Weekend Chores


Weekend Chores     When mom went back to working  double shift weekends it left me to my own devices as far as entertainment.  At least at first it did.  You know those old sayings, “Idle hands are the Devils tools.”  Someone must have whispered them into her ears, because she began loading me up with chores whenever she pulled a double so’s I wouldn’t get into any trouble.  She had another saying that she also believed in, “Spare the rod, spoil the c***d.” Believe me, she wasn’t having any spoiled k**s around.  Still, if I worked it right I could do my outside chores in the morning before it got to hot, and my inside chores after she left for work (thank God for air conditioning) and I could listen to music while washing clothes and bedding.      It was a bitch of a hot day and after Mom left for work I came into the house and took a shower.  The inside cool air felt good so not wanting to put a lot of cloths on I just pulled on a large T-Shirt and went about my chores.  Since the shirt was ‘over-sized’, I didn’t see any reason to put on any shorts or underwear of any kind.  I mean it was just me an the stupid dog. . . I got a load of laundry done, and the kitchen cleaned when I hear a tap, tap, tap on the sliding door to the back bedroom.       It’s the guy from across the alley and he’s got my dog cradled in his arms standing there with a very perturbed look on his face.  ‘is this yours? he says, I look around the yard, they hadn’t put our backyard fence in yet, it was scheduled but not finished.  ‘Yes I replied, he’s mine.   I thought he was attached to his Dog house.  ‘Well he wasn’t, and I want you to come see the damage he’s done to my flower beds.  ‘Is your mother home, I want her to see the damage? No I replied she’s at work, probably won’t be home until tomorrow morning she’s working a double.  He was getting angrier by the moment and I didn’t know what to do.  ‘Look I said stepping out of the house, can I stake him up to the dog house, and we can work this out I said trying to mollify him.  ‘No, this isn’t the first time, he said angrily, I I’m going to turn him over to a****l control then maybe you’ll learn to control your mutt’   He turned with the dog in his arms to leave but I scampered around güvenilir bahis cutting him off.  ‘Whoa, whoa, whoa, mister, please.  My mother will kill me if you do that.  Please, we can work something out  if you give me a chance.’  Something like what he asked?  Hell I didn’t know but I will admit being on the edge of desperation.     Please. I implored again let’s work something out.  He hesitated, I suddenly became aware that I was standing in the yard with no underclothes on and I could feel the air flowing under the Tee Shirt I was wearing.  He didn’t let go of the dog but turned towards the house.  As we neared the back door, ‘Can I tie the Dog up first, I asked?  Again he hesitated, but handed me the a****l and I walked over and re-attached his tether to his dog house.  I gave him a strained smile and herded him thru the bedroom door and down the hall to the kitchen.       ‘Can I get you a cold drink?, I asked  as he took a seat at the kitchen table, arms crossed.  He thought for a moment and said, yes thank you.  I got a glass and some ice from the fridge, poured a cola and smiled lamely as I took a seat across from him.  I apologized for the dog getting out and into his yard.  He listened but said little.  I excused myself when I heard the timer go off on the washing machine and went down the hall to load the dryer and another load of laundry.       When I came back to the kitchen he asked me, How are you going to reimburse me for the flowers?  I’m not sure, I replied, how much are you asking?  We haggled, his price was too high but he wouldn’t budge, I don’t have that kind of money I said, is there some way I can work it off.  What kind of work do you do?  Yard work I replied, and sometimes I do a little house cleaning, as you can tell, I said, gesturing to the house.  He looked around, briefly, yeah, I could use a maid now and then he said with a grim.  ‘A maid? I asked’ He chuckled yeah, a maid, one who don’t wear no underwear.  He looked at me intently.   Tell me boy, do you do head work as well?   We stared at each other.     Okay, he said, let’s make this simple, you do my yard work for two weeks, and stop by three days each week for two weeks for a little house work and we’ll call it even.  güvenilir bahis siteleri Even, he said with a nod, or I take the dog and talk with your mother about reimbursement.  I thought it was overkill but if I could keep it from Mom it would be worth it.  (Yeah, I was that scared of her, believe me I had reason to be).  I agreed to terms.  We even shook on it.       He drank the last of his drink, then looked at me.  Reggie isn’t it?  Yes I replied, He looked at me  Yes . . Yes what.  I looked at him and blinked, sorry?  Yes What? he repeated  I looked at him Yes what he said softly?  Yes sir, I replied.  He smiled at me and nodded ..I think, he said we ought to cement our little agreement with a gesture.  He stood up from the table and backed against the sink  looking at me he reached down  opened his shorts and let them drop to the floor.  wearing his tidy whiteys and flip flops he grinned at me c’mon over here, he said, I hesitated, then walked around the table until I stood in front of him.  ‘On your knees he said softly, then reached up put his hand on my shoulder and guided me to my knees.       I looked up at him, he wasn’t much bigger than me, but he was older, and he had white hair, a feature I couldn’t deny in the scheme of things.  He leaned forward, rubbed his crotch  over my face.  I could feel him growing and see it as well.  The pouch swelled and I could see the head of his penis begin to peek out over the waist band.  He was humming, tunelessly as he rubbed away, ‘pull it out he ordered quietly, pull it out.  I took a hold of his waistband and lowered it to just under his low hanging balls.  He fell out hitting me in the face and I leaned back to examine what I had set free.  It hung heavily at first, then slowly without being touched began to take on an upward curve.       A relatively small glans, it had a substantial stalk, I wrapped my hands around it and the head turning red hung free.  He looked down at me,  Reggie, I think you know what to do, don’t you?  I stroked it, once twice, Reggie, he said softly, put it in your mouth.’  Moving forward slowly I opened my mouth and took the head in my mouth.  I only took a little of his stalk, and quickly backed off, keeping the iddaa siteleri glans in my mouth.  This I thought to myself was an invader, and I moved forward again taking more of his stalk in, running my tongue roughly over his glans, allowing more and more saliva to coat his talk.  Oh, he began to rock back and forth, sliding deeper and deeper into my face until he bounced off of my throat.  I released one hand and cupped his balls pulling them downward and forced more of him deeper into my throat.  He stepped out of his shorts and spread his legs mmmumm humph, he moaned and sped up his hip thrust.  Leaning forward I aligned my throat with his thrusts and I could feel his glans as deep as my tonsils.  I pushed forward to meet his thrust, rolled my head left to right pushing down farther on his stalk.  I wanted more, needed more and when he neared the back I forged ahead until he head slid past the barrier and he jammed his way into my throat.       Yes, yes, yes, he muttered loudly moving hands so that one was under my chin the other at the back of my head.  He had a rhythm going, we complimented each other.  Still I could not reach the base of his stalk.  I pulled off, letting just his stalk slide between my lips, up, down, slide under, then to the left, moving again to the head an driving down as far as I could I reached out as best I could with my tongue.  ‘Damn, he said, that’s good, fuck a duck, that’s damn good.’  he continued to saw steadily in and out of my face.  I ran his glans along my inner cheek, then squeezed it between my tongue and palate, again and again into the gullet.  ‘Oh . . oh . .oh he uttered, gett’n close,  fuck get’n close, uuuhmm. . uuuhmm , daaaayyyunn.  He released, two . . three .;strong ropes flowed forth buried deep in the gullet, there was no taste until he eased himself out to where his glans remained  just inside my lips.  His man milk oozed out until it filled my mouth and I swallowed.     He stepped back, took a handful of my shirt and cleaned himself off.  ‘He smiled at me, I knew it, he said, I knew you was game when I saw you in the yard.  He pulled his shorts up and buttoned them, then helped me to my feet. Tuesday, he said, twelve noon, don’t be late.  He turned and made his way out the back door. As it slammed shut I walked to the sink and ran myself a glass of water.  Darkness was falling, and as I looked at my reflection on the glass I wondered, how did I get here, and do I have to wait until Tuesday.    

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