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If you enjoy this story and others like it, please consider contributing to support fty at http://donate./donate.html . Thank you! I hope you enjoy this story, which concerns a rather unusual family that trains its adolescent sons in sexual practices. To add realism to the story, much of the story is set in real cities and places of business. No implication that these places are accepting of homosexuality is implied. Should you visit any of them, please maintain normal caution and do not assume you will be accepted. This story is set in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, before the AIDS crisis began. Therefore, it is strictly condom-free. However, please note that neither the author nor fty is encouraging men of the 21st century to ignore the consequences of unprotected sex. Please love yourself and your future partners enough to be careful! Just so you know, this story has 34 chapters, so please keep reading and feel free to send me your feedback or comments. None of the story has been posted until it is complete. Posting on fty takes a while, but the entire story will be posted in due time. This story is the backstory of characters who will be included in a book to be published in the Fall, 2019, tentatively titled “The Deputy Boys Book 2: The Induction.” The story of the Cooper Family is entirely separate from this book, although several Coopers are characters in that book. At the beginning of each chapter and occasionally within the chapter, you will see a name written on a line by itself with no explanation. This is the name of the author of that section. The point of view shifts between various members of the family to tell the most detailed story. Hopefully, this will not prove confusing to you. Without further ado, enjoy “Training the Coopers”! Best Wishes, Kenneth Kirk Chapter 7 David After the baseball game and the family workout, I called my buddy Jerome while most of the others lined up for showers. You’ll recall, that I always shower right before bed per Darrel’s orders. After shooting some shit about my work at Cavanaugh’s and his job at the Sears Auto Repair Shop, he asked me if I wanted to go camping in the Smoky Mountains the next weekend. I asked who was going and he said Barry and his girl Marilyn would be in one tent with Sam and Belinda in another and him (Jerome) and Julie in a third. He said Tanner wanted to go, but his girlfriend Nancy was spending the summer in Canada, so he didn’t want to be a fifth-wheel. “You could balance things out for him, Dave,” Jerome said. It would be a lot of fun to get together with these good friends, I thought. “I’ll see if it’s okay and let you know soon.” When we hung up, I called Tanner, but he wasn’t home, so I asked his little sister to have him call me. Sharing a tent with Tanner could be fun. Back in the fall, he and I had gotten in trouble for being late to football practice, so we’d had to run laps after practice ended. By the time we got into the locker room, we were the only ones left. The team manager had a date, so he was anxious to get home. When we got inside, he gave the key to Tanner and told him to lock up. We were pretty tired after practice and a two-mile run, so we stood under the hot water for a long time talking. Tanner had been dating Gail Ferguson for several weeks and complained that she wouldn’t even let him touch her breast. I noticed he was rubbing his hands all over his solid chest and ridged belly as he bitched about her. “I’m so horny, I can’t stand it!” he said as his hand dropped down to pull gently on his pud. I didn’t say anything, but I couldn’t help noticing he began to get hard. Using the soap for lubricant, he started absently stroking his growing cock. I wondered if he was as big as me, so I started watching surreptitiously as he wanked. After a while, I guess he saw that I had noticed. He suddenly stopped blathering about Gail and turned more to face me. In a raspy, sort of sexy voice, he said, “Come on, Dave, join me. I can tell you want to.” I looked into his light brown eyes as a seductive smile split his handsome face. “I can see you’re getting hard, man. Feel how hard it is.” I touched my shaft to discover it was nearly a full-blown boner. He was fully hard now, too. I estimated he was about six and a half inches, maybe a little more, and moderately thick. Like me, he was cut and, also like me, his dick was smooth and pretty. I figured I was a little longer and thicker than him and that made me proud. Slowly Tanner jacked his dick while keeping his eyes locked on mine. “Come on, Dave. It feels so good to jack off. Let’s do it together.” I began stroking at the same pace as he was. Our hands moving up and then down and then up along our shafts. “That’s it,” he growled. He stepped out of his shower spray and slowly walked toward me, never talking his eyes off mine. I was mesmerized. “That’s a nice, big piece you’ve got there, Dave,” he cooed. “Feels good to work it like that, doesn’t it?” “Yes,” I croaked. He came closer and stopped with our bodies about two feet apart. “This is hot, Dave, isn’t it?” “Yes.” He stepped closer until he was right in front of me and just a bit to one side. Our hard dicks were parallel and about a foot apart as he stroked and I kept up his pace. I looked down and compared our pricks. Yes, I was a bit longer and a bit thicker. He put his free hand on my shoulder and I raised my eyes back to his. “Your cock is bigger than mine, Dave.” He peered into my eyes and touched the end of his tongue to his pouty lower lip. “Would it be okay if I touched it? I’d like to feel a bigger cock. Would that be okay?” I was mesmerized. I nodded. He released his grip on his own cock and moved his hand to mine. I let my cock go and in a flash his hand had replaced mine. Another hand on my dick felt very different, strangely erotic. Slowly he grasped it tighter and then he began to move up and then down on my very hard shaft. Soon my cockhead drooled out some precum. Tanner took his hand from my shoulder and swiped a finger across my piss slit to scoop up most of the precum. He put his finger up to his mouth. I stared at the finger as it paused in the air a couple of inches from his lips. I could see the glistening of the white precum on his moist finger. He looked at his finger and looked back into my eyes. My cock throbbed in his grip. He smiled a bit wickedly and slowly pulled his finger to his lips, letting his tongue slip through his pearly teeth and red lips until, my God, his tongue slowly scooped up the sticky drop before returning to the interior of his mouth. I couldn’t believe what I had seen! Tanner’s eyelids drooped almost closed as if he was in ecstasy as he tasted me. “Umm,” he groaned. “You taste good.” His hand moved on my dick. I wanted to touch him, but I felt that would be wrong, so I just stood, giving him complete control. “You can touch me, if you want.” I wondered if he could read my mind but, without knowing the answer, I reached for his cock. Gently I held it in my palm. A drop of his precum oozed out. “Look, it likes the feel of your hand. Does your cock like my hand?” “Oh, yes,” I moaned. He touched the end of his dick and scooped up the drop of goo bursa escort hanging there. Looking me fully in the eyes, he raised his hand as if to put his finger in his mouth. I wondered how he tasted. He held his finger right in front of his mouth while staring at me. His lips slowly parted as his mouth opened and his tongue began to flow over his lower lip. He stopped, held still for a couple of seconds, and then cocked his head to one side, still holding me with his eyes. His brow furrowed and then smoothed out. “Are you wondering how I taste?” he asked in a smoky voice. I stared at him as though I was hypnotized. “You can taste me, too. It’s only fair.” His finger began moving toward my lips, but his vision never wavered. I couldn’t look away even to focus on the finger I knew was bringing his essence to me. Automatically my mouth opened as his finger drew near. My tongue crawled out from between my teeth, hanging expectantly over my lip, exposing its tip to him. Finger connected with tongue and a new flavor hit me. The taste was very mild, but also unlike anything I had experienced before. He held his finger against my tongue for a couple of seconds before pushing it along the topside of my tongue until it was well inside my mouth. Holding it there, he said, “Give me your finger.” I held it up and he opened his mouth, extending his tongue in invitation. His eyes half pleaded, half demanded, and I laid my finger atop his tongue. He drew his tongue inside and closed his lips around my finger. I followed his lead. His mouth tightened into a sensuous sucking motion that made my cock twitch. I followed his lead. His grip tightened on my cock and he began jacking it with a purpose. I followed his lead. For several minutes we stood like that, hot water falling around us, mouths sucking fingers, hands stroking cocks, balls churning, eyes staring into each other’s souls. I started feeling the deep tingling behind my balls. It radiated from my groin to my abdomen, and then to my chest. Tanner’s suction grew stronger until I knew I could never pull out of his mouth, even if I had wanted to. His grip on my rod tightened and the pace of his strokes increased. My balls popped and my knees almost buckled as the energy gathered in my groin and then exploded. I opened my mouth to scream, “Oh, oh, uhn! Uhn! Uhn!” Tanner hollered out, “I’m cumming!” We blasted each other’s bellies with our spunk. For half a minute we sprayed each other and struggled to keep from falling. I looked at a big wad of my jizz on his hip just below his tan line. His hand left my cock and moved to scoop up a handful of the sticky sperm as it started to slide toward his pubes. I watched his hand move up between our bodies until it was right below his mouth. Our eyes locked and he leaned forward until his tongue could lap up my jizz. Holy fuck! With cum dripping off his lip, he smiled at me and whispered, “This tastes even better.” He licked up another blob, letting his tongue hang out momentarily so I could see the load he was consuming. “Go ahead. You can taste me, too.” I looked at my hip and pubic hairs which were drenched in his sex-juice. It was running down onto the top of my leg. I scooped up a bunch of the drips and raised my hand. When I lapped up a gob, I was amazed at the flavor. It was like the precum I had sampled earlier, but much stronger. Salty, a bit sweet, and a bit like the smell that lingers after I cum. I wasn’t addicted to it, but I happily drank down the rest of his load while he consumed mine. We smiled at each other and then he moved back to his own shower head. I had to admit this was quite a fine experience Tanner had given me. A few weeks later we had a similar moment in the back seat of the bus bringing us back from a game in Columbia, SC. That time we jacked each other until we blew into Dixie cups. Then we swapped cups, added a little bit of Vodka from Sam’s flask, stirred with our fingers and toasted our victory. That was a “cock-tail,” for sure! Of course, I wondered what might happen should Tanner and I share a tent in the mountains for a whole weekend. But I had to wait to find out. Darrel made me tell him this whole story before he agreed for me to take the weekend off from my training. After I related the details of my two Tanner times, Darrel chided me for withholding this story when I had shared my sexual history, then he fucked me three times before we were done for the evening! I was still a little freaked out about liking his dick in my ass, but when it was really in my ass, I was very comfortable and very happy. That night was the best sex I had enjoyed yet. Tanner finally returned my call Monday night while Dan and I were cleaning up the kitchen after dinner. He said he would love to have me as his tent-mate for the weekend camping trip and laughingly said, “I’ll bet we can find something fun to do while the guys are fucking their girlfriends.” During the week before the camping trip, I worked an hour extra each afternoon at the ranch so I could take off at noon on Friday. Each evening was busy with my prepping for the trip as well as getting a few extra chores done since I would be away from home all weekend. But Darrel didn’t cut me any slack in the bedroom as he used my throat and my asshole intensely for an hour and a half most nights. I’m really not complaining as I always got two or three fine orgasms of my own and every penetration seemed a little easier. I had apparently learned how to relax my sphincter quickly and completely. Mornings were still usually a swapping of blow jobs, often in a 69-position. I had become very attached to Darrel in a lot of ways. He was my primary companion and he gave me affirmation and approval and, occasionally, a mild correction or reprimand. When that happened, I was crushed as all I wanted was to please him in everything and at every moment. When we were naked together, my whole body seemed to lean towards him. I wanted him touching me every second. Even when we were not in the bedroom, I was often leaning against him or somehow in body contact. I would often hold his hand when we were watching television with my brothers. By this time, there was no point in trying to hide our sexual connection. Gradually, the other boys started subconsciously treating us like a couple. They would do things like leave a space next to Darrel for me to sit or turn away to give us a moment of privacy. I wasn’t sure how I would handle being away from my lover for over 48 hours while on my trip, but I sensed it was important for me to do that as I would be moving to Asheville in less than three months. How was I going to handle that, I wondered. For that matter, would things be different when my training was complete? Darrel had not mentioned that, but if the training was only about sex, I could not imagine much more beyond what I had already experienced. I expected that the training would end one day soon. Would I still get to sleep with Darrel every night and be the one he fucked every day? I suspected not and tried not to think about that very much. But I did think the separation during the weekend might be good for me. Finally, Friday came. Saying goodbye to the guys over lunch was unexpectedly difficult. None of us had been away even one day since Mom’s death. The twins actually became a little teary-eyed and I could tell Dad wasn’t looking forward to me being gone either. Darrel, who was recovering well from his knee surgery, drove me over to Tanner’s house for the trip. When we were out of sight of home, he pulled off the road and we made out for a couple of minutes. “Now, baby, I want you to have a great time with your buddies. Feel free to mess around with Tanner if you both want to. You and I have been very close since I got here, but we’re not in a committed monogamous relationship. You can enjoy another man, or a woman for that matter, whenever you want. You understand?” “Yeah, I guess so.” Darrel was my studly uncle when he dropped me off at Tanner’s. Tanner drove a 55-Chevy station wagon with rotting wood siding. Sam and Belinda were riding up with us. We would bursa escort bayan meet Jerome, Julie, Barry, and Marilyn at the campsite. They had left about ten a.m. so should be set up by the time we arrived. Darrel shook hands with my friends, impressing them all with his masculinity and his smile. As he drove away, Marilyn said, “Oh, he’s gorgeous!” Then, noticing Sam glaring at her, she added, “for an old guy.” If she only knew, I thought. Aloud, I said, “Well, he’s only 27. That’s not so old.” “I guess not,” she acknowledged. Looking lovingly at Sam, she said, “but I think I’ll stay in my own age group.” The drive from Greenville to Cade’s Cove on the far side of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park took about three hours, so it was close to five when we found Jerome’s old VW van in a secluded part of the campground. Their tents were already up with Marilyn and Julie just starting to organize dinner arrangements. Jerome and Barry welcomed us and helped us unload and put up our two tents. Tanner faced our door away from the others saying, with a wink to me. “I want to be able to see the creek from our door instead of facing the other tents.” I didn’t really think that was the main reason. We tossed our gear into the tent and joined the others for dinner. We had some great food, good conversation, and a few beers while enjoying a crackling campfire. When it got dark about nine o’clock, the temperature dropped quickly and the girls decided they were ready for bed. In a matter of ten minutes or so, everyone retreated to their tents, leaving Tanner and me alone in front of the fire. Tanner wiggled his eyebrows at me, smiled coyly, and nodded in the direction of the tent. Standing from his position beside the fire, he looked at me and adjusted his cock inside his tight cut-off jeans. Smiling, he turned and went around our tent to stand twenty feet away and pee against a tree trunk. I followed him. In view of the come-on he’d already given me, I felt comfortable flirting. I stood a few feet away from him as he peed. I unbuttoned my cut-offs and pulled my half-hard cock out, directing my piss stream to intersect his at ground level. He waggled his dick up and down so his stream cycled a few times. Soon, he was done and the stream dropped out. He smiled and headed into the tent. I caught a glimpse of his tight ass as he leaned over and hunch-walked into the pup tent. I didn’t bother closing my cut-offs, but headed right into the tent. Tanner was sitting on the sleeping bag with his tee over his face as he stripped it off. Without a word we each stripped down to our skin. We were both almost erect by the time we were naked. He pounced on top of me and began grinding his dick into mine. I gave him a minute or so before I tossed him onto his back and plopped onto him. I pumped against him with more power than he had been using. Putting my hands on the sides of his face so I could find it in the dark, I leaned down until my lips found his. He seemed surprised but recovered quickly and joined me in a vigorous round of sucking face that lasted for about ten minutes or so, ending only when we shot our first loads between our heaving teenage abdomens. I rolled off and we used a special towel he’d brought to wipe up. “I didn’t expect you to kiss,” he said. “It was nice. You’re a better kisser than either Gail or Nancy.” “Thanks,” I said. “It takes two good kissers to have that much fun!” He laughed, rolled onto my shoulder, and ate my mouth for the next five minutes. When he took a breather, we both had hardons again. We masturbated each other to our next orgasm. After that, we cuddled up and got some sleep. I was awakened on Saturday by the high pitch of Marilyn’s voice as the girls started breakfast. The day was spent eating, hiking, reading, playing cards, and just hanging out. It was a wonderful treat to have the time out in the beauty of nature. Hanging with my friends was good, too. I missed Darrel and my brothers quite a bit, but I didn’t get sad. After dinner, we took turns heading to the camp showers. The girls went first so the guys had a couple of beers while they were washing up. When they came back to camp, we went to the showers. When we got there, an older guy and his kid, who seemed about seven, were just finishing up. They quickly left the whole place to the five thugs from South Carolina. There was teasing about getting a lot or no sex and there was a bit of grab-ass, but nothing out of the ordinary. Jerome, Barry, and Sam were too fixated on their girls to give any real thought to what Tanner and I were doing when we were alone. I thought that was very lucky. We drank a few bottles of wine after we got back to our campsite. Once the fourth bottle was empty, the couples started drifting off to their individual tents. When we zipped up our tent flap, Tanner was all over me, feeling me up, licking my face, and kissing my mouth. After a while, we were grinding our naked bodies together like we had the night before. Suddenly Tanner stopped moving and said quietly, “Dave?” “Yeah?” “Are you really into this?” I chuckled. “Can’t you tell from my hardon?” He chuckled, too. “I thought so. But, I was wondering about something.” “What’s that?” “Well, uh, I was wondering how it feels to get, uh, sucked.” “Oh,” I muttered. This question was not a surprise and I had actually wondered if he would want anything more than last night. “Are you asking for a blow job?” “Well, uh, would you do that?” Fucking A, I thought. But I didn’t want him to see how much I liked sex with men and how much I would do. I had to maintain my macho image, you know? “I don’t know, Tanner. Why would I want to do that?” “I don’t know. I guess I was just hoping. I’ll bet it really feels good.” “To give a BJ?” “Umm. To get one.” “You realize for you to get one tonight, I have to give one. Right?” “Yeah.” He stared into my eyes for a couple of seconds. “What would you, uh, want in exchange for a blow job?” Quietly I said, “Tanner, I’m not a whore.” “Oh, no, no, no! I didn’t mean that. But you said, `why would I want to…'” “Oh. So, like, what would you have to do for me in order for me to do that for you?” He smiled. “Yeah.” “You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.” He looked puzzled. “Huh?” “How about you do the same thing for me?” “Oh,” his eyes brightened a little. “You’d do me if I’ll do you?” “Why not? I’ll bet it does feel awesome. No one else would ever know, right?” “Of course. Neither of us could tell because we’d be equally guilty.” “Yeah. So, what do you think?” He thought for a minute. “I already know I like the taste.” He took a deep breath. “Sure, why not?” He kissed me deeply again. We swapped spit for a while and then he said, “You go first.” “No. It was your suggestion. You do me first.” “How do I know you won’t flake out after I do you?” “Hmm.” I smiled at him. “I’ve got it. You suck me first, but just for a minute or two. Then I will suck you that long. Then we switch off until we shoot.” “So, nobody gets a complete BJ until he’s given a lot first?” “Yes.” “Deal!” He kissed me again for a couple of minutes, but soon he slid down my body and kissed my cockhead. That made me ooze a drop of precum, which he enthusiastically licked off. Involuntarily, he moaned in appreciation. He’s a born cocksucker, I thought as he took me deeply into his mouth. “Watch your teeth!” “Sorry, Dave.” He paused. “Pull your lips over your teeth, doofus.” “Oh, okay.” He took me again and carefully sucked my cock for a while. His suction grew and his pace of bobbing his head up and down picked up. He was getting into it, though it was a rudimentary BJ compared to the masterful Darrel. He sucked me until I was feeling things happening in my ballsac. I wondered if he’d forgotten about trading off. Eventually he lifted his head off my dick. “Your turn,” he said. “I changed my mind,” I said. escort bursa “Wha-at?” he cried. I laughed. “Just kidding, dude.” “Damn, Dave, don’t kid about something as serious as a blow job!” “Sorry,” I giggled and hooked my hands under his arms to pull him up along my body. When we were face-to-face, I kissed him and said, “So, are you ready?” “Fuck, yeah, suck me, man!” I began dropping down his chest, pausing at his nipples to suck on each of them momentarily. He rewarded me with moans and twitches. “Fuck,” he groaned. I licked along his belly, eating out his navel and continuing until my chin nuzzled his cock. Sucking him was interesting as he was somewhat smaller than Darrel, the only other cock I had ever had in my mouth. The size difference and Tanner’s relative passivity made the deed easy to do. When his moaning and panting increased, I slowed down a bit. I held his small ballsac, rolling his testes around to stir his cream. When I thought he was getting close, I pulled off. “Oh, God,” he moaned. “Don’t stop. I was about to cum.” I moved back up to his face. “I believe the deal is that I cum first.” He breathed deeply a couple of times. “It’ll be worth the wait,” I whispered. “I promise.” He grinned, kissed me quickly, and resumed the position with his head between my thighs. This time he took me all the way in to the back of his throat with no teeth scrapes. He proceeded to give me a passable suck and didn’t even hesitate when I groaned, “I’m going to cum.” When the explosion began, I pushed down on the back of his head, ramming the head of my dick to the back of his throat. In order to stifle my scream, I stuffed my hand into my mouth. I shot two blasts against the back of his throat before releasing his head so he could pull back and taste my spunk. He kept sucking with his mouth until I had stopped shooting. Then he just licked my cockhead for a minute or two as he, apparently, enjoyed my afterglow. When my breathing had calmed, I whispered, “Come up here.” Dutifully, he released my cock, kissed its tip goodbye, and crawled up my body. I looked into his amber eyes and smiled, “That was pretty fucking awesome, dude!” “It wasn’t so bad,” he stated with a grin. “Your jizz tastes good when it’s spurting right out onto my tongue.” “I’ll give you as much as you want, my friend.” “Okay. Now, how about me?” “Sure.” I dropped down his body until I could kiss and suckle his balls. This seemed to surprise him, but he quickly moaned his appreciation. After a minute, I moved up and took his hard prick into my mouth to begin the final build-up for him. Without planning it, I straightened my neck and swallowed his dick right into my throat. “Jesus!” he cried a bit too loudly. I ran my hand up across his abdomen and stuck my fingers in his mouth. Then I worked my throat muscles on his cock, gaining a muffled yelp, followed by a low groan. As I expected, his balls retracted quickly. His first blast was so powerful, his entire torso lifted off the sleeping bag and then crashed back onto the thin bag. I took two blasts straight into my stomach and then pulled off to get a good taste. It was the same taste as last night and I enjoyed it. He practically filled my mouth, but I didn’t swallow. When I was sure there was no more, I released him and moved back up to kiss him. As he opened his mouth to receive me, I pushed a large blob of his cum into his mouth. He moaned in appreciation and gobbled it down. He was turning into a real cum hound. I fed him the remainders of his load, then slipped back down to lick his cock clean. That serving I kept for myself. As my tongue cleaned his cock, it began to harden. When it was fully hard again, I slowly swung my body around and lifted over him to shove my hard piece between his sharp teeth. In this 69 with me above him, I could face-fuck him with a greater intensity, so I began driving into his throat. First, he gagged, but soon he was taking my nearly eight inches without complaint. After about five minutes, I rolled us onto our sides to give him more freedom. Now I couldn’t pile-drive into his throat, but he had gotten the hang of it enough to deep throat me on his own power. We sucked together for about fifteen minutes before we crested into orgasms. He beat me by three spurts before I joined him. We slept again in each other’s arms, waking up sometime in the middle of the night for another 69 and greeting the dawn with his accomplished throat taking my load into his belly followed by me sucking yet another load from his nuts. We had to return to reality that day so we got up, ate breakfast, took down all the tents, and stowed all our gear in the two cars. We left Cade’s Cove about 10:30 heading back through the beautiful park. This time we took the side trip to Clingman’s Dome, at an elevation of 6643 feet, the highest point in Tennessee. We spent half an hour enjoying this top-of-the-world view and then had lunch on a picnic table at the Visitor’s Center. We got back to Tanner’s house about 4:25, tired but happy. Tanner’s mom and dad greeted us, then Sam and Belinda departed quickly. Tanner insisted on driving me the 4 miles to our place, which gave us a few minutes of privacy at last. “Being with you this weekend was incredible,” Tanner gushed. “Yeah. We discovered some good things, huh?” He grinned and slapped my knee. “Fuck, yeah!” Then he grew serious. “Does that make us gay?” I looked at him and took his hand in mine. “I guess some people would think so, but I don’t. To be really honest, I liked kissing you and sucking you and feeding you my fresh jizz, but I still noticed Julie’s tits and Marilyn’s nice ass.” “Me, too.” “So, we’re still attracted to sexy girls. We just found out guys can have some really hot sex together, that’s all.” “I see what you mean.” “I’ve only had sex with a couple of girls, but shooting off in your throat felt a lot better than shooting off in their cunts.” “I know, Dave. Now that I know how great sex is with you, I want a lot more.” “Thanks for the compliment, Tanner. I would be okay with doing it some more, too.” He grinned. “Whoopie!” I laughed. “But, you have to remember: I’m working a lot and have a lot of responsibilities at home. I don’t have much free time.” “I know, dammit!” He turned the Chevy Woodie into our driveway. “Yeah. And we’re going away to college in a couple of months.” “I know. It’s not that I expect or even want anything long-term, but I would like to have a few more of those awesome orgasms before we leave town.” “Let’s see if we can arrange that, okay?” He stopped near the front porch. I leaned over and planted a long, wet kiss on his delicious lips. I heard the screen door slap and felt Tanner stiffen. I put my hand behind his head and held him still, grinding our mouths together sensuously. The door slapped again. I kissed him deeper. Finally, I pulled back to look into startled, nervous amber eyes. “Don’t worry about them. We’ll get together for some more hot sex soon.” We both got out of the car, hardons visible in our cut-offs. Stretched across the porch were my four brothers, my uncle, and my dad, all wearing amused grins. “Looks like you boys had a good time,” Darrel called out. I laughed along with the family while Tanner turned a bright shade of crimson. The boys swooped down beside us as we pulled my gear out of the back of the wagon. Everyone took something, leaving me empty handed. I put my hand around Tanner’s waist and walked him around to the driver’s door. “I did have a really good time, Tanner. Thanks for inviting me.” He looked at me, still appearing a little shell-shocked from my openness in front of the family. “Thanks. For everything. See you soon.” Standing beside the car, I took his face into my hands and kissed him hard so all could see. He got into the car without looking at anyone and whispered, “Call me,” before he drove away. Of course, everyone wanted details. All I would tell the boys was that I had practiced some of my training on Tanner and that he had obviously enjoyed it. When we went to bed that night, I had to tell Darrel all the details, which got my throat plundered once and my asshole twice. It felt good to be home and in his arms again!

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