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Watching Noah Grow by Erastes
Copyright 2018 by Erastes
Chapter 20 – An Unusual New Year. 

On Thursday, I drove over to the 7-Eleven to see if Cheryl was working.  She was, so I waited until she finished waiting on a couple of customers before I spoke to her. 

“Do you have a second?” 

“If you don”t mind me stopping to ring out a customer every now and then.  I hope you had a nice Christmas.” 

“I did, and I hope you did too.” 

“Yeah, we all had Christmas dinner at Monica”s apartment this time, and the boys enjoyed themselves, but I know they still missed you.”

“Yes, I got a call from one of them yesterday.” 

“From Noah.  He told me.  He wants you to pick him up Friday night.”

“I know, but I don”t want to cut into your time with him.” 

“He”d be miserable if he stayed with me on Friday night, since he wants to be with you, so you can pick him up if you want.” 

“Ok, I”ll do that, as long as it isn”t a problem for you.”

“No, that”s fine, and thanks for the wine you gave me, Debbie, and Monica for Christmas.  We”re going to enjoy it on New Year”s Eve.” 

“That”s what I was hoping when I bought it.”

“We all appreciate it.” 

“So when do you want me to bring Noah back?  In the morning or afternoon on New Year”s Day?” 

“Actually, I have to work that day, so you don”t have to drop him off until Tuesday, on your way to work.  Is that ok with you?” 

“Of course, and I”m sure Noah will like the idea too, but he enjoys spending time with you as well.  It”s just that when he”s at my house, he likes playing with the remote controlled car, kicking the soccer ball around in the backyard, and going out for our evening walk.” 

“Yes, he”s told me all about doing those things, but he mostly likes just being with you.  I can tell that he and the other boys adore you, because they kept talking about you the whole time you were gone.” 

I didn”t respond, because another customer came up to the counter and I had to wait to speak with her again.  As soon as the customer left, I made my comment.  “I hope it didn”t upset or bother you, Monica, or Debbie that the boys kept talking about me.” 

“Not in the least.  We”re all thrilled with what you”ve been doing with them.  You”ve taught the boys how to swim, and they enjoy spending time with you.  Their grades are also improving, and you”ve been very generous to all of us.” 

“I just want to be a positive influence in their lives and make sure they have some good memories of this part of their lives when they get older.” 

“Oh, you don”t have to worry about that.” 

I had to wait for her to help someone else, and then two more got in line behind that person.  “I”d better get back to work, so I”ll see you on Friday on my way home.” 

“Ok, and I”ll tell Noah to be ready.” 

I left there thinking ahead to Friday night and about picking up Noah after work.  He was right.  It had been nearly two weeks since we”d last been together, and I couldn”t wait to see him again. 

I was busy finishing up the end-of-the-year duties at work, and there was a great deal to do, and that would continue for the next month.  It was good, though, because it made the time go by faster, and then it was Friday afternoon and nearly time for me leave to pick up Noah.  I could barely wait to see my boy again. 

As soon as I was able, I said goodbye to my assistant as we left the office, with me locking the doors behind us.  Then I rushed over to Noah”s trailer.  He was sitting on the front stoop with his backpack strapped onto his shoulders as he waited for me to arrive.  He broke into a huge grin when he saw me pull up. 

“Man, I”ve been waiting a long time to do this again,” he stated as he got in the front seat. 

I happened to look up and saw Cheryl was waving at me out of the door of the trailer, so I waved back.  As we were pulling away, Noah spoke.  “You”ve got to rub my penis for me as soon as we get to your house.” 

“Wow.  You certainly aren”t wasting any time.” 

“I really need you to do it for me, and then you”ve got to do it again before we go to sleep.” 

“Yes, master.  I will do as you command.” 

“Come on.  I know you like doing it to me too, and you also like it when I do it to you.” 

“Yes, you”re right.  I enjoy both of those things.”

This time, however, I only masturbated him.  He was already boned up even before he took off his clothes, and he was so emotionally and physically primed for this that it didn”t take very long for him to shoot his first load onto his belly.  That seemed to take the edge off of him for a while, so he got dressed again and went out to play with the RC car while I got dinner ready.  I didn”t put it in the oven, though, because we went out for our walk first, and then we came back to the house and showered. 

After we”d washed up and put on clean clothes, I put the food in the oven, and then I joined Noah in the living room to watch TV until the timer went off.  When that happened, we went out and ate quickly, and then Noah wanted to see if there was a movie coming on that we could watch.  I found the 1972 movie “The Poseidon Adventure” on one of the channels, so we settled in to watch that next. 

Once the ship capsized and our brave band of adventurers were making the climb to the “bottom” of the boat, Noah gasped when they had to swim underwater and hold their breath.  “I”m glad you taught me to swim, because I never would have been able to do anything like that before.” 

“That”s why I wanted you boys to learn how to swim.  You never know when it might come in handy.”

Noah was sad at the end of the movie when he realized that only a few people on that large ship had survived.  “I guess it doesn”t help if you can swim if you can”t get your head above water,” he stated when we saw them being rescued.

“Yes, and too many people forgot the ship had rolled over, so down was up, and up was down, so many of them headed in the wrong direction.” 

“Yeah, that was kind of confusing.” 

As soon as the movie ended, Noah began teasing me that it was time to masturbate him again, so we hurried through our nightly rituals and hopped into bed.  He was eager for me to do this, so I obliged him and stroked him until he ejaculated.  Once I”d cleaned him off, he did the same thing to me, and once I wiped up that mess as well, we cuddled together and fell asleep. 

When I opened my eyes Saturday morning, I noticed that Noah was sitting up in bed next to me, staring at my face.  “It”s about time.  I”ve been awake for quite a while and waiting for you to wake up.” 

“I didn”t know there was a need to hurry.” 

“Yeah, you need to rub my penis for me again.” 

“Oh.  I”m surprised you didn”t wake me up.” 

“Nah, I wanted you to get your sleep, so I just waited for you to wake up.” 

Since he had already gotten naked while he was waiting for me to open my eyes, I merely reached over and started doing what he wanted.  He began moaning almost immediately, and then he started thrusting his hips to match the movement of my hand.  A short time later he began to grunt, and then his body stiffened as the watery strings of semen shot out of his penis.  As soon as he finished ejaculating, he collapsed on the mattress for a few seconds, except for the heaving of his chest. 

After he returned from his post-orgasmic haze, he looked at me and smiled.  “I needed that, and it felt great.  Thanks for doing it for me.”  izmit rus escort

“You”re welcome, and after I clean up the mess we”ll get dressed and I”ll fix breakfast.” 

I grabbed a couple of tissues and wiped the semen off his groin, and then we both got dressed.  I then went out to the kitchen and got busy fixing us something to eat, and Noah joined me a few seconds later. 

After we ate and cleaned up the kitchen, Noah wanted to go outside and kick the soccer ball around, but I was hesitant.  “It”s still quite chilly outside, so maybe we should wait until after lunch to do that.  It will give the sun a chance to warm things up a bit, so we won”t freeze our butts off.” 

“Ok, let”s watch cartoons then.” 

It wasn”t exactly what I wanted to do, but I agreed to sit on the sofa and cuddle with him as he watched the Saturday morning shows.  He seemed to be enjoying them, because he was doing a lot of giggling in between trying to explain what was going on to me, since there was a bit of a back story.  I really wasn”t interested, but I listened just the same and nodded or grunted from time to time, which seemed to be all the input he needed.  After I sat there with him for nearly two hours, I decided to excuse myself, since I was totally bored. 

“You can continue watching your shows, but I”m going to get ready for what we”re going to do tomorrow, once the other boys get here.” 

“Ok, and what are we going to do?” 

“You”ll find out tomorrow, when I explain it to all of you.”

“Can”t you just give me a hint?” 

“Ok, since Glen is going to be here too, I”ve decided we”ll be cowboys this time.” 

“Ok, that sounds like fun,” he agreed, although I was surprised that he didn”t demand more information. 

I spent some of the time on the computer, just so it would look like I was doing what I”d told him, but basically I”d already taken care of all of this beforehand.  I just needed a good excuse so he wouldn”t feel bad because I wasn”t watching the shows with him. 

We did that until noon, and after I fixed a quick lunch, Noah had me masturbate him again before we went outside to kick the soccer ball around.  Noah was gradually getting better with dribbling, and he was getting a lot more force into his kicks too, so I was pleased with his progress.  I wanted him to be ready if he decided to go out for the school team, since I felt many of the other boys would have played on other teams before.  I”d start working with him on the rules after this weekend, so he”d know as much as the other boys knew about the game. 

After he got tired of doing that, he wanted to go inside and see if there was a movie we could watch, so I scanned the cable guide quickly.  I saw that “Bridge to Terabithia” was coming on, and although it was a sad movie, two of the characters, Leslie and Jesse, enjoyed their own fantasy adventures, so I thought Noah would like seeing it. 

“Wow, they kind of do the same things we do,” he stated after the kids had established their magical realm in the woods. 

“Yes, they used their imaginations and created their own adventures, just like we do.” 

“Did they really see those things?” 

“Probably just in their minds as they used their imagination, just like you boys do.”

When the movie ended, Noah and I went out for our walk, and after we got back to the house, we took our shower together, and then I fixed dinner while he found something to watch on TV. 

After we finished eating, Noah wanted to go outside and play with the RC car, but I had to remind him that it was getting dark a lot earlier now, so he”d have to wait for another time.  He wasn”t happy, but when he looked out the window and saw what I was talking about he relented. 

To my surprise, he now wanted to talk about the movie we”d watched earlier, so I explained it was based on a book.  He asked if I thought it would be in the library at school, and I told him it probably should be, although in some places parents tried to keep it out of the school for various reasons.  He had me write the title on a piece of paper so he”d remember how to spell it, and then he put it in his backpack so he could look for the book when he returned to school. 

After we finished our discussion, we watched TV briefly, and then Noah wanted me to masturbate him again before we went to sleep.  We went through our nightly ritual first, and then I masturbated him quickly, before he did the same thing to me.  After that, we held on to one another as we drifted off to sleep. 

After having a quick breakfast the next morning, I dropped Noah off at the end of the street leading into the trailer park, and I made sure he brought his backpack with him before we left the house.  I told him he could walk to the park and meet up with the other boys while I drove around for a couple more minutes before I went to meet them.  He nodded his understanding and got out of the front seat, and I pulled a quick U-turn and headed in the opposite direction. 

When I came back a few minutes later and pulled up along the curb outside the park, I could see all of the boys waiting for me, and each one had his backpack strapped on his back.  To my surprise, Debbie was there too, so I wasn”t sure if there was a problem. 

“Hi, Debbie.  I didn”t expect to see you here.” 

“Since you haven”t met Glen before, I wanted to come along and introduce you.  Glen, this is Brian, and he”s the guy who has been doing all of the wonderful things with your brother.” 

“So you were the one who taught my brother how to swim?” Glen immediately shot back. 

“Yes, and maybe next year I can teach you too, if your mom will allow you to join us.” 

“Yes, I think that would be a good idea, because I think he should know how to swim too.” 

“What time do you want me to bring the boys back tomorrow?” 

“Whenever you and they are ready.  Anytime before dark will be fine, because they don”t have school the next day.” 

“Ok, then we”ll see you sometime in the afternoon.  Come on, boys.  I”ve got an adventure ready for you at the house.” 

They all raced over to my car, with Noah getting in the front seat, and the rest of the boys in back.  Gus and Sam made Glen sit in the middle, but he was fine with that, since he was happy about getting to go with us this time. 

“Brian, I want to thank you for buyin” that stuff for me at Christmas,” Glen stated as we were driving away from the park.  “I already read some of the books, and I love the backpack, and the candy was good too.” 

“You”re welcome, Glen, and I”m glad your mom is letting you join us this time.” 

“Yeah, me too.” 

When we got to the house, I took the boys inside and showed Glen around, since he was the only one who hadn”t been here before.  “This is nice,” he said.  “Do you own it?” 

“Yeah, he does,” Noah answered for me, “and there”s another place just like this on the other side.” 

“And he owns that too?” 

“Yep, he owns both sides.” 

Before we got ready to go outside for our adventure, I asked them all a question.  “Have any of you seen the movies “Tombstone” or “Wyatt Earp”?  I know they”ve been on TV before.” 

Sam and Gus announced that they”d seen one or the other, but Glen and Noah hadn”t seen either.  “That”s ok, but today we”re going to be lawmen in the old west, and there are some really tough cowboys who have been causing a lot of trouble.  I think we”re going to end up having a shootout with them, so be prepared.” 

“Do you have toy guns for us to use?” Glen asked. 

“No, we just use our “maginations,” Gus responded for me. 

“Oh, ok.” 

“I”m going to tell each of you who you”re going to be, so try to remember your names, because I”ll be calling you by those names during our adventure.  Gus, you”re going to be Virgil Earp, Sam, you”re Morgan Earp, and Noah, you”re Wyatt Earp.  Glen, you”ll be Doc izmit escort Holiday, and I”ll just be another member of your group.” 

“So are the Earps all brothers?” Sam asked. 

“Yes, they are.” 

“And I”m a doctor?” Glen wanted to know. 

“Actually, Doc Holiday was a dentist.” 

“And how come you don”t have a name?” Noah wondered. 

“In real life, there were only the three Earps and Doc Holiday going up against the cowboys, although there were five of them.  There was Billy Claiborne, Ike and Billy Clanton, and Tom and Frank McLaury.” 

“So what are we “sposed to call you?” Gus followed. 

“Just call me Roy.  We”re going to start out in the saloon, meaning the breakfast counter in the kitchen, because the cowboys always go to the saloon when they”re in town.  I”ll give you each a drink while we”re waiting for them to show up.”

“You”re gonna give us beer?” Glen asked, looking shocked. 

“Yes, root beer,” I replied, which caused the boys to break into laughter. 

“Ok, that”s good,” Glen agreed. 

I then got out the mugs I”d picked up at the dollar store while doing my Christmas shopping, since I knew we would need them for the sleep over.  I poured root beer into each one and placed them in front of the boys, and I poured another for myself. 

“They will probably be showing up any time now,” I stated as we began to down our drinks. 

A few seconds later I bumped into the counter, making it look like I”d been pushed.  “Watch it, Clanton.  Men have died for doing less than that,” I shouted, to let the boys know what was going on.  “The rest of you had better watch your step too, if you plan on leaving this town alive.” 

“Yeah, we don”t like you pushin” Roy around,” Gus chimed in, causing the other three to turn and look at him. 

“And there”s five of you and five of us, and we ain”t afraid of a fight,” Noah quickly added. 

“We can do it with our hands or with our guns,” Sam followed. 

“And we”re all good shots,” Glen chipped in, not wanting to be left out. 

“I guess you know where you stand, so cool down and have a drink to wash the dust out of your mouths,” I stated next.  “I”d prefer if I didn”t have to ask you to step out in the street to settle this.” 

We all continued sipping our drinks for a while, and then I made another announcement.  “They just left, so I guess they were afraid to challenge us.” 

“But I thought we was gonna have a gunfight,” Sam stated, looking disappointed. 

“Oh, I”m sure they haven”t left town, so let”s wait and see what happens.” 

I waited until each of the boys had finished his drink before I spoke again.  “What”s that you say, boy?  You”re telling me Ike Clanton is challenging us?  And you say they”re waiting at the O.K. Corral?  Ok, men, it looks like there”s gonna be a gunfight after all.  Put on your coats and follow me.” 

After we dressed to go outside, I arranged them for the gunfight.  “Wyatt, you get in the middle, and Virgil and Morgan you stand on his left side.  Me and Doc will be on his right, and just focus on the man directly across from you.” 

We walked into the backyard and then I spoke again.  “I should have guessed they”d try something sneaky.  Virgil, I want you to take Billy Claibourne, cuz it looks like he”s trying to blend in with the stable.  Morgan, you take Billy Clanton, and Wyatt, you have Ike.  Doc, I want you to take Frank McLaury and I”ll take Tom, but watch them closely, because they”re standing away from the others.  I hope you”re ready, because I think they”re about to draw.” 

Just as I said that, we all pulled our six shooters out of our holsters and began firing.  After a minute, I told them to stop.  “Billy Clanton and both the McLaurys are dead, but Ike Clanton and Billy Claibourne gave up and ran away.  It looks like Morgan, Virgil, and Doc all got hit during the shootout, so I”ll bandage their wounds quickly and stop the bleeding before we head back to the saloon.  They can decide if they want the doctor to treat them later.” 

I pretended to bandage Virgil”s leg, Morgan”s right arm, and Doc”s shoulder, and then we went back into the house.  “I think you”ve all earned another beer, if you want one.” 

They all smiled and agreed they did.  “Do you do this every week?” Glen asked as I was pouring their drinks. 

“We do something different every time, and most of them last longer, but I guess Brian stopped us early this time cuz it was pretty cold out there.” 

“Yes, I didn”t want any of you to catch a cold and get sick, because your moms wouldn”t be happy about that.” 

After they finished their drinks, I decided it was time to eat, so I asked a question.  “Do any of you mind having pizza for lunch?”   

“No!” they all shouted back. 

“Are you all ok with both sausage and pepperoni?” 

“Yeah!” they quickly agreed. 

“Ok, I”ll call and order two large pizzas, and then I”ll get the other things out while we”re waiting for them to be delivered.” 

I had picked up large containers of potato and macaroni salads earlier in the week, so I set those on the table and I poured each boy a glass of milk to go with it.  As soon as the pizzas arrived, I let each boy take a slice, and after he put it on his plate, I told him to take whatever salad he wanted to go with it.  I also told them they could go back for seconds if they were still hungry. 

Once we finished eating, I had some quiet activities planned for the boys, since I didn”t want anyone losing his lunch.  After we carried the dirty dishes into the kitchen, rinsed them off, and I”d stacked them in the dishwasher, I wiped off the table for what we were going to do next.  I told the boys to sit down at the table again, and I pulled out a deck of playing cards. 

“Have you boys played many card games?”  They all indicated that they hadn”t, so I explained.  “I”m going to teach you some then, and I”ll let you boys play against each other.  I”ll just be the dealer.” 

Over the next couple of hours I taught them how to play Go Fish!, War, and Rummy, and I let them play each game two or three times.  When they finished doing that, I explained what they could do next.  “I thought you might like to watch the movie “The Lion King” next, while I go out and start fixing dinner.  Is that ok with you?” 

“Yeah, that sounds good,” they all agreed, so I slipped the DVD into the machine and started it for them before I went out to fix our dinner.  I had it planned so it would be ready shortly after the movie ended, but I didn”t realize one thing until it was too late.  I was fixing spaghetti and meatballs, and that was more sauce after having pizza for lunch, but I knew it would be something they would all enjoy.  I also fixed a green salad for each of them, put several different bottles of dressing on the table, and sliced the first of two loaves of Italian bread before I called them out to eat. 

“Yay!  I like sketti,” Glen said when he saw what we were having. 

“We all do,” Gus added, as they took a seat and I dished out the spaghetti on their plates and made sure each one got a couple of meatballs.  I also gave each boy a small bowl of salad and let them chose which dressing they wanted to put on it. 

“You can also take a slice or two of Italian bread if you want,” I urged.

The boys helped themselves and quickly downed everything on their plates.  I told them they could have more, but they should save a little room, because I had a chocolate cake for dessert.  I think Gus and Sam were going to take a lot more, but when they heard about the cake, they changed their minds and only took a small second helping.  I told them they could warm up the leftovers later, if they got hungry again, and they seemed to be fine with that. 

“Man, that was really good,” Glen said when he finished eating. 

“I”m glad you liked it.”

“What are we going to do now?” 

“Since you kocaeli escort boys will want to stay up late to celebrate the New Year, I thought you might want to take a nap now, so you won”t fall asleep before midnight.”

“Yeah, I think that”s a good idea,” Gus agreed. 

“I”m glad you”re not putting up a fuss.” 

“So where are we gonna sleep?” Sam wanted to know. 

“I”ve got four sleeping bags you”re going to use later, so I”ll just give them to you now, and you can spread them out on the floor.  I”ve got throw pillows you can use too.” 

Once they”d arranged the sleeping bags where they wanted them, they all passed out within fifteen or twenty minutes.  I laid on the couch but didn”t fall asleep, because I wanted to be handy when they woke up. 

Gus woke up first and then came over to sit with me on the couch.  We were chatting about a bunch of different things when the others began to wake up too, and Glen was the last to join us. 

“What are we going to do now?” Noah wanted to know. 

As soon as they all shook the cobwebs out of their brains and wiped the sleep from their eyes, we went out to the table to play “Clue”.  “Glen, this is kind of like the mysteries we have to figure out when we come here with Brian,” Noah told him. 

After we”d played the game a couple of times, I had the boys carry three of the chairs we”d been sitting on at the table into the living room.  “What are we doing this for?” Noah wondered. 

“I thought you boys might like to play musical chairs.  Have you ever done it before?” 

To my surprise, none of them had, so I explained briefly how it was played.  I then grabbed my laptop, pulled up “YouTube” and selected the music we would use.  I faced away from the boys, so I wouldn”t unintentionally show favoritism when I paused the music, and we got started.  After one of them was out, we removed one of the chairs, and when the second person was out, we were down to one chair.  Once we had a “winner”, the boys wanted to do it again, so we ended up doing it a couple more times. 

When that game ended, I told the boys it was time for them to clean up and get ready for the night.  “Did you boys bring pajamas with you?” 

“Yeah, we did,” they all agreed. 

“That”s good.  So would you prefer to take a bath or shower?” 

“I take showers,” Noah quickly stated, with Gus and Sam agreeing that they did too. 

“Mommy gives me a bath,” Glen stated. 

“Can you take a bath by yourself?” I responded, slightly concerned. 

“No, mommy always washes me.” 

“Maybe Gus can help you then.”

“No, I”m takin” a shower, so you can help him,” Gus shot back. 

“I”m not sure that”s a good idea, considering how your mom reacted the first time we met.” 

“She trusts ya now, so it will be ok,” Gus assured me. 

“Yeah, and I don”t care if you wash me,” Glen added. 

I wasn”t convinced, but what could I do?  I had the other three take their showers first, and when they finished and were in their PJs, I led Glen into the bathroom and filled the tub.  He took off his clothes, and while he was getting in the tub I grabbed his underwear and checked the size tag.  I figured it would be good to know if I were to buy him a swimsuit this summer, and then I merely stared at him for a few seconds as I considered what I was going to do next. 

Just like his brother, he was uncircumcised too, and although he had slightly more foreskin than Gus, he didn”t have nearly as much as Sam.  About that time he looked up and spoke. 

“Aren”t ya gonna wash me?” 

“Oh, I am.  I was just letting you soak for a minute first.” 

I then grabbed the washcloth, added some body wash, and began cleaning his head and neck first.  I washed his chest and back after that, and then I cleaned his legs and feet.  Once I finished doing that, I handed him washcloth. 

“You”d better do the other areas.” 

“Nah, you can do them.  Mommy always washes me there too.” 

I was hesitant, but after I had him stand up, I washed his genitals and butt quickly, and then I rinsed him off and had him get out of the tub.  After I”d dried him, he put on his pajamas, and then he went out with me to join the other boys in the living room. 

“I”ve got the movie “E.T.” for you to watch next, and I”ll start it before I go to take my shower.” 

“Can we have a drink first, cuz I”m thirsty?” Noah asked before I left. 

“Sure, come out to the kitchen with me and I”ll give you whatever you want.” 

Some wanted milk, others root beer, and I let them take their drinks back to the living room while they watched the movie.  “Just be careful not to spill anything,” I urged.

The boys seemed fine with that idea, so I went and showered quickly.  Since I didn”t have any pajamas, I slipped into some sweats instead, and then I went out to watch the rest of the movie with them.  When it ended, I asked if they wanted another piece of chocolate cake, and of course they did, so I gave them each a slice and a glass of milk, while I had some cake as well. 

I looked at the clock before I finished, and noticed it was 11:40, so I turned the TV to the channel that would show the ball dropping in Times Square, and then I handed each of them a cheap, plastic horn. 

“What are these for?” Sam asked. 

“We”ll countdown to the New Year with the people on television, and then you can blow your horns to bring in the New Year.” 

It seems that they had never done this before, but they liked the idea.  When the time came, we counted down from ten to one, and then they blew their horns and we wished each other a Happy New Year.  About the same time, I heard some booms outside. 

“What”s that?” Gus wondered. 

“I think one of my neighbors is setting off some fireworks.  It”s not legal in this state, but it seems he doesn”t care.” 

“Can we go out and see it?” Glen wanted to know. 

“Sure.  Just slip something on your feet, put on your coats, and follow me out to the backyard.” 

We all did that quickly and made our way outside.  We got there in time to see the last four rockets sail into the air and explode.  It seemed that someone living on the street behind my house, the street I used when I turned left when I jogged alone, must have wanted to celebrate in his own way.  The boys enjoyed watching the limited show, and then we rushed inside, since we were all starting to get cold. 

Once we were inside and had taken off our coats and shoes again, I told the boys it was time for them to use the toilet and brush their teeth before getting into the sleeping bags.  Gus and Sam had brought their toothbrushes in a sandwich bag, and none of the others noticed that Noah already had his toothbrush there already, but Glen hadn”t brought one.  I gave him one of the new ones I had in reserve, and after they”d all brushed their teeth and emptied their bladders, they went into the living room and crawled into their sleeping bags. 

I grabbed a blanket and pillow off my bed and carried them into the living room with me, and after making sure the boys were ok, I said goodnight, turned off the lights, and made myself comfortable on the couch.  It had been an unusual end to the old year and an exciting start to the new one.

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I wish to extend my thanks to Donny and Emoe for editing these chapters for me and offering their suggestions. 


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Although the boys in these stories sometimes have unprotected sex, I strongly urge all of you out there to be smart and protect yourselves from various sexually transmitted diseases by using taking appropriate precautions before engaging in sex.

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