Subject: The Wood Shed Part 2 They cleaned up hurriedly, not knowing when mrs. Harmon would come knocking. Julian had a hard time meeting Carl’s eyes; he felt embarrassed and just wanted to get out of there. Out of that stifling hot shed, away from that tart ammonia smell of cooling sperm and sweaty asshole. Most of all, he wanted to go home and brush his teeth; he could still taste his and Carl’s milk on his tongue. But before he left, and as Carl was spraying air freshener and folding up the black velvet cloth, Julian quickly grabbed one of Karl’s fag DVDs from the shelf and stuff it down his pants. Carl kissed him before he could make it out the door, a long hard kiss, ending with a salacious lick of his lower lip. Julian felt Carl’s cock stiffening again through the front of his pants and, despite his embarrassment, Julian felt a hot lust pool in his lower belly as blood rushed to his penis. “I don’t know when, but we’ll play again.” Julian scooted out as fast as he could, headed straight home, and shoved his stolen DVD deep under his mattress. He promised himself he would never watch it, never want to see or feel or experience that forbidden lust between two males again. Quickly he brushed his teeth and ran a shower. As he bent over to work the controls, his sore anus throbbed once painfully and rhythmically tightened with his heartbeat. The memory flashed of what he and Carl had did, of how they had licked their seminal fluids off each other. Julian shuddered and got under the hot water spray of the shower and wash the musky scent of Carl’s come and his own sperm from his flushed face. He remembered looking up at Carl’s face as Carl masturbated furiously just inches from his mouth. At the time, it had been so hot, so erotic, but now the memory just sickened him. Carl had grunted and spurted copiously, wiping his purple cockhead on Julian’s face and concentrating it mostly on his lips and mouth, forcing him to taste it. But it hadn’t been all bad. On impulse, Julian reach behind him and ran his forefinger gently over his used asshole. It was ultrasensitive and he was amazed to see his small cock twitch wickedly and begin to throb to life. With a groan, he pushed his finger into his hole, feeling it stretch as it was penetrated, all the way to his anus ring suck at his fingers base. He imagined Carl behind him, thrusting savagely, raping him with his thick hairy cock, rutting with him so hard that his own small penis would bounce like mad against his lower belly. Carl rooting around deeper, taking what he needed and satisfying his lust with a young boy’s cunt, until finally he bred Julian, shooting his hot come deep inside Julian’s anus. Then he heard the front door open and his mom yelling she was home. He snapped out of his thoughts and guilty pulled his finger from his ass. Nothing for about 2 weeks. The Harmon’s left on a trip out of town and he stayed pretty busy with school and friends and kids stuff. His mom was working longer and longer shifts at work, so he had pretty much nothing to do except play video games or chess online. He was tempted to Surf chat rooms to find men in his area to play with, but that dangerous thought of being with a stranger terrified him. Plus his mom would search their computer’s history and he’d get busted or get outed as a fag, and that thought mortified him. He tried to snoop into the woodshed, but the front door had a Master padlock on it, so he was out of luck there, but when he saw a Carl’s DVD player from the window he remembered the DVD he had stolen. The DVD was awesome. It was titled Stolen Moments and consisted of men in their 50s and 60s abusing boys as young as 10. The film quality was lurid, definitely 1980 and early 90s homemade stuff, but boy was it hot! Julian watched it nearly every night, splayed out on the living room couch naked, jerking his throbbing cock, pinching his hard nipples, his eyes is mesmerised and taking in every scene. He liked it all, but there were two scenes in particular that made him grown and spurt his come everywhere. başakşehir escort The first scene was relatively short. It showed a balding man of average weight and height sitting down in his office chair totally naked, his hard cock throbbing. He leaned way back in the chair and hooked his legs over the chair arms, exposing his hairy taint and ass hole to the camera angle. “Okay boys,” he said, and two naked boys, preteen, entered the shot. One went to work polishing the man’s fat cock head and the other knelt on all fours to lick at the man’s winking anus. The boy providing analingus had his ass exposed to the camera, his hips tilted at such a cant that the viewer could see his small cock was hard as a stone and his hairless scrotum was drawn tightly to his body. His little boy cunt was a soft pink and flexed every time he tried to shove his probing tongue deeper into the groaning man’s anal cavity. The other boy was taking the man’s penis deep down his throat with a measured Pace, not using his hands at all, just bobbing with his head and sucking at the man’s penis in earnest. The man was panting hard, lathered in sweat, his middle finger of his right hand embedded deeply in the cock sucker’s hole. Julian could tell the man on film like the cock sucker the best by the way the man’s fingers would lovingly curl around the boys hairless nut sack or the way they would kiss between breaks of sucking cock. “Okay, I’m getting close,” the man said Shaklee, is hairy body quivering. The boys switch positions. The cock swallower stood and went past the camera with his little boy cock bouncing against his lower belly to stand between the man’s legs. He spit on his dick for lube, and the camera showed him slowly penetrating the man’s wet anus, pushing all the way in, till his tight nut sack was right against the man’s hairy anal ring. “Do it harder this time”, the man hissed, “I want it to hurt a little.” The man pulled the other boys cock to his mouth by reaching between the boy’s legs from the front and sticking two fingers into the boy’s pink boy cunt which the viewer could see stretch with effort around the two invading fingers. The three found a good pace and soon all were breathing heavily and grunting at the sensations. The boy sodomizing the man’s ass hole looked like he was in heaven, his eyes closed, head tilted back with his mouth slightly parted. Julian like how the boys naked butt cheeks would flex and relax, flex and relax each time he thrust up inside the man’s hole. He liked seeing the rough sodomy, hearing the man Grunt and groan as he took the boys penetrating cock. He liked watching them mate with superheated lust, the intensity of their frenzied breeding as the man whimpered at a particularly deep and Savage thrust as he sucked and lick the other boy’s small cock. The man had wanted it a little rough and he was getting what he wanted. He was enjoying the rape, though. Julian could see the man’s penis strained at the limit, slapping against the man’s hairy belly in time with each penetration, a thin streamer of precum glistening from his swollen glans to his lower abdomen. The finish came fast, so fast it surprised Julian every time. The younger boy, the one transfixed on the man’s thick fingers and fucking the man’s mouth, groaned and slid his young hands down through the man’s hairy belly patch and touched the wet slime of the man’s precum. He brought it to his lips and sucked on the moistened fingers, tasting the man’s salty milk. He groaned again, and lowered his head to lick and suck at the man’s heart nipples. The man shuddered and without even touching his cock begin shooting off, squirting his hot load in three streams. Two of the streams landed on his hairy belly, but the last one, the hardest one, splattered on the boys cheek who was busy licking the man’s nipples. The boy fucking the man’s anus groaned as well, but never withdrew. Julian always wondered if the boy had shot his load up inside the man’s bowels, but probably not since he was so young. He had probably groaned at halkalı escort feeling the spasmodic contractions of the man’s anal ring as it gripped his young cock during the orgasmic spurts of semen. The scene ended with the two boys cleaning the man’s spermy mess up with their licking tongues, swallowing the thick cream and kissing each other while the man withdrew his two fingers from the younger boy’s hole and sucked them with relish. Julian loved that scene, but his all-time favorite was the last scene on the DVD. It was the one he had ejaculated to the most. It was a POV shot (point of view) at night inside a home. The viewer could watch through a man’s eyes as he slowly walked down a dim hallway leading to a door. As he walked, the man panned the camera down at the floor so the viewer could see he was rampantly aroused, his thick member swaying as he walked. The camera came up again, and the viewer could see the man slowly opening the closed-door. A young team in pajamas lay asleep on his bed, his covers off and laying on his back. The man closed the door and locked it with a soft snick. He approached the bed with the sleeping boy, who looked maybe thirteen, definitely no older than 15. The camera pans up and down the boys clothes body. Julian could hear the man’s ragged breathing and the camera pointed down so that the viewer could watch the man slowly masturbate his cock up and down, up and down, squeezing his hard penis at the tip so that his piss slit opened slightly. Julian could tell this man was a sick pervert. He wondered if the boy was related to the man, maybe his son or stepson or nephew. Anyway, that the man was a pervert didn’t make Julian stop watching, it just made him hotter, made him want to see how the man would molest the boy, how the man would satisfy his lust using the teen. The camera tilted as the man stepped closer to the bed, showed the man slowly push his cock toward the boy’s slightly parted lips, finally touching the boy’s mouth, rubbing his engorged glans over the boy’s mouth. The boy woke up with a jerk, but the man quieted him down quickly. “Shh,” he whispered, his voice raspy and shaky with need. “She’s asleep for now.” The man lifted his oozing cock from the boys face and leaned further in, so that he could rub the underneath of his swollen testicles and hairy taint on the boy’s upturned nose and face. The boy started breathing more heavily and the camera showed the boy reaching down to push his pajama bottoms past his hips so that he could grab his stiffening member and tug it up and down, up and down. The man took a step back and repeated rubbing his wet cock on the boy’s lips, leaving crystalline trails of precum on the boy’s parted mouth. “You wanna play a little?” the man asked. in reply the boy smiled and opened his mouth a bit more. The man groaned softly as he pushed into the waiting hole, began a rhythmic fucking of the boy’s mouth. The boy would draw the man’s cock in deep, so that it bulged his neck slightly, making him gurgle and gag softly in his throat. The man encouraged the boy with soft tones and would reach down and grab the boy’s masturbating penis, nipping the bloated head with his fingers, coating his fingers with the boys fluids. Julian was happy to see that this boy had pubic hair; he wanted to see the boy ejaculate, to see the boy spurt his climax as the man used him. The camera angle changed. The man put the camera down on the bedside table but pointed the viewfinder at the edge of the bed so the viewer could watch the unfolding scene. “I want your bottoms off”, he told a boy, “but leave the top on. I love fucking you when you’re half-naked.” The boy quickly complied and the man said looking around the room, “Where is your underwear? The ones you wore today?” The teen pointed toward the floor and the man lifted the boy’s underwear and put them over his head through one of the leg holes. The man wore the boys underwear, his tighty-whities, like a necklace, the crotch and front flap of the underwear close to his face şirinevler escort so he could smell the scent of young penis and sweaty ass hole. They both were panting heavily, both insanely aroused at this chance to breed again, the chance to rut with another male. “Lay on your back,” the man hissed in the boy did so. The man knelt beside the bed and grabbed the boy by his hips to pull him closer to the edge, raised the boys legs up and spread them so that he could lick and suck the boy’s anus. The man rubbed his face in the boy’s taint with evident glee and pulled all of the tight scrotum into his mouth. The boy was moaning and thrashing on the bed as the man probed with his wet tongue, thrusting into the boy’s open rectum by pulling his butt cheeks wide. The man pulled the boy’s hands away from manipulating his throbbing cock, letting the pressure of lust build to a crescendo. He didn’t want the young teen to come yet, he wanted the boy to come after he tortured the boy to a higher level of lust. Finally, and with obvious reluctance, the man licked his way from the boy’s hole up his taint past his scrotum to quickly nuzzle and suck the bloated, purple cock head that danced and twitched on the rigid stalk. The boy cried out, but only for a second, for the man took the used underwear from around his neck and shoved them in the boy’s open mouth. “Now you can scream all you want,” he rasped. He spit on his hard penis for lube and spit again on the boy’s exposed anus before hilting himself without pause or warning deeply into the young teens body. The camera angle was perfect; the man’s cock looked enormous as he violently sodomized the boy, a veiny bolt of knotty flash that speared again and again into the teen’s pink hole. The man rucked up the boy’s pajama top to get at the boy’s erect nipples. “I’ve needed this like you wouldn’t believe,” the man said as he thrust and thrust into the young teen beneath him. “You remember last month when I pulled you out of school for your “dentist appointment”? How I took you to that shitty hotel and we fucked and fucked for 3 hours? How I fucked you on that unmade mattress and against the wall and came up your ass as I made you bend over that little motel table? I made you come three times with my mouth.” The boy moaned something behind his dirty underwear, and the man’s thrusts became more ragged and desperate as he rooted deeper into the boy’s stretched hole, satisfying his needs by using the teen’s puckered male cunt. He pulled the underwear out of the boy’s mouth and they began kissing and licking each other mouth. “Uhh, uhh…you had to fuck me again when you saw your cum oozing out of me, trickling down my leg. Your cock was so hard; you were really worked up. Uhh, uhh… we barely had enough strength to make it home,” the boy whispered. “Mom asked…uhh, uhh…if we had both came down…uhh,uhh…with the cold cause we were both wore out.” The man said nothing, close to the edge and finishing when the boy glanced up at him and said softly, “You should have seen how much came out of me, how much cum was in my boxers-” The man groaned a final time, and his sweaty butt cheeks clenched hard. The camera showed his engorged penis shoved hilt deep in the boy’s rectum, his testicles pumping a hot load of sperm into the young team. They kissed as the man impregnated the boy with his hot semen, the boy sucking on the man’s extended tongue. Satisfied with his rape, the man’s cock pulled free and his frothy milk ejected somewhat from the boy’s gaping, red hole. He slid down the teen’s body and took his pulsing cock in his mouth, sucking the boy with vigor. The boy loved it, hunched over the man’s bobbing head, cradled the man’s head with his arms so he could thrust deeper into the sucking mouth. His orgasm was spectacular; he grunted hard and squeezed his eyes tightly shut, his mouth wobbling as he spent his load. The man swallowed convulsively and then pulled off the boys spasm penis, so that the erupting cock could spray his face. They shared that warm fluid as they both calmed down from their lovemaking and the scene cut off as they rested next to each other. The DVD convinced Julian that he wanted to try penetrative sex with Carl, but not without preparation. He needed to find where his mom kept her sex toys, her dildos.

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