Welcome Home

Ana Dearmond

As I sit at home the television on but my mind else where, I think of you coming home. It’s been a long week with you away on business and I’m watching the clock excitedly, only ten more minutes before your home. Settled into your chair I breath in the faint smell of you, I smile as I adjust my robe a bit making sure it’s securely tied. I move quickly to the mirror to check over myself I want to look my best for you, I’ve left my hair down knowing that’s how you like it. Touching up my makeup I head back for the living room to wait. As I hear the door knob turn a smile spreads across my face and I move to the door to great you. Saying hello I lean in for a quick kiss, you always have a few e-mails to send after arriving back from a trip almanbahis so I sit down on the sofa to wait. As you begin I sit back and cross my legs, letting my robe split showing my bare legs. I see you glance over at the movement and your eyes linger on my legs before you look me in the eye. “Don’t you have work to get done?” I ask playfully, grinning at me you go back to your work. “One down, one to go.” you inform me after finishing the first e-mail. Loosening the tie I let the robe top fall ever so slightly open, I see your eyes widen as you see the new lingerie I bought for your homecoming. Moving my hand up I trace the swell of my breasts watching your eyes follow the movement. “Better finish up don’t want your boss upset.” I taunt playfully. almanbahis yeni giriş Your eyes move back to the screen and your fingers fly over the keys, I feel a familiar warmth spread through my body as I think of how skilled your fingers really are. I’m lost in thought when the sound of your laptop closing snaps me back, smiling I realize you have finished. Standing up I wait for you to reach me, as you get close your hand drops to the robes tie. With a quick motion you untie the knot and I hear your sharp inhale as the robe falls open. Pushing the robe from my shoulders I shiver as your hands slide down my arms. Gripping my hand you sit down and pull me along so I’m left straddling your hips. As I let my hands wander almanbahis giriş to your chest I lean to kiss you, a small moan escapes me as your tongue slides across my lips. Your hands on my hips begin to move up, nails raking my skin until you reach my chest. Freeing my breasts you break the kiss and I watch as you lower your head. Closing my eyes I let my head fall back as you flick my nipple with your tongue. Getting lost in the feel of your mouth on me I forget your hand that has again begun to move. The feel of your fingers rubbing me through my thong sends a jolt of pleasure through me that brings me back to the present. “Bedroom please.” I moan dropping my head to your shoulders. Sitting back you watch as I stand on wobbly legs before kneeling in front of me. Your hands reach up to my thong and slide it slowly down my legs, I sway bracing my hands on your shoulders when you gently suck my clit into your mouth. Abruptly you stand and wrap an arm around my waist.

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