Subject: Theme Park With Dad, Son and a Stranger – Chapter One Nifty provides a vast resource of reading material for all tastes genders and genre’s. This free website needs your help and support to keep it running. Your donations keep it free. Please give what you can to help by clicking the link. https://donate./ thanks! WICKR: wankingishot Email: ail Thanks for the wonderful feedback and messages. I will try and get back to you all as soon as I can, but there has been big response, so forgive it it take a little longer to say hi and thanks personally to you. M/b M/b/M Incest Theme Park With Dad, Son and a Stranger Chapter One My mates and I had been at the theme park for a few hours, we’d done the extreme rides and had eaten so much fast food I was stuffed, I’d also drunk too much soda. Far, far too much, in fact, I was desperately needing a piss. I found the restrooms with only moments to spare but fucking hell there was a huge queue. There was a long line of men waiting for the urinals and the stalls, I stood clenching my buttocks and crossing my legs. I knew I’d never last and end up pissing myself, so I left the queue and headed over to the disabled/baby changing toilet in the block next to the Mens. I could have jumped for joy if it hadn’t made me piss myself, I really couldn’t believe my luck, there was no queue whatsoever! I grasped the big silver handle and yanked hard on it in my desperation to get in, the door rattled but seemed stuck so I pulled even harder and it suddenly burst open, without a second glance I raced in and pulled the door hard closed behind me flicking the lock with my fingers as it closed, all the while heading to what I assumed was where the toilet would be. I came to an abrupt stop, I simply stood there transfixed at what I saw before me, the stall was well… anything but empty. The changing table was down and a father was using it, but not to change a diaper, there was absolutely no need whatsoever for one of those with the age of this boy on it. No, he was using it like you’d use a sling in a sex club. A boy no more than fifty pounds or so, probably three or four foot tall was laid upon it, his legs were high in the air, the man was holding them both with one hand and gripped the skinny ankles tightly. I looked on and had completely forgotten my urgent need to piss. This man was a big guy, nearly seven foot tall or close to it, he wore a black wife beater shirt, he’d pulled it up and tucked it behind his head so his chest was bare. Each of his pectoral muscles were extremely defined but very thick black hair covered him, his luscious pink nipples peaked out through the swirls of curly hair which covered him so much that he looked like he was wearing a fur coat. The hair thinned out to almost like feathers covering his abdomen which had probably an eight pack. The guy was buff as hell, but the hair was just everywhere, over the backs of his arms, chest, neck he was like a gorilla! He stared at me, I was drawn to his eyes at first, they were piercing blue, not the light blue like a Husky but the deep rich warm blue of the Caribbean. Thick dark lashes with dark brows were set in to face with a strong jaw line and white teeth that gleamed in the fluorescent light. His beard was trimmed short and there was definitely a hint of a cleft in his chin. He was defined and muscular but this was not a man who lived in the gym, he clearly worked out and it was obvious he knew he looked good. My eyes travelled over him, especially the arm that held the boys legs high, on his bicep he had some sort of tribal style tattoo on it, fine black lines in intricate swirls tapering off as it reached his elbows becoming finer and finer until there was just a hint of these strange lines twinning together to form what looked like fine vines wrapping around his wrist The vines were covered in a multitude of buds which lead to a huge blooming rose on the back of his large hand. That giant hand now clasped both of those skinny ankles, it really wasn’t like a hand it was more like a big bear paw. Our eyes met, I instinctively looked down and saw his blue denim jeans around his ankles, resting on top of a black Nikes with white swooshes. Like with his upper torso thick dark hair coated his muscular thighs and calf muscles. His other tattooed hand was over the boys mouth, I was baffled at why he was stopping the boy making any sound. Then like one of those magic eyes pictures everything came in to sharp focus. I could then see the bushy mound of crotch hair up against the boys smooth white delicate skin. This has taken what seems like minutes to explain but from the time I entered the stall to my brain comprehending what was happening took about two seconds. My brain exploded as it became apparent the man was actually fucking this child. A look of wide eyed fear crossed his face, his eyes were wide all the white visible, he hadn’t said a word. He pulled his hips back slowly and his shaft was becoming visible, it glistened with some sort of lubricant, he pulled more and more out until I could have sworn there was an audible pop as the spongy thick purple head came in to view. As I said he was a big guy and his cock would have seemed almost small in comparison to the sheer size of the man. He kept eye contact with me like they do in judo as he slowly began to bend over, he’d released the boys legs and freed the boy’s mouth. His beefy arms reaching towards the floor to pull up his underwear and jeans. `Don’t you dare move, you fucking peado,’ I said. He froze in mid motion, then his shoulders slumped. This giant of man seemed to shrink and from being nearly seven foot or so he suddenly seemed like he was half his size. I walked over to the changing table, the boy looked at me he was smiling. No tears istanbul travesti on his face. `You okay little one?’ I asked. He nodded his head doing that rapid agreeing thing kids do. `Daddy loves my pussy.’ He said mater of factly. The boys legs had flopped wide, the lube his father had used was all over his tiny cocklett and balls. The glistening tiny genitals sparkled like the jewels they were. His father had once again stood, his cock had softened and hung over his smooth balls, there was a lot of shaft there, and like the boys ass it was coated in lube. Limp he must have a good six inches. I moved around in front of the boy and knelt down, it was a little uncomfortable for me, I hadn’t realised my cock had chubbed a little. I lifted the boys legs and he reached forwards and gripped them both holding them high and wide for me. His small tight fleshy white mounds spread wide revealing a tiny asshole. The ring was very pink, almost sore looking with a faint ring of bruising around the puckered flesh. The hole wasn’t fully closed and lube was leaking out, I reached out and touched the hole. There was so much lube, as my finger made contact with the puckered flesh the boy pushed his hips back. My finger sunk in all the way to the second knuckle and the kid groaned softly, `mmmmmmm’ he sighed. As I began to remove it he again moaned, this time it was loudly. I have no idea why, but I pushed my finger back into his ass, this time all the way. `Ooooooh’ the kid cried. With my finger still in his ass I stood up, my cock had hardened fully and was bulging out the front of my jeans, the fat lump clearly visible. The boys father looked at me, there was a heat in his eyes now. The fear had dissipated replaced by lust, he looked at me intensely, then at my hard cock, then at my hand at his boys ass. My eyes followed, I was startled to see my finger still in the boys ass. The boy was rocking his hips on my finger enjoying the attention his little ring was getting. I pulled my index finger clear and slid it along with my middle finger along the spread cleft of the boys ass coating them both in the excess lube. Then slid them both in to the kids ass `Oh baby such a tight sweet cunt’ I heard someone say, I was shocked almost horrified to my core as I suddenly realised that I had said them. When had I thought of this boys ass as a cunt? I was working my fingers in and out and the boy groaned and sighed. I felt the father come closer to me, he moved tentatively at first. Almost frightened I’d react badly to him being so close. He slowly reached out and placed his hand over the boy’s mouth, just as the kid groaned loudly, the sound was muffled. `He’s a screamer… when he gets going he gets really loud. He loves his pussy being worked over.’ For a big man his voice was quiet but incredibly deep, almost as if my ears couldn’t register the low decibels from the growling rumbley voice escaping his chest. My fingers were dancing inside the kids ass, I found the tiny peanut sized prostate gland and it sent the kid in to overdrive. His hips were bucking on my hand and his cocklett was hard as rock the small two inch nail standing proud. `He cums really hard and wild’ the gruff voice whispered in my ear. I almost jumped out of my skin, I hadn’t realised he’d moved so close to me. I stood watching the writhing child on my fingers, slowly the guy moved his tattooed hand towards my cock, massaging through the rough denim of my jeans. He tugged at the top button and they slowly popped open, my cock was painfully hard and snaking sideways over my hip. He tugged and pulled with one hand shaking them down so the tight fabric was just under my bubble butt. The white material of my briefs were almost transparent over my cock head they were so wet from my precum. He pulled the fabric down resting it under my full balls, I’ve never had an same sex experience before, let alone a boy. `That’s a nice big fuck stick, he whispered, I’m not sure if it was to me or himself as he said it. I stood mesmerised and watched as he picked up the lube and squirted a big fat glob onto my cock. He slathered the shaft, I felt my knees tremble and I almost collapsed as he pulled the foreskin back and spread the viscous gel over the glans of my rock hard cock. He finished massaging in the lube and took my hand from his boys ass, and gripping one of the boys legs he pulled the kid closer to me. He then pointed my cock downwards and lined the head up with the kids tight sphincter. My piss slit kissed the still slightly open hole, the heat was like a fire, once lined up he let my cock go and pushed my ass forwards slowly, the kids cunt lips spread, I watched transfixed as the big purple head began to slip in to the kid. He made muffled sounds but I kept it going in slowly, I felt the hole snap closed as the glans passed inside him. I kept pushing watching as my shaft began it’s journey in to the child’s guts. One inch, then another and another till my whole eight inch shaft was sunk inside him. I’ve had a lot of pussy over the years but this was un-fucking-believable. The warmth of his boy chute gripped like a tight velvet glove, his tiny sphincter massaging me. I stood enraptured by the sight of something so big in something so small. `FUCK HIM’ said the voice beside me, he said it loud and firmly, there was no argument in it, it was a command. I rhythmically pulled my shaft out until just the fat purple knob was in him. Then slid back in, slowly gently, I didn’t want to hurt him. `HARDER!’ Said the voice beside me, again there was no questioning the order. I pulled out and slammed back in, I groaned it was so tight, I looked at the boy writhing underneath me, his eyes were rolling, from the sensations exploding from his boy cunt. I Jack hammered in to kadıköy travesti the tight cunt small sharp bunny fucking before pulling out, I stared as the ring of his tight pussy slid back over my cock shaft before plunging in again and again. Every time I sank in deep I could see his abdomen bulge from my cock head sunk into his guts. The man placed his hand on the child’s stomach feeling it as it pushed in deep and pushed back against the flesh covered knob head. The boy was softly moaning behind that paw that still covered his mouth his pleasure was clear. `So hot watching you fuck my boy, wank him while you fuck him. Make the little fucker cum, I want you to feel how hard his cunt will grip you as he has his dry cum. My speed picked up, the soft squelching from my packing the kids ass with so much fat cock making it ooze out. I scooped up some of the lube and rubbed it on the cocklett and using two fingers began to wank the child under me. I felt his ring tighten like it was trying to cut through the shaft sunk into his bowels. I pumped him faster, the squelching and the muffled moans the only sound in the small room. The dads hand went from the kids abdomen to gripping my ass, smoothing the soft flesh, before a stinging slap made me shove hard in the kiddie cunt before me, I groaned then. `Yeah, fuck him’ he said before another slap landed on my ass. I closed my eyes, the sting hurt but in a good way. Slap, slap, slap I moaned. The man was amazing, he had one hand over the kids mouth and then the slapping on my ass stopped, I was relieved but not. It hurt but felt amazing. It was then I felt my T-shirt lifted and a hand slid up my chest, smoothing over the soft dark hair before reaching my nipple. He twisted it hard, my eyes rolled in my head and knees went out from underneath me and I had to grip the changing table quickly and hard to stop myself falling to the floor. I moaned loudly, `shut the fuck up’ he said or do I have to muzzle you too boy?’ He said. I shook my head, `no, no sir.’ I said. I had no idea why I called him sir for as I didn’t even call my father or my boss that, let alone a stranger. `Take the shirt off,’ I released the table when I was certain I could stand, took the shirt off in one smooth move. He leant forwards, then I watched as his tongue flicked over the hard nub, he teased the teat before I watched his lips close around the pink flesh. It was hard to see where his beard ended and my hairy chest began. He suckled chewing the flesh, sparks ran along the nerves like petroleum on fire. He nipped and chewed and twisted the other teat. All the while I was fucking and had resumed wanking the boy between my legs. I fucked him hard, the squelching and farting air erupting from his tight ring echoing around us. The man was softly moaning on my teat, as his bite increased, the twisting got harder and I pounded that kiddie cunt. `Oh God, I’m gonna cum. Fuck I don’t want to, oh God his ass!’ I felt the boy begin to buck then, his ring squeezed tight as he had his next boygasam. His muffled cries filling the big paw over his mouth. My balls churned and then tightened, molten fire exploded up my shaft, it felt like my piss slit tore wide open as I began to paint the tiny shit chute with my seed. I’d sunk in deep, I could see my cock head in his tummy clearly. I had to grip the changing table hard as I fired volley after volley deep into him. My little swimmers coating the lining of his intestines. He must have looked like he’d been whitewashed such was the cum pumping from my balls. I hadn’t cum in almost two weeks, my cock was still spasaming deep in his ass. The dregs of my balls still leaking into his cunt, the shaft still hard as rock. The man had left my nipples alone now and was gently pulling me away from the boys cunt. As my cock escaped his cunt a long ribbon of cum connected my piss slit and his gaping ass ring, as it exited my cum started to slowly seep out. The guy crouched down and looked at the boys ass. `Look at that pussy, you’ve wrecked it.’ He said. I was suddenly fearful till he looked at me and grinned. He spread the milky white globes wide and sunk his mouth between them. I watched his mouth work on the hole, his throat swelling as he was sucking out my load. The boy started to groan again. I reached over and placed my hand firmly over his mouth, and watched as this guy ate his boys ass. Satisfied he stood, his cock looked like a steel pipe with a fat purple head peaking out from the foreskin, he lubed it up, just a little, then placed that fat head to the gaping cunt. I thought his cock was smaller than it was when I first saw it, comparing it to his sheer bulk, but now up close it must have been a good nine incher, and I had a lot of girth but fuck it was thick. He looked at me and grinned, then just pushed in. The fat spongy head slipped in, I watched his ass cheeks trembling as he worked it all in. The boys breath was heavy and damp at against my hand. The man pushed my hand away from the kids mouth, I thought he was pissed at me. But I was soon relieved as his other hand grabbed my wrist and he brought my hand to his mouth and he sucked on my fingers. He got them wet and moved them to his ass, I got the hint and they slipped in between the fury mounds. I found his hot hole and brushed over the puckered flesh. He pushed out and I slipped in. He breath came out in a juddering rasp. He pounded the boys cunt, taking all but the fleshy purple nob out before slamming in to the kiddie cunt again, again and again. I worked his ass going deeper and found his walnut sized prostate gland. I jabbed and smoothed it and he too moaned. `Shut the fuck up or do I have to muzzle you!’ I told him. He looked at me with a steel glint in his eyes. I felt myself freeze, but bakırköy travesti then smiled. His face was warm and the smile hidden in that beard was bright. I continued to work him. He pounded that boys ass, cum was splashing out the kids ass, the guy was again wanking the kid. Faster and faster pounding the tiny shaft with a fat finger and thumb. We were a smooth fucking and wanking machine, all separate but working in a unison of pleasure. I watched intently, and as I saw the boys hips begin to buck I was amazed. Fuck this was the kids third dry cum, the dad snorted hard. I felt his ass ring tighten on my fingers and he slammed in deep to the kiddie cunt and a low roar was muffled deep in that barrel chest as he blew his load. I watched his cock swell and flex as he shot deep into the boy. His chest was expanding rapidly as he caught his breath, you’d have thought he’d just run a marathon, but it was just a mammoth fucking orgasam. His thick slab was softening and slid out of the boys ass like a python sliding away after stealing eggs. Thick cum seeped out, his and mine, the pink inside flesh of the boys ass was clearly visible, it was bright red and glistening like a precious ruby. `Your first kiddie fuck?’ He asked me. `Yeah’ I said. I was suddenly aware that I had just fucked a preteen kid, the ramifications of that hitting me like a baseball bat at the back of my skull. I leant back against the wall, shaking my head, he looked at me and chuckled. `You just realised what you’ve done kid, huh?’ He said. I nodded, `you’re fine, I’ve been fucking my boy here for a while, a long while…’ he grinned as he said it. `You did fine’ he looked at the boy and smiled at him and helped the kid sit up. `You enjoy that fuck Luke?’ He asked the kid. The boy looked at his dad a huge grin on his face, `mmm daddy it was the best.’ He said. `See no harm, no foul.’ He said trying to put me at ease. `As a matter of fact I’ve been dying to share my boys pussy with someone, he gives great head too.’ I looked at this bear of a man with his jeans still down at his ankles and his shirt over his shoulders. `He’s got a sweet a mouth as he has ass, but here is not the place. He reached down and pulled his jeans and underwear up, but left them open. He pulled a small black case from the pocket out and handed me a card. Edward Hamilton, builder was printed on it with an address and a couple of numbers. `Call the personal cell number and you’ll get me every time. The ex-wife is the secretary she’ll answer the other two numbers.” I looked at him, `ex-wife!’ I shook my head. `Don’t panic, she knows I’m fucking the boy, the boys been hot for cock as long as I can remember. Look we’ll talk but not here. You got a card or a number you wanna give me?’ His deep voice seemed to vibrate through the whole room, and I felt commanded to answer him. I took his card and asked for a pen and wrote my own number on the back of it. He took it and gave me another card. `You will call me or I will fuck you over so bad – do you understand.’ There was no questioning him, this was a man used to being obeyed. `Yyesss Sir.’ I stammered. `Good’ he said, `now get dressed and we’ll both fuck off.’ I need a piss first, I quickly pissed then I pulled my clothes up and put my shirt back on. He’d done the same, the boy was now respectfully dressed too. We headed out the door, the boy between us holding our hands swinging on them giggling. We stopped about sixty foot from the `room where it happened…’ to quote `Hamilton’ the musical. He pulled his cell phone out and called the number I’d give him. My phone rang in my pocket, I looked at him. `Just checking’ he said. `You will call by Friday, okay.’ I nodded. He held his big paw out and as we shook he pulled me in close, as he hugged me he whispered, I’m going to fuck you like you fucked my boy. He released me and stared hard into my eyes. Our hands still clasped, mine, in his looked so tiny. My look of absolute horror at what he’d just said to me must have been obvious on my face. He grinned and let my hand drop, `later dude.’ He turned and with the boy holding his hand skipping beside him they walked off. I was stood there stunned, horrified what the fuck had I just gotten myself into I wondered. I was going to head out the park when one of my buddies John spotted me and waved me over. `You okay, mate’ he asked. `You’re white as a sheet!’ He laughed, `oh and you’ve got a major damp patch’ you should have finished pissing before you put it away. My other friends had joined us now and roared with laughter. `It ain’t piss’ I said. Suddenly I had eight pairs of eyes on me. `FUCK! My mate John said. `Some guy give you a hand job!’ He laughed. `It was no guy’ I said. The laughter stopped abruptly. I knew I couldn’t tell them what I’d just done, well I could probably tell John. He was a nasty pervert, he’d once told me he’d fucked the family pet. When he needed sex anyone or thing would do. All of them we’re still looking at me. I laughed, `a gentleman never tells.’ I said. `You ain’t no gentleman though said Teddy.’ Again more laughter… We walked off laughing trying to decide what ride to go on next. John came and walked beside, `you really get laid in the toilet?’ He asked. I looked at him, shook my head and said nah… it was piss, I didn’t shake it enough. Hoping he’d buy the lie. He looked at me frowning, `oh okay.’ He said. `Oh by the way, I thought have a piss in the disabled/changing room only you beat me to it. I saw you go in fifteen minutes ago.’ He said it quietly, I looked at him. All the colour leaving my face, I felt hot and dizzy. `And I saw you come out, with the boy and with I guess his dad, nice one man.’ He raised his eyes, then looked at the damp patch. He winked at me and walked off. Fuck I thought, oh fuck he knows. He turned and grinned and waved at me to catch up, I did quickly before he could say anything to anyone. `We’ll talk later’, he said. He patted my ass and chuckled. I was so screwed. To be continued… Other fty//gay/incest/daddys-nanny-cam/

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