VirginA Virgin’s StoryThe year was 1974. A year after Jack’s Dad left his mom for a slimmer, younger woman, It left his mom devastated. Bettie did her best to hide the hurt but Jack knew. How could she not be very hurt?The next year Jack was fifteen. He went through puberty the first part of 1975. He was a sophomore in high school. It was a time when girls still had bush and Cosmo started selling skinny models. That did not bode well for Bettie. She was still only thirty two. Her and her husband had to get married when Jack unexpectedly came along. Bettie stood five feet four, one hundred forty five pounds. Bettie had a forty two inch butt. Her body was very curvy with all her weight in the right places. She had big tits and a small waist giving her the classic hour glass shape. Just a bit more than her ex had liked. Once Jack went through puberty he seemed not to notice Bettie’s sexy figure concentrating mostly on the slimmer girls at school. Jack had no idea how his mom felt incredibly lonely and horny all the time. Her dildo was getting old. He found it one day snooping around in her bedroom while she was at work. He didn’t even know what it was for. Life was about to take a huge turn for Jack.Bettie’s nipples poked out her tee shirt. Jack noticed right away. He also noticed how her tits kept jiggling around with each movement. There was something very mesmerizing about it. He found himself getting quite hard. Her perfume wafted around him. Bettie knew her tits were obviously loose. It was a game she played recently teasing her young virgin son. Her wicked game of teasing she thought, just might end up for real some day. She finally cleaned the last plate and opened the sink drain to let the dishwater drain. She turned on the disposal. A big splash and bubble made the water splash up soaking the front of her tee shirt. Now she was not only braless, but wearing a wet tee shirt. When she turned toward Jack he saw her big dark areolas and hard nipples as plain as day. Her tee shirt turned instantly see through. Jack’s eyes got big. Her tits looked so beautiful and sexy.”What?””Nothing.”Bettie looked down and saw her condition. “OOOH! Nothing you haven’t seen before huh?” She did nothing to cover up. Jack was nervous. He had never seen a naked woman before. It finally dawned on Bettie that he might not have seen a woman’s naked breasts. Jack felt small and humiliated. He was embarrassed that he was still so innocent and inexperienced. Bettie went back to her bedroom to change. She put on an over sized tee shirt that hung down mid thigh. Nothing else but her sheer black panties. Her pubic hair spilled out the sides of her panties. She knew she would be semi flaunting herself the rest of the evening. She walked out to the kitchen. Jack sat watching television. His eyes followed her bouncing tits as she walked through the room. She made herself a drink and sat on the couch opposite Jack. He noticed her black panties right away. He saw her hairs sticking out the sides. He wondered why she was so careless. She made him very curious. He began to wonder if she was teasing him on purpose. He would have guessed correctly.”What are you watching?””A movie and I don’t know the name of it.” A commercial came on and Jack got up to go change into gym shorts. When he returned the movie was back on. A man and a woman were at home in their bedroom talking. They were both dressed up and the man took the woman into his arms and kissed her passionately. They began to make out. The man unzipped the woman’s dress and she reached down to rub his bulge. They began to undress. The movie showed the woman’s breasts and showed their bodies making the motions two people make when they fuck. The dialogue then turned mildly dirty. “Yes baby! Do it!” It was fairly graphic without showing much flesh. Both Bettie and Jack were turned on by the steamy scene. Bettie raised her right leg up bent at the knee. That caused her tee shirt to open up exposing her panties. Her nipples were rock hard.”Do you like watching stuff like that?””I suppose.” Jack turned to answer and saw his mom’s panties. He saw how revealing they were. His mom had a very sly smile on her face.Bettie finished her drink and got up. She went to make another drink. Something in her snapped and she made two drinks handing one to Jack. “Here. Have a drink with me.” Jack was very surprised and delighted. Bettie sat back down and she started to talk.”So have you been with a girl yet?”Jack looked confused. “Uh, what do you mean?” Bettie laughed and pulled her tee she up and bahis siteleri sat cross legged. Her shirt was above her panties and her pussy was very exposed now. Jack could see right through her sheer panties. Her back bush was completely exposed.”Have you fucked a girl?”Her blatant language surprised him. He had never heard her say that word before. “No.””HHHHMMMMM. Let’s see, you’re what, sixteen?””Yes.””I was about your age when it happened. Do you know who took my virginity?” Of course he didn’t know. Bettie was at her most wicked now. Jack sat there in stunned silence. He was very nervous. “Take a wild guess.””Dad?” Bettie laughed out loud.”Sorry. You’re so young and innocent. I know you think things are supposed to be a certain way. But life has a way of turning out very different than the way it should be. Have you grown hair down there?”Jack was about to take the last drink of his cocktail. Bettie downed hers. She stood up and reached out for Jack’s glass. He handed it to her and she went to make more. When she returned she smiled. “Show it to me.””What?””Your cock. Show me your cock.” Jack turned pale with fear. “Its okay. I’m your mom. I’ve seen it before. I’m not going to hurt you. I just want to see it.” Jack’s hand shook almost spilling his drink as he set it down on the coffee table. He lowered his gym shorts and underwear. As he did his big eight inch cock sprung out. Bettie’s eyes got big. Her mouth dropped open. “Oh my God Jackie! Its so big! Come over here!” As he moved in front of her he was stunned to see her hand gently take ahold of it. Her hand felt amazingly good touching him that way. It throbbed as she gently stroked it. Nothing ever felt so good to Jack. “Wow! You’re going to make some girl very happy with this big thing. It’s so much bigger than your fother’s.” Bettie pulled him closer and opened wide. She took half of his cock in her mouth. Jack was shocked. He watched his mom sucking him for a minute. When she came off she looked up and smiled. “Feels good doesn’t it?” Jack didn’t know what to say. “Come with me.” Bettie let go and she stood up. Jack followed her back to her bedroom. There she pulled off her tee shirt. “Take off your clothes.” Bettie slid her panties off. “Now lay down right here.” Jack did and his mom climbed on top of him. She reached down and held his cock upright sliding her pussy down onto him. It felt warm and wet. It felt amazingly good inside her. Like nothing had ever felt so good. Bettie began to pump her pussy on him. “Feels good doesn’t it?””Yes.””You like mommy’s pussy?””Yes.””Good. Mommy likes your big fat cock inside her pussy. I want you to start fucking me!” Jack was reeling now. He looked at her pussy fucking him. It looked so naughty and felt so incredibly good. Bettie’s tits jiggled about as she gyrated and pumped on her son’s cock. He could smell her scent. It was a strong odor that made him want her even more. “Don’t hold back. If you have to come just shoot it in me.” Jack didn’t last long. Within two minutes he began to squirm. “Do it! Shoot it in me! Give it to me baby!” Jack moaned as he began to come. He felt his mom’s pussy gushing and pussy juice flowed out soaking them both. She shuddered and whimpered as her orgasm shivered her body. “OH JACKIE! You did it! You made me come!” Bettie didn’t stop. She kept right on pumping him. Jack’s cock stayed hard even after he came. “That’s it! Get that pussy! You like it?””Yes.””MMMMMMM It feels so good!” Bettie leaned forward dangling her tits on his young face. He held them and suckled them. “That’s it baby. Don’t be afraid to touch me. I like being touched in naughty ways.” Jack began to feel very different now. He suddenly wanted her badly. His cock was as hard as a nail and Bettie was fucking him harder. She screamed out and pussy juice flooded them again. “OH Jackie it’s soooooo goooooood!” He loved that he could finally please his mom somehow. Bettie planted a wet kiss on him. Their tongues swirled together. They were now lovers. Once the kiss ended Bettie whispered into his ear. “I want you to start fucking me a lot from now on.” She kissed him again as they continued. A half an hour into it they traded places with Jack on top. He thrust deep and hard into Bettie’s spread open pussy. He held himself up with his arms as he plowed into her watching his cock fucking her beautiful bush. Bettie gripped his arms as she screamed and squirted. “OH GOD! FUCK ME!!” After Jack ran out of breath, he needed to stop and rest. “Oh baby that was so hot! You know you don’t always have to go canlı bahis siteleri so fast. Sometimes it feels really good just going slow. I’ll teach you everything you need to know.” She held him as he recovered his breath. He began to move slower. “That’s it baby. Nice and easy.” Bettie wrapped her legs around his waist and they kissed again. Jack slid his hand down under her butt cheek. He grabbed her ass and his finger slid into her taint area. “MMMM I like that. Such a dirty touch.” She moaned as his finger rubbed her sphincter. “MMMMMM YES!” Jack began to realize his mom was a very dirty woman. His heart pounded with delight as he took advantage of her lust. Now he was full of lust. Lust for her and that was exactly what Bettie needed and wanted that night. They fucked for over three hours. Bettie came several times. Jack came twice. They slept together in her bed.The next morning Jack woke up in his mom’s bed. Instantly he remembered how they had fucked. His cock was rock hard. The memory of his mom’s beautiful bush pumping him and making him come was now burned into his memory forever. He was still full of lust for her. But then the thought of how forbidden it was occurred to him. What would people say? He knew it was very wrong.Bettie walked into the bedroom bringing him coffee. “Good morning.” She wore her bath robe. She sat on the edge of the bed right next to him as he sat up. His hard cock was obvious. “Sleep good?” Jack took a sip of the coffee. Bettie could see the worry on his face. “What’s wrong?” Jack hesitated. How to tell her his worries?”Talk to me. Its okay.””Its just that, uh, what we did…””Its going to be alright. I know it was wrong for us to do that. I’m your mom and mom’s aren’t supposed to do that right?””Yes.””Did you like it?””Yes.””You know, I did too. I just thought we could have our own little secret fun.””What if someone finds out?””How? Are you going to tell someone?”‘No way!””Then you have nothing to worry about. You see, life is short. Its all in how you look at things. The way I see it, we can have a lot of fun together if we want to. Why go through life unhappy and worrying?” She smiled at him and stroked his face. “I guess after going so long without I got a little desperate. When I saw how big your cock is I just couldn’t help myself. I hope you understand.””It’s okay mom. I just felt a little strange about it.””I know. We don’t have to do it if you don’t want to. But it sure was fun wasn’t it?””Yes it sure was.””I can give you all the pussy you want! Would you like that?””Yes”Jack’s heart jumped. Bettie pulled back the covers and held his throbbing cock. “So would you like to start sleeping in here with me at night?””Yes.””Good. I want you to fuck my brains out later.” Bettie went down on him. She almost made him come and stopped. Pre-cum leaked from his cock. She stood up. “I’ll show you how to lick my pussy this afternoon.” She opened her bath robe showing him her pussy. “I’ll teach you everything you need to know about a woman’s pussy. We need to go to town and get some groceries. We’ll have some fun when we get back.” Jack’s cock wanted her so badly. He thought about tasting his mom’s pussy and how incredible that must be. He couldn’t wait! Bettie turned to go shower. Her bare ass jiggled as she walked into her bathroom. Jack wanted her badly! He was just finishing his coffee when she came out naked. She stood in front of her dresser mirror. She reached for her perfume bottle and sprayed some on her neck. To Jack’s delight she pointed the bottle at her bush and gave it a shot of perfume. He would remember that forever. What a cool trick!Jack helped his mom carry in the groceries. They put them away and Bettie brought out her Dutch oven. She started making her stew. “Here, cut this celery into two inch pieces. Then do the carrots only half inch. I’ll be right back.” Jack did as she asked. A few minutes later Bettie appeared wearing a black see through negligee’. Jack became instantly hard. It was three in the afternoon. The phone rang. It was one of Jack’s friends, Michael.”Hello?””Hi Michael.””Uh huh. Oh really? Well I’d like to but I can’t tonight.””Yes.””Well my mom is sick and I need to stay here with her.””Okay. Well have fun without me.” Jack hung up and looked at his mom.”Oh my God! I cannot believe you just did that!””What?””Did you just choose me over going out with your friends?””Yes. I suppose so.””I’m flattered. Don’t worry. We’re going to have plenty of fun right here.” They quickly finished putting the stew together and Bettie placed canlı bahis it in the oven. Bettie fixed a couple of drinks and took her son back to her bedroom. “Now take your time and go slow. We have all night.” They came together and kissed. Jack’s hands got busy grabbing her breasts and ass cheeks. He rubbed her crotch. Bettie rubbed his bulge. “MMMMMM I love being fondled and teased. When you go slow it makes it that much more exciting when you finally slide your cock inside me.” Bettie reached down and unsnapped her bottom. Jack didn’t know it could do that. His finger slid into her as they kissed again. Her pussy was soaking wet and ready for his attention. “Let’s undress.”Bettie laid on her back and spread wide for Jack. Jack’s cock was sticking straight out. He climbed in between her open legs. His hands ran up her legs right next to her hairy pie. He laid on his belly in front of her bush. Bettie raised her knees bending her legs up. “Now look here. See this?””MMMMHHHMMM.””This is my clitoris. When you rub a woman’s clit her pussy starts to get wet and excited. My clit is very sensitive. Be very gentle at first. Always be gentle with a woman until she tells you otherwise.” The smell of his mom’s pussy was making him crazy with lust for her. Bettie’s hands held her pussy lips open. Her lips were like two big butterfly wings. Her pussy lips were dark on the outside and pink inside. “Now baby if you start licking me you must concentrate on my clitoris. Run your tongue up and down my pussy and stop on my clit. Then suckle it and swirl your tongue around it teasing it. Try it.” Jack couldn’t wait to taste her nether flesh. He eagerly lapped at her cunt delighting in her taste and smell. His tongue slid up and down her hairy slit a few times stopping on her nub. Bettie began to moan.”Oh yes baby! Right there!” His tongue danced around her nasty little nub making her squirm with delight. She began to buck up into his face. Jack was loving it. He wanted her pussy juice all over him. It was just like catnip to him. Up and down again as Bettie began to whimper. His tongue went further down probing her sphincter. Then back up to her clit. He felt her hand on the back of his head pulling him into her cunt. She grinded into him. “Suck it and flick it!” As he did she jerked her head sideways and screamed. “OH GOD! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!” Suddenly pussy juice came squirting out of her splashing against Jack’s face. He did it! He made his mom’s pussy come with his tongue!”Now baby! Come fuck me!” Jack moved up as pussy juice dripped down onto her body and he slid into her. They kissed passionately. Jack’s face was covered with pussy juice and Bettie simply did not care. He thrust into her making her grunt. When the kiss ended Bettie hollered out. Jack’s cock slid in all the way and he began to come immediately. “OH GOD MOM!”They both reeled in the excitement. Jack pumped twelve times into his mom’s wet pussy. “Keep going baby!” Jack slowed a bit as his mom put her hands on his butt cheeks pulling him into her.”Oh yes baby! Nice and easy. Get that pussy!” They were off to a fast start. It was time to slow down.After about twenty minutes they took a short break. They drank and talked. “You’re doing fine.””Thanks mom.””If you like, you can start calling me Bettie when we’re back here fucking.””That would be weird.””I know. But we’ve already cleared that hurdle haven’t we?””I guess so Bettie.” She smiled. Bettie got up to make more drinks. When she came back they took a drink and Bettie mounted him and began sliding up and down very slow. Jack’s eyes starred at his mom’s beautiful soaking wet cunt watching how the skin touched him sliding up and down. How her pussy lips almost closed at the top of his cock head and how they parted when she went back down. “That’s so amazing Bettie!””You like that?””I love it! I could do this all night.””Me too and that is exactly what we are going to do my handsome young man” She leaned in and they kissed slowly and passionately. Her tits raked across his body rubbing her nipples on his skin. He was thrilled to have her. Bettie craved his big cock. They fucked into the night stopping only to have a bite to eat then right back at it. That Saturday they fucked a total of six hours. The next day they went to bed early and fucked for two hours before going to sleep.That Monday Jack felt like a man at school. He had a new attitude and felt great. He couldn’t wait to see his mom that night. He made sure to have his homework completed before she came home. That night they went to bed early again. The following weeks were spent that way. Weekends were a marathon of fucking. Jack’s friends thought he was weird for not going out anymore. They had no idea that he was getting laid almost every night and loving it.

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