They all want a black baby part 1


They all want a black baby part 1My name is Billy. I am a black male, 5’10, 200, 9.5, good looking and a smooth shaved head and dick. I had hooked up with this cuckold couple. The wife was hot and a nympo and the husband was a tiny dick sissy. She never had a black dick and thought it would be the best way to humiliate her sissy husband.She made him find me and when she saw my naked pictures, she knew I was the one she wanted and as much as her sissy objected because he didn’t want a black man to fuck his wife. It only made her more determined. We were to meet in a local sports bar to chat and see if we were compatible. I got there first and got a booth close to the back so we could talk in private and not have to talk over the crowd. I saw them enter and waved them over. She is 5’7, 140 pounds, big DD tit and the rest of her body was much better than it look in her pics and her is Heather . I stood up to great them, put my hand out for a shake, she pushed it away and moved in for a tight hug. She whispered in my ear, I am a hugger and since you will be fucking the hell out of me, handshakes are not going to work. I went to shake the hubby’s hand she told him no, great me as master which he did and never looking me in my eyes. We sat down with her on the inside of me and made her sissy sit across from us. While we are going over the usual small talk Heather place her hands on my leg and slowly moves it up to my dick and squeezes it. She moans and oh baby if you’re as big as you feel, I am going to be walking bowlegged for a week. Then she unzips my pant and tries to pull my dick out, but because she got me hard it’s not going to be easy. When she gets it free it pops out, she looks down and says fuck baby, I have never seen a dick this big let a thick black one, you hope it fits in my pussy. She looks at her sissy husband and says look at this huge fucking cock I will never want you near me let alone fuck me with that puny dick. And you’re going to have to deal with it.As we talk she is stroking my cock and playing with my balls. She looks around to make sure no one is looking, bends over and takes my cock in her hot mouth and sucks me the best that she can under the circumstances. When she comes back up, she said damn baby I can barely fit half of you in my mouth. I put my bahis şirketleri hand under her dress and find her panties wet. Without warning, I shove a finger as deep in her as hard as I could and she let out a loud gasp getting the attention of a few people in the bar. To cover up the sound we laughed it off, everyone else went to their on thing. Since we had our back to the rest of the bar and the both had somewhat of a high back, she reach into the top of her dress and pulled out one of her big tits and pinched her nipples to make it hard, I told her that my cock will fit nicely between them and her answer was, I hope so . While all this open flirting and open foreplay her sissy husband is across the table watching every minute of it afraid to say a word. she says lets get out of her I need this in me now. my huge balls she presses those massive tits against me and kisses me hard. Baby make me feel it for a week. She starts bouncing on my hard. She said baby I can feel it in my stomach, mmmm fuck me baby, fuck, suck my big fucking tits suck them hard, bite my nipples I want to feel it. I do as she asks and that pushes her over the edge and she screams with a major orgasm and is squirting all over my cock and Balls. Then she turns around facing her husband and starts fucking me again. She tell her sissy, look at this huge black cock fucking me like the whore that I am. It’s so fucking thick it’s going to make me cum again. Oh fuck here it comes, ahhhhh hell yessss. She soaks my cock again. She’s is so spent she leans over the front seat. She looks back at me and says thank you baby I needed that so bad. Now I want to make you come baby and feed my slutty cunt your hot load. I told her that I wanted i will wait until we get to your house and I will give you more cock and cum you can handle. For the rest of the ride she stayed on me grinding and rocking back and forth keeping me hard and wet. When we get to her house she said don’t bother dressing, I don’t want to waste time getting you undressed again. What about your neighbors. She said fuck them, this black dick is mine, plus they know I am a slut, I have fucked half of their husband. They were not much better than this fucking sissy. She told her sissy of a husband to walk ahead and open the door. We get out of her bahis firmaları vehicle and we walk to the door with her holding my dick. Their happen to be one of her neighbors walking their dog, she turns me towards them and with her free hand she waves hello. Their is no way they didn’t see my cock in her hand. From their we walked into her house. As soon as the door closed she pushed against the door, dropped to her knees and took my cock deep in her hot mouth. She stopped long enough to tell her bitch to get naked, bring a chair up close to us, sit there and stroke your tiny dick but don’t cum until I give you permission. She went back to giving me a wet sloppy blowjob. She was trying to get so much of me in her throat she was gagging and her eyes were tearing. I pulled her up, forced her against the door and shoved my dick balls deep in her causing her to yell out holy fuck baby I love it. I am going to be your black cock whore for as long as you will have me. That’s it baby give it to me, tear that cunt up, you own it, use it as you wish. I reached around to grab her big tits and used them to help fuck her harder. We both knew she was was about to cum and cum hard so she ordered her sissy bitch to lay under her and catch her load before it hits the floor and makes a mess. He go there just in time to catch her load and it flooded his face. I was ready to cum and asked where did she want it. She said pull it out and shoot it in his mouth and face, cover him with your hot load. I pulled out of her with a pop, aimed my dick at him and shot a huge load all over him and a good amount in his mouth. Heather looked down at him and said swallow it bitch and clean the rest off of you an swallow that too. When you’re done bring that chair into the bedroom and sit right up to the bed and start stroking again.We went to the bedroom and asked me to lay down on my back. She climbed between my legs getting me hard. She was licking my balls getting them nice and wet, She said damn baby your balls are huge like your dick. when she had me hard she climbed on and started fucking as hard as she could then she put her tits in my mouth again to be sucked and nibbled on. By this time the sissy was in the bedroom sitting in his chair when she told him to get on the bed lick and suck her ass. kaçak bahis siteleri Getting nice and clean just in case i get brave enough to take this monster in my ass. hearing this made me fuck her harder. As she slammed down, I thrusted up into her getting deeper in her pussy. She asks if she could make her sissy suck my balls. Not something I have ever done before, but said sure. she said you head him suck his big black balls and better not hurt him. while you’re at it lick his hot ass. Damn this feels so fucking good, she riding my cock like a pro and getting balls and ass licked and sucked. She wants to change again and get on her hands and knees. I buries my dick in her hard and she screams out good damn I want this dick in me forever. Sissy get back to servicing my baby. If it weren’t for your money, I would have gotten rid of you year ago you useless bitch. Now she is screaming out, fuck me baby, bang my slutty fertile cunt. Shoot you hot baby making batter deep in me. Fuck me harder, give me a black baby, i want a black baby, breed me daddy. i am not sure if I want that, but for now my lust and need to fuck this whore is more important, she has a great pussy. I can,t hold back , I fuck my fat black cock as deep in hard start and filling her pussy with my hot cum, it causes her to have another orgasm. Heather was just short of crying in pleasure. When I pulled out of her we both rolled over onto our backs panting like we just ran a marathon. She had her legs closed tight so none of my cum leaked out of her. She looked over at me and said that was the best fucking I have ever had in my life. I started to sit up but she said not yet. Hey bitch, get over here and clean my studs cock and ball, don’t miss a drop and then then the outside of my cunt. While getting cleaned up by the sissy. I asked her if she was serious or just talking about wanting a black baby. Her answer was well if it happens it does i won’t have a problem with it and please don’t worry about it, I will fuck a few others black studs so their is will be know way to who the father is. Not to say that I wouldn’t want your baby. I said OK, but to be honest even though we just met, I am not sure I want another black cock in your cunt. She looked down at her bitch and told him to hurry up, we got a lot more fucking to do. We fucked all night long and in every position we could think of and made up a few of our own in every room in her house. She even begged to me to fuck her ass. It was a night to remember, I can’t wait until the next time.

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