Big Dick

Chapter 2

The next morning, Tommy woke up at his somewhat normal time of six, and laid in his bed, enjoying the warmth and coziness of both his covers and his gloriously soggy diaper. Once he could no longer justify laying in bed, Tommy got up. As he passed, he checked in on Enzo to see if he is still asleep, and found that he still is, soft snores emanating from him. Tommy stood there and watched him sleep for several minutes, enjoying the vision.

Shaking himself, Tommy left the sleeping Enzo to his hopefully first good dreams. The things that he is envisioning as he watched Enzo sleep will do him no good, and will likely only torture him unnecessarily. Instead, he headed to the kitchen to make himself some breakfast. He usually starts every day with a good bowl of oatmeal. It is cheap, filling, and good for him, all of which he likes. He always adds some fruit to it as well, today is apples, and of course plenty of cinnamon to go with it. He is making more than enough for Enzo as well, so that when he does wake up, he too can have some. He is also making himself a pot of tea to go with it, he usually has at least one pot per day, but most days it is two.

As Tommy is sitting there, sipping his tea and enjoying his oatmeal, he cannot help but wonder how hard it is going to be on him to let Enzo go again in a few days, once he is all healed. Once more, he shakes off these torturous thoughts, and tells himself to just keep moving forward and to do as much good as he can. Pain, misery, suffering, those are feelings for others, he does not want them on himself, so he pushes away those thoughts that will certainly cause that.

Just as he finishes his oatmeal, Enzo stumbles into the kitchen. He is holding the walls as best he can, and it is clear that he is in a great deal of pain, yet he makes almost no sound whatsoever.

“Good morning there Sunshine, I hope you had a good sleep?”

“Yeah, I slept great, actually, way longer than I”m used to, that”s for sure. Any chance I can get more of those pain killers, I”m really starting to hurt this morning.”

“Absolutely, and yeah, the day after”s always the worst.”

“Yeah, knew that before, know it more now. I don”t normally feel pain, but I sure am feeling this.”

“How”s your baby bum feeling?”

“That”s at least half my pain, if not more.”

“When I change you again, I”ll apply more cream.”

“You don”t haveta change me, I can do it myself.”

“I know you can, but not only will it probably hurt a great deal to bend and turn how you”ll needta in order to change yourself, but you haveta admit that you enjoy me changing you.”

“Yeah, it is pretty nice, and you might be right, I can barely move as it is without hurting, but it”s gonna hurt no matter what I do, so I may as well just suck it up and take it.”

“Yes, it”s gonna hurt, but there”s no point in hurting yourself more than is strictly necessary, now, it wasn”t a yes or no question. Don”t worry. I understand, really I do. It feels wrong to accept any help from anyone, I was the same once, still am really, but it”s not, so, let me help you, okay.”

“Okay.” He whispered softly, and once more, this causes a few more tears to escape.

“Come, sit, have some breakfast and some tea, I”m sure you”ll enjoy both.”

“But I just ate yesterday, I can”t possibly eat again so soon.”

“I hate to break it to you, but most people eat three meals per day. I can still only do two, mind you, but that”s not really normal.”

“I know, but I”ve never ate that much that I can remember.”

“I know. Come, sit, don”t eat too much, but enjoy.”


Enzo groaned lightly as he sat down, that hurt, but he did dig in, and he too enjoyed his breakfast a great deal. He only managed to eat about half of what he had been given, but he finished all the tea, and took another cup when offered, Tommy also pouring himself more as well. Tommy had given Enzo as much pain killers as he felt was safe, and he took that as well.

“That was really good, thanks.”

“You”re welcome. Now, let”s go get your soggy baby bum changed, and I”ll get lots more cream on you, and today I”ll try and get a little inside you too, to make sure you heal up inside nicely. Before we do that, though, do you haveta go poop?”

“Okay, but yeah, I do.”

“Good, then empty out as much as you can, clean as much of the mess as you can, and I”ll get the rest.”


Enzo was led to the bathroom, and was told to just throw his used diaper in the garbage once he took it off, and then Tommy left him to his business. Tommy could hear that it was a less than comfortable experience, because Enzo kept groaning in pain, but there is nothing that either of them can do about that, so Tommy just left him. Finally Enzo came across the hall to Tommy”s bedroom.

“That didn”t sound so comfortable.”

“No, it was even worse than the last time I was used more than I was capable of taking. I hope I got as much out as I could though, I don”t really wanna haveta do that again any time soon.”

“Don”t go and cause yourself to become constipated though, holding it”ll only do more harm than good.”

“Yeah, I know.”

“Go ahead and lay down, I”ll get you all taken care of.”

Enzo laid down, and as soon as he was in diaper change position, Tommy went in and started cleaning him up fully and properly, and as gently as he possibly could. Once all clean, Tommy went in with the cream, and put as much on and in Enzo as he could, and other than a couple mild pained gasps, Enzo said nothing. Finally Tommy pulled up and taped closed the nice thick diaper, and deemed Enzo good to go.

“Thanks, that wasn”t so bad. A little uncomfortable as you slipped your finger inside me, but not too bad.”

“You”re welcome. Now, I haveta change my diaper, you”re welcome to stay, or you can leave, your choice.”

“Would you like me to help you, I”d really liketa I think?”

“Not this time, but maybe some other time, okay. That”ll require more bending and stretching than I think you”re really capable of doing right now.”

“Oh, okay, you might be right.”

Tommy then changed himself while Enzo watched. Tommy could not help but to notice that Enzo started getting hard in his diaper, and he groaned once involuntarily, and they both sighed when Tommy pulled up and taped closed his diaper. Tommy, given that he can actually hold it still, when he wants to that is, let go what little pee he had had stored, and wet his diaper slightly.

“Ah, much better. I never feel good unless I”m in a diaper.” Tommy said.

“I think I”m starting to feel the same way.” Enzo admitted.

“Good, but, in your case at any rate, you do truly need them. Now, we should probably get dressed, but there”s no clothes up here that”ll fit you, so as soon as I get dressed, I”ll run down and get something for you to wear. Actually, you know what, there”s no need for you to even get dressed, you can kick back and relax up here today. I have lotsa books, there”s the TV and I have several movies to choose from, but no cable, and I do have a computer with internet that you”re welcome to use.”

“Other than reading, I”ve never done any of the other stuff before, and I don”t really wanna start today. Could I maybe just come down and stay with you today?”

“Are you sure you wanna, you could stay up here and relax, recuperate, get better?”

“Yeah. I can”t just sit around and do nothing. I can only sit and read for an hour or so before I go to sleep, and that”s about it. Sometimes if it”s really miserable outside, I”ll sit and read during the day too, but I can”t do that all the time.”

“Okay, then I”ll go get you some clothes.” Tommy said, smiling happily, glad to have Enzo with him some more.

As soon as Tommy was dressed, he headed down to the store and found some clothes and shoes that would fit Enzo and make him look good, or at least as good as his battered and bruised face would let him look at the moment. As soon as he was back, Tommy helped Enzo to get dressed. It is still almost two hours before Tommy opens up the store, but he does all his cleaning and restocking during this time, as well he will bring in any donations that were left during the night. He almost always does a lot of sorting of materials in the evenings as well, and all told, he figures that he probably works easily twelve hours per day, and takes only Monday”s off.

Helping Enzo down the stairs, Tommy then leads the still limping boy to the back room where everything is stored. The back room is almost as large as the main store, which is already rather large, and while it is far more full, it is not organized in a way that is conducive to customers, and only Tommy really knows what is going on back there, or where anything is. Then again, he is the only employee too.

Because Tommy has an excellent memory, he recalls pretty near all the product that was sold the day before, so he went and grabbed more from those storage areas, to refill the sales areas, and Enzo helped where and how he could. They also cleaned and organized things as best they could, and when Tommy found holes where stuff should be, he would find something from the back to fill it. By the time that it was close to opening time, Tommy could tell that Enzo was getting very sore and tired.

“Would you like to go back upstairs and have a nap? I”m sure you could use it, and the sleep”ll be good for you, probably the best thing you can have right now.”

“I”m not usedta sleeping during the day, I”m not sure I could, but, I think you”re right, I”m getting wicked tired now, and I honestly wanna go to bed. The only problem is, I don”t think I can make it back upstairs.”

“There”s mattresses in the storage room, and I have lotsa blankets, so we could always just make you a bed back there, that”d be a lot easier, and then when you wake up, it”ll probably be close enough to time to have more pain killers as well, which you”ll probably need by then again.”

“Okay, I think I like that idea.”

So, they went and got it all set up, and then Enzo curled up, not even taking off his shoes, so Tommy covered him up and wished him a good sleep, and Enzo was out before Tommy even made it to the front. He did turn off the lights in the storage area, so that Enzo could have as peaceful a sleep as possible, and then he went and opened up the store.

It was just after noon when Enzo emerged from the back room, he had slept a izmit escort bayan bit better than three hours, and he both looks and feels better because of it. He waited until Tommy did not have any customers, and then joined him.

“You look brighter and more alert, and you”re not walking so stiffly, so the sleep seems to have done you some good.”

“Yeah, it did, thanks. Any chance I can get more of those pain killers though?”

“Of course, I brought them down with me, so you”ll just haveta go grab yourself a glass of water and take them.” Tommy said, and handed over what Enzo will need.

Enzo happily took the offered pills and then headed to the back room, and then to the bathroom, where there is a cup by the sink. He filled the cup, took his pills, and then had another two full glasses of water, since he seems to be extra thirsty for some reason.

“Better?” Tommy asked when Enzo made it back.

“Yeah, was super thirsty though, so ended up having three glasses of water total.”

“That”s good. Your body needs both water and sleep to heal, so make sure and get lots of both over the next few days.”

“Oh, didn”t know that.”

“Yeah, and food too, of course.”

“I can”t possibly eat again so soon. I”m still stuffed.”

“No, dinner time will be soon enough for that.”

“I might not be ready to eat even then.”

“No, probably not, but you”ll get to eat a little anyway.”

“Not sure I”ll be able to. Anyway, is there something that you”d like done, I”ve rested enough, and I can”t just sit around.”

“There”s really not much that hasta be done now that I”m open, I usually take care of most things before and after I”m open. I just help customers check out, that”s about it.”

“Oh, okay. Can I just look around then, and learn things, and maybe do something?”

“Of course, but if you change anything, or put anything out, make sure and tell me, so that I”ll hopefully remember it.”


For the rest of the day, Enzo just puttered around and cleaned and organized things, and while he still stumbled, and often had to hold onto something, he did surprisingly well. He is not moving fast, by any stretch of the imagination, but he does not stop either. By the time closing time is upon them, Enzo is starting to fade, he is getting so tired, but still he will not stop.

“How you holding up there Buddy, you”re looking pretty tired again?”

“Tired, sore, but alive, so, good.” He said simply.

“Fair enough. I think I can give you more pain killers now. Then, while I take care of getting all the new donations brought in and stored, why don”t you go curl up on one of the couches out in the store and have an hour long nap.”

“That”s okay, I”ll be fine.”

“No, you won”t be Enzo. Look, I know how you feel. I”ve done the same thing in the past, and there comes a time when you haveta do so, but you”re safe here, you desperately need sleep before you do more damage to your body, so go, before I carry you there and stand over you to make sure you go to sleep. Don”t worry, I promise, you”ll feel better for it.”

“Okay, fine.” He sighed, but is happy too.

“How”s your diaper?”

“Good, I went in and changed not long after you did, so about two or three hours ago, I guess.”

“Good. I usually haveta change somewhere around three, and you were looking nice and full then too, so it”s good that you went and changed too. How was it?”

“Not too bad, but twisting and turning to do it myself was a little uncomfortable like you said, and I wasn”t able to get it taped as tight as I normally like, but it”s not too bad.”

“Good. Grab a blanket from one of the stacks and go have a good nap.”

“Okay, thanks.”

Enzo dutifully went and did as he was told, and almost as soon as he laid down, he fell fast asleep. Tommy took care of bringing in all the donations from the day and got them stored, taking just over an hour to do it, and then he grabbed the pills and a glass of water, since they had not done so before Enzo went to sleep, and went to wake him up. Tommy almost felt guilty for doing so, but he knew that he had to wake Enzo up, so that he would get a good sleep tonight still. It only took him calling Enzo”s name softly once for him to wake up.

“Oh, hi, I thought you wanted me to sleep for an hour. I just laid down.”

“It”s been almost an hour and a half, actually, and you were sound asleep, so you had a good nap. I checked on you twice and you were sound asleep both times too, so that”s good. How do you feel now?”

“Better. Are those the pain killers though, I think I could really use them?”

“Yes, and a nice big glass of water to go along with them, which you probably also really need.”

“Yeah, I”m really thirsty again. I even had two glasses of water when I changed my diaper, and I almost never drink so much in a day.”

“It”s good for you, and says that you”re healing.”

Enzo took the pills and the glass and downed it all in just a few seconds.

“Ah, much better, thanks.”

“You”re welcome. Now, let”s head upstairs and get some dinner.”

“Okay, still not so sure I”ll be able to eat too much though.”

Tommy said nothing to this, just smiled, and led and helped Enzo upstairs. When they arrived, he made a simple and quick dinner, then they sat down to eat. Enzo ended up eating more than he thought he would be able to, yet still a far cry less than a typical thirteen year old would, especially after having such a light breakfast and no lunch. They cleaned up, and then went and sat back in the living room and relaxed. Tommy put on a movie, and Enzo really enjoyed it.

When bedtime came, Tommy changed Enzo once more, rubbing in lots of healing cream, gave him more pain killers and a couple large glasses of water, and then tucked him into bed. He wished the young boy a good sleep, and then headed to bed himself. Once more, as Tommy changed, he had to release the pressure, having Enzo in the same place as him, and not taking what he knew Enzo would give freely, was really having a profound effect on him. He could not help the visions that played in his mind as he jacked off. Seeing the amazingly hot boy in nothing but his soggy diaper does things to him, but he cannot allow it, Enzo does not love him.

The next day is almost an exact repeat of the previous, including the fact that Enzo had two good naps, only his morning nap was only two hours this time. Then the next day he had only one nap, this one from just after noon, to almost two. Tommy is now cutting the pain killers to half what he had been giving to Enzo, and while Enzo is still incredibly bruised and swollen in many areas, most especially his tiny little anus, the cuts and tears are healing. At least Enzo says going to the bathroom isn”t pure agony anymore, so that is good.

Five days after being brutally raped, Enzo felt that he was as healed as he could hope to be. He is no no longer taking pain killers, and going to the bathroom is no longer painful at all. He no longer needs naps to get through the day, and he is walking almost perfectly normal again. They had just finished out the day, and are just about to head upstairs for the evening.

“Well Tommy, I”m all healed, I should probably go now. I don”t wanna intrude any longer than I haveta. Thank you so much for all your help, I don”t know what I did to deserve someone like you helping me.”

“Would you liketa come up for dinner first?” Tommy asked, and though he tried to hold back the tears, he still choked up a bit and felt his eyes get watery.

“No, I better not. You”ve already given me way more than anyone”s ever given to me, and I don”t wanna overstay my welcome. Could I maybe take the rest of the diapers from down here, and maybe grab a new pack and a jacket though, before I go?”

“Yes, of course, take whatever you think you need, grab an extra change of clothes, and an extra blanket or two, it”s getting really cold at night, and I don”t want you freezing to death out there.”

“Thanks, I”d really like that.”

Enzo went and gathered up all that he needed, put it into a back pack, and then went to head out.

“Hold up a second.” Tommy said.


“Please be careful out there. You”re too good to be lost.” He said, and then wrapped Enzo up in another powerful hug. He held the trembling boy for several minutes before letting him go.

“Thanks.” He said, and Tommy is happy to see that there are real tears in Enzo”s eyes now. Now he knows why he had been trembling, he had been crying silently.

Tommy was glad that he had not been alone in that, and had had to wipe his eyes before letting Enzo go.

“You”re welcome. Be careful out there.”

“Thanks. You know, for everything.” He said, and then turned and walked away.

Tommy saw Enzo wipe his eyes, but then, he had to do the same again. As soon as Enzo was gone, Tommy went and sat on one of the couches in the show room and bawled his eyes out. Letting Enzo leave was the hardest thing that he had ever done, but he had to, Enzo does not love him, it could never be mutual.

With the turmoil, it probably should not have come as a surprise, but Tommy fell asleep on the couch, and that was where he stayed until almost five the next morning. The only reason he woke up, was because he was cold. Then, when he did wake up, he realized why. He had leaked something fierce. His last soggy bum change had been at three the previous afternoon, and fourteen hours is just too much time between changes. He looked at the couch that he had soaked, deemed it not damaged, but did go and grab his steam cleaner after changing himself, and got it heating up, then brought the couch to the back to clean. He replaced it with one of the ones from the back, so that the one he had wet could dry.

He then went up for breakfast, and since he had skipped dinner last night, he is finding himself starving this morning, so makes himself a large filling breakfast. Even though it is still early, Tommy decided to go get started on his day. Today is Sunday, probably his busiest day of the week, so there is lots to prepare for, but he was on auto pilot pretty much all day. He is depressed, far more so than he has ever been before. He gave no more than one or two replies to anything customers said or asked, he did not initiate conversation so much as once all day, and several times he almost burst into tears. Finally when izmit eve gelen escort the day ended, Tommy went upstairs, he did not even so much as go and check for donations, he did not do any extra work, he just went right upstairs. He did at least turn off the lights, but that was all. He made himself a light dinner, changed his diaper, because he never did and he had started to leak, and then went and laid down on his bed and cried himself to sleep.

Monday is his day off, the day that Tommy goes and does all the shopping that he needs to do, as well that is the day that he cleans his apartment and does all the chores that need to be done. He did none of it. He laid in bed the entire day, he cried off and on all day, he slept off and on all day. He was a wreck. He had fallen hard for Enzo, he loves him deeply already, and letting him go is tearing him apart. He did not even eat.

Tuesday morning, if at all possible, he was in almost worse shape. He did what he had to do to open the store, he helped whoever needed help, but he hardly spoke the entire day, because every time he tried, he almost started crying. Some of the more astute customers could clearly see that Tommy was hurting, but, of course, Tommy has no friends who could come and help him pick up the pieces, so, no one was alerted. Someone probably should have at least tried talking to him, but no one did. No one really cared. If they had have paid attention, they may have seen that he could easily be suicidal, but, no one cared.

Tommy did not even eat at all on Tuesday again, he just could not seem to make himself, and he was not hungry. Even water, or tea, he had had not one drop, his diaper is nearing twenty four hours old, and is still not even to half capacity, by all rights, that should not even be possible, but Tommy is shutting down.

Wednesday morning, Tommy did not even open the store. He did not leave his bed. He is running a fever, and though he has nothing in his system at all, he feels like he is going to vomit. Just after noon, the doorbell rang, and Tommy almost left it. Only the glimmering deep hope that he had that Enzo had returned made him get up. He barely remembered to put on his robe before going to the door. As soon as he opened it, a very teary eyed Enzo slammed right into him and hugged him for all his life”s worth.

They both burst into tears, Tommy hugged Enzo back, and they held each other and cried. Years of pain and loneliness from both released itself in a massive, powerful wave. They had to have held each other for nearly an hour, neither said a word, they just held onto each other. Nothing else at all mattered, just holding onto each other is all that they need at this time. Finally they let go, though Tommy let Enzo let go first, he was not going to.

“Why weren”t you open? I came, but you”re closed. I decided to come to the back to your private entrance.”

“Sick.” Was all Tommy managed to get out.

“Oh. Me too. The past few days have been horrible. All I”ve done is cried, I can”t eat, I can”t drink, I can”t sleep.”

“Same. When I do sleep, it”s fitful. Off and on, no real rest.”

“You know what it means, don”t you? I think I”m starting to understand, but I”m scared.”

“I know, so am I.”

“I”ve never felt this way about anyone.”

“Me neither.”

“You always held me off, saying that it hadta be mutual, that you wanted love. I….I….I think I finally understand, I think I want the same thing.”

“That”s truly all anyone needs.”

“I can”t do it any more, live that life, can I come live and work with you?”


“And, will you make love to me?”

“Yes, as long as you make love to me too.”

“I don”t know how?”

“Me neither, but I think we”ll learn together just fine. I don”t wanna yet, and really, we should both go get tested to make sure we”re both clean. I was never the most careful, and you”ve been raped numerous times, and I”m willing to bet condoms were rarely, if ever used, so we really should.”

“You”re right about that. The guys who wanted to pay, they wore, but almost no one else.”

“Yeah, know how you feel.”

“We should go get you dressed, and then get the store opened up.”

“Yeah, we probably should.”

“I brought all my things with me, not that I had lots mind you.” Enzo said, and then grabbed his pack and a garbage bag.

They headed upstairs, and as soon as they made it, Tommy made them some food, because now he is hungry, and thirsty, and already he can feel the fever and nausea leaving him. He finally has the will to live again. Then he realized that he had been full on love sick, something that he had not been aware was a real thing until that very moment.

After eating, they headed to Tommy”s bedroom, where he allowed Enzo to change his diaper, and then Enzo even helped him to get dressed. It was a very nice soggy baby bum change, Enzo very softly and gently rubbed in the lotion and cream after wiping him up almost as softly, and then he taped him up nice and snug, just the way he likes it.

“Thank you, that was really nice. No one”s ever changed me before.”

“You”re welcome, now you know how I felt every time you changed me. I think that”s what I missed most of all.”


They headed down to the store and got it opened up, and while Tommy manned the till, Enzo said he would take care of the restocking and the pulling in of all the donated materials. Tommy was agreeable to this, and they both went and did what they needed to do. Several times people asked Tommy why he had not been open that morning, and he had explained that he was sick, but that he is feeling well enough to work now. The rest of the day passed quickly and Enzo kept himself every bit as busy as Tommy was.

When it was closing time, they shut down the store, and because Enzo had already done all the work that Tommy normally does after closing, they are free to go upstairs. Enzo is now in need of a diaper change, and asked Tommy to change him, though as soon as they made it to their bedroom, Enzo stripped Tommy down to his soggy diaper first.

As soon as Enzo was stripped down to just his even soggier diaper, he laid down, and Tommy took care of changing him as softly and tenderly as he was capable of doing. For the first time, Enzo got fully hard, and Tommy admired the piece of equipment that Enzo is packing. He is not as large as a thirteen year old probably should be, but nor is he as small as the rest of his size suggests he should be either. He is still mostly hairless, but his balls have started to drop, and he has started growing, and he certainly has nothing to scoff at either. He promises to become a fair size once he finishes growing, if Tommy guesses correctly. Tommy just ignored Enzo”s erection otherwise, and as soon as he had Enzo all cleaned, lotioned, and creamed, he pulled up and taped him up nice and snug as well.

“Mmm, thanks. I missed that. That was real nice.” Enzo sighed deeply almost as soon as his diaper was done up.

“Yeah, same here, actually. I think I”d really liketa just change your beautiful soggy baby bum for every soggy baby bum change.”

“I”d like that even more, just as long as I getta change your soggy baby bum every time from now on as well.”

“I”m very much agreeable to that.” And for the first time in his entire life, Tommy truly has something to smile about.

“Good, “cause it wasn”t negotiable.”

“Good, I hoped it wouldn”t be.” He grinned.

They went and made and ate dinner, then just sat on the couch and cuddled and talked. They talked and talked and talked until they could not talk any more, and so they just stayed right there and cuddled. They had really learned a lot about each other, what they truly like and dislike, and fortunately their tastes are very much in line with each other there, as well as what makes them tick, what drives them, why they had not just curled up and died years ago like many others in their situations might have.

When it came time for bed, it was determined that even though neither was all that wet yet, that they would not be able to last until morning, so they changed each other very tenderly and slowly. Both were hard, both wanted nothing more than to play, yet neither said anything about it, and neither did so. As soon as they were nice and thickly diapered and ready for bed, it was not even questioned, but they curled right up in their bed together, and for the first time in either of their lives, they passed out quickly, being held by another.

They had, bar none, the best sleep that either had ever had in their lives. They slept in by almost a full two hours, and even when they did wake up, and they both knew that the other was awake, they never even opened their eyes, they just stayed there, holding each other so tenderly, so lovingly. Easily half an hour after waking up, they opened their eyes, and as they laid there, looking into each others eyes, they both found themselves drawn in to do something that neither has ever done before.

With no experience whatsoever, because neither had ever kissed another, they moved forth at the exact same time, and pressed their lips together. Their tongues followed only shortly thereafter, and they kissed slow and tender, soft and loving, with a deep hidden passion that neither knew they had in them. They kissed for easily fifteen minutes or more before finally breaking.

“Wow, I never knew kissing could be like that.” Tommy sighed.

“Me neither. What I feel for you, it”s just gotta be love. I really think I love you.” Enzo sighed even deeper still.

“And I really think I love you too. I”ve never felt anything like this, never could even comprehend what love was, but, I think I”m finally starting to understand it, and I think I like it.”

“Mmmhmm, me too.”

“Come on Baby, let”s get up and get breakfast shall we.”

“Okay. I like that, you calling me baby.”

“Good, because you”re my baby, and I”m yours.”

“Okay Baby, let”s get up then.”

They threw the blankets off and climbed out of bed. As they left their bedroom, they clasped hands, and headed to the kitchen to get breakfast. It was at this time that Tommy finally noticed the time.

“Shit, it”s eight thirty, I”m supposed to open in half an hour already.”

“That”s okay, we”ve got lotsa time left to have a quick breakfast and get dressed. It”s not like we have far to go to get to work.”

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“Fair enough. We better make it quick though.” He said, and so, they just made toast and butter. Tommy had four pieces, Enzo only had two.

Once more, as they changed each other, they were both incredibly hard, and they enjoyed their diaper changes considerably, yet neither exploded, though how they taped each other up, neither truly understood either. They dressed each other, and then headed downstairs right away and were just in time to open up the store. They had a few people waiting already, so as soon as they were open, people came in, and Tommy went and manned the till, while Enzo headed to the back to gather up all the donations that came in through the night, and then started restocking the shelves.

It was just about three when Enzo was done, and they both needed soggy baby bum changes, but they just went one at a time and each changed themselves, something that they did not care all that much for any more, but is necessary, since if they changed each other, they would have taken far too long. Once done, and since Tommy was busy, and Enzo did not want to disturb him, he went to the back room to check on one of the items that had been donated through the night.

A simple round table, but made of what Enzo thought is solid wood, and a set of four chairs. The only problem is, they are all in really rough shape, almost to the point of pointless to put on the floor. He has read a few books on wood refinishing though, so he is wondering if maybe he can sand the entire thing down and refinish it. He looked it over carefully, and determined that even though there are some deep scratches, made from either forks or knives, possibly both, that he should be able to sand them out, and maybe fill them.

He headed out to the store, where he knows a few things are that he will need, and grabbed them up. He then moved the table and all four chairs into an unused space in the back and set up there, and started sanding. He has a power sander, and there had been a fair bit of sand paper, so that is good. He even has some wood fillers and some wood finishes, care of donations that he will use once it is all sanded down.

About an hour after starting, Tommy had no customers in the store, and he was curious as to what the noise was, so followed the sound and found Enzo sanding a table.

“Hi Baby, what”s up?”

“Oh, hi there Baby yourself.” He smiled brightly. “We had a table and chairs donated last night that was in pretty rough shape, and since I”ve read a couple books at least on refinishing, I thought I”d give it a shot. What”s the worst that could happen, right, so I”m sanding it down, and then I”ll refinish it, and see if we can”t sell it for even more. It was maybe worth twenty bucks as the set, I”m hoping that once done, we can sell it for two or three hundred.”

“That”s a great idea. You really should have a dust mask on, though, there”s no telling what”s in that finish, and I”m sure it”s not good for you at any rate.”

“Not even sure what one looks like, and while the books I read said that using such things while doing this was near on mandatory, I”ve never seen one, so had no clue what to look for.”

“Fair enough. I haveta try and remember that while you”re incredibly bright, by the book, that you really don”t know a lot practically yet.”

“That”s okay, we both have a lot of learning to do.” Enzo smiled warmly.

“Be right back, I think I have some dust masks here somewhere.” Tommy said, and then took off to find them, and was back only a few minutes later. He handed them over, and showed Enzo how to put it on, and then said that he was going to head out, and told Enzo to have fun.

And Enzo is having fun. Even though his hands are hurting from the unnatural action that he is doing, because he has certainly never done anything of the sort before, he is enjoying himself and is pushing that aside. It did not take all that long to get the table top sanded down, and since it is the worst, he decided to get some filler into the worst of the gouges. He went through the selection of fillers to try and find one that was at least a reasonable match for colour, and found one that he liked the looks of, so started filling everything with that.

As soon as that was done, Enzo started working on the seats, because they are in almost as bad a condition as the table top. Just as Tommy was closing up for the night, Enzo was applying the last of the filler to the last of the chairs.

“How”s it comin” in here Baby, looks like you got a fair bit done already?”

“Really good. Got all the bad parts already sanded and filled, now just gotta sand the rest, but I don”t think I can use the power sander much for that, so it”ll be a bit slower, and probably a lot harder on my hands, which are already sore.”

“I”m sure they probably are. You”ve likely never done anything like this before, so your hands are gonna hurt a bit as they get usedta it, no worries, just don”t over work them, let them rest, and you”re gonna be okay.”

“Yeah, that”s what I felt as well.”

“Let”s go up and get dinner, shall we.”


They shut everything down, and headed upstairs for the night. As soon as they arrived, they stripped each other of their clothes, then made and ate dinner. They curled up on the couch once again, only tonight they watched two movies before bed. They changed each other, both hard of course, and then curled up, kissed for several minutes, and then fell fast asleep.

They had an amazing sleep once again, and this morning they did not sleep in quite so late, but their kissing session was even longer. They did manage to get a decent breakfast this morning, though, and made it downstairs in plenty of time to do what they needed to do prior to opening.

As soon as Tommy was up front helping customers, Enzo headed to his work area and started sanding some more. He started on the table top once again, this time with a finer sand paper, and sanded the entire top nice and smooth, going through the grits, until the top is sanded to two hundred and twenty grit. He then repeated the same process on the seats, and he is very satisfied with how they have turned out. He had chosen the filler well, because other than a couple of the worst marks, you can hardly tell the table was ever even damaged at all, and the only reason is because the damage of the worst ones had gone against the grain.

Enzo then started the more time consuming part of hand sanding pretty near everything else, but because he is not sanding this down to bare wood to repair things, he is using a finer sand paper, and is not going quite so far. He had felt that the finish on the rest of the piece was just natural anyway, though he did sand one spot on the underside of the table the same as he did on the top, so to test this when the time comes anyway, so that he does not end up with two vastly different colours.

By the time Tommy closed the store, Enzo felt that he is ready for finishing, so he grabbed the can that he wanted to use, opened it, mixed it up as per the cans instructions, and applied some to only part of his test area on the bottom of the table. He will let that dry over night now, and see how it looks in the morning.

They had a nice night in, had a good dinner, changed each other, kissed for a while before going to sleep, and then had a very good sleep, all curled up to each other as they are becoming used to.

The next morning, after getting everything ready for the day, Enzo was in the back, checking out the table that he is repairing. He is not entirely satisfied with the colour, it needs something he feels, but he is not sure what. The rest of the piece is more ambered, whereas his test area is perfectly clear. Then he remembered one of the other cans of finish said warm amber finish, so he grabbed that can, mixed it up, and tested it. Almost right away Enzo was satisfied. He let it dry for about an hour, and when he felt that it was good enough and is now satisfied with the colour, he decided to do the top and the seats with it. He will have just enough to do them, but then will switch to the clear finish for the rest, since he has lots of that.

He got one coat of clear on all the areas that had not needed full sanding, but was able to apply two coats of the amber finish to the seats and the top before he ran out. The instructions now say to cure for a day, then sand lightly, and top coat, so that will be the next day, which is exactly what he did. They had another really nice evening in, changed each other, kissed lots, ate, and curled up and had a good sleep, and then, before he knew it, Enzo was back in and continuing his work.

Tommy had been rather impressed with how well the table and chairs are already coming along, but Enzo says that he still has even more work to do before he calls it done. However, by the end of the day, Enzo feels that he is in fact done. Tommy had just closed up and had come back to see how Enzo is doing.

“Wow, would you look at that. It looks nothing like it did when it came, and you can hardly tell that it was damaged at all. You did an amazing job on this Baby.”

“Thanks.” Enzo smiled brightly.

“We”ll let it sit back here a couple days, to let it cure some before putting it on the floor, but I”ll have no problems putting a price tag of three hundred for the set on it now, and I know it”ll sell quickly at that. Good job Baby.”

“Thanks. I enjoyed that. I”ve always loved the books on creating and repairing things, I”ve always wanted to do something like this, and it was a lot more fun than I thought it”d be.”

“Then I hope we get more good project pieces like this for you.”

“Me too. There”s already a few here that could probably be done, so I might just do them too.”

“Whatever and whenever you”d like Baby.”


They headed up, stripped down to their soggy diapers as soon as they made it, then made and ate dinner. After dinner, they played a board game at the table, and had fun, talking and laughing the entire time that they played. The funny thing was, they had to read the instructions several times both before and during play, since neither had ever played any sort of board game before, so they had a lot to learn, but it was a fun game that they had brought up from the store.

The next couple days went by quickly. Tommy was always in the store helping customers, while Enzo took care of a lot of the cleaning and stocking, and then pulling a few pieces that he could refinish and sell for more money. After resting for two days, they put the table and chairs that Enzo had refinished on the floor, and before the end of the day it had already sold, and both were happy, because they had sold it for far more than it would have sold for in the first place, since it really does look very good.

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