Unusual First Meeting Ch. 06


Another dip into my life with Angie. To get the full picture of where we are you should start at chapter 1 but the chapters can be read as separate stories.

We had settled into our new flat and life together was just fine. We went out together and with friends regularly but also had nights out apart on a regular basis too. I still went out about once a month with my three mates from work. The only difference was that, unlike them, I wasn’t on the pull anymore as I was quite happy just Going back to Angie. A few months after Angie and I moved in together we had one of these nights coming up again and talking about it in work Evan mentioned that night Angie and I met when she had a gangbang with all of us at Evan’s place. We all agreed that it had been a fun night so when I got home from work, I mentioned it to Angie.

“Perhaps I should go with you on Saturday and see what happens. ” she said with a horny grin.

“Well, I don’t mind and I’m sure they would love it. So, it’s up to you if you fancy it.” I replied. I was thinking how hot it had been watching her fuck my three mates and how deliciously sloppy her cunt had been when it was my turn.

When we showed up at the pub on Saturday Angie went straight up to the guys and said,

“I hear you’ve been talking about me at work.” They were gobsmacked for half a minute then started stuttering about not meaning any harm and trying to say it was just a joke.

“Calm down you lot.” she grinned “It’s all fine. It made me remember that night too so that’s why I decided to turn up here.”

That silenced them again for a short while. Then they all started to talk at once going on about how great it had been and hoping she was up for it again.

“Sure am!” she answered, “But let’s get a few rounds in first.”

Evan and Chris shot off to the bar saying the drinks were on them as we were being so good to them. Angie headed off to the Ladies and Mike turned to me and said,

“You really ok with this?”

“Oh yeah!” I said, “Angie loves to fuck and I love watching her, so long as I get some too.”

We found a booth where the table was next to the aisle and a long curved bench ran round it. It was really only meant for four but being squeezed up close was fine with us. I sat on one end with Evan and Chris either side of Angie and Mike on the other end. The booth was in a corner of the bar with a blank wall opposite where there was a short corridor from the bar to the storeroom. This meant that unless anyone walked right up to the booth, they couldn’t really see what was happening.

“Angie was wearing her favourite outfit of spaghetti strap t-shirt and short denim skirt. It didn’t take long for Evan and Chris to discover that that was all she was wearing. They were playing with her unfettered 38d’s under her shirt and slipping hands up her skirt to explore her, already, wet cunt. Angie, meanwhile, had unzipped their shorts and had a hard cock in each hand, All three of them did pause occasionally to lower the level in their beer glasses so it wasn’t all that long before another round was in order.

Chris said that he was up for the next round so he pushed his way out. Evan said that he would help so that left Mike and I to play with Angie. The three of us were up for that and were well into by the time the new round arrived. This round seemed to go down pretty quickly and as we were drinking the last of it Angie suggested that we go somewhere else. Evan’s place happened to be nearest so we headed there again with a stop at the off licence on the corner for supplies.

We arrived at Evan’s front door escort izmir and he opened it to let Angie in first. As we filed through the door the sexual tension in the air was almost like a static electricity charge. The air was almost crackling. Angie went straight to the bedroom, kicking off her sneakers. As she walked across the room she whipped her shirt and skirt off and climbed straight onto the bed. All of us guys stripped as we got into the room. I walked to the foot of the bed and gave Angie a grin and a wink as the others joined her on the bed. I had brought a camera in one of the pockets of my cargo shorts and had retrieved it as I took them off. I aimed it at the four on the bed. Chris and Mike were lying on either side of Angie and were already sucking on her nipples and fondling her tits. Evan was between her legs kissing his way up her right thigh towards her pussy which was already obviously wet from all the fingering it had had at the bar.

Angie was giving little moans from the attention her nipples were receiving plus Evans tongue working up her thigh. The moans became a squeal as Evan got to her cunt and ran his tongue up from bottom to top and then sucked her clit into his mouth.

“Fuck yeah!” she yelled and bucked her hips up to push her clit harder against Evan’s mouth. She was pretty worked up from all the playing at the bar and it wasn’t long before she was bucking and wailing as she came hard.

Once she calmed down a bit Evan slid up her body and slowly slid his cock into her.

“Ooooh yeah! That feels good!” she said. “Just take it slow for a bit.” Evan started to slide his cock in and out of her cunt, full length strokes. nice and slow, as requested. Angie looked at the two either side of her and said,

“Bring those cocks up here. I want to suck you both.” They slid up to kneel either side of her head. She took both cocks in her hands and gently wanked them.

“Mmmmm nice!” she said, pulling Chris’s cock to her mouth and sucking most of it in. She worked her mouth up and down it for several strokes then pulled off and did the same to Mike. Evan, meanwhile was starting to pick up speed as he got closer to cuming and Angie was starting to give off muffled squeaks and moans around whichever cock she had in her mouth. She pulled off Chris’s cock with a gasp then yelled,

“Oh fuck I’m cuming! Fuuuuuck!” Her orgasm triggered Evan’s and he was groaning as he shot ropes of spunk into Angie’s clenching cunt. After a minute or so getting his breath back Evan pulled out and left Angie’s cunt gaping open with a fine trickle of cum running out. She tugged on Chris’s cock to urge him down to take over. He got between her legs and rammed his cock into her cunt. She was well lubricated and it went in with no resistance at all. Angie had Mike’s cock in her mouth again but she pulled off to yell,

“Fuck yeah! Fuck me hard. Make me cum again. Chris didn’t really need any encouragement as he started pounding his cock into her. Loud slaps sounded as he rammed into her squelching cunt. They were both building up for a climax at a rapid pace.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, yeahhhhhh!” Angie wailed in time with Chris’s grunts as he slammed into her.

“Nearly there!” he yelled.

“Go for it! Fill me up!” Angie squealed. Chris suddenly stopped pumping with his cock all the way in.

“Cumming!” he yelled as he sprayed Angie’s cervix with cum. Angie wrapped her arms and legs around him while squirming to mash her clit against him. Her head went back as she screwed her face up in the classic cum grimace but she was silent as if she had no breath escort izmir to make any noise. After a long pause Angie’s muscles relaxed and she panted,

“Oh my god that was intense” Chris’s cock slipped out of her cunt followed by a rush of combined fluids that ran down to pool on the sheet. Chris moved off Angie and Mike immediately took his place.

“Sorry babe.” he said, “But I’m not going to last long after watching you and you sucking me all this time.”

“It’s fine.” Angie replied “Just get in there and give me your load too.”

Mike didn’t need telling twice as he slammed his rock hard cock into the gaping, dribbling cunt in front of him. More cum squirted out around his cock as it plunged, full length, into the hot hole waiting for it. Mike was pumping furiously as he strained to unload the cum he had been holding onto. It didn’t take long before he stiffened and howled as he pumped a huge load of cum to join the loads of mixed cum already there. Even though Mike hadn’t lasted long Angie had another big cum as he unloaded into her twitching cunt. She looked at me and gave me a huge smile,

“Get over here and reclaim me.” she panted. “I know you are just dying to get you cock in my sloppy cunt.” I just wanted to look first as Mike pulled out. Her whole crotch area was a mess. Cum was running out of her cunt and it was all over her cunt area and the upper part of her thighs. Her labia were swollen and red and puffy. That was one very fucked cunt and it was waiting for my cock to fill it one more time. I placed the head of my cock just above her arsehole and slid it upwards, collecting the spunk that was running down. As soon as I got to her hole it slipped into her without any effort at all. She felt amazing as my cock went all the way in. She was so slippery and hot and I could feel the cum being forced out if her as I filled her up. As I bottomed out in her cunt she wrapped her arms and legs around me and held me as tight as she could. Her lips found mine and we kissed with her tongue pushing straight into my mouth. She tasted of cock and it was wonderful. We just held still with our tongues duelling for a long time until she relaxed her grip a bit and said,

“Now I need you to make love to me.” she said, and so I did. I pulled my cock back slowly until it was nearly out and then, just as slowly back in.

“That’s it.” she said and went back to kissing me. Every time I slowly pushed in she pushed her pelvis up to get me all the way in. We were in our own little world for a while, just loving each other. Even though we were not moving fast we both started to rise towards climax at the same time. I felt Angie start to shudder and that triggered my own explosion as I fired another huge load into her already overloaded cunt. We just lay there for a while recovering, then Angie pushed me off her and said,

“Shower time I think and then I need a drink.” Seeing the other guys looking a bit disappointed she said,

“Don’t worry. Once I’ve had a drink and a rest we can start again. This time I want all three of you at the same time.”

“Who’s gonna do anal?” asked Evan.

“No anal. Don’t do that.” Angie replied. “I want two of you in my pussy and one in my mouth. I’m off to shower so work it out amongst you as to who goes where.” The three of them looked at each other, then all started to talk at once with Evan saying he’d seen it done in a porno and didn’t fancy trying it but Chris and Mike thought it would be fun to try so that was soon settled.

Angie came back from the shower naked but drying her hair with a towel. The rest of us trooped off, one by one, to the bathroom for a clean up. I got more beers sorted before going last so by the time I came back the others were all sitting around chatting and drinking. We decided on another beer before starting again. I think the guys wanted a bit more recovery time as much as anything. The four of them were on the bed. Angie was in the middle, sitting with her back against the headboard with the guys sitting, one on either side and Chris on the end, twisted around to see Angie.

As they were getting to the end of their drinks Mike and then Chris slid up alongside Angie and started to play with her tits. Evan moved up, spreading her legs and began to work on her pussy. He was rubbing her clit and then moving down to push two fingers into her. She was obviously turned on enough to be wet enough for him to do that easily. Angie was gasping and moaning from having both nipples sucked and then Evan got his fingers right in deep and moved up to lick and suck on her clit. Angie gave a louder yelp as he sucked her clit into his mouth. She started to buck her hips and it wasn’t long before she was wailing through a shuddering cum.

Angie slid off the bed and got Chris to lie down. She straddled his hips and started to lower herself onto his cock.

“Hang on.” said Mike. “Let me get in your pussy for a minute to lube my cock up.” Angie thought that was a good idea so she leant forward onto Chris’s chest and lifted herself onto her knees to let Mike fuck her doggy style. Despite showering there had to be plenty of cum still up in Angie’s cunt so Mike’s cock was soon pretty slick. He pulled out and Angie lowered herself onto Chris’s cock. As soon as she was all the way down Mike lined his cock up on top Chris’s and pushing down with his fingers as he shoved forward his cock was soon fully embedded in her cunt along with Chris. Chris eased back and then pushed in again as Mike eased back. They soon had a rhythm going and Angie was moaning steadily. Her moans got muffled as Evan stepped up and she took his cock in her mouth. All three guys picked up the pace and Angie was wailing like a banshee as they fucked her. Because they had all cum once already they were able to last a long time. It must have been a good fifteen minutes before Chris yelled,

“I’m gonna cum!”

He tensed up as he shot his cum into Angie’s cunt which was enough to take Mike over the edge as well and he was groaning and shoving down into Angie as he, too pumped cum into her. There was cum running out around their cocks and dripping down into Chris’s crotch. Seeing and hearing the other two cum, Evan filled Angie’s mouth with spunk too. After a minute getting their breath back the four of them disentangled themselves. Angie looked at me and grinned as she lay back on the bed and spread her legs. She knew what I wanted.

Once again her crotch was a mess with cum all over the place. Her labia were swollen, red and slick with fluids. I knelt between her legs and ran my rock solid cock up and down her cunt lips, then slid it all the way in. As it was going in I lowered myself until I could kiss her. Her cunt felt superb, slippery and hot. Her mouth still tasted of spunk and that was so good. Our tongues duelled as my cock slid in and out of her well lubricated cunt. I could feel fluids being squished out around it every time I pushed in. I picked up the pace, our bodies slapping together as I fucked her hard and fast. It wasn’t too long before we were both yelling as we came really hard. We were both gasping for air as I slid off her and lay next to her.

“That was really great guys,” Angie said. “Come on Hun. I’m knackered now. Let’s go home.”

I will start the next episode soon. Please vote and comment if you like what you have read so far.

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