The Tourist


Here I was. Logan Vermont. Smart, successful and not bad looking. Married with two wonderful children of 22 and 23, who had started to live their own life now.

Married, yes. My wife was wonderful. Earlier in our marriage, we had naughty fun whenever possible. We loved every second of our life and we made love whenever we had a second just for us. But somewhere on the road of life, between having children and their education, we lost something, our passion, our desire, us.

Now I asked myself “Is this the life you wanted to lead?”

Sure, I was happy, but something was missing. I wanted to get back the desire I once had, the passion, even if it was just for one more time.

I had to travel a lot for my business and I had been thinking of it more and more lately. This might be my chance.

It was at the forefront of my mind these last few days, then suddenly it came to me. The more I thought about it, the more the temptation grew so… I did it! I made an advert!

“Man, 47 is seeking a woman aged between 35 and 55, Are you satisfied with your life? Do you dream of breaking out for few days from your daily life? I intend to spend some days in a nice hotel and invite you to join me for some nice times, some relaxation, a nice dinner and perhaps erotic fun if the mood takes us. We can dance to the romance of musicians playing just for us. Swim nude in a lake under the stars and then when we leave, a smile of memories and a promise to never meet again. If you are my Mrs Holiday answer to…”

I waited and watched the ads answers in anticipation. There was no answer for some days. But then suddenly a mail arrived:

“Hello Mr Holiday. I believe you are in a relationship, as I am. I think I understand your feelings and I admit, I share the same desire and feel there is something missing in my life. There is a big longing to break out of the hum drum for a few days. Your idea is really beautiful and appeals to me. Yes, I would like to spend some precious time with you.”

She also wrote, “I will never send you pictures or photographs. I don’t know what you look like and it’s not important to me. All my friends say I am beautiful and who am I to disagree?”

She described herself a bit, told me some of her dreams and, most important, she was available at the same time I had planned to be away.

We wrote two more mails then the deal was made. I booked the hotel. One apartment for both and I booked it in my name. She didn’t want me to pay her tickets for the plane and insisted on meeting at the hotel.

One month later, late in August, I had to travel again for business. I told my wife I had to go away again to work. It was not unusual for her, so she wasn’t surprised. We hugged, gave her the usual kiss goodbye, and I was on my way to Sunrise Hotel. I really did have to do a little work before I could go to the hotel, but this was a short diversion and only took one day of my time.

At the reception I was greeted at the reception “Welcome Mr Vermont. Mrs Vermont has already arrived and is in your room.”

This surprised me, I wanted to be there before her as I wanted to prepare something, perhaps a nice surprise for her.

“Ok,” I thought, “I know how to be flexible. This won’t be a problem for me.”

The hotel I had chosen was not a usual hotel. There were not just rooms. The area for the room I had booked were built as single log cabins, all placed around a big swimming lake. The cabins all had their own theme. I booked a cabin-style one. I thought, this would be perfect for a short romantic summer break.

I knocked and waited some seconds. There was no answer. “Probably she was outside.” I mused.

I used my key card, opened the door and went inside. I looked around and was impressed by the décor.

The walls were made of wooden logs. In the middle of the main wall was a wonderful, impressive chimney, surrounded by numerous stones. The hotel service had thoughtfully already lit a nice little fire, making the atmosphere cosy and welcoming. The window were quaint and there was a big glass door to give access straight to the beautiful blue lake.

In the middle was a sofa, which could also be used as a bed for an extra person. There were two more doors. One obviously lead into the bathroom and the other one lead to the bedroom.

I heard noises and listened. It was running water and realised my guest was taking a shower.

Silently I went to the door and listened. I didn’t want to scare her so moved towards the bedroom. I opened the door and saw in the front of one wall was a big king size bed.

Looking around, my eyes widened in delight. On the bed were some of her dessous!

“Mmmmm, I like her underwear. Hot and sexy. She must have a wonderful body!” I thought to myself and, much more, she had very good taste. The wardrobe was open too. Some of her dresses and other clothes were hanging inside. The dresses looked elegant and she had sporty and casual things in there.

“Hello Mr. Holiday”

My heart stopped!

Blood london escort rushed straight down to my feet, my neck hair rose, my face froze. I was shocked. This voice – I knew!

“It cannot be! It cannot be!” A little voice hammered in my head.

Slowly, very slowly, I turned around. My heart beat so loudly, it must have been heard miles away! I felt it pump so fast it could easily have jumped right out of my body!

I froze like a statue. “It’s not real. It must be a dream! This woman in front of me… NO! Impossible.” My brain struggles to comprehend. I discreetly pinched myself. But no, I do not wake up, I do not sleep!

This woman, who was stood there before me nude and with a lovely, captivating smile, was my …

My Wife!

“An… An… Andrea…” I stuttered.

“Andrea? I do not know this Andrea! That is not my name. I am… Mrs Holiday.” She replied.

I didn’t know what to say. It was my wife! But she … obviously wanted to play this… explicit role!

“You do not look like a maid or room service. So I presume you have to be Mr Holiday. Are you?” She paused, “Mr Holiday?” She asked, raising her eye brows in question.

Still confused, I tried to find the right words.

“Damn,” I thought. “What was going on?” A thousand different thoughts turned in my head. How did she know of your idea? Why didn’t I recognize her from writing emails, flirting too, with your own wife? Why didn’t she say anything these last few days? What was she going to do?

“Mr Holiday?” Her voice brought me back to the present. “Is something wrong? Don’t you like my look? Or aren’t you able to speak? You never mentioned that. Do you want to spend all the time here, just standing and staring at me or are you as hungry as I am? I thought, we could go for dinner.”

“An… And… Andrea, I mean… Mrs Holiday… Nice to meet you. Of course we can go out for dinner.” I am dumb founded. Still not able to think clearly. I try to buy myself some time. “Please, let me take a shower and change”

“Ok, I will wait for you by the lake.” Her voice was sweet and melodic, it sounded like sweet, soft and teasing flute music. She took a small pair of panties out of her suitcase and slowly dressed. She picks out a short sexy skirt and tight fitting jumper. She looked fantastic.

I went to the bathroom, still in shock. “What have you done?” I asked myself. “Logan, what are you going to do now? Think!

After a while, I drew the conclusion there was just one answer!

She had decided to spend these days together with me. She was playing her role – that means, now I had to too. Go and play my role. Go and be her Mr Holiday.

I hurried to the shower, dressed myself and went out to lake. She stood near the water, I could see her womanly figure. The sun shone down on her, surrounding her with a wonderful glowing light. She was stunningly beautiful. I caught my breath for a moment absolutely captivated by her.

Silently I moved to her, “Mrs Holiday, are you hungry?”

She turned and our faces were so close, we could easily kiss and I wanted to so badly. But she interrupted my thought and replied, “Oh yes, yes, I am.”

She smiled at me. It was breath taking and one I hadn’t seen in such a long time or maybe I hadn’t noticed it, or her, in our busy daily routine.

Side by side we walked along the lake, enjoying the scenery, looking here and there.

Again it was she who broke the silence. “When I read your advert, I was hooked immediately. How did you come up with such a splendid idea?”

She was teasing me! She knew, I was unable to give the right answer. What should I say? What could I say? I decided to tell the truth.

“I was dissatisfied with my life, though really, there is actually no reason for it. But somehow, I had hoped, if I just once, took a chance, this chance, and broke out of the hum drum of life for just one weekend, I would recognize my life was really great and that I enjoyed what I had after all.

Then one day, I was listening to a song on the radio. In this song a man breaks out just for one weekend and after, after, he is again happy with his life. He realised that he had everything he needs right where he is, right where he belongs. So, I had gotten this idea to try it too”

She suddenly stopped and looked deeply into my eyes, “Well, Logan… uhm… I mean Mr Holiday, you had a very good idea.”

Then she turned her head and started to walk on. I smiled.

For one second she had lost her mask. And that deep look into my eyes was more than just a look! She was searching to find out, if I was telling the truth.

The way she answered showed me, she believed everything I had said. She knew I would tell the truth – and she was glad. My heart rejoiced in hope.

After a few minutes we arrived at the restaurant. The waiter placed us at a table in the corner. As summer season was ending, the hotel was not overly crowded.

Usually I knew how to make small talk. But what do Escort Dubai you talk about with your own wife, when both are playing a role?

I decided to be me and play my role as an elicit lover and started to flirt with her. My eyes roamed over her body very slowly. She noticed my appraisal but doesn’t say a word. She was rather small and I remembered when we first met, she awoke my protective instinct. Of course I knew her age, but she was looking younger than her years. She had given this world two wonderful children and yet her body was still in top shape and was very, very attractive.

As our eyes locked, I murmured how beautiful she was and that she had wonderful, natural coloured brown eyes. That I saluted her nice figure and leg and, praised her long blond-brown hair.

I liked her lovely face and that she didn’t need makeup. She only wore sparse make up, just some lipstick and mascara. I saw her respond to my compliments and melt at my romantic words. She smiled and accepted them graciously and encouraged my advances. She even engaged herself in this flirting ritual of a very promising mating game.

The mood rose and a simmering sensuality hovered between us so I naturally took the next step. Taking her hand, I started to fondle it and waited for her reaction. She didn’t pull back, so I knew I may go on.

Lifting her hand, I pulled it to my mouth. I started to kiss each single finger. As we were in a secluded corner, her legs were close to mine. My other hand moved to her leg and I fondled her thigh, outside at first. She opened her legs and I moved to accept her silent invitation and fondled her inner thigh, slowly moving higher.

The waiter arrived and served our meals. He smiled. Maybe he saw what we were doing. Of course he was much too discrete to say anything. Even if he had though, it would matter not.

We started to eat and though we were hungry, the food was a side issue. Our eyes devoured each other giving out hidden messages that we both fully understood. The tension and anticipation between us was built. It was exciting and thrilling at the same time.

Mrs Holiday wanted me. And I, Mr Holiday, longed for her.

I couldn’t resist any longer. Our faces came close together. Putting my hand on her neck, I drew her slowly towards me. Our lips opened, our tongues met and we kissed, and slowly deepened. My loins stirred in male interest.

I detected her fresh, potent scent and her fresh breath. Our tongues tenderly touched, then built up more wildly to tease each other. I gently sucked her lower lip and she responded, tenderly nibbling on mine.

Explosions of lust filled my head and every cell in my body opened with a raging fire. My desire had awaked! I kissed my own wife. Yet, it seemed like our first kiss but much, much better! This was not just a kiss. This was THE KISS!

I don’t know how much time passed during our kiss. Seconds, minutes, hours? No matter. Such a kiss had to end sometime. Even this one. We looked deeply into each other’s eyes. Smiling, she whispered, “Excuse me” and got up.

I stayed sat at the table and allowed my eyes the indulgence of following her. She must have known it. The way she walked and moved her hips, sashaying her body just for me. She knew the effect on me. I was panting!

After a few minutes she came back to our table. As she sat down, she offered me a wonderful smile. Then she reached for my open hand and put something inside and closed my fingers.

What was it? I didn’t know, I just felt some thin, moist fabric.

I opened my hand to look at it – my eyes widened. She had put her thin white G-string in my hand and it was so wet! Wet with her natural juices!

My cock had calmed down a little in the short break but immediately hardened and began to throb! Oh god. I cannot breathe. My mouth, my lips, my throat – everything was dry.

Coughing, I took a glass of water. I needed something to drink and to cool down a bit.

If I could, I would have made love to this hot woman, here and now! I wanted to smell her panties, hold them against my noise and breathe deeply, take in her beautiful scent. My mouth salivated at the thought!

But all this was not possible, not yet. It would be too obvious!

I looked at her. She winked at me, her eyes dropping to the wet panties in my hand. Quietly, with excitement in her voice, she whispered “Look what you have done to me.”

I took her hand and placed it on my pants. She felt my hard cock as we looked in to each other eyes.

Her beautiful eyes were flashing with intent, her whole face was lit in a radiant glow and she was smiling.

She moved her hand on my pants, digging in to my hard cock and slowly rubbed it. I closed my eyes and had to bite down on my lower lip to stop myself from moaning aloud.

“Honey” I started to talk, “Look what you have done to me. If we stay here for another minute, I can’t promise to stay a gentleman! Either I will cum in my panties or I will take you right here on the table, independent escort girls letting out all my pent-up lust and passion for you. Honey, I will fuck you as if it will be my last time and it does not matter if there are other people around!”

She cooed, “Honey, please, let’s go and then take me, I want you so much right now, I need you and your glorious cock. Give me your love,” she begged.

We stood up. I took her hand and we hurriedly left the restaurant. We felt eyes on at our backs. We had almost reached the door when from the corner of my eye I saw the waiter, stood with a big grin on his face. His thumbs were up in a male sign wishing me good luck.

Soon after leaving we began to run, her hand still in mine. We reached the lake, ran further until we come to nice place between some trees and a high hedge. In the middle of this place was a wooden table. One look around established we were secluded and alone.

At once I placed her on the table and kissed her passionately. She opened my zipper and unleashed my throbbing member. I pulled down her spaghetti straps, pushed her body down to the table and kneaded and suckled her breasts. She moaned and gasped, “ooh yesss, yess honey.”

She arched her body pushing her tits to me, begging me to suckle her more. I obliged, kneading, licking and teasing each breast in turn. I carefully nibbled her hard nipples first, then I sucked greedily. My swollen cock knocked at her pussy entrance as she wrapped and crossed her legs behind me.

“Please fuck me, fuck me please,” she pleaded between quick, swallowed breaths. Now there was no return. Twelve horses nor the apocalypse could stop me now.

I stopped sucking her and held her breasts still to look at her. Our mouths were slightly opened, panting softly and our eyes were full of desire, full of need and lust.

I moved my hips against hers and my hard cock prodded her wet opening. I pushed inside without any resistance. She was so hot, sopping wet and very ready for me. We both wanted and needed each other so badly.

Both of us grunted as I entered her.

“More, more, more” she responded and then “yes, yes, yes” as I slid inside her. I began to pump her becoming more passionate and more lustful. I fucked her hard. I went faster and deeper and harder. My cock hammered her pussy like a piston.

She moaned louder. Her breathing was in sync with the same rhythm I was taking her. I moved my cock back and forth inside her hot and wet pussy. I felt her tight passage squeeze my dick, sending little surges all through my body. I felt my orgasm build. I was so close to cumming and from her responses, I knew she was too.

Two hot bodies melted in the heated ecstasy. All the passion that has been buried for so long was coming to the forefront. We were a burning mountain, a volcano about to explode.

I felt her body shake. She was stretching and flexing in her throes of passion. My cock throbbed, pulsing in it’s want for release.

Then we exploded in a kaleidoscope of glittering colour, cumming at the same time. We moaned, gasped and screamed, “oh god…” and “aaaaaa” simultaneously.

We released enough sexual energy to fuel a rocket to the moon! It was utterly amazing!

Her nails scratched my back as I pumped more and more of my creamy seed straight into her dripping pussy.

A cocktail of her juice and my cream jettisoned in her and then leaked out of her. It left thin dribbling lines down to her buttocks, dripping down on to the table.

I opened my eyes and saw her wonderful happy face. We looked at each other and laughed in breathless joy.

“Honey, that was unbelievable” she said softly. “I never believed I could have sex in public like that. Nothing else mattered. I forgot about everything.”

“Darling, you are so hot and wonderful. There is just one lady I want forever. You. I love you!” I replied. “Please, kiss me.”

We fell into a long lovely kiss.

“Let’s go back to our room, before we are discovered,” she whispered.

“Yeah, we will go back now, for one reason, there is so much more I want to give to you” I answered and showed a dirty, lusty smile on my face.

Arm in arm we walked to our cabin room. Our faces were flushed red. Our bodies full of a heated glow. We were still excited and the anticipation built again.

Both of us knew, this had just been foreplay, a taste of things to come. It was wild, animalistic! Absolutely fantastic and much needed sex.

I wanted to kiss her whole body, rediscover it for the first time in many years, coddle her closely, kiss her tenderly and fondle every inch of her wonderful and desirable body.

The night began to fall as we walked back to our room. Bright stars guided us on our way and the moon threw a wonderful light around us.

“SSSSSSSSS” The key card opens the door. “SSSSSSSSSS” is exactly how I felt. My bones and very being was singing, sending out good vibrations all through my body.

We entered and closed the door behind us. “Clack”.

A small door had closed, but it was so much more. It seemed we had left an old world behind us.

We hadn’t just entered our room, we had entered a whole new life together. It was the beginning of a better life, a happier new life.

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