Double Penetration

Subject: Too Young To Be Where I Was TOO YOUNG TO BE WHERE I WAS By Encolpius AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is actually more or less a true story. Although it is told in the first person, it happened to a college boyfriend. This story is set in 1979. Compliments, complaints or comments to ail As always, remember to donate to Nifty. If this story helps you drop a load, drop them a small contribution. They call it The Club. It’s like a franchise. There are no signs. It’s just a two story buidling, painted white, like an office building. Parking on the side. It’s Friday. It’s after work. I work as a busboy at a fancy restaurant a few blocks away. I went with them to a bar called Stud Poker. It’s a gay bar. The waiters at the restaurant are mostly gay. They are mostly college students. I’m a high school student. I have a 1 am curfew. I’m 16. They’ve talked about going after the clubs close at 2, assuming they don’t hook up with somebody first. I tell them I am going to head on, leaving out where. Don, the head waiter, knows better. “Good luck Tender Chicken.” he says. “You need to have to shave more than once a week to get in” “I might just go home. I’m tired.” I lied. He smiled. “Well, if you get in, I might see you over there” I pull in the side parking lot and park There are a dozen cars there. I am nervous as shit. My heart is really pounding. My palms sweaty. I have to try to calm myself down. The worse they can do, I tell myself, is kick me out. From the car to the door was the longest walk I ever took. I opened the door and took two steps down. It was a small hall with a locked door ahead of me and a window along one wall. There waas nobody there so I rang the bell.. I waited for a long time, long enough to think about ringing the bell again but I didn’t want to piss off whoever it was. Finally, an older guy with a short gray beard, a thin guy and short, came up. He looked me over good. “Can I help you?” he asked. It was cold and flat. “I want to come in:” “I need to see some ID” “I left it in the car” I lied. The door buzzed. “Go on through:” There was the same thing on the other side of that door. Another locked door, this time with a sign on it talking about how this was a private men’s only club. There was a window. The guy moved down. He looked me over good again. “Back up a step” he said. I did. “Okay, drop trou” I looked at him blankly and realized that he wanted me to drop my pants. So I undid the black knit pants that was the unifrom at the restaurant and pulled them down. I pulled down my boxers since I figured he wanted to see my dick. I pull up my shirt too. Let him have a good look see. “Well, get it hard” he said I spit in my hand and I rub my dick with it. I guess I should be humiliatied but I am not. I think it’s kind of a turn on. In a minute, he’s satisfied and I can pull them up. He hands me a towel and a key tells me it’s locker 89. Since he doesn’t ask for money, I ask him how much. He just laughed and shook his head. The door to the inside buzzed and I went in. In the open area in front of me is some gym equipement, a cable set, like a Nautilis. It’s new but it desn’t look like its been used much. Off to the left is a door and I can see a pool in there. I don’t really know where I am supposed to go but I hear the banging of a locker door off to my right so I head that way. A man passes me by wrapped in a towel around the waist – bearded, hariy chest, a little bit of gut – and he looks me over. There is a short hall way and about 8 rooms. One of the doors is open and a man laying naked face down on the bed. I passed by it and went to my locker. It wasn’t really a locker room. Not like school. It was just an open space with a bunch of lockers and some benches. The far wall was a large mirror. Basically, I was undressng in a hallway. Even if I am shy about undressing for PE at school, I’m not here, which is weird. I pull off my T shirt and undo my pants. They are a little too snug, intentionally because I want to show what I got, and I have to peel them off. I’m kind of glad nobody is around when Im doing it. I’m not looking real graceful. Then I toss my underwear into the locker. I close it and lock and was about to wrap up in a towel wihen a guy rounded the corner — bearded, long hair, maybe 30, hot as fuck – and he stops to look at me, termporarily naked. “Hey, little chicken. What you got there?” he says. I smile and turn toward him and grab around my balls and cup my dick between my thumbs and forefinger and give it a shake. “You old enough to use that thing?” “If you got it use it” He steps toward me and takes my dick in his hand “You look like Shaun Cassidy” I get that.a bit. Long sandy blond hair parted down the middle and brown eyes. I think my mouth is less prissy than his but we both look good in tight pants. “Too bad I’m leaving. I could mind taking a crack at that ass” “You don’t have to leave do you?” I asked He grinned and got down to his kness. Right there in the ankara otele gelen escort hallway, he started blowing me. Right there. No privacy. No hiding. Nothing. He got down and put my dick in his mouth and starting sucking. I got hard in an instant. And it felt good too. Real good. But then he got up. “I gotta run, Chicken. You be careful. There are wolves around here. But maybe that’s what you want” he said “It is” “Be careful” he said. I went back down the way I came, disappointed but cool with it. I figured there were other guys here. I;m young and hot. I’ll hook up. No doubt. I head toward the pool. As I am going, I’m regreting not having sandals to wear. Who knows what’s on the floor? The wet area is through a glass door and I entered that. Off the right is an inground hot tub with two men in it. One was a Cuban or Hispanic guy, middle aged, hairy chest and a big gold chain. The other was this Peter Frampton looking dude, permed out long hair but good looking. He was maybe in his 20’s. I guess I should have gone and gotten in the hot tub with them but I didn’t. First, I wanted to get in the pool and really skinny dip for the first time ever and, second, I wanted to play in coy, I guess. I eased into the water and swam around, feeling free swimming naked. I liked it. It was fun. But it wasn’t the fun I came for. So, after a little while, I went to the side of the pool and looked and the same two guys were there, sitting pretty close to each other. I got out and headed over that way, realizing there there was a wet sauna and dry sauna here too. I got to the steps leading down. “Mind if you join you?” I asked “Please do” Cuban said. He and Frampton shifterd over a little bit and I squeezed between them. Almost immediately hands went to my hairy legs. Both of them on my thighs. I didn’t stop them and they were pretty aggressive. Not that I minded. Hands went to my crotch and I was all ready hard. Cuban’s hands went to my dick and Framptons got my balls. I reached over and grabbed both of them the same way under the water. They were hard too. They had been playing before I got there. “You’re pretty young” Cuban said “Yeah” “Do I want to know how young?” “Probaby not” “But old enough, huh?” Frampton said. “You a top or a bottom?” “I like getting fucked. Both of you can fuck me” I said We went back to Cuban’s room. It was on the hallway leading to the locker area. It was tiny. No room at all. The bed was just a wooden platfrom with a thin foam pad for a mattress not really any bigger than a twin bed. Three of us where tight in that room. Not that it mattered , of course. Tight is good when you are naked and hard. Cuban asked me if I wanted the door open or closed. I said closed even thought I thought it might be cool to have people watching me get my freak on. I went after both of their cocks, sitting on the bed and them standing in front of me. Cuban was uncut and I had never sucked an uncut cock before. Frampton was cut. His was the better dick. Longer and thicker. He was a hot guy, lean with a bit of chest hair, nice bush, big low rider balls. Cuban was older and less fit and his dick smaller but he was a man and I wanted it. I took him down, slide my lips up his pole as his foreskin slipped up with me until I had it out beyond his dickhead in between my lips. I pulled it back down with my hand and tongued the head of his dick. Then I went after Framptson’s. I took him all the way down. “Not bad for a virgin” Cuban said “He won’t be a virgin in a minute” Frampton answered him, holding my head down on his dick. I came off, coughing and gagging a little. I was naked and hard as a rock, horny as hell. I wanted this. More than anything, I wanted this. Total random fucking pig sex. Two hard dicks staring me in the face and I went for Cuban’s this time, taking him down even as Frampton slapped my face with his swollen dick. I stroked mine a bit becuuse I wanted to but then I reached up and caught his, giving it a tug. Cuban reached over and stuck a jar af Vaseline in fornt of me. I got a big glob and rubbed it on my hands so I could jack him as I sucked off the Cuban. “Yeah, grease it up kid and then I’ll stick in your ass” That sounded fine to me. I wanted his dick in my ass. He’s a hunk. He can fuck me all night long. I got on the fhin foam mattress on my hands and knees so that he could do me doggy and I could blow Cuban at the same time. Everybody gets what they want. I’m down on Cuban’s cock, my nose in his pubes. smelling his earthy odor when Frampton pushes his fine thick cock up my ass in one smooth motion. And fuck me man, That full feeling of a dick in your ass? It’s fucking heaven, man. A hard cock sliding acorss my love button? Goddamn. I have to reach over and jack my raging hard on. But I can’t let the sensation of my ass distract me too much. I have a cock in my mouth. A cock to love on. A cock to worship. “Suck it bitch” Cuban says in that öveçler escort lilting Hispanic accent, ever so slight “Fuck his ass man. Fuck it” “A sweet tight ass” Frampton says, slapping my ass cheeks. The slaps stings and it’s like a garnish to the lusty horniness that I feel. He pounds on my ass, fucking on it, harder and faster. I back up against him, trying to get him deeper. I want that dick. I want his load in me. I cn barely even moan from the ass fucking for the face fucking. Frampton has me by the hips, holding on, flailing in and out of my ass. And then he stops. “I was about to cum” he says. “I think I’m gonna cool off for a bit” He kisses me and tells me that we may catch up again later. I’m disappointed. I wanted his load in my ass. I did. Now it’s just me and the Cuban. I am less attracted to him than to Frampton but he is good enough and if he wants to cum in my ass, that’s cool too. And he does. He doesn’t fill me up the way Frampton does but I am hot and I want it still. He pops it in and goes to town. Hard. He’s burning too. He pounds me so hard, I know he won;t last. “Oh fuck!” he calls out as I feel his dick twitch insode me. I am caught between wanting to crank out a load now becaues I am close but I don’t think Cuban is that interested in helping me out. He kisses me and says “thanks”. I tell him he is welcome and I sense I am not welcome in his room anymore. I wrap up in a towel, my dick still hard. I wandered around and went up the second floor and saw a open shower area. I decided I was a bit grungy and decided to shower off. Everybody going by can see you dong it but I figure this is the sort of place where being seen nude is a positive. Onr guy passed while I showering but he didn’t even look. The second story is a maze of rooms. I got so turned around with the dead ends and shit. I was just walking around blindly and I passed the same open room twice, a guy laying the bed naked, ass up. The second time I passed, he looked up and licked his lips. That’s when I finally figured it out. He wants to get fucked. It’s an open invitation to fuck him. I stepped in the room and closed the door. “You can leave it open, if you want” he said. He had a slightly feminine voice. Suddenly, I did want. I guess I wanted to before but was too shy but I really don’t mind if someone passes us by and sees us doing our sweaty thing. Or wants to join in. We aare all male. We all have the same thing. We all want the same thing more or less. To get off. I step in the room.. I;m going to need lube. I didn’t bring any. Poor planning. But then I see a tube of KY on the the small wooden box by the bed. I put a glop in my hand and smear my dick, stiffening up nicely, with it. I got over him and he spread hsi legs so I could get between his, my weight resting on his ass, holdng myserlf up by my arms. I grabbed my cock and angled, trying to find his hole. He reached back to help guide me in. Then I found it. I hadn’t needed the KY. He was greased up in anticipation. How many men have left their loads in this ass before me tonight? I don’t know. Does it matter? “Oh fuck” I exclaim as I push my dick into his waiting hole. It’s not tight. Not really. He’s been fucked plenty. “It feels good” he says Does to me too. I’m like him. I’m a catcher. But right now, I’ll pitch. I slam it in and drive hard. I’m still horny from before. I wish Frampton had given me his load. I’d have loved that. But I’ve been fucked and now I’ll fuck. I slam his ass hard. And I mean I am fucking him too. He puts his head down and grunts with each slapping, slamming motion inside his asshole. A guy stops at the door to watch. Watch a lean young boy fuck a grown man in the ass. He undoes his towel and strokes his hard dick as he watches. I motion my head for him to come in and join us but he moves on. It was a turn on, though, being watched. I bang him. The sound of our bodies coming together – slap, slap, slap, slap, – mixed with our moans and groans filled the spaee over the disco music being piped in But I was too horned up. I had needed to cum from before. I don’t care thorugh. I don’t owe him anything. I just needed to get off amd he was there to be used. He wanted to be used. And I am using him. With a final grunt, I unloaded in his ass. I stopped as my dick twitched and shot out gobs of hot messy jizz in his hole. I pulled my cummy dick out of his ass and thanked him. I didn’t want to kiss. I didn’t give a shit about him. He was there. I fucked him. That was it. But what to do? It was still a little early and I didn’t want to go home but the horniness had the edge off it. But I’m 16 so I’m never far from being honry. I decide I’ll shower off again, show off really, and then go back down to the pool and swim naked some. Then I can head home. I figure I won’t cover up. I’ll walk around naked. I don’t know if it’s a rule or not that you can’t but I don’t know that I could ever get back in anyway — at least pendik escort not until I turn 18 — ao breaking the rules isn’t as big a deal. I have to figure out how to find the stairs. I round a corner and pass an alcove when a guy – an Al Parker looking dude – passed me wrapped in a towel. I stopped to turn to look because that guy was hot as fuck. Long brown hair, with a full beard and bit of hair tween his perfect pects and muscular as all fuckng get out. Not like some gym bunny Arnold Schwarzenegger or Lou Ferigno fucking monstrosity but a construction dude that went and lifting once or twice a week to stay tonesd kind of muscular. I could tell from his towel he was hung. He stopped to look at me. “You’re a hot little boy, you know that?” he said. “You come here to get fucked?” “Yeah” “By big daddy?” “By you” I say He pushed me into the alcove and against the far wall. He’s up against me, pressed togeher. My crotch is against his, separated only by the cotton of his towel. He kisses me. Forecefully. Lustfuly. Tongue and pressed together and urgent and hard. He’s going to devour me. Off comes his towel. A tube of Vaseline went thud on the ground. He was hard. He pressed it against me. Mine, just having recently shot off a load, was slower to react but his was a throbbing, thick and long tube of manliness. I had to reach out and touch it. Hold it. Stroke it. Al Parker told me to get down there and suck it. Fuck, man, don’t ask me twice. Well, he didn’t ask. But I did it because I wanted to. I got on my knees in a little alcove, bathed in red light, sword swallowing a fine dick. I sucked it al the way down too. I gave his big fat balls a good tug and then a suck before worshipping his pride and joy. It was a beautiful cock, long, thick and veiny. I tongued it. He face fucked me. In a minute, I was horned up and hard as a rock. Horny again. “I’m gong to fuck you in the ass” he snarled ‘Do it” I said. “But if you are going to fuck me, your load goes in me or on me. Me. Fuck me like a man” “You know what you want, huh, kid?” I didn’t answer. I stood against the wall, naked, my ass sticking out and my feet apart. I felt the vaseline and then the fingers. I was still lubed some from before. Now more. And I needed it. It was a hot searing pain when that big fat dick got pushed in me. He is one big dicked goddamn mother fucker. It fucking hurt and he was rough too. It hurt. For a minute. Then it didn’t. It fucking didn’t God fucking damn. He pounded me, his hands on my hips. I called out. He grunted with each stroke. The sound of our bodies slapping together echoed around. I knew people had to be hearing it. and we are basically right here in a shallow little cubby on the main hallway, a man fucking a boy. “You got one tight fucking ass, kid. You are making me so fucking horny. You’re going to make me cum. Is this going to be the first load in your ass, kid? Huh? You a little fucking ass slut?” “Just fuck me” I said. “I’ll take as many loads as I want” “That’s the fucking way, kid. Be a greedy little slut. You’re only young and hot once. Wear it out” I so hard and so horny, even after cumming, and he was fucking me so roughtly. There was no love in. No tenderness. No affection. Just lust. Just need. Just desire. He wanted my ass and I wanted him to give it to me. I rocked back onto his dick as he fucked me, trying to get him in deeper. Deeper and deeper. Harder. I want the full fucking thing. “Ah FUCK!” I cried out. “Fuck me” “Fucking tight ass. Tight teenage ass. Fucking ass whore” “FUCK!” We had company. I didn;t look to see. I felt their presence. They were watching. I didn’t care. I was taking it hard from a hot assed man and I was a greedy fucking little shit, wanting it all. My blood was up, the humors of my body coursing, as I stroked on my hard young dick, my ass alive with sensation. Al Parker dude was grunting with each stroke. He took me into a bear hug and literally picked up off the ground, his cock slaming into me the whole. I could barely think. My whole world, my whole existence was a spot in the wall in front fo me and the sensatio in my body. “Ah, fuck!” he crised out as unloaded in me. God, I was still so fucking hot and horny as he pulled his fine, fat dick out of my ass. He said something to me as he wrapped back up in his towel and patted me on the tummy but, lost in my lust and desire, I couldn’t hear it. I needed relief. There were three men in the hallway, dicks out and hard, stroing, watching. I looked around, wild eyed and desperatee. Then I saw him. Don, the headwaiter. My boss. “Finish me off” I snarled at him. “Goddamn it, get over here and fuck me. Give me your fucking dick and get me off” Don said nothing but he rammed it in. Not as big or as full as Al Parker dude but he fucked me fast and furious like I wanted and I stroked my dick, hard and fast. Then, in a blaze of glory, I uloaded, splashing my cum on the wall and on the sticky floor. Men have cummed there before. “You;’re a fucking wildcat, Chick” Don said, pulling out of my ass. “A real wild ass” I kiseed him. :”Thanks” I went down and sswam a little but needed to go to make curfew. No more sex. That night. I never had trouble getting in afterwards for some reason. Usually Don took me. I sometimes let him fuck me.

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