Wartime Peace


Second Lieutenant Adams of the Second Battalion Wiltshire regiment stood by the local RAF office. His uniform was neatly pressed as he waited to meet the Yank pilot he was opening his home to. Greg caressed his right shoulder, the wound he received at Dunkirk wasn’t healing well. He shook his head as he thought about his new position in the army during the country’s time of need. He was now the liaison officer for the Local Defence Volunteer formations in Wiltshire. He felt slighted that while his regiment went off on manoeuvres, he had to inspect civilians playing at soldiers. If it wasn’t for Sergeant Sasha Bird of the WAAF he would have gone insane. She spent most of her free time at his house as it was but neither of them wanted to ruin their friendship by trying anything like a relationship.It was because of Sasha, Greg was waiting to meet a Yank pilot. She suggested that it would be good for Greg to have someone to talk to about the battles he had been in. Greg saw a man leave the office and walk towards him, seeing how handsome he was Greg felt jealous, ‘no wonder Sasha wanted him to be billeted with me.’ “Pilot Danny Peters reporting for duty,” the man said holding his right hand out for Greg. Greg took his hand and squeezed, gauging his strength as they shook. “Second Lieutenant Greg Adams, welcome to the war. If you’ll follow me.” Greg released Danny’s hand and walked briskly to his beautiful, traditional cottage. Greg let Danny into the cottage leading him isvecbahis into the living room. Danny sat on the sofa dumping his duffle bag on the floor, watching Greg walk to the kitchen. Danny’s eyes drifted to Greg’s ass before shaking his head. Greg returned with two opened beers handing one to Danny. Danny watched as Greg sat down on in his armchair and noticed how Greg subconsciously rubbed his right shoulder as it flared up in pain. Danny and Greg sipped their beers eying each other, trying to figure out what the other was about. Danny knew that Greg had been awarded a Conspicuous Gallantry Cross for his actions during the fall back to Dunkirk and subsequent injury. Danny could tell that Greg would shut off if he asked about the injury. Greg studied Danny, trying to figure out his reasons for volunteering to fight for King George VI and Britain. As he studied Danny he thought it must be because of honour or hunting for personal glory. A small smile spread across Greg’s lips as he realised the personal glory wasn’t the answer. Sasha and the other pilots told how Danny never took the lead and his kill record was low due to him focusing on keeping his comrades alive. “Danny I’m going to have some whiskey if you would like to join me?” Greg asked downing his beer as he stood, taking out a bottle of Glen Moray. He glanced at Danny as he poured two full glasses. Slowly he put the bottle away before taking one glass to Danny and returning to his chair with his glass. “Thank isveçbahis giriş you, Greg, for the drink and room, the cots on the barracks are not conducive to sleep.” Danny sipped the whiskey finding the taste more to his liking that his drink of choice at home, Jack Daniels. “Greg, can I ask something personal?” “You can ask but I may not answer,” Greg sighed thinking Danny was going to ask if he could ask Sasha out. “Why aren’t you and Sasha together? She clearly is in love with you.” Greg shut his eyes as he heard Danny speak. He downed the whiskey in one go. “Sasha is the only person I have left in the world, all my family are dead. So she can’t be my girl, in case it goes wrong. If it goes wrong I’ll lose her.” Greg stood up walking to the door, “I’ll show you where you’re billeted and I’ll be off to bed.” Danny downed his whiskey, picking up his duffle bag and following Greg upstairs. Greg opened the door to a room and Danny saw a big king size bed and a small single bed. “I’m sorry but you’re having to share my room, it’s taking longer to get the other room ready than I thought.” Greg rubbed his right shoulder as Danny nodded in understanding. Greg paid Danny no more attention as he stripped fully, having no shame in being naked. Slowly Greg walked to the king size bed and climbing in wrapping the covers around himself. Danny stripped slowly deciding to copy Greg and sleep naked. He couldn’t help but watch Greg and appreciate his naked form. isveçbahis yeni giriş Danny quickly got into the single bed before he could get too aroused. Greg quickly fell asleep as Danny struggled to fall asleep. He wanted to be with Greg, he wanted to feel Greg’s body next to his, to be sexual with Greg. How could he want that?  It was immoral and illegal. No, it wasn’t immoral, if it was immoral God wouldn’t let it happen. Danny shut his eyes deciding that his feelings of lust weren’t wrong, but to be careful about showing them. As Danny started to drift to sleep he was disturbed by Greg who was groaning, moaning, tossing and turning as if in pain. Danny got up looking at Greg in the darkness he could see a pained expression on his face. He moved to the bed. He lifted the covers slowly climbing in, he let the covers drop over him. Danny ran his hands softly along Greg’s legs as he leant closer to his crotch. His breath falling upon Greg’s cock, causing it to twitch. Kissing Greg’s thighs he ran his hands along the outside of Greg’s legs enjoying the feel of finally acting on his desire to be with a man. His lips lightly touched Greg’s balls, before how ran his tongue elegantly around them savouring the taste. Noticing that Greg stayed asleep he wrapped his head around Greg’s cock head sucking softly, Greg’s cock hardening quickly in his mouth. Greg’s moans changed in tone slowly, from pain to pleasure. His dreams changing from nightmares of the actions he had seen in France, to a much nicer one, Sasha slowly riding him. In his dream, Sasha was sat on his cock her hands caressing her tots as she moaned like a wanton Hussy. Danny started to suck harder loving hearing the sounds of Greg being pleasured. 

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