Subject: Uncle Chuck’s Underwear Drawer (Part 19) This is the second-to-last installment…please enjoy and please donate to Nifty if you can. This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. Please do not read if you are under the legal age in your country or region. — We got upstairs and were about to part ways when Joey said, “Just use my shower, there’s plenty of room.” I looked at my cousin, standing before me in a pair of his tighty whities, the front of which was saturated with his father’s load, and I shrugged. There were no lines anymore, I figured, and followed him into the room. The room didn’t look much different to how it had when Dad, Uncle Chuck, and I had raided his underwear. The only major difference was that there were clearly pairs of briefs that didn’t belong to him lying conspicuously on display. I followed him into the bathroom, where he gestured at my Hanes, “So you and our dads have had this whole thing going for a while now?” “You know, there’s a bit that they left out. The last night of our trip up here ended with the three of us in our matching Hanes in your dad’s bed. Your dad tore open the back of mine and–” “He fucked you?!” Joey’s jaw dropped. His tone was tough to read whether this was too much for him to handle. “No, no…well, not exactly,” I rebutted. Joey’s face dropped a bit. “Damn, I would’ve loved to hear about that,” he gave me a sly smirk as he dropped his Calvins to the floor. I couldn’t help but scan his body even though this was becoming an increasingly common occurrence. He reached in and turned the shower on. “He kind of thrust between my legs from behind while my dad put his dick through my fly and did the same from the front,” I continued. “Whoa, those shorts must’ve been ruined.” “Yeah, I should show you them sometime,” I offered. Joey gave me a look. “You still have them?” He asked. “Of course. They’re part of our collection,” I said, his look of confusion reminding me that I hadn’t filled in all of the details. “Yeah, it’s a bunch of briefs that our dads have taken over the years, plus those ratty ones they used on me, and even a pair of Grandpa’s undies from back in the day that they’ve traded back and forth for years.” “You’re telling me you’ve got Grandpa’s briefs?” He looked shocked.”Yep, a pair of Grandpa’s, a pair of my dad’s that I’ve needed to put in a plastic bag because they stink of jizz, a pair of yours–” “Holy shit, man, I can’t believe what I’ve been missing,” Joey cut me off as he stepped into the shower. I leaned against the sink for a minute as we continued talking before he poked his head out. “Drop those briefs and get in,” he said with a mock drill-sergeant tone. The shower was a large stall, so there was plenty of room for both of us. I hooked my fingers into the waistband and let them fall to the floor. I kicked them to the side, where they landed atop Joey’s. I stepped in beside my naked cousin, who had already begun to lather up. He passed me a bottle of body wash. There we were, as though it was totally normal that we were in the shower together. I squirted some soap into my hands and began to wash up, my cock already getting excited again. I stepped şişli travesti to Joey’s side to get under the showerhead to rinse off a bit. “Mind if I take a leak?” Joey asked. I shrugged, looking down at his cock as a stream began to pour out of his head. It splattered into the drain as he let out a groan. “Nothing like pissing after getting your rocks off.” I forced myself to close my eyes so I didn’t get too excited, letting the water rush over my hair. The next thing I knew, I felt a splash at my feet. I opened my eyes and saw Joey aiming himself at me, the hot stream traveling from my feet up my legs as Joey pointed it upward. Within seconds, his piss was splashing all over my dick and balls. “Dude!” I shouted out, reaching down to cover myself. I cupped my hands over myself and caught some of his urine and tossed it back in his direction. “Just helping you rinse off,” he said with a grin as he shook the last drops from his dick. He stepped out of the shower and began to towel off. I rinsed off the rest of the body wash and what was left of my cousin’s piss and turned the shower off. Joey handed me a towel and I dried myself off. We talked for a minute before Joey wrapped his tightly around his waist. “I want to see the collection,” he said. I beckoned him to follow and we stepped out of his bathroom and bedroom. We walked down the hallway in just our towels, as though that was totally normal, and went into my room. I reached down to my suitcase and grabbed the brown bag that Dad had so carefully packed. I opened it up and dumped its contents out onto the bed. Joey examined the contents carefully. He picked up the pair of Grandpa’s old Hanes and brought them to his nose. He inhaled before letting out a deep sigh. He put them down and continued to sift through. He grabbed a plastic bag and opened it up. It was a pair of Dad’s Staffords that held more than a few of his, Uncle Chuck’s, and my loads. Joey didn’t even need to bring it to his nose to get a whiff. He zipped it back up and then grabbed a cleaner-looking pair of whities. “Anything special about this pair of Dad’s Jockeys?” he asked. “Oh yeah…my Dad walked in as I was jerking off over your dad’s underwear drawer. He joined me and we both shot our loads on your dad’s clean briefs. Then, I just put it back like nothing had happened.” “Oh, and here are the magic Hanes,” he said as he lifted up a pair of tattered undies. The front was crumpled together while the back was barely intact from where Uncle Chuck had slipped himself inside. “I bet these would look good on me. I wonder if my dad would remember them.” “I doubt he could forget them. How about I let you wear them down later tonight and see if it jogs his memory.” He took them and wrapped them around his wrist, given that we were just in towels and he had no pockets. “Why not just wear them out?” I asked. “There’s another pair I want to wear,” he replied, gesturing to me as he began to walk out of my room. I followed him down the hallway to Uncle Chuck’s room. I followed him inside and shut the door behind us. Joey bee-lined for the dresser and slowly pulled out the drawer. “So this is what you’ve always enjoyed doing?” he asked. “Yep. Have you ever done this before?” I asked, not believing that I hadn’t even thought to brought it up before. “Well, when I went through the phase of thinking briefs were uncool and threw out all beylikdüzü travesti of my old tighty whities, let’s just say I usually had a pair of Dad’s undies on underneath my own.” Joey grabbed the drawer and pulled it out, just the same way I had done so a few months before. He laid it out on the bed. “Take your pick.” I began to flip through the piles of white briefs. Gone were the days of consistency for Uncle Chuck’s underwear drawer. Now, pairs of my dad’s and my briefs were mixed in without care. As I looked through, Joey turned his attention to the laundry bin. He was going through it for a minute before he let out a gasp. I turned to him and he held up a pair of Jockey briefs–the ratty ones I had torn open the other day before penetrating my uncle. The look on Joey’s face of surprise met my own knowing look. “You recognize these?” he asked in disbelief. “Well…the other night after you went to bed, my dad, your dad, and I were talking and your dad pulled up the footage from the security camera in the gym,” I said. “Oh shit,” Joey replied, absentmindedly sniffing at the skanky shorts in his hand. “Yep, and there we were, jerking off. I then took hold of the remote and skipped around and found one of our dads’ workout sessions. Specifically, my dad working your dad out.” I gave Joey a grin as he dropped his towel, revealing his boner. He wrapped his fist around it and began to stroke. I couldn’t help but watch as it went up and down, his wrist bound with the pair of torn-up Hanes. “And these were the remains of them going at it in the gym?” he asked. “Not exactly. We got talking and one thing led to another and we all stripped down. Then your dad got on his hands and knees and my dad told me to tease his hold through the cotton. So I did.” I was now fully hard and let my own towel drop. My cousin and I stood there, naked in my uncle’s bedroom, jerking off over his underwear drawer. “What next?” Joey asked. “I sniffed and began to lick at the fabric. Then, I realized they were covered in little holes, so I tore open one of them open and began to go to town on him. Soon enough, your old man was begging for it and my dad and I Eiffel-towered him.” The look on Joey’s face was a mixture of pleasure and jealousy. “You fucked my dad?” he asked. I nodded. “Do you wish it had been you?” I asked, watching my cousin beat off. “I wish it had been him fucking me,” he said, his strokes growing furious as he began to suck at the dirty briefs in his hand. He then broke his pace and looked down at the briefs. “I know you and your dad like to mark your territory with your cum, but have you ever tried this?” Joey asked, hard cock in hand. He aimed it down and, sure enough, piss began to dribbled out of my jealous little cousin’s slit. Given that he’d just pissed on me in the shower, there wasn’t much to give, but it was enough to build up in his erection, fountaining out across all of his dad’s undies. This wasn’t just a few globs of Dad’s and my cum on the top of the drawer. Joey’s piss, while not a ton, was enough to full soak a few pairs on the top of the stacks. I reached down and felt it with my hands. Sure enough, the fabric was saturated. I brought my wet hand back to my own cock and kept jerking. Joey pushed the drawer over and sat on the bed and motioned for me to the same. I sat with my legs stretched out and Joey came in close, inching istanbul travesti toward me until his legs were atop mine and our cocks were pressed together. I wrapped fist around them both and began to stroke us while Joey rearranged the ratty pair of his dad’s dirty undies, holding them in the air between us. I leaned in, as did he, and we pressed our mouths together, just the stained fabric that had cradled his father’s ballsack separating us. We huffed and licked like crazy as I stroked with passion, mashing our cocks together in my hand. We’d managed to get the pair that I’d screwed Uncle Chuck in sufficiently wet, so Joey let them drop. He then reached over and into his dad’s underwear drawer. He pulled out another pair of Jockeys, these ones covered in his fresh piss. He draped them over my face and I breathed his scent in. I opened my mouth and let my tongue dart out, Joey’s tang dripping down onto my tongue and down my throat. Joey then pressed his face in as before, this time our kiss being separated by the soaked pair of his dad’s briefs. The piss-soaked cotton dripped into our mouths and down onto our dicks as I continued to jerk us. The two of us together was an ample handful. I used my other hand to reach down and cradle our balls, pressing our privates completely together. I felt Joey’s tongue pressing against my mouth, licking up his own piss from his dad’s undies. I pressed into it, my tongue taking in his flavor. Our tongues danced around the fabric, my senses filled with the essence of man. Joey began to pressed forward, fucking my hand as it went up and down. I knew this meant he was nearing his climax–as if I weren’t on the same wavelength. I pressed our members even closer together and began beating like crazy, the piss acting as a lubricant to get us over the edge. We hit it at nearly the same moment. Our two dickheads began throbbing and then out shot stream after stream of semen. It coated my hand, dripping down into our pubic hair. Joey removed the piss-soaked Jockeys from my face and tossed them back into the drawer. He then grabbed my wrist and pulled my hand up, forcing me to squeeze out as much of our loads possible. Our cocks fell apart as I let the go. He brought my hand to his mouth and began to lick all over, taking both of our loads into his mouth. What didn’t make inside coated his lips he looked like he was drowning in jizz. He then leaned forward and, with no underwear blocking our faces, pressed his lips to mine. His tongue shoveled seed from his mouth into mine, our juices mixing on my palate before slipping down my throat. We kissed like this for a little while as our cocks remained semihard, leaking onto Uncle Chuck’s duvet cover. When Joey pulled away, a few strings of semen kept us bound until they finally fell away, landing on our genitals. “Thanks for that!” Joey said, standing up. He unbound the Hanes from his wrist and pulled them on, hiding his cock from view. He then grabbed Uncle Chuck’s underwear drawer and put it back into the dresser. “What do you think your dad’s going to say when he sees your piss all over his briefs?” I asked. “Probably the same thing he’ll say when he see this,” Joey responded, turning around and bending over. His ass peeked through the hole torn in the back of the undies. He then grabbed a the Jockeys from the bed…the ones I’d fucked my uncle through. “And the same thing your dad will say when he sees you in these.” I slipped on Uncle Chuck’s holey Jockeys. Joey looked over to see how much of my ass you could see. “Yep,” he agreed with himself, “I think our dads are about to finally get what they’ve been wanting this whole time.”

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