To Tami


This story is dedicated to one special person. Well, all of them are. But, this is to one of the sexiest women I have ever met. This is to you, Tami. From me. This is how I feel. The unadulterated truth from my eyes.

I first met Tami in a history class. I was looking at you from a distance. My mind was the sheer epitome of the disclaimer “Viewer Discretion is Advised.” I’m sure I knew I wasn’t the first… Or second, nor third to want to tell her this, so let me be straightforward. From the exact point that I saw your plump, kissable lips, to your swaying, wide protruding hips… from the point that I managed to look in her eyes to those beautifully dangerous curves that enticed, I realized one thing: “I liked her.”

Only a few problems though. They came in hordes of other dudes, vying for her attention. They were all toe to toe. All in the same class with me. All of them wanted to tap that. All of them groping at the first opportunity. While I just watched, shaking my head at them pitifully.

Tami had the classic case of what I called “She Got It” syndrome. “She Got It” syndrome was basically this in a nutshell: She had a hot body and had boys going crazy and/or wanting to fuck her.

Believe it or not, Tami and I later became friends. I was the smart one in the class, which meant everyone wanted to get answers from me. This is where Tami comes in. Now, at this time, we were getting ready to review for a huge test. I was relaxed. I was cool. I had an A in the class already. We were getting ready to play “Jeopardy” for a review. Tami sat right by me. I was naturally competitive. She looked at me and knew she was on the right team. I looked at her pretty face. I knew it was time to at least try to impress. That day, I was the only one on my team getting the answers right. She laughed at my corny jokes.

“I got this! I got this! Damn, I’m good! I’m Kobe Bryant, y’all are all the Lakers!” I said, slightly cocky.

“Get it, Chad!” She said to me in response, high fiving me.

I caught a peek of her glorious cleavage. I think she knew then that I was a part of the horde of males that wanted to fuck her. I just went about it differently. Unlike them, I never touched her, I never groped her hungrily. Maybe for that reason, Tami saw that I wasn’t what I looked like. She actually got me out of my shell. I actually didn’t even know how I felt at that time. Did I have a crush on her? Maybe. Was I lusting? escort Most likely.

Ah, who am I kidding? I was trying to act cool, while her body was making me drool. Needless to say, wanting to fuck was now a foregone conclusion. The chances of that actually happening? I wasn’t thinking of that. I just shrugged. Until one fateful day…

It was towards the end of class one day. We got assigned a group project that was due at the end of that period. In my group was my best friend, Armando, alongside Tami and her best friend Reina joined us. We spent most of the class period talking, with Tami asking me seemingly random things like:

“Do you like to dance?”

I answered quite simply, “Yes. I love to dance.”

“How come I haven’t seen you do it?” Tami asked, with a cute inquisitive tilt of the head.

I shrugged. She then asked me to do a dance. I sighed out of my shyness and did it.

“Ooh, get it, Chad! You’re good, ain’t you?” Tami said.

“Thanks,” I said.

Towards the end of class, I noticed Tami put her hand down her tank top, her hand covering one of her breasts. I felt my penis twitch as I looked at her face.

“Chad?” Tami said.


“You want to see my titties?” She asked.

I was conflicted and confused. Where did this come from? I knew what I was instructed, but I had a golden opportunity. She had her hand over her breast, with my eyes on her shiny ebony chest. I professed.

“Yes,” I said.

“It was a test,” She said laughing with a smile. Now, it’s really obvious. As I looked embarrassed, ridiculed, and my penis erect, I thought, ‘She’s not going to let me live this one down.’

We ended up rushing and barely finishing the group assignment. After class that day, I was walking out of the classroom when Tami called me. We were walking down the hallway to our lunch break.

“Chad,” Tami said.

“Yeah, what’s up?” I said.

“You really wanted to see my titties?” Tami said softly, playing with them a bit. I was still semi-hard. “It’s ok, I just wanted to see what’d you say,” Tami said, referring to before.

“Sorry, I’m just really… truthful when it comes to that. If I see a girl that I think is hot, you’re going to know,” I said.

“Am I then?” Tami asked, with that same look, this time letting me take a peek at her breasts. Her breasts were not big, but she was not flat chested. In fact, her breasts looked almost cute.

“Yeah, izmit escort bayan you are,” I said, finally answering her. She smiled, bit her lip and quickly dragged me in the restroom. She looked me in the eyes and said:

“Then fuck me.”

I looked at her and kissed her sweet plump lips as if I were nibbling them. Short, sweet kisses. Then they shortly went longer and longer. I stopped to take a breath.

“God, you are so sexy,” I said in her ear, almost gutturally.

I started to kiss her neck. Her breathing got heavier, turning me on more.

“Oh… Oh, God…” She breathily said.

She hastily took off her top, revealing her bra. I stopped for one second and looked at her beauty. At this time my penis was fully erect. She knew it. She looked downwards and licked her lips. I pulled down my jeans, revealing my boxer briefs. She got on her knees and felt my bulge softly. I was throbbing.

“Oh, fuck…” I said to myself.

“You like this?” She said, biting her lip. She pulled out my erect penis and reacted. “You do…”

She began sucking sensually and slowly.

“So big…” Tami said, aroused.

Her lips on my dick looked just as beautiful as it felt. My hands drifted to her buttocks as she sucked. I caressed them. Her purple Victoria’s Secret panties played peek-a-boo with my eyes under her tight jeans. She undid her jeans and lowered them. A cute little trail of saliva formed as she lowered them. I firmly smacked her buttocks. She moaned softly. I eagerly moved her panties aside. I fondled her sweet treasure. She started to moan louder, but quieted herself.

“Mmm. You like that shit?” I softly said to her, half animal-like and half seductive.

“Ugh… Yeah.” She said while moaning.

“You want this dick, huh?” I said, smacking her ass. “You want this dick?”

“Yes!” She said while moaning.

I quickly lowered her panties and inserted myself in her wetness. She moaned instantly.

“Ah… Ah! Ahh!”

I quieted her by putting my finger on her lips. She ended up sucking said finger. That fueled my hunger more. I thrust inside her with emotion, slowly.

“Ah. Ah. Oh, shit.”

I lustily grabbed her bra, and released her breasts while penetrating her. I cupped them as I felt her breathy moans.

“Fuck me. Fuck me harder…” She said while moaning breathily.

I began to penetrate her with more force izmit sınırsız escort and lust than before. She fought off moans as best as she could. I bent over and fucked her deeper and harder, cupping her breasts.

“Oh! Oh, my God! Oh, shit. Oh, my God…” She said, still breathless.

I lovingly kissed her neck and the side of her cheek multiple times.

“You like that?” I whisper softly in her ear.

She nods.

“Turn around.” I said to her with the most lustful hunger in my voice.

She turned around. I fingered her a little bit. Her treasure was beautifully wet.

“Suck my fingers. Suck them.”

She did, highlighting those wonderful plump lips and tongue of hers. I entered her again, this time grasping her thick thigh for leverage and smacking her beautiful ass.

“Fuck me, Chad! Fuck me!”

I responded by smacking her curvaceous ass. I loved it when she moaned my name. She moaned, then bit her lip hard. I looked at her cute, miniature breasts hop in their own way. I looked at her beautiful, breathless, ebony euphoric face. I realized… she’s got it, alright. I fucked her until it was time.

“Oh, God, I’m coming, Tami…” I said, at my climax.

Seamlessly, she dropped down on her knees to jerk me off.

“Come on my titties,” She said, with a smile. So, I did.

One and a half years later…

Tami and I were still cool, even though we grew apart. I have to thank her for seeing through my imperfections. I was deathly shy. Now I’m not as much. In a way, we became kindred.

“Chad,” she called to me.

“What’s up, Tami?” I said to her.

“Chad, you know you’re a sweet guy. We had a great time together in the bathroom,” Tami said, with a hint of innuendo. I knew what was coming afterwards. But that wasn’t all. “I have a boyfriend… and I’m pregnant.”

Taken aback, I couldn’t find any words to say, except, “Congrats, Tami. A child is a miracle. It is his, right?” I said, with a smile.

“Yes, silly,” Tami said, smiling.

“Oh, and Tami… thank you. Believe it or not, you got me out of my shell,” I said, sincerely.

“Oh, Chad, sweetie, after that…I won’t forget you anytime soon,” Tami said, then kissing me on the cheek.

After that we would go on different paths. Little by little I would stop seeing Tami. Later, I would learn Tami had a tiny new debut.

This was to Tami, one of the sexiest women I ever met. This was the truth from my eyes. I still think about you. I still think about your voice. I still think about your body. I hope you remember me. Because I damn sure remember you.

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