Chapter 2

It has been damn near exactly two years since Tavin came into my life, and he has grown into a seriously sexy little seven year old boy god. He still looks almost exactly the same as he had, only now he is taller, and not so skinny. Two years of good food and good exercise has done him very well. I still keep his hair much the same as it was, since it suits him so well. He can still wear the Pampers size seven, but they are now getting just a little too snug on him, so, while we both always have lots in the house, he now wears them only as a doubler, and has much better and thicker diapers, at least for at home and bed, and has a really good, but thinner diaper for out and at school.

When I entered Tavin into kindergarten, they were made very much aware that Tavin has an issue where he cannot control his bladder, and yes, I did get him into my doctor to find out his actual issue, as well as get him checked up on everything else, we got him all his shots and whatnot, and he actually has almost the exact same problem as me. There just seems to be something missing in our heads that tells us to hold our bladders, but he cares every bit as much as I do about that, which is to say none at all, and he is also like me that no one will ever be able to make him give up his thick thirsty tape on baby diapers.

The school wanted me to use catheters on him, but I said no, they wanted me to get him Pullups, but I said no, told them that should he need a change, that he knows how to change himself, and simply asked them for a safe and secure place for him to do so, and so, that was setup. The first few months for him was okay, most of the kids didn”t really realize that it was not normal, but, by half way through kindergarten, even they started teasing him for being a baby, even when he boldly looked at the entire class one day and told them that he knows that at least half of them still wet the bed, and most of them probably every night, it never helped. It got to the point that when they started, he would just turn to them and say, “I don”t give you permission to bully me.” and just turn and walk away. It really is too bad, he is such a loving and caring little boy, he wants friends so bad, but they just will not look past him being a baby.

Grade one had not been any better for him, he still cannot get a friend, and he almost hates going to school now, but, not once has he ever said anything bad about having to wear diapers. In fact, it is the days that they are hardest on him, that he comes home and asks to be double, triple, or even quadruple diapered, and I always let him, because I understand. Of course I do the same. For moral support you see.

Tavin has not lost his sexual appetite either, he is still shockingly horny, and loves to go watch cartoons in his bedroom at least once a day. Sometimes he will be extra fidgety and will look to me with hunger in his eyes, and say, “I think I needta go watch some cartoons”, and then skip happily to his bedroom, where he almost always works himself enough to pass out, and so, I happily go and get him straightened out and get his diaper fixed up when necessary. Of course, he has not stopped nearly hounding me, at least a few times a week he kisses me as sexually as he possibly can, and at least that often he asks me to help him out.

A little more than a year ago, I started to notice that Tavin”s little hole was extra puffy and bruised, and that was when I realized that I was missing a dildo. So, I went and looked, and sure enough, he had borrowed it. I pretended I had no idea, but I thought it was awesome. Shortly after that, one of my smaller butt plugs also disappeared, and the day after that, when I knew for a fact that he was wearing it, and once he was super soggy, I picked him up, gave him a nice big hug and kiss, and very purposely pressed the vibrating plug deeply into him. He groaned, then shook for a few seconds as he came, and then slumped into my arms. Oh, he tried to kiss me extra deep that day, he was so hungry. I just grinned to him and told him no, set him down, and patted his sexy little Pampered baby bum, because he was still in Pampers size seven pretty much full time then.

We have had an amazing two years together, and I love my gorgeous little gay baby boy so much, and I know he loves me that much as well. He says so often enough, but, just seeing how he looks at me is usually more than enough to say what he feels for me, I hope he sees the same in me. We have taken a few trips and seen some amazing places, because I love to do so, but we do prefer being at home, where we can be one hundred percent free.

If Tavin thinks that he is sexually frustrated though, it is honestly nothing on me. Since Tavin came along, I have not actually had sex even once, and I used to have a guest at least once a week, or I would go out and have a great filling party, if you know what I mean, I was very much a dirty slut, just like I called Taylor, who also adores Tavin every time he visits. Oh sure, I still jack off at least once a day, and I fuck myself with a dildo a couple times a week, I also wear a butt plug at least as often, but, it really is not the same. I cannot help myself but to envision Tavin”s hot hard little baby bone slipping into me every time I see his little erection at pretty near every soggy baby bum change. No, he is not large yet, by any definition, but he is a good size for such a little guy, because he is still not as big as a seven year old should be, but his little cocklett does not know that. He really is a sexy little gay baby boy god.

Summer vacation is just about to start for Tavin, he just got off the bus, carrying all his things, because it was the last day of school. He comes in, strips off all his clothes in the entry way like he does every afternoon, then comes and gives me powerful hugs and sensuous kisses.

“So, did you have a good last day Baby?”

“No, but I”m glad it”s my last day. They call me a baby because I wear diapers, but they”re the bigger babies for treating me like they do. One of the boys actually asked me why I”m not so ashamed of myself that I just jump in the river and drown. I asked him if he actually thinks that I should die because I wear diapers, and he said he”d do it if it were him, because he”d be so ashamed. I told him he”s an asshole and that he”s the one who really should be ashamed of himself for bullying someone for a medical need, and turned and walked away. When I heard him running at me, I just kept walking, and just as he was about to slam into me, I jumped to the side, and he sailed right past me and ended up falling and skidding down the hall until he slammed into a wall. It was really funny to watch, actually, and when he started crying, I told him he”s just as much a baby as me now, because he”s crying like a baby.”

“Good on you Baby. Don”t let the little assholes get you down. Wasn”t anyone else around?” I asked, not upset about him swearing, in fact, I think it is cute and have always encouraged him to talk how he feels, and I cannot wait until he tells to to fuck him deep.

“No, it was during class, I hadta go to the office to gather all my stuff from there, while the others were cleaning their desks, and he was coming back from the bathroom I guess, never asked. Didn”t care.” He shrugged.


“Daddy, I never wanna go back to school.”

“But you haveta Baby, you still don”t know everything, even though if they”d let you, you”d probably be going into grades three or four with how smart you are.”

“I still wanna do schooling Daddy, I love learning, but, can I do it at home from now on. You work from home anyway, we could both sit at the table in just our gloriously soggy baby diapers all day, I can do my school work, you can do your editing, it”d be amazing.”

“Yeah, it would be, and I”d enjoy the company as well, but, the problem with that, is it doesn”t get you around others.”

“You hardly even talk to anyone, and I”d rather never see another person if all they”re gonna do is bully me anyway.”

“Fair enough, but I do go out during the day when you”re in school a lot.”

“What, to get fucked?” He giggled.

“Actually, no, I haven”t been fucked since you came here?”

“Really, but why, don”t you like being fucked, I”d so love it every day?”

“I love it, I crave it, but, those types of friends aren”t free during the day, usually, and you need me here more than I needta get fucked.”

“Oh. I totally thought you were going out every day to get what you needed. How have you held me off then?”

“Lotsa jacking off and playing with my toys.” I laughed.

“Still wish you”d fuck me instead.”

“Yeah, I know, but you”re still not big enough to take me.”

“Am too.” He muttered under his breath, but I caught it anyway.

“What was lara türbanlı escort that Baby?”

“Nothing.” He grinned brightly to me.

“Tell you what, we”ll look into home school when they open back up next week and see what all it entails, and if you even can. I actually have no idea how it all works or anything.” I said, and set him down.

“Thanks Daddy, now, if you don”t mind, I desperately needta go watch cartoons for a bit, one of the boys in school has a really hot ass, and he was wearing really thin shorts and no underwear today, and when he bent over in front of me today, I damn near fucked him. I went hard so fast it actually hurt.” He said, and then skipped happily to his bedroom.

I could not help but to laugh at my horny little boy. It was damn near two hours later, just as I am making dinner in fact, that Tavin finally exited his bedroom. He is wearing one of his ultra thick night time diapers, but I can also see the band of a Pampers baby diaper underneath, so he has double diapered, and I am willing to bet he has his butt plug deep inside him again, he usually does after a session like that.

Once more, I picked up my gorgeous baby boy, cradled his sexy little diapered bum, and pressed the plug deeply into him. He groaned extra deep. I hugged him tightly.

“Feel better now Baby?”

“Mmmhmm. You pressed extra hard into my bum Daddy, you know what I”ve got inside me, don”t you?”

“Oh, I”m sure I have no idea at all, nor do I have any idea what kindsa cartoons you enjoy watching, or what you”re doing or using as you watch them. I think it”s great though, and I”m happy for you. I saw that you upgraded again recently though, I hope you”re not hurting yourself.”

“Yeah, I knew you must know, but you always told me that you really can”t know, but that you did anyway, and so, I just knew you”d be perfectly happy with that too. As for hurting myself, nope, not at all, it just feels so fucking good, even when the first time usually stretches just a little more, and is kinda tender for the next couple days, but, as long as I take it slow and easy, then it”s all good, and I”ve never even torn like some stories say can happen if you go too fast.”

“Yes, I did know, and if you were able to ask, and I was able to answer, I would”ve said absolutely yes. I”m glad you”re enjoying them safely, and enjoying your cartoons and stories too.”

“Thanks Daddy. I”d really like you to fuck me, though, we both know what I”m wearing isn”t any smaller than you are.”

“And how do you know what I”m packing, I never allow myself to get hard when you change my super soggy baby bum.”

“We both know that we”ve spied on the other when we”re playing, I always know when you”re there watching me, and I know you know I”m there when I”m watching you as well. By the way, I also happen to know it”s you in at least half the cartoons, even though you”re all wearing masks, I”d recognize your amazing gay diapered daddy dinky anywhere.”

“I wondered if you”d know.” I laughed.

“Oh yeah, knew it pretty much the day after I moved in.”

“Thought so. My friends enjoy giving me new ones to enjoy, how”d you like last weeks gay baby boy orgy.”

“Fuck, it was so amazing. Who was that that was taking those two cocks up his gay baby diapered ass, while two more were dildo fucking him?”


“Wow, now that”s a slut. He”s the same one who likesta be fisted and foot fucked too, and he”s even taken two smaller fists, isn”t he?”

“Oh yeah, he has some frighteningly large toys, he likesta be stretched way more than any of the rest of us do, it was my fist that was the first to break into his asshole, and even my foot, those were some of our first videos, I wasn”t even technically legal yet, but that was okay.”

“Wow, that”s hot.”

“I strongly suggest you grow lots more before you start getting into that, that”s the sorta thing that causes extreme pain, not to mention what”ll happen if you tear yourself enough to warrant a hospital visit. Until you”re at least sixteen, no matter what you say, it”s likely to be me that gets in supreme shit.”

“Oh, okay. Not sure I wanna be stretched quite that much anyway, though I do enjoy fist fucking myself now, it feels real good.”

“Seven years old, and already fist fucking yourself, that”s pretty impressive. You”ve never let me see that?”

“No, didn”t want you to panic, but now I can easily, even though it still takes lotsa time and patience.”

“Yeah, know that well. Still, the answer”s no.” I said, forestalling his next question, because we both know.

“Fine.” He sighed dejectedly. “But why?”

“Because, you”re ready physically, but you”re still so young, I just don”t think you”re ready for what you want mentally?”

“I”ve been mentally ready for you since the day I moved in, I”ve dreamed of you fucking and filling my gay baby bum bum full of your hot gay baby cum cum since that very first night. I think you knew it too, didn”t you?”

“Yeah, I did, but no, you”re not, not yet. Trust me on this, I was once in your diaper, I did all the things my diapered dinky was telling me to do, and it felt great, but, I stretched my mental boundaries almost to the point of snapping. I don”t know how best to explain it to you, I was ready physically, but for a long time, even though I knew I was getting exactly what I wanted, it still never felt right in my head, even though it felt very right in my diaper.”

“How long?”

“Hard to say, I think you”re almost there, you”re way more self assured and sure of what you want and need than I was. Of course, I was scared to death that anyone would find out, whereas you don”t haveta worry about that at all, so that is helping you, but, in the same sense, once we do make hot gay baby diaper love to each other, I doubt you have the ability to hide it from showing. I hadta learn real young to hide my emotions, which was possibly the most damaging thing to me, I hadta suppress so much, because had we been caught, we all knew we were toast. You won”t be forced to do that, yet you won”t be able to when you haveta either, because little boys aren”t supposed to look at their daddies how I know you”ll look at me after.”

“I don”t think that makes any sense.”

“I know, I”m probably not explaining it very well, and even though I know lotsa words, I just don”t think I can explain it any better. It”s just a feeling I have, and even though you think you”re ready for it, I”m just not sure you are, and until I think it”s right for you, it won”t feel right to me either, so, in a way, I guess it”s not just you that I”m worried about.”

“Oh. So even though I know it”ll feel very right in both our diapers, you”re still afraid it won”t feel right in our heads, but I think it”s more you now than me, I know I”m ready, but you”re not.”

“You know you”re ready, but I still don”t think as much as you needta be, again, it”s just a feeling I have, because I went through all the same feelings as you. I want your first time to be truly spectacular, not just great like it was for me. Trust me, I still remember the first time Taylor slipped his dick inside me, even though it hurt, and I thought I was ready for it, it still felt amazing, and we fucked long and hard, lots. The other problem, the feelings I have for you, I”ve never experienced before, I love you enough to sacrifice anything or everything to save you, there”s nothing I wouldn”t do or give to make sure you”re healthy and happy. Never before have I loved another like I love you, and as such, for the first time in my life, I wanna make love and be made love to, and yes, that”s with you. Right now, I”m not entirely convinced that you can do that for me, everything is still so sexual for you, that you just wanna fuck and be fucked, hard, fast, passionate, but I want long, slow, and beautiful.”

“Oh. Well, I love you that much too Daddy, there”s nothing I wouldn”t give to make you happy and healthy too, or to save your life as well, and as much fun as just fucking sounds, when you talk about making love, it makes me feel peaceful inside.”

“That”s good, that means you”re getting close.”

“How do I get the rest of the way though?”

“I don”t know, but I think I”ll know when you can have a really good super soggy baby bum change, and you won”t even be hard, because it”s all about love. You can”t do that, you never have, you still cum at pretty near every soggy baby bum change, even though I”ve never purposely stroked you to cause you to cum, you”re always painfully hard. I mean, honestly, I don”t think I”ve ever actually seen your diapered dinky soft, it”s always at least a little hard.”

“Oh. I just love soggy baby bum change lara ucuz escort time so much, and you make it feel so good.”

“I know, and tell the truth, during every soggy baby bum change, as I”m lotioning you, you dream of me ramming my big gay diaper loving daddy dinky deep inside your tiny little gay baby diapered bum, don”t you?”

“Yeah.” He said, because he knows what that means.


“Okay, I”ll try less hard from now on.” He giggled to me.


We finished making dinner together, then sat down and ate, still talking of course, then cleaned up, and went and watched a movie. We went to bed at about our regular time to end the night reading, and though I had to change my super soggy baby bum, I doubted that Tavin would have to, but I am not worried about that, if he does not, and leaks, it is not the end of the world, we both still do so at least once a month.

This morning when I woke up, I can hear Tavin in his room, he is already awake, and from the sounds coming from his room, he is trying to ensure that he is soft during his soggy baby bum change, which I have no doubts that he is going to ask me to do for him, to prove it. If that is what it takes, then I am all for it. I got up, peeked in Tavin”s room as I pass, and see that he is up on his hands and knees, and he is using the butt plug that he had probably still had inside himself to fuck himself. From the sounds that he is making, I know he is close, though how many orgasms he has already had, I do not know. I take my leave, and head to the kitchen to go and make a nice large pot of tea, then, when it is ready, I head out onto the deck to enjoy the morning breeze off the river, and the morning sun of what looks to be shaping up to be a beautiful day. It was only a few minutes later that Tavin finally joined me, I gave him his hugs and kisses good morning, and for the first time in a long time, he did not try and slip me the tongue. I patted his sexy soggy baby diapered bum, and then passed him his tea.

“Morning Baby.” I said, our first words, it is always that way, hugs and kisses and cuddles first.

“Morning Daddy.” He sighed deeply.

“Sounded like you were having a good time watching cartoons this morning.”

“Yeah, except I never even turned on the TV.”

“Good, you don”t always haveta.”

“No, but it sure is enjoyable.”

“Sure is. What would you liketa do today Baby?”

“Could we go for a nice hike today?”

“That sounds like a great idea.” I said, because we hike probably once a week, since we live in a stunningly beautiful river valley with at least thirty amazing hiking trails, that I know of, so we do a lot of hiking, we both truly do love it.

“Goody, can we go quadruple baby diapered?”

“When was the last time you were quadruple diapered?”

“About a week ago, maybe even more now.”

“Same, so, sure.” I said, because we both know if he does, then so too shall I, and we have enjoyed doing so a few other times as well.

“And will you change me today, and I”d liketa change you too as well?”

“Of course Baby, as long as you can still promise to behave.”

“Of course, what do you take me for?”

“A highly horny, spirited little gay baby boy, who can barely control himself.”

“Oh, good, just checking.” He giggled.

“Right.” I snorted.

We made and ate breakfast, got together snacks, drinks, and a lunch that we can eat when we are ready to, then cleaned everything up, then headed to my bedroom for super soggy baby bum changes.

When I opened up Tavin”s super soggy double diaper, I exposed his soft and oh so tiny little gay baby cocklett, he really is so adorable like this. I traded out his soggy double diaper, for a fresh quadruple diaper within a few minutes, I cleaned, lotioned, creamed, and powdered him all up, before taping him up.

“Much better Baby, by the end you were only just about half hard, instead of being half hard by the time I open up your diaper, and you didn”t cum.”

“It was really difficult trying to concentrate on something else as you were lotioning me up, but it still felt so good, that I couldn”t stop the good thoughts from interrupting anyway.”

“It gets easier, I promise, and keeping yourself good and drained like you did this morning also helps, but I can do so now without having to drain first.”

“Yeah, but you”re older, and you told me before that as you get older it becomes easier to control yourself.”

“Exactly, which is why last night I told you you”re still too young.”

“Not the answer I want.” He huffed.

“I know, me neither, to tell you the truth, but you”re getting shockingly close too.”


Now that Tavin is all taken care of, we trade places, and Tavin happily changes me, but, I could see, that the longer it took him to change me, the harder he became, and by the time he had me taped up, he looked as if he needed to cum, desperately, and so, I got up, and gently patted the front of his diaper, and that was all it took, and Tavin crashed to the ground.

“Fuck me, that was almost too intense.” He groaned a few seconds later when he came down.

“Still think you”re ready?” I laughed.

“Oh yeah, I”m so fucking ready.”

“No, you”re not. Love isn”t sex, fucking isn”t love, making sweet tender love, that”s what I want and we both desperately need. Especially for your first time. Once you can do this, and not even get hard at all, then you”ll be ready. You got closer today than you ever have before, and before too long, I think you”ll be ready. Now, let”s get properly dressed and go for a hike.”

“Fine.” He sighed sullenly.

We got into our diaper shirts, and then a pair of tights, they help a shocking amount to not only hide our diapers, but also prevent chafing while wearing such gloriously thick diapers while hiking. We then put on a pair of satiny shorts, that were bought around hiding quadruple thick diapers, and an extra long tee shirt, bought for the same reason. What is funny, is that we have seen dozens of hikers dressed almost identically, because it allows lots of movement without chafing, it keeps us warm when it is cool, but does not cause us to overheat when it is warm, and we can layer up from there if we have to. We went and put on our hiking boots, grabbed up our packs, then went and hopped in the car, and headed out. As we drove, we decided on what trail to do today, and we decided on a pretty grueling three hour each way hike, that is probably our favorite.

We had a great hike, we made it in record time even. I have taught Tavin how to really push and to always strive to do better. He is a tough little bugger, and has way more stamina than almost anyone I know, but then, he has always been an incredibly high energy little boy, at least since I have known him of course. His grade one teacher even wanted me to put him on ADHD medications because he always seems to need to move, but, like I told her, he can focus better than almost anyone I know when he needs to, but that he also needs to run and burn off energy, and that if he gets restless, to just send him outside for a run, and so, she did, and it worked. I always make him do a good workout every morning, I join him of course, so to help burn off some of his early morning energy, when he claims that he is so wired.

When I told Tavin that it was his best time yet, he cheered. We sat at the top, overlooking our valley, and ate our lunch. We had not even seen so much as one other hiker, but, on this particular hike, that is not all that uncommon, we might see someone every tenth time we do this hike, because it is that challenging, but Tavin and I both do love it, and the view that we are currently enjoying as we eat makes it so worth it. We take only half an hour break after eating, before we continue our trek back to the car, but we go a different direction, still roughly the same distance and skill level, but is different, so nice.

“So, how”s your diaper Baby?” I asked as we were climbing back into the car to head home.

“Glorious. Why do you ask?” He giggled.

“Oh, no reason, just making sure that you”re still enjoying it, and that it”s not too full yet.”

“You”ll know when it”s too full, because it”ll likely be leaking again.”

“Ditto.” I had to laugh.

As soon as we got home, we stripped off all our sweaty clothes in the laundry room, threw them in the washer, then Tavin skipped to his bedroom to gather his laundry, while I more sedately headed to mine to gather mine. We threw them all in the wash as well, since we may as well, and Tavin got it started.

üniversiteli escort “Well Baby, let”s go sit out on the deck, I really should finish the book I”m editing.”

“Okay Daddy, I”m gonna play on my computer then while you do that.”

“Sounds good Baby.”

We both grabbed our computers and our robes, then went and got situated, of course taking off our robes and putting them on the chairs beside us just as we sit down. As I was reading, I could not help but to notice that Tavin was typing an awful lot, but then, he does that a lot. I had asked him once a few weeks ago what he was writing, and he said it was a report for school. I asked him again another time, and he said the same, but, with as much as he had been writing, and being in grade one, I have a sneaking suspicion that he lied to me. I will not pester him, he will tell me when the time is right, which, apparently was just before dinner time.

“Daddy, these past few weeks, I”ve kinda been writing a book, and I want you to read it for me please, and maybe even edit it, and tell me if it”s any good. I don”t want you to lie to me though, and tell me it”s great if it isn”t.”

“I admit, I kinda wondered if you”d fibbed to me a bit. I mean, how many reports does a grade one student get. I mean, barely any of the kids in your class can even write yet, let alone a book report.”

“Yeah, sorry, I just wasn”t ready to tell you yet.”

“That”s okay, but try not to in the future please, lying really isn”t good, in fact it can be downright bad, and can ruin trust between people who love each other. All you hadta do was tell me that you”re doing something, but that you”re not ready to tell me what yet. I would”ve respected your wishes and not asked further questions.”

“Oh, okay, I guess that woulda been better.” He said after a few moments of thought.

“So, what kinda story did you write then?”

“A fantasy pirate story.”

“There”s no sex in it, is there?”

“No. Though I do wanna write one of them too.” He giggled.

“I bet. You know I”d read it. Hell, most of my friends would, especially if it”s a gay diaper love story. Of course I”ll read it for you, and I won”t steer you wrong either, if it”s great, and I say so, I”ll mean it, if it isn”t, I”ll work with you and try and make it great.”

“Thanks Daddy.”

“Outta curiosity, how many pages is it anyway?”

“Almost three hundred computer pages long.”

“Holy shit, that”s larger than most of the novels I edit.”

“Really. I thought it was kinda short.”

“Well, sure, it”d be short if you used like font size one hundred or something, in which case your word count would be low, but what size do you use, and how many words is it?”

“Um, let me check.” He said, and then looked. “Fourteen and a little over a hundred and twenty thousand words.”

“That there”s what we in the industry liketa call a metric fuck tonne. That”s a good size, and I can”t wait to read it. I”ll have this book edited before bedtime, in which case, I”ll start on yours tomorrow. Do you want me to do the full proof edit, as if it were going in for publishing?”

“Really, wow, but yes please. I doubt it”d be good enough for that though, and not so sure I”d do that anyway. I have so many stories rolling around in my head, I”d loveta write them all out.”

“Then do so. If you enjoy doing it, then you should, it”s a great creative outlet, and even if not all of them are great, I bet with me helping you, we can make them great.”

“Thanks Daddy.”

“You”re welcome Baby. Now, let”s go make dinner, shall we.”

“Okay, I am getting a little hungry.”

“Oh boy, the last time you said that, you ate all the food in the house, and I truly feared for my life as you looked to me like I was a big steak.”

“Yeah, well, I worked lots today.” He giggled cutely.

“You sure did.”

We made and ate a good healthy filling dinner, then headed back out to the deck to continue what we were doing before dinner. Tavin did say he was going to start the next story, and so, he was typing away madly. He had mastered the typing tutor program I had got him by half way through kindergarten, and could look at a book and type it with almost no errors whatsoever, without even looking, something I can barely even do, I still get almost twice as many errors.

Both his kindergarten and grade one teachers had commented how well Tavin both reads and writes already, and that his math and other skills are damn near as good. His grade one teacher admitted to me only a month before the end of school, that she doubted that she had actually taught Tavin anything at all, and that he was so far ahead of the other students it was not even funny. I have to wonder how his useless bitch of a mother could have possibly had such an amazing child, and how she could have dumped him how and why she did. Even the day I met him I could tell how bright he was. Maybe that was part of the reasoning, Taylor had told me how truly stupid she was, so, maybe she felt threatened by him. If that were the case, I have to wonder why she thought he would be stupid enough to get too close to the water so as to fall in, because Tavin admitted that he never gets close to the water, no matter how good a rock he sees, and that he has always done that.

It is cute, though, quite often I will look over to Tavin, hearing him typing away madly, his little fingers moving fast enough to make a concert pianist jealous, and he has his eyes closed, he is not even looking at the screen as he types. When I get the urge to write, which I do occasionally, I do the same thing, but then I have a hell of an editing job trying to fix all my typing mistakes. I have a feeling that I will hardly have to fix any of those for Tavin.

When I finished the book I was on, there was still at least an hour before bed, so, I asked Tavin to email his story to me, and he did right away. As soon as I received it, I opened it up, and started reading. I was so engrossed in the story, and apparently so was Tavin in writing, that it was damn near two hours after bedtime when we both realized it.

“Wow, I”m so fucking tired, this is the latest I”ve ever stayed up.” Tavin all of a sudden said, which broke me from my reading. I looked at the clock and realized just how late it is.

“Holy shit, it is late. Now, as for you young man, you didn”t lie to me, did you?”

“Um, no, about what?” He whimpered in shock and maybe a little fear.

“That you wrote this?”

“Um, no, I didn”t lie, I wrote it.” He said.

“No, no way, I”ve been editing books, some of them damn good books, for too many years now, and this is the best I”ve ever read.”

“Yeah right.”

“Did I promise to you I”d steer you straight, that I wouldn”t lie to you and tell you it was great if it wasn”t?”

“Well, yeah.”

“And what”s my rule about making a promise?”

“If you make a promise, you never ever break it, to break a promise is to break a friendship.”

“So, am I telling you the truth here and now?”

“Yeah, but how, I”m only seven, and just a throw away baby?”

“You may be seven, and you may in fact just be a throw away baby, though why anyone would throw away such a beautiful and incredibly smart and talented baby boy is beyond me, but, what you”ve written, no, that”s not the work of a seven year old throw away baby, that”s the work of a master novelist. I”ve hardly hadta do any repair work, though I keep forgetting what I”m actually supposed to be doing, so I”m probably gonna haveta read it two or even three times to actually fully edit it, because I keep getting so immersed in the story. I”ve only ever edited one other author that did that to me, and all three of his books so far have made me read throughout an entire day, without stopping once.”

“Really, but kids can”t be authors, can they?”

“Why not. The publicist I work for has a few kid authors. Of course they usually do kids books and whatnot, though one ten year old boy did do a pretty damn good fantasy novel that I got to edit, he”s an adult now, and has seven more books in print. In fact, his was the book I just finished, and he”s only just twenty two now.”


“Of course. Did you think that only an adult could write a book and have it published?”

“Well, yeah.”

“Oh hell no. Now, let”s get to bed Baby, I”m exhausted, and I”m sure you are as well. I”m sure your diaper will last, as much as I hope mine does, but if they don”t, then oh well.”

“Oh, okay Daddy, yeah, I”m pretty pooped.”


We threw on our robes for the whole two seconds we would need to wear them, and headed inside. I shut off all the lights, closed and locked the door, and headed to bed. I went and tucked Tavin in, gave him his kiss goodnight, but he is almost already sound asleep, and so did not try and slip me the tongue this time. I too headed right to bed, slipped in, and promptly passed out.

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