The Twenty-Four Hour Experiment


FIRST HOURI’d been lusting after Cloe Simmonds ever since I figured out all the amazing things the package in my pants can do. But she only had eyes for her handball coach. It was damn painful to watch. Luckily, he eventually decided that she wasn’t worth his career. Fool. As soon as he was out of the picture, I swooped in and swept her off her feet with a little help from my dad’s Jag and credit card. It was all worth it. Losing myself in her scent, kissing her whole delicious body from her forehead to her toes is heaven on earth.“Is it ok if we do this for the whole night?” she giggles. She isn’t being serious, of course, but I hold her to her words. And she loves it. She loves it so much, that it secures me another date… And a few more. SECOND HOURWe watch a late-night movie and I walk Cloe home. “Let’s cut through the park,” she suggests with a glint of mischief in her dark eyes. I can barely keep up with her frisky, skipping steps as she pulls me towards the hill, where someone put a makeshift swing on the old oak tree. I know she loves that swing, so I make nothing of it ‘till she bends down stepping out of her knickers, rolls them into a ball and hands them to me.Even the moon comes out of its curtain of thick clouds to take delight in this playful scene. Her skirt lifts up as she swings back and forth giving me a peek of her naked mound.“Push me,” her lips probably say but I hear something completely different and I bury my head between her legs tasting the best after-cinema-snack of my life. I stand up and push her backwards on the long ropes. Her legs are wide open, inviting.“The breeze tickles and turns me on,” she giggles.“Oh, the breeze does?” I scold her. Unbuttoning my jeans, I revengefully take what’s mine. THIRD HOURThe end of a week-long bushcraft summer camp. It’s hot and everyone is knackered, sleeping on the bus ride home. Except Cloe. She had rushed to have the last seat for a reason. Her eyes are wide open and wild. She props her knees up against the seat in front and her skirt rolls down her bare thighs and hips.“You are such a naughty little minx,” I tease following an invisible line from her knee down her inner thigh with my finger.“I want you on the floor,” she commands, her voice’s grown quite assertive lately.Oh, I am game but I don’t think she thought this through. She wanted to be naughty, almanbahis but probably didn’t mean to offer her tight little star on the menu, which I’ll be licking and fingering for the one-hour journey. Mmmm. FOURTH HOURWhen I fell in love with her tomboy playfulness, I had no idea just how kinky of a path we were to walk down. That bus ride gave her other ideas and after a night out, I find myself on an almost empty night bus. The opening and closing of doors in every stop, and the driver’s eyes on the mirror don’t stop her exploring lips and fingers. I will never be able to cover up these love bites and my dripping, aching cock can’t bear this torture much longer. Two stops away from her house another tipsy couple hops on. Apparently, she knows the girl and between drunken laughter they decide, it would be a good idea if they joined us for a few more drinks. FIFTH HOURCloe’s parents are out and the girls raid the drinks cabinet tasting the various spirits on each other’s lips. I pretend to be drunk and be okay with it. Truth is, I’m more than okay with it and my hard on is raging to teach both of those naughty girls a lesson, but it’s a bit awkward with the other lad there and being unsure what boundaries we want crossed, we shamelessly wank away, while the girls are having fun. Luckily, not quite satisfied with fingering and licking sweet sticky Curaçao off each other’s pussies, they soon rip off our clothes and getting off on watching the other couple, they ride us into a drunken cowboy paradise. I fall asleep thinking, if my whole life will be anything like this, I’ll be a happy camper.***While I re-live these memories as if they were happening to me now, somewhere deep inside the real-life, real-time me secretly knows, that actually it will get much better. SIXTH HOURJust not with Cloe. The five hundred miles distance eventually separates us.Her name is Angelique. Sitting opposite of me at French seminar. Black hair, like Cleopatra, eyes full of murky mysteries. She doesn’t often take them off me.We’re not even into the second week and I’m on her bed, naked.“I like to be on top,” she declares with her thick foreign accent. As if it was blatantly obvious what she really meant, she handcuffs me to the old wooden bedframe.At this point all I know about bondage is from ‘Basic instinct’, so I’m half expecting almanbahis yeni giriş worse than the red marks of her talons and a cock that only cums on her command.I’m hooked. SEVENTH HOURIt’s Angelique again, her hair is longer, her grin more sinister and my cock is harder than ever.“Are you ready?”“I’m never quite ready for you, Angelique.” You just never know what you get with her.She darkens my world with a pair of blindfolds and tortures me with ice cubes, drawing lines on my stomach, always near, but never quite reaching my painfully throbbing, precum-seeping cock, crying milky tears for her mercy. My nipples are frozen numb, but I still feel the bite of metal clamps. I involuntarily try to pull my legs up, but they’re shackled to the bed too. Damn. This girl is an inquisitor reborn. Still fucking hooked. EIGHTH HOUR“I want to try something new,” she smirks leading me into her spine-tingling domain yet again. It gives me an instant hard-on and an avalanche-potent snow-ball in my chest.“Is there anything we have not tried?” I question, slightly terrified.She grins back at me. “Oh, Nate, mon Cherie, we haven’t even started.”Again,  I’m cuffed, blindfolded, wondering how her memory foam has surely saved the imprint of my ass, but nothing else. She straddles my chest and starts playing with my lips purring into my ear, telling me how much she likes my tongue in her pussy. How she likes tasting herself on my lips. “If you’ll be a good boy and make me cum with your tongue, I’ll have a nice surprise for you.”She doesn’t have to promise anything, I love savouring the nectar of her power games. She gets really worked up and wet just by tying me up. I tease her with soft waves of butterfly flutter licks and then dwelve deeper. She grinds herself on my face holding her body up by the squeaky headboard.I get startled by a sudden sensation on my cock. Either she’s deviantly flexible or…Fuck. NINTH HOUR“Don’t fucking dare to cum, we’re not finished with you yet!”Whoever thinks that this is every men’s wet dream hasn’t met these two nimphomaniacs.They ruthlessly ride my cock taking turns, giggling, teasing each other, stroking each other into multiple orgasms. At some point they even make a joke of using me as ‘the perfect suction-cup dildo’ and how they’re going to ‘feed me some Viagras and invite another few friends almanbahis giriş over next time’. This is going on for hours and I’ve been ripped back from the brink of orgasm as least a dozen times.On a good day, when they’re spent, they make me beg to be finished by hand. Today is not a good day. When they fuck themselves silly on my poor cock, they simply collapse on top of me, Angelique on my chest, Dominique on my thigh. I try nudging Dominique awake with my knee to have mercy on me. She moans and gurgles in her sleep, but eventually rubs my cock to release without looking up. I make a pitiful mess on my stomach as I drift to sleep too.***In my vivid dream I hear a female voice “Such a naughty boy!” and I think that one of the girls woken up.I open my eyes and to my surprise, I’m in a hospital bed with a sexy brunette looking over me wearing pristine white hospital scrub, clipboard in hand. I try to open my mouth, but I can’t move my lips. I must be still sleeping.She strokes my forehead, “It’s okay Nathan, go back to your sweet dreams.” TENTH HOURIt’s New Year’s Eve. The girls dragged me to a house party, where I don’t know anyone and they seem to have disappeared somewhere with the hosts. I find myself sitting next to a cute brunette with a fringe and big anime eyes.“What is a guy like you doing with those bitches?”The question is more like what they’re doing to me. But I’m not ready to talk dirty laundry with this cutie, especially not on a night when I’ve just stopped short of letting those two put a collar and a lead on me for this party. I just gulp my beer in silence and shrug.“They’re obviously using you,” she presses on.“And what if I like to be used?” I blurt out without thinking.She mumbles something like “So what’s there to stop me using you too?” and the next thing I know, we’re in a room with a pile of teddies on the bed, which we promptly sweep off.I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it feels great having carefree sex without ruined orgasms and being told when, where and how I can cum. ELEVENTH HOURThe girls know about each other and don’t seem to care. Angelique teases the shit out of me for having a ‘vanilla’ girlfriend but I think she secretly enjoys the competition. Liv sometimes gets in a ‘funny’ mood and asks very specific questions about Angelique, pressing for more and more intricate details. She has a fetish of digging into my mind. Then she brings stuff up right in the middle of our love-making. I’m pounding her soft pussy, taking it nice and slow savouring every move, every second when she whispers into my ear,

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