “I love swimming naked like you guys usually do.” “I bet dad could loan him a jockstrap” Walt said. “What if all of you just wore jockstraps.” “Sounds good to me” Ben said, as they sat down to enjoy their Sundaes. As the boys had finished their ice cream, each cleaned his spot at the table and put the used containers in the trash. The boys had now begun to perch on the knees of the men they had naturally gravitated toward all weekend. Dopie and Pepe were on the governor’s knees, Billy Paul on the warden’s knee and Jeffy and Walt on Abe’s knees. None seemed in a hurry as the boys waited patiently for the adults to finish their ice cream. It was approaching ten o’clock as Billy Paul asked if they would need to get to bed soon. “No” his dad said. “We’ve decided you boys have all been so good, we’re going to allow you to play hooky from church if you like. If any of you want to go, we’ll get you there but we’re giving you a Sunday off if you’d like. That means there is no bedtime for tonight. Just know it’s for tonight only.” The boys all cheered. Then they disappeared with their men to help them change. Jimmy and Mark headed upstairs with the doctor and Kurt started up the stairs with Randy. “Did you enjoy the night as much as you seemed to?” the sheriff asked the boy. “It was the best night ever” the boy said. “It was so much fun. I can’t believe I got to do it. My paw would’ve never let me do something like that.” “Them days are over now, son” the sheriff said, as Kurt began to unbutton his shirt and lovingly take it off. Randy stood passively as the boy took off his undershirt, moving slowly and savoring the skin to skin contact and the faint scent of Old Spice. “You still smell good” the boy said. “You always smell good, son,” the sheriff said as he took the boy in his arm and kissed him on the mouth. Kurt responded in a way the sheriff didn’t expect. He seemed hungry for the kiss. Then the boy began to loosen the sheriff’s belt, Randy grabbed his hands. “You don’t have to do that, son” the sheriff said. “You don’t ever again have to do nothin’ you ain’t fully wantin’ to do.” “Please let me” the boy whispered as he took the belt off, laying it on the bed beside his tie, jacket, shirt and undershirt. He then unfastened Randy’s trousers and lowered them, kneeling as the sheriff raised each of his legs. As the boy stood back up, he ran one hand up the sheriff’s furry leg, making Randy shiver at the boy’s warm touch. Kurt could feel the heat coming off the sheriff’s warm body as he hooked his thumb into the elastic waistband of the sheriff’s white briefs and slid them down his legs, revealing his thick, dark brown bush and his thick, uncut cock with the foreskin hanging well below the head. He could actually feel the warmth coming off the sheriff’s meat. He wanted to touch it but he didn’t dare. He knew what his own father would’ve thought about this and it was hard to clear his head. As the boy silently gazed at the fat meat right in front of his face, the sheriff sensed his hesitation, taking the boy’s face in both his hands and standing him erect.. The sheriff kissed him again. “All in good time, son” the sheriff said. “All in goid time.” Kurt went and got the sheriff’s jockstrap out of the drawer and handed it to him with a sweet smile. “I guess we better get back downstairs” he said. “We don’t them to wait for us.” The boy’s eyes never left the man’s fit, furry body as he donned his jockstrap, tucking his thick meat into the soft pouch and snapping the straps. Kurt didn’t know when he’d felt this happy as they went down the stairs, the sheriff’s arm around him. Everyone else was down when they got there, all the men with fresh beers. The governor was in a lounge chair in his jock strap with Dopie and Pepe on each nee. Abe was on a chaise lounge, shared with Walt and Jeffy. Billy Paul was sharing a lounge chair with the warden and his dad while Doc was sharing a chaise with Mark and Jimmy. “Who wants to go first in our first annual governor’s trophy bathing suit contest for boys?” the governor asked as Dopie and Pepe put their hands in the air enthusiastically. “All right, you boys go for it. Both boys lined up at the diving board with Dopie going first. The boy walked slowly down the diving board, wiggling his round little ass cheeks and turning around several times in an imitation of what the pageant contestants had done earlier. The men and older boys whistled and cheered as he flirted with all of them before holding his nose and jumping feet first into the water. Pepe went next. The boy was still excited from the good news he had gotten earlier and he had been bouncing off the walls all night. He bounced down the diving board, turning and wiggling his little cute brown butt and even hooking his thumbs inside the waist of his Speedo, revealing the top of his beautiful round buttcheeks. He was a very sexy boy with a beautiful smile and lots of energy. When he reached the end of the board, he took three bounces and went into the water in a cannonball crouch, creating a huge splash and backwash. He also got cheers and applause. Jeffy was the next contestant, his tanned body showing off his bright green bathing suit. He had long legs and arms. He was clearly comfortable with being looked at as his smile was confidant. He took a slower stroll down the board, turning to Abe and giving a wiggle. Then he turned his back to the group and lowered his suit, revealing most of his buttocks, which were a creamy white in contrast with his tanned body. He then pulled up his Speedo and executed a simple, clean dive into the water. He too received enthusiastic applause. With each boy, the walking and posing had gotten slightly more sexual. Billy Paul was next and the boy didn’t disappoint. He was in an orange Speedo which showed his bubble boy butt to fine advantage. The bulge in the front of his suit was slightly larger than the other boys and he put his hands over it seductively. He walked the board, his eyes locked on the warden, who gave him a broad smile and never blinked while the boy was on the board. As each of the boys had left the water, they had come back to sit with their men. Billy Paul strode down the diving board, his gait strong and confident. At the end of the board he bounced a couple of times. It was as if he was going to execute a dive but instead he stopped. He stood stock still on the end of the board and lowered his trunks enough to show his beautiful brownish-blonde pubic patch. He was very proud of his patch, according to his dad, and he loved to show it off. It was clear the warden enjoyed looking, as he adjusted the full pouch of his jockstrap as Billy Paul rubbed his cock, which was clearly hard in the bathing suit. He then stripped off his trunks completely, throwing them at the warden. They landed on his head and everyone laughed as the boy stood still as a statue at the end of the board, his hard little uncut cocklet point straight out in front of him . He executed a dive with one flip and entered the water with no splash whatsoever. He climbed out of the water and came back to the warden, snuggling into his lap. The warden put both his arms around the boy and began to stroke his nipples as his other hand cupped the boys warm privates. The boy smiled. Then it was Walt’s turn. He was the oldest of the group by a few months, and clearly farther along in puberty than the others. Of course his growth had been enhanced by the male hormones he was taking. He had significan pit hair, which was brown and looked very soft. He was also the tallest, with long legs and arms. He had naturally curly long brown hair which fell into ringlets all over his head. He was a very handsome boy with great features. No one could have possibly guessed that what he had in his Speedo was any different from all the other boys. As a matter of fact, his mannerisms were more masculine than any of the others. He strode down the board with a confident, masculine gait with none of the wiggling the other boys had exhibited. He got to the end of the board , stood erect and locked eyes with his father. Ben gave his son a confident smile and winked at him. Walt slowly peeled his Speedo down his long, lightly muscled legs, revealing a beautifully lush brown pubic patch. He then stood up and turned around to let them all see his perfect bubble round boybutt then turned back and smiled at his father and Marv before he executed a beautiful dive into the pool. He got loud cheers and applause as the boys began urging their men into the water with them. The whole group had a great time in the pool. Doc, Randy, William and the warden eventually migrated to the hot tub, leaving the other men in the pool with all the boys, who showed no signs of slowing down at all. They all had fresh beers and settled into the tub . “Well, the people of Gayberry certainly got their money’s worth tonight” the doc chuckled. “For God’s sake yes” the warden laughed. “I’ve never seen anything like it. The show itself was phenomenal, not to mention the little sideshows.” “Yes, warden,” William said. “You did a great job cutting that elastic strap off Mrs. Bedford. No one in that place knew you had done that.” “Yeah, I was afraid that dress wasn’t going to burn off completely” William said. “You remember at your house I took a little swatch of that fabric. It went up in a cool, quick flame but then just sort of smoldered. I was afraid it might not burn off completely so we made sure Eamon had a back up plan.” “You mean it was all planned? The doctor asked. “I would never have suspected.” “I wasn’t in on it either, but I loved every second of it” the sheriff said. “That Bedford bitch was totally humiliated in front of this entire town. And the bitch didn’t even realize it! Did you see the way she was waving at the crowd buck naked with that goofy fuckin’ smile on her face.” “The cunt is as clueless as she is vile” William said. “I can assure you that the bad parts of the evening will be wiped from her memory by morning” the doctor said. “She will remember the evening as a triumph. An admiring crowd, all of whom adored her in her shimmering gown and tiara. That is all she will remember.” “You were pretty hard on Aunt Flea tonight, randy,” William said. “Are you sure you don’t want me to run down and get her out of the jail and take her home. You know I’d be glad to do that if you’d like.” “I know you would and that’s why I care so much for you, my friend” the sheriff said. “But it’s high time for that bitch to learn that enablers are no better than the assholes they’re enabling. It’s a painful lesson but a necessary one. I plan to let her spend several days in that jail. I think it may do her good.” “I was kind of surprised you didn’t go into the Butter Cup Motel and arrest little Jenny, her friend, and those older boys tonight” William said. “She’s clearly underage. ” “You’re right and those guys are guilty of statuatory rape.” The sheriff said. “But the way they were sluggin’ back that bourbon, they’ll all be there well into the day tomorrow. You know, that other girl with them older guys looked familiar to me but I couldn’t place her.” “Randy, you know damn well who that was” William said. “It was Preacher Roy Smith’s daughter, the one his own brother was fucking when we picked him up.” “I’ll be goddamn!” Randy said. You’re right. It was that littel bitch that was fuckin’ her uncle. Sure didn’t take her long to start whorin’ around did it? As a matter of fact, the deputy told me earlier today that Betty Jean had had a visitor with some older boys. I bet it was them. Okay, we’ll have to deal with that, but I ain’t gonna do nothin’ till the governor and Abe leave. Then we’ll go over and clear them out.” “Won’t the mayor and his wife realize something’s wrong when Jenny doesn’t make it home tonight? ” the doctor asked. “Ain’t likely they’ll even know” Randy said, explaining what had occurred in the lobby earlier. “I’d bet the mayor’s wife is gonna fuck him tonight for the first time in years mersin escort so she can claim it was him that put the baby in her. The mayor thinks that once his wife feels his magic cock in her again, things will instantly change and she’ll want him all the time.” “Safe to say that ain’t gonna happen” William said. “That is the most selfish asshole I ever met and I’ve met some selfish assholes. And I can’t imagine any woman would want a stubby little cock like our mayor has poking in any of her holes.” They filled the doctor and the warden in on what had occurred with William’s wife and father-in-law during the intermission. They couldn’t believe the drama that had occurred between them and with Pepe’s parents during the brief intermission of the show. “You should’ve seen William’s wife’s face when her father finally told her to shut the fuck up” Randy said. “That vile bitch!” William said. “I’ll be happy if I never see her again. I am in complete control of his company as of tonight when he signed the papers. I wouldn’t know how to begin if it weren’t for Abe. He has several men in mind to choose from to run things until we see if my older son is interested in taking over. The old man will not be allowed to leave his condo at all and Judith will be stuck in rehab with 24/7 supervision.” “Won’t Billy Paul be upset about his mom disappearing?” the doctor asked. “Not at all” William said. “Both boys will be relieved that their mother is finally getting the help she needs. She’s been a hopeless drunk for years and has been incredibly abusive to both my sons. I have no doubt she’ll relapse immediately after she’s released but she has no claim on the son she’ll deliver to me.” “Remind me not to fuck with you” the warden said as they all laughed. “I could use some input from all of you on what to do with Mrs. Bedford” the sheriff said. “I know I’m having’ trouble with how hard to go on her and what is right to do regarding punishment.” “I know that’s tough, sheriff” the warden said. “Our society tells us our role is to protect women. But it has been my experience that occasionally you will meet a woman who is as vile and evil as any man.” From what I’ve seen, I believe she is” William said. She’s done a lot of nasty things for a lot of years, using the money her husband worked hard all his life to earn. She’s used that money to cause other people horror and to terrorize them in every way.” “And don’t forget, she is the one that put out a contract on that sweet, sweet Kurt” the doctor said. “I could never forgive or forget that” the sheriff said. “Not in a million years. I love that boy more every day. If her plan with Barrow had worked, he’d be gone. I couldn’t have stood that.” “And if the Thomas brothers weren’t involved, she’d have never put the contract out on him” William said. “And we can’t forget it was the Prints that was willin’ to take that gun into your house and start shootin’ planning to kill” the warden said. “And it all comes back to that new, crisp one hundred dollar bill Mrs. Bedford provided” the sheriff added. ” I’ve got to make decisions on what to do with her and what the appropriate punishments for Peg and Betty Jean Thomas will be. They ain’t murdered nobody but I think both of them is pure evil. And they’ve had plenty of chances to reform. I don’t see either of them doin’ it without some drastic actions.” “I can offer you an option, if it would help” the warden said. “You remember the program I had with Coach Thomas, that almost got him killed?” “Of course we do” William said. “The man is only alive thanks to you saving him. As rough and horrible as his experience was, he credits it with completely turning his life around.” “A lot of people don’t realize it but we also have a much smaller prison for women in Statesvile” the warden said. “It is rarely mentioned in the press. We only send the really tough, hardened women there. It is a very rough place but we’ve had a significant number of women who turned their lives around after being there. It’s tough as they are in solitary confinement at night. They are forced to rise at four in the morning and we work their fingers to the bone until ten at night. They only get lunch and dinner breaks and are fed mostly shit. We have a nasty soup they get most days. They get thirty minutes outside at the end of their workday and the day is terrible. They perform nasty work in the prison laundry and in the prison kitchens which cleans all the clothes for the mens’ prison and the kitchen provides all the meals for the men. It is tough. It’s a miserable existence. The minimum stay is thirty days and we reevaluate at the end of each thirty day period.” “What is the availability?” the sheriff asked. “I have some spots available right now” the warden said. “I can take any or all four if you need me too. I can have a van sent up at your request. All you need to do is say the word.” “I really appreciate that, warden” Randy said. “I think it might be a good idea to speak with Marv and Ben about the two Thomas women. Marv was married to Peg for a lot of years and Ben is the one she tried to kill. I think it’s appropriate for me to get their input.” “I understand and think that”s wise” the warden said. The group in the pool had became just a shade quieter and the men thought the boys might be winding down. Ben and Marv decided to call it a night and came by to say good night. Randy asked if he might have a word with the two men and they joined him inside in the breakfast room. With fresh beers, he told them he was trying to make a decision regarding appropriate punishment for Peggy and Betty Jean on the charges of assaulting Ben and prostitution. “Sheriff, you may think I’m the world’s biggest asshole, but I am completely past caring what happens to either of them” Marv said. “Their plan to break into this house and frame Ben made me even more sure that both women are dangers to society. It doesn’t take a genius to know that their plan could have gone haywire and the man I love could have been killed. I really don’t care about either. I am blessed to have a wonderful son, just as we are blessed to have Jeffy. But she is a pitiful excuse for a woman or a human being. I will say the time at Statesville sounds like a reasonable plan to me. I am afraid that both are manipulative bitches who are both beyond any rehabilitation.” “I wholeheartedly agree with everything Marv just said” Ben said. “We have talked about this and our plan is to put all the years of shit that happened with Peg completely behind us. If Marv decided that some mercy was in order, I certainly wouldn’t argue. I think we both just want to be done and for neither of them to endanger us or our boys.” “Thanks, guys, ” the sheriff said. “I’ll figure it out somehow. I want to say how much we appreciate you guys playing host to this whole group this weekend. I have really enjoyed this and I know William and all the boys have too. I think we’ll be getting out of your hair tomorrow but you’ll never know how much I appreciate your hospitality and your friendship. I have begun to rethink things and thinking I may be moving into the Bedford Home. None of the sons want anything to do with it or the business and have essentially asked me to dispose of it. It’s a far grander house than I ever thought of livin’ in, but William has pointed out that it would be a shame to let it go to seed, given its location in our downtown area. I ain’t positive yet, but I’m leanin’ in that direction. And I think William and his boy will probably be spendin’ a lot more time at his house now that his wife is gone. It’s a shame you two didn’t get to meet that one. She puts the `c’ inc cuntiness.” “Oh yeah, Michael and Frankie gave us a quite thorough rundown of what happened tonight” Ben said. They said their good nights and headed to their bedroom. Randy started back to the hot tub but he ran into the governor with Dopie perched on his shoulders. “Just the man we were lookin’ for” the governor said. “You have a minute for us?” “I have all the time in the world for you two gents” Randy said. They took seats at the table, but Dopie moved very quickly out of his chair onto the governor’s knee. “Randy, I hope I’ve demonstrated to you this weekend that I am a man of honor” the governor began. “I believe it’s always best to be honest and I believe in confronting what could be difficult situations head on so there are no misunderstandings. I believe Dopie has something he’d like to ask you.” “What is it, son” the sheriff asked his son. The boy’s face turned red and he sat silent with a cute little grin on his face. “It’s all right, son, you can ask me anything” the sheriff said. “Well, ummm…” Dopie said hesitantly. “Looks like the cat has your tongue” the governor said, tickling the boys tummy. “You want me to start?” Dopie nodded his head. “Well, Randy, ” the governor began. “I’m not sure you know how much the boys talk among themselves. I think it’s great that they have enough faith in their friends to have no secrets. Well, and this really isn’t easy because it’s something I’ve never done before. But Dopie is aware that Billy Paul has been doing buttstuff with the warden and his dad. Jeffy has shared that he and Abe have been doing the same thing and he really likes it too. Pepe has been doing buttstuff with his dad for quite some time and he really enjoys it. I have done it with that sweet boy, with the permission of his father.” “And I want to do it too” Dopie suddenly blurted. “I want buttsex.” The men laughed and Dopie’s face was redder than ever. “Son, I want you to be happy and to do things that feel good” Randy said. “It’s a little more complicated than that, Randy,” the governor said. “Everyone in this house knows how big your penis is. It’s no secret that you are as big as the warden who has a monster. I also happen to believe that the first choice for a boy should be to have his first time with his dad. You obviously are too large for a virgin boy. With practice, he could do it, but I think we both know that isn’t feasible right now. So he has asked me to do it with him. I told him that I would love to have sex with him but only if you consented.” “I’d like you to be there too” Dopie said. “You want me to watch?” the sheriff asked. “That was his suggestion, sheriff” the governor said. “Believe me this was not my idea. I was as surprised as you seem to be. I know it is usually not done before a boy starts getting pubes but Dopie really wants to try it. I think you know I would never do anything to hurt this beautiful, sweet boy. All he has to do is to say `stop’ and it stops immediately. I’ve made that quite clear.” “Are you sure this is your idea, Dope” his dad asked. “None of the other boys have pressured you in any way?” “No sir” the boy said. “I’ve been doing buttstuff with the other boys but I’d like to try it with the governor. Sometimes my butt kind of itches when I think about it. It makes me hard like I am right now.” Dopie stood up and showed both men his rock-hard little cocklet with the foreskin still covering the cockhead. “You are, son” the governor said, taking the boy back on his knee and gently sliding the foreskin back as the boy emitted a soft moan. “If you aren’t completely comfortable with this…” “Governor, I am completely comfortable having my boy with you” the sheriff said. “I’ve seen how you’ve been with these boys.” “I adore every one of these boys” the governor said. “I am looking forward to the work you and William will be doing on the task forces you’re leading but I am also excited that you both will be coming up to Raleigh regularly and that Abe and I will be coming here on a regular basis. I hope you will bring the boys whenever possible. They give me great joy.” “Thank you governor,” Randy said. “Yours is a great burden of a job. I hope we and our boys can make your time more enjoyable in some small way.” “So you’re gonna come to bed with us” Dopie said, as he got off the governor’s lap, his little dick still sticking straight out from his body. “Of course I am, son,” the sheriff said. “Now go jump back in that pool but not until you give your paw a hug.” Dopie ran back out to the pool. “You realize all those boys will know Dopie’s getting his cherry busted in just a matter of minutes, don’t you?” the governor chuckled.” “Of course I do” the sheriff laughed. “I’m glad we got rid of havin’ a bunch of secrets. It was the best thing we ever did. One more thing, governor. Would you mind terribly if Kurt came downstairs with us? That boy has some terrible nightmares and I know they stem from the terrible way his paw treated him. I think if he sees men loving their boys instead of mistreating them, it could be helpful.” “I had no idea the boy was so scarred” the governor said. “I’m so sorry and absolutely bring him. He needs to see what real caring is between men and boys. He seems so mentally healthy and happy. No one could ever know what a wounded little bird he is.” “Thanks, governor” Randy said, getting each of them another beer. “One more thing, sheriff” the governor said. “I don’t know how you’ve managed to let them assholes over in your dungeon keep living this long” he said softly. “I hope they never see the light of day again. I think you know what I mean.” “I do indeed, sir” the sheriff replied as he went back to the hot tub. When he returned, he saw that Mark, Jimmy and Kurt had joined the men. “I hope you and the sheriff aren’t gonna be mad at us” Jimmy said to the group, “but we gotta tell you we did something bad tonight.” “I can’t imagine being mad at such a handsome naked boy” William said, pulling the handsome boy to sit between his legs in the hot, swirling water. “We really did a couple of things we ain’t too proud of now” escort mersin Mark said. “It seemed all right at the time but now we just don’t think you’ll be proud of us.” The doctor pulled Mark in between his legs and began to stroke his smooth chest. The boy’s ginger pits almost glowed in the twinkling lights strung around the pool and hot tub area. Randy looked over at Kurt, who gave him a shy smile. Randy realized the boy wanted to sit in his lap the way Mark and Jimmy were doing with the doc and William. He just reached and pulled him in as the boy gave him a sweet smile. “Well, there were a couple of things” Jimmy said. “First I was supposed to escort Jenny in her evening gown. We was alternating and when it came Jenny’s turn, I saw it was supposed to be me. Mark nudged me, whispering to get in place. But I just couldn’t. To be honest, I wanted to push her off of that platform instead of helpin’ her down them stairs.” “When I saw Jimmy wasn’t doing it, I should have stepped up and done it” Mark said. “I know it would have been the right thing to do but I couldn’t. I just couldn’t do it for the life of me. I didn’t want to touch her and I didn’t want her touchin’ me. I felt kind of in a panic over nothin’. I’m sorry. I should’ve stepped up.” “I think we both realized first that we had blamed her for us havin’ to wear these damn…er…darned cages on our willies and then we both knew deep down that wasn’t really her doin’ but we caused it with our own decisions” Jimmy said. “I just know that I ain’t been able to even touch my own willy in over a week and it’s getting’ worse by the minute, cause the more I think about how good it felt the more I wanna get hard. I just wanna say `thanks’ to Kurt for steppin’ in there for both of us. He had our backs and neither of us will ever forget that.” “Amen” Marks aid. “Even if the girl is a bit…er…problem, I know how upset Mr. Michael would have been if we’d shirked our job and she’d tumbled down those stairs. It wasn’t responsible and it was the kind of behavior that caused us to be in these cages to begin with. Thanks, Kurt.” Kurt blushed and just looked down as the doctor put his arms around the ginger boy and nuzzled his neck. “Y’all said you done two things. “What was the other one?” Well, “Mark said, “when Shakira was crowned they called out her name and Jenny’s real fast. Fortunately there was a lot goin’ on but Jenny was tryin’ to make a scene. When the Colonel called Shakira’s name, Jenny said `goddamned nigger `. She kept sayin’ it a little bit louder every time. She threw her flowers down on the floor and Jimmy picked `em back up but she wouldn’t take `em. I tried to put my hand over her mouth cause I was afraid I would ruin the moment for Shakira, but she just bit me.” The doctor immediately asked which hands and the boy showed him the bite. He immediately jumped out of the tub running upstairs, hardon and all, and came back with a first aid kit. He applied some ointment and a band-aid. “Thank you, doc.” Mark said. “It wasn’t nothin’ to worry about.” “It was a fuckin’ snakebite” the doctor said, riled. “That little bitch is a fucking snaked and she’s caused enough trouble for our boys. I won’t have it.” He was now rubbing the ginger boy’s chest and nuzzling his neck. It was clear that although he had minimized his injury, he liked that a grown man cared about him. “I applaud your behavior on that, boys” the sheriff said. “I’m glad that your first concern was not letting a spoiled little bitch spoil Shakira’s special moment. It was the right thing to do.” “What do you think, sheriff?” William asked. “Does their behavior in not escorting the girl earn them another thirty days or another sixty days in those cages?” The boys looked truly heartbroken until William and the sheriff started laughing. “I’m kiddin you boys” William said. “I think we’re both willing to let them slide. But those looks told us this is working. Neither of you has said much about being in chastity. I wasn’t sure it was bothering you that much. Your looks just told me otherwise.” “Oh, it’s working all right” Jimmy said. “We had a heart to heart talk before we even confessed to this. We decided we had to come clean because if we didn’t tell you and you found out later, there would be hell…er, heck to pay.” “That’s right, guys,” the sheriff said. “It would have been much worse if you hadn’t come clean. So you think this is worse than a spanking?” “Oh yes sir,” Jimmy said quickly. “The worst part of it besides not being able to play with my willy is the way the other boys snicker when we’re changing and showering for gym class.” “A spanking hurts when you get it but you forget about the pain fast enough” Mark said. “I don’t believe I’ll ever forget about going through this if I live to be a hundred.” “Me either” Jimmy said. “And when I think back to having this thing put on me, I never in my life felt so humiliated. I’ll never forget that. Even when this thing comes off, I’ll never forget that feeling.” “You boys have really helped us” William said. “We have talked briefly with the Bentley brothers about the proper punishment for Coley and Corey for what they were doing with Jenny at the hotel luncheon today. That simply can not and must not happen again. We are trusting you boys not to say a word to them about it but I think we have decided. We may even have you help us out. Have either of them seen your cages?” “I don’t think so” Jimmy said. “We both try to wait and shower last after everybody else is gone. It’s pretty embarrassing to have friends ask us and we have to explain what they are and why we have to wear them.” “That’s part of the punishment” William said. “We may even need you to help us make the point with those boys tomorrow. Would you be willing to do that?” “Yes, sir” both boys said. “We really like both of the boys although we ain’t known `em long. We just seemt o hit it off. I’d never forgive myself if something happened to them and I learned alter I could’ve helped stop it from happenin'” Mark said. Randy had been conscious of Kurt rubbing both his thighs under the water. He had enjoyed it. Now he realized the boy had taken his hand and guided it to his pubes. They were downy soft. Did the boy want him to touch his cock or would that embarrass the boy? He decided to be patient and follow the boy’s lead. He was wondering if he should invite Kurt to join him in watching his boy lose his cherry or whether Kurt might be shocked by a dad who would do such a thing. He realized his time for a decision was getting even shorter when Abe walked up with Walt and Jeffy to say goodnight. Jeffy’s little cock was rock hard and Abe had an almost full erection which they made no effort to cover. They said good night, giving hugs all around. Randy could hear Dopie still playing in the pool with the governor, Billy Paul, and Pepe as he pondered his predicament. Billy Paul walked up to the hot tub, looking as if he wanted to join. “You want to join us, son?” William asked. “We’re not talking about any secret man stuff so I don’t think these guys would mind having a boy join us.” “Especially a boy as pretty as you” the warden said as Billy Paul climbed into the tub and sat in the warden’s lap. The warden encircled the boy in his long, dark, muscular arms and the boy looked completely content. “You think your dad would let me take you back to Statesville with me?” Billy Paul looked over at his dad. “I can answer that in two words” William said. “Fuck no!” That cracked up everyone in the tub, especially the younger boys. Randy now felt Kurt’s hand holding his own, rubbing his thigh, grazing his ball sac. Randy wasn’t sure whether the boy even realized what he was doing but he again nuzzled the boy. They noticed Billy Paul whispering to the warden. “Billy Paul says he’s about ready to head for bed and he’s invited me to join him” the warden said. “He will not have to ask twice.” Again, they all laughed as the warden stood, carrying the handsome boy and easily stepped out of the hot tub. “William, will you be coming along?” the warden asked. “Not tonight, warden, but thank you for the invitation” he said. “The good doctor and I are bunking in with Mark and Jimmy tonight. I’m not sure they can do much with them contraptions on their willies, but they seem to want some kissin’ lessons, so I’m up for that.” “You mean you trust me with your handsome son?” the warden sked. “I’ve seen you with my son, warden, and I know you’d protect like a lion protects its cub.” He leaned down so the boy could give his dad a kiss and they headed upstairs. Right after they left, William and the doctor stood up with Mark and Jimmy. They were headed upstairs after all of them bid Randy and the boys in the pool good night. “I was hoping we’d have a chance to talk” the sheriff said. “I need to tell you something and I don’t quite know how to say it” Randy began.”I know talking about sexual stuff makes you uncomfortable sometimes and I understand why. I know you have nightmares sometimes sand I understand why that happens too. Your paw treated you like no boy should ever be treated. Well, I had to make a decision for Dopie tonight. I just hope I made the right decision. I know you’ve heard that the boys have sex with each other. They keep pretty quiet but you couldn’t have missed it.” “Yes, sir,” Kurt said with a shy smile. “It excites me and embarrasses me at the same time.” “That’s okay, son,” Randy said. “I understand that too. The way I was raised and the way I was raisin’ my boy was to keep things about sex real quiet. That was before William came along and I started to see how he was with Billy Paul and I wanted that for me and Dopie. Why, Dopie and me never even saw each other in our underpants till William came along. It’s been real confusin’ for me, but I see how my boy has blossomed in just the last few weeks. I want that for him. I don’t want him to be shy and insecure. I want him to be comfortable with his body and open to exploring new things, not just sexual things but life things.” “I think you’re a great dad” Kurt said. “You’d kill for that boy.” “You’re right about that and I’d do the same for you” Randy said. They shared a mouth kiss and were quiet for a moment. “Well, tonight the governor came to me and told me Dopie was asking him to have buttsex with him” Randy said. “The boys talk and Dope knows Billy Paul has done it with the warden and Jeffy has done it with Abe and Pepe has done it with his paw and the governor. Dopie wants it real bad. The governor said he wouldn’t even consider doin’ that with a boy without his paw’s permission.” “If your boy wants it, I’m sure you’re all right with it” Kurt said. “Surprisingly to me, I really am okay with it. It’s sort of an unspoken rule that boys don’t do stuff until they start getting’ pubes. Dopie ain’t got his yet, but I think he’s old enough to know what he wants when it comes to this. The thing is…the governor has invited me to be with them when he busts my boy’s cherry.” “I think that’s great, sheriff,” Kurt said. “The governor is a kind, gentle man and I know he’ll be gentle with Dopie and I think it’s great they want you to be with them. I’ve heard the boys talk enough to know that they like it when their paw is the one to take them first but I know enough to know that probably wouldn’t work with you and Dopie. You’re too big for that tiny boy. I’ve heard the boys talk about how good it can fell to have a pecker inside of you but it’s hard to imagine. When my uncle stuck his in me I thought I was tearing plumb apart. He was never gentle and never used nothing to make it go n easy. But I think about it a lot and it’s always yours that I imagine inside of me. But it scares me too. I’m afraid it would hurt and I couldn’t take it.” “Son, you never have to fear me” Randy said. “I hope to be able to convince you that I’d never do anything to hurt you. You’ve done been hurt more than any boy ever should. I’m happy just to hold you and have you near me. If more is to come it will come when you’re ready. I don’t want you to ever feel rushed. Nobody’s gonna hurt you again, Kurt. That includes me.” “Dopie and the governor would like for you to join them too” the sheriff said. “I told them I’d ask you but I wasn’t sure how you would feel about it.” “I feel honored, sheriff” the boy said, as he turned to face the sheriff, kissing him deeply. The boy felt the man’s hairy chest against his smooth skin and his strong arms holding him. Kurt realized he was beginning to believe that someone actually cared about him. As they finished their kiss, the governor walked up to the hot tub with Pepe perched on his shoulders and a naked Dopie in his arms. Randy couldn’t help noticing the governor’s thick cock, nestled in a hairy nest. It was average in length but above average in girth. He couldn’t help wondering if he’d made a terrible mistake in consenting to let the man put that into his son. “We’re headed downstairs to brush our teeth and head to bed” the governor said. “Will you be joining us, sheriff?” “Yes, sir” the sheriff said, sounding more confident than he felt. “Kurt and I will be down in just a few. We need to brush our teeth too. I’m afraid I may have beer breath.” They shared a chuckle as they went inside and Randy headed upstairs with Kurt while the governor and his boys headed downstairs. Randy went into the bathroom to have a piss while Kurt dried off in the bedroom. Randy loaded toothbrushes for both of them and handed one to the boy when he came in wearing fresh white jockey shorts. He could smell the fresh scent of the boy’s deodorant as he guided him to stand in front of him at the lavatory as they brushed. Kurt wiggled his underwear-clad butt against Randy’s heavy uncut meat. “Boy, you better mersin escort bayan cut that teasin’ out or I’ll throw you down right here in the bathroom floor, rip them underwear off you and stick my big fat daddydick right in you without even spittin’ on it.” “You may think you’re scarin’ me but you ain’t” the boy laughed as he ran back into the bedroom, throwing the fresh white pair of boxers he had pulled from the drawer at Randy’s head. Randy’s meat had thickened noticeably during the teasing but his foreskin still covered the big cockhead. Randy saw the boy staring at his thick cock. “Don’t worry son,” he said. “I made you a promise and I’m keepin’ it.” They hugged as Randy put on his boxer shorts and they headed downstairs.They could hear Billy Paul’s moans as they passed Eamon’s bedroom. Kurt blushed but the sheriff just smiled and winked at him as they continued to the downstairs of the house. When they reached the big bedroom, the lights were dimmed. The governor was in the center of the bed, his hairy chest exposed and the covers pulled to his waist, with Pepe and Dopie on his chest. The boys were kissing each other as the governor had his hand on each of their bare butts. As Kurt and Randy got closer and sat on the bottom edge of the bed, it was clear the governor was fingering both of the boys. Pepe and Dopie were so engrossed in their kissing and the fingers inside them, they didn’t even noticed Kurt and Dopie’s dad. “Dopie, your dad and Kurt are here” the governor said. “Hey, paw,” the boy said throatily as he continued to kiss his buddy. Both of the boys’ cocks were hard as stones, little spikes sticking straight out from their bodies. “These boys love kissing” the governor said. “And both are getting good at it. It’s true that practice makes perfect. Kurt, do you like kissing?” “Yes, sir, but I ain’t had much practice” Kurt answered in his low, quiet voice. “I’m tryin’ to remedy that situation” Randy chuckled “I bet you are” the governor chuckled. “Who wouldn’t want to kiss you, kid? You’re one of the most handsome boys I’ve ever seen. Do you like kissing the sheriff?” “Yes, sir, ” he said. “I like it a lot.” “Feel free to do that” he said. “Anything that happens in this room tonight stays in this room. That’s a promise.” The sheriff and Kurt moved higher on the bed and began to kiss. They were now lying beside the governor, who still had the boys on his belly, both of them enjoying their kisses. “Dopie, would you like to kiss your paw?” the governor asked. “You told me earlier you’d like that.” “Yes sir, I shore would like that a lot” the boy answered as the governor lifted the boy over, helping him squeeze in between the sheriff and Kurt. The governor pulled Pepe’s little body up beside him, putting his strong arm around the boy and beginning to kiss his mouth. He turned Pepe’s body so that the boy’s hard cock was rubbing against the govenor’s hairy belly. Pepe was making soft humping motions, obviously enjoying the feel of the governor’s warm, hairy tummy against his little hard cock. Kurt and Randy had Dopie’s body tight between their own as the sheriff began to kiss his son. He had never thought of his own son in a sexual way until now and he realized what sexy little boy Dopie was. As he kissed the boy, Kurt began to rub his smooth legs from the ankle to the thigh. Dopie liked that as evidenced by his soft moans as he traded tongues with his father. Randy couldn’t believe how well his son kissed. It was obvious the boys had been doing a lot more of that than he had realized. Kurt continued to rub the boy’s legs as Randy began to make circular motions on the boy’s tummy, occasionall moving his hand higher to tease his tiny, hard little nipples. When Randy moved his mouth down to suck on Dopie’s little nipples, Dopie reached for Kurt’s head and began to kiss him. Kurt was unsure of himself at first, but was soon kissing the boy as passionately as Randy had been. Randy saw his son kissing Kurt and it was one of t he most beautiful things he had ever seen. “I think Pepe would like some of those sheriff kissies too” the governor said. “You boys want to trade?” Both boys scrambled energetically, Pepe squeezing in between Kurt and Randy and immediately trading tongues with Kurt and Dopie back into the arms of the governor. The man wrapped both his arms around the boy and began to kiss him deeply. He had pulled the boy under the covers with him now and was obviously stroking the boy’s body. Dopie’s movements became more intentional now as he began to rub the governor’s body all over as he moaned. Pepe was now turned toward the sheriff, kissing him, as Kurt was now kissing the boy along his back as he rubbed both the boy’s legs. Pepe’s hand was reaching for Kurt’s attempting to guide it to his hard little cock. Kurt, unsure of himself looked at Randy, who smiled at him and nodded. Kurt began to rub the boy’s little uncut cock and Pepe began to moan. Randy now laid the boy onto his back as Kurt and the sheriff began to kiss his body all over, even as both used their hands to stroke him. Kurt was working his foreskin gently back and forth over his pink cockhead, beautiful against his dark skin. Pepe was really a beautiful dark-skinned boy and he was enjoying having his body touched. Pepe seemed to be trying to guide Kurt’s hand to his butt, but Kurt wasn’t sure what to do. Randy reached and took Kurt’s hand, taking his index finger into his mouth and getting it nice and wet. He then spread the boy’s legs. “He wants you to touch his little hole” the sheriff said. “Go ahead. He wants it and you won’t hurt him. Kurt put his wet index finger between the boys legs. As soon as his finger touched the boy’s hot pink hole, the boy spread his legs as wide as they could go. He clearly wanted more. Randy smiled and nodded and Kurt inserted his finger. Randy quietly explained how to find the boy’s little gland and it took Kurt a minute to locate it but he did. Kurt smiled as Randy told him to stroke the boy’s spot. “It’ll make him feel really, really good” Randy said. The sheriff continue to lick the boy’s nipples as Kurt took over on Pepe’s cock, stroking the foreskin back and forth over the cockhead. He heard moans from Dopie and turned his head briefly to see Dopie had now thrown the covers off the governor and was now sucking his hard dick which now stood straight out from his thick bush. Dopie was lying on his tummy, as he sucked, the governor’s finger working in and out of his hole. Returning his attention to Pepe, the boy was moaning a bit louder now, seeming to really like the way Kurt was working his little boy prostate gland. Pepe was reaching for Kurt’s head now, trying to get his mouth on his cock. Kurt resisted , seeming unsure about what to do, so Randy leaned in and sucked the boy’s little hard cock into his mouth. Pepe really began thrusting now. It seemed the boy was getting ready for his climax. “Don’t stop” Randy whispered to Kurt. “Pound that little spot. He’s almost ready.” Randy put his mouth back on the boy’s cock which was now thrusting as fast as the boy could move his hips. Then his legs began to go rigid and his eyes rolled back. His little body started to tremble and Randy recognized he had reached his climax. Once his shivering stopped, Kurt very gently eased his finger out of the boy and Randy took his mouth off the boy’s cock. It appeared Pepe was sleeping as they moved him back between their bodies, Kurt giving him a chaste kiss on his cheek. They then looked over where the governor now had Dopie on his back, his legs high in the air as he licked his hole. From the sound of things, Dopie was loving having a tongue in his boyhole. He stopped licking long enough to wink at Randy at Kurt. “I think your boy loves being licked” he said softly. “There’s nothing as beautiful as a ginger boy’s hole. It’s a different shade of pink than anything in the world.” The governor was now circling the boy’s wet, pink hole with his index finger as Dopie moaned, seemingly unconscious of anything else going on. When the governor took his finger and his mouth away from the boy’s hole, Dopie wasn’t happy. “Please, please” the boy asked in his soft little voice. The governor went back to licking the boy after giving his dad a smile. Randy had now moved Kurt in front of him so he was just inches away from where the governor was pleasing his boy. They were both on their sides, Randy behind Kurt, his now hard cock pressing into the boy’s hip. Pepe was sleeping soundly on the far side of the bed now. As they watched the governor please Dopie with his finger and his tongue, Kurt began to wiggle his butt against the sheriff’s hard cock. Both still had their underwear on but Randy could feel the boy wiggling slightly against his own hardon. Randy had both his arms around the boy and was nuzzling his neck. Kurt seemed to like the body contact as he was moaning softly and Randy could hear his breathing accelerate slightly. The governor reached over to the small bedside table, retrieving a tube of lubricant. As he continued to lick Dopie’s hole, he put a large gob of lubricant on his index and middle fingers. He then began to tease the boy’s hole with his fingers. “Oh yeah, oh yeah” Dopie moaned. “Don’t stop, please don’t stop.” It was almost as if the boy might be in a trance as he begged the governor to finger his hole. The governor now had two fingers in the boy’s hole and there was no sign of discomfort on the boy’s part. As a matter of fact, the boy was now whimpering, apparently wanting the fingers further inside him. The governor finally inserted both fingers all the way into the boy. They went in slowly as the boy exhaled a long breath. “Oh, yeah” he said softly. The boys eyes were closed but he was smiling as the governor began to move his fingers in and out of the boy. Then he added a third finger and the boy’s expression was unchanged. “I think he’s ready” the governor said. “Are you ready for me to put it in you, son? Do you want a man’s dick inside you?” “Yes, sir, I need it inside of me” the boy said. “Please do it. Please fuck me.” The boy was still smiling as he played with his hard spike. “Okay, son” the governor said. “If it hurts, you must tell me. Do you promise?” “Yes, sir,” he said. “But please don’t wait. Put it in me, please.” “Okay, son,” the governor said as he got to his knees, Dopie’s legs in the air and the governor lining up his thick, hard cock with the tiny pink hole. He then applied another glob of lubricant to his hard cock, which was now twitching. He lined the cock up with the hole, the very tip now touching the pinkness. “Here we go, son” the governor said, as he eased the entire length of his fat cock into the boy. Dopie gasped as the cock entered him. Randy felt a momentary panic as he saw the fat dick disappear into his son. But as he watched, Dopie opened his eyes and smiled at the governor. “That feels good” Dopie said. “I don’t ever want you to take it out.” “You can have this dick any time you want it, son” the governor said as he began to slide his meat in and out of the boy. It was clear that Dopie enjoyed being fucked. As they watched his smiling son taking his first adult dick, Kurt felt Randy’s big hand easomg beneath the elastic waistband of his jockey briefs and into his fine blonde bush. Randy felt that the boy’s cock was hard as it could be. He began to kiss the boy’s neck and his shoulders, licking him all over. Randy’s cock had hardened quickly and he now gripped Kurt’s hard dick. Then he felt Kurt lowering his own underwear. Randy helped him get the tight briefs to his knees and now felt his own hot meat leaking pre-cum as it nestled between Kurt’s warm globes. He had never felt anything warmer against his cock than the boy’s beautiful butt cheeks. He was careful not to accidentally punch his fat meat into Kurt’s hole, but enjoyed his dripping cock sliding between the globes. He was beating Kurt’s meat faster now as the boy moaned softly. Right beside the men, the governor was now fucking Dopie at full throttle, the boy moaning as the governor pumped his hole. The governor had one of his hands at the boy’s mouth with Dopie sucking on two of his fingers. Randy saw Dopie’s hand go to his own little cock and begin flailing it. “Go boy” he said to his son. “Make it happen. Beat your meat, boy!” His words seemed to stimulate Kurt and the governor as Kurt began to hump faster and harder into the sheriff’s hand and the governor held the boy’s legs straight up into the air and thrust his dick into the hole as hard and as far as it could reach. Dopie’s body started going rigid as he moaned and begged the man not to stop fucking him. His words sent the governor over the edge and he started faster, deeper strokes, soon thrusting all the way into him with one long thrust, then pulling his cock entirely out of the boy and spilling his load onto the boy’s hole. Spurt after spurt of thick white mancream landed on the boy’s pink, now-gaping hole. The governor began to wipe the cum into the boy’s hole and when it was entirely slick, he slid his dick all the way back into the boy, now releasing his legs and lying on top of the quiet boy. That had sent Kurt over the edge as Randy felt his hot cream coating his hand as he beat the boy’s hot meat. He let it fly, much of it going on to Dopie and the governor. Randy felt his own climax building and backed away from Kurt slightly so he could grip his cock and beat it, very shortly spilling his load onto Kurt’s hot butt. He aimed it for the boy’s hole and hit it squarely with his hot cum. Kurt wiggled just enough that Randy’s cock actually came into contact with the boy’s hole and he heard the boy emit a groan. No one spoke or moved for a while. The room was entirely silent, with the only sound being the faint hum of the air conditioning system. The governor rolled off the boy’s body, holding him in his arms and covering them both to the waist. Kurt turned to face Randy and kissed him, their cum sticky between them. All of them went to sleep.

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