Two-Time Tosha Ch. 01


Thanks, Nick, for sharing your lovely wife, Tosha, so eagerly and so openly with all of us!

In the office, Brad had laughingly earned the moniker “Two-is-better-than-one”. Every time an issue would come up, he would find a way to comment, “Two small ones are better than one big one”.

Replace the copiers with a single, large one?

“Two small ones are better than one big one. If one breaks down, we still have the other!”

“Will that be a large cup of coffee?”

“Two small ones are better than one big one. I can put sugar in one, cream in the other. Then I have two distinct cups of coffee!”

“Would you like a large salad with dinner?”

“Two small ones are better than one big one. Let me have a small tomato salad and a small mixed greens salad!”

When Tosha was transferred to his department, she was introduced all around, and Brad walked up to her to welcome her with two kisses, one on each side of her pretty face. Tosha blushed profusely when the other ladies laughed, “There he goes again. Two small kisses are better than one big one.”

But there was something to Brad’s kisses that confused yet thrilled Tosha. Brad had not kissed her lightly, as one kisses a mere acquaintance. Instead, his two kisses had a measure of passion to them. At the same time, the way he kissed her gave Tosha the impression that she and Brad had been kissing for years. Never mind that she had never before met Brad. Immediately she felt a good bond of sexual intimacy with him.

At the water cooler, Brad would stand next to her, arm casually draped over her shoulder. Or else, his hand would be on her hips while they chatted with their fellow employees. It was not even the end of her first day in the department, and already she felt she “belonged” to Brad. It made Tosha terribly excited to feel “owned” by a total stranger.

That night at home, Tosha lay in bed next to her husband, Nick. Nick started his usual clumsy foreplay, groping here and there. Tosha was too aroused by how Brad had treated her at work. She took the initiative and that night Tosha fucked her husband like she had never fucked another man before. Straddling atop Nick, she fucked him for all he was worth and beyond, screaming as orgasms after orgasms shattered her body, “seeing” Brad smiling at her through her foggy eyes.

When they had finished, she rolled off. Nick, thinking he was the cause of Tosha’s wild sensual performance snickered, “I was good, wasn’t I?

Tosha smiled weakly but did not deign a reply. Instead, she turned away from her husband, fantasized with Brad, and masturbated to get that final, massive orgasm she needed to get out of her system.

In the weeks that followed, Tosha could not wait to see Brad, to feel his two kisses in the morning, to feel he “owned” her. When she would see Brad head to the water cooler, she would bolt from her desk and follow him. Brad would embrace her almost causally while they talked with other men and women. Almost casually, he would caress her derrière, first one cheek and then the other. Tosha, who had never experienced the joys of anal sex before, could sense her london escorts ass dilate. She took to buying and wearing thongs just to feel the strap bite into her crack. Brad would stare into her cleavage and Tosha would feel her nipples rise in response. She took to buying push-up bras to enhance her already perfectly shaped breasts. And at night, Nick was thinking he was the cause of her arousal as she fucked her husband with reckless abandon, secretly fanaticizing of Brad all along.

Brad, tall and muscular was the sole object of her entire existence. One day at work he caressed her tummy, observing, “Tosha, you have a tight body! Do you work out a lot?”

“Yes, Brad, I do,” she blushed.

“Well, then let’s you and I go work out together on Saturday. You can come over to my house for a late breakfast after. I’ve told my wife all about you and she is dying to meet you!”

For Tosha this was confusing. She felt very comfortably “owned” by Brad. She loved the idea of fucking her husband while thinking of Brad. She enjoyed being seen at work with Brad fondling her derrière and hips, and even at times draping his arm over her shoulders until his hand would come to rest on her breast — even in public. But she had never imagined Brad would have thought of telling Adriana, his wife. Stories around the office said that she was very beautiful, very successful, and very strict.

“Brad, do you really think it is a good idea? I mean, meeting your wife. There is already talk in the office that we are lovers. What will Adriana think?’

Brad laughed, “Tosha, it is healthier for a marriage if everything is out in the open. I have told Adriana you are one hot lady. Surely you have told Nick about me?”

“Yes,” she lied.

“Great! Tosha, let’s meet on Saturday at 7 am in the park. We can run, do some stretching, work out a bit and go home for a late lunch!”

Tosha found some silly excuse to tell Nick why she was going out to the park at 7 am on a Saturday, mentioning she was going to work out with the girls, and that he would be free the rest of the day. Nick, typical male, was on another planet. He was so insanely pleased with “his” sexual performance over the past few weeks that he was oblivious to what his wife was NOT telling him.

On Saturday Tosha and Nick ran in the park, they worked out, and did all sorts of exercise outdoors. Somehow being with Brad felt totally comfortable, like she had never felt with her husband. Besides, the fresh air and adrenaline got her hormones boiling. And when they were finished a few hours later, Brad drove her over to his house. Adriana was in the kitchen making breakfast. Brad was about to kiss his wife and introduce Tosha to her, but Adriana got the first word in. “You two! You are all sweaty! Don’t you dare get close to me! Run upstairs, take a shower and change clothes! Tosha, you will find my T-shirts and shorts in my closet. Now hurry up: breakfast is almost ready!”

Brad leaped up the stairs, two by two. Tosha followed as best she could, straight into the bathroom. Brad tossed his sweaty clothes in the hamper and stepped into the shower. He did Escort Girl Dubai not say a word, nor did he need to. Tosha followed suit and soon she too was in the shower with him.

They giggled like teenagers who had been caught by their mother. Casually, Brad took a bar of soap and started to lather Tosha. He wasted no time getting to her perfectly round and firm breasts, lathering them, caressing one nipple, then the other, and then pinching both nipples sharply. Tosha squealed with delight. Brad laughed, “See, Tosha, two pinched nipples are better than one!”

He went down and soon he was lathering her between her legs. Without saying a word, Brad quickly slipped one finger deep into her pussy and one up her very tight ass. Again, Tosha squealed with delight. Brad did not have to say it because Tosha beat him to the draw, “Yes, two plugged holes are better than one lonely one!”

They laughed.

Tosha lathered Brad, she too fingering his ass, playing with his testicles. She was about to make some kind of joke about two testicles when she reached his penis. Yes, it was extremely hard. And yes, it was quite thick, thicker than Nick’s. But somehow Tosha was suddenly confused. For a tall, muscular man, Brad seemed to have a very small penis. For some stupid reason, the stupid lack of thinking that gets women in a mess on their first dates, Tosha blurted out something really stupid, something she instantly knew she would regret. “My ex-boy friend Eric has a huge cock.”

Either Brad had not heard or he did not care. He was busy shampooing his head. Tosha prayed he had not heard. Or so it seemed. Brad rinsed his body and hers, they stepped out of the shower, and he handed her a towel to dry off. He put on a pair of shorts and a T-shirt and led Tosha to his wife’s dresser so that she could get dressed as well.

They came down just as Adriana was serving the pancakes. Both Tosha and Brad ate like ravenous, starving beasts. Adriana smiled and worried she had not made enough. Out of nowhere, Brad mentioned, “Tosha’s ex-boy friend has a huge cock.”

Tosha wanted the earth to swallow her.

Adriana smiled, “Well, in that case, since Nick is not here, we might as well call Eric over. What is his number?”

Tosha would have preferred to get run over by a tractor.

“Come on, Tosha, give me his number. NOW!”

Tosha would have preferred to be kicked by a mule. But Adriana, true to her reputation, was strict and tough. Tosha mumbled something or other. Adriana came over close to her, caressed her neck softly, put the cordless phone next to her ear and repeated, “Tosha, give me his number, I will call him and you will listen to my conversation.

Ex-boy friend Eric answered the call. “Eric? This is Adriana and Brad. We have a common friend, Tosha. [“The bitch, Tosha heard Eric say.] She says we should meet you. Would you like to join us for a late breakfast?”

Eric sounded very skeptical, to say the least. “Put the slut on.”

“Eric, this IS Tosha. Can I see you for a few minutes? Please? I can explain everything.”

After some talking back and forth and passing the independent escort dubai cordless around, Eric accepted. He came over and when he walked in the door, both he and Tosha looked incredibly nervous.

Adriana wasted no time. “Tosha, Eric, take off your clothes. NOW!”

Tosha and Eric did exactly as ordered. Adriana was not the kind of person one messed around with. She led them into the living room.

Yes, Eric was aroused.

Yes, Eric did have a huge cock.

Yes, Eric’s cock was long and wide and very hard.

Adriana admired it for a long time. She motioned Brad to move the coffee table to the side, and sit on the couch next to her. Comfortably seated next to her husband, she ordered Tosha to get on all fours, spread her legs wide apart, and brace her hands on the floor.

Satisfied that Tosha was how she wanted her, she turned to ex-boy friend Eric with the huge cock. “Fuck the slut up her ass. NOW!”

Ex-boy friend Eric, who had never had anal sex before, and had a grudge to bear with Tosha for dumping him for Nick, was all to eager. He knelt behind her, thrust his huge cock up her ass, and Tosha screamed. Ex-boy friend Eric pumped her once or twice, and suddenly had a premature ejaculation.

He moaned in disbelief.

Adriana ordered him out of Tosha’s ass.

Tosha moaned in relief.

Ex-boy friend Eric tried to apologize for his lack of stamina. He mumbled and stammered weak excuses. Adriana ordered him out of her house. “AND DON’T YOU EVER CALL TOSHA AGAIN, YOU AND YOUR USELESS COCK.”

Tosha was whimpering on the floor. Adriana lay next to her. She nodded to Brad, who lay down on Tosha’s other side.

Adriana comforted Tosha as tears ran down her pretty eyes, “Tosha darling, now you know that a huge cock is totally useless. When a man knows how to pleasure a woman, even a pinky is all he needs. Right, Brad?”

“Yes,” Brad agreed. He turned Tosha over to her side, gently raised her leg, and slipped his small penis into her already ravaged ass. Suddenly, Tosha felt insanely good. Adriana, pressing her tummy against Tosha’s was fondling her breasts, feeling her pussy, spreading her labia wide, toying with her clit. Brad simply moved in and out of her ass a mere inch or two: just enough for Tosha to sense he was inside her and moving around. His small penis, hard and wide, was throbbing inside her lovely ass. Brad was cupping her round, firm breasts, fondling them eagerly. At times, he would open is fingers wide, letting Adriana pinch her erect little nipples. Adriana would sense when Tosha was about to cum and would move her hands away from her pussy and clit to massage her tight tummy. When Tosha would regain her composure, Adriana would return to the beauties that lay between Tosha’s legs, exploring her deliciously wet pussy, fingering her lightly, teasing her throbbing clit.

For the longest time husband and wife played with Tosha until they both gave her the longest, deepest, most satisfying orgasm of her life.

Long after Tosha had ceased her convulsions and contractions, Brad whispered into her ear, “Tosha darling, two genuine lovers are better than one lousy huge cock!”

Tosha smiled weakly. Adriana laughed, “Silly Brad! Silly Two-is-better-than-one! Now hurry you two. Wash up again and get dressed. In the meantime, I think it is time I call Nick and tell him what a good girl you are becoming!”

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