The Thought of You- Chapter One


The Thought of You- Chapter OneI wish I could figure out how the hell I got here or even where the fuck I was. The light seeping through the too thin curtains stung my eyes as I scanned the room trying to recognize my surroundings. Distant sounds of car horns and loud music quietly filled the room. I looked down at the ivory sheets that covered my naked body and suddenly, like a sack of bricks to the face, I rememberd where I was. The feel of last night’s escapades still lingered in my mouth….Five years. Five years down the drain. All the ‘what-ifs’ and the ‘could’ves and shoud’ves’ still on my mind. It had been two weeks since Brandon and I broke up and I was no lesser heartbroken. My friends, who fel I had enough time mourning the loss of my relationship, decided that I needed to get out for the night. They were right. Everything in the apartment reminded me of him. The kitchen counter where he would scoop his hands under my curvy ass with no issue to lift me up. How he would pull my legs apart güvenilir bahis so he could lick my already wet pussy until I begged him to stop. I could still feel his tongue as he found every corner of my womanhood, how I would moan loudly whenever he would focus his talents on my clit. The shower in the bathroom where we would fuck endlessly, especially after a night out of me teasing him with whatever scantily clad outfit I wore. The bedroom where the smell of him was still in the air. All the orgasms that we shared, hands gripping at the sheets as we both rode out our climaxes. The last time we had sex was still fresh on my mind. I had just got back in town from visiting my mother for three days. He had cooked and cleaned the apartment. I walked in to him making up the bed. Damn, he looked good. He heared my heels as I walked in and smiled that panty melting smile at me. Before I knew it, my clothes were on the floor and he was behind me, gripping my hair with one hand and pushing two fingers güvenilir bahis siteleri into me with the other. “Damn baby, you’re so fucking wet already”. Before I could reply, the pushed his big cock inside me, causing a long and embarrassingly loud moan to escape me. I always loved the feeling of when he first enters me. Stretching me out, filling me up with him. He rode me fast and hard, grunting everytime he thrusted. I could feel our wetness drip down my legs as I buried my head inside the sheets, coming in mere mintues. A string of expletives came from me as I rode him back. The sound of us echoing in the air as we both moaned. I was beat but I knew he wasn’t done yet. He slowly pulled out and turned me over. We kissed like we always did-full of passion. I could feel him slip his tongue along my lips and I happily granted him access. He tasted sweet, like peppermint and chocolate. Most likely he was eating his favorite candy before I got home. He broke the kiss and made his iddaa siteleri way back between my legs, only this time, lifting them up above his head and over his shoulders. He snaked his tongue between my folds and licked at my wetness for him. I hissed through my teeth as he meade circles around my swollen clit. Throwing my head back, I moaned his name. “Whose pussy is this baby?” he asked. “Yours” I said breathlessly. His smirk was cocky, but I didn’t care, as long as he went back to eating me out like a ripe fruit. I gyrated my hips against his mouth until I found myseld being flipped over onto my stomach quickly. “Up” he commanded and I complied. I lifted my ass into the air, arching my back the way he liked. Two hands spread my ass cheeks and I could feel his tongue on my asshole. He knew that drove me crazy instantly and I couldn’t stop myself from the words that came from my lips. I shivered as he took turns with my asshole and my embarrassingly wet pussy. Whenever he lapped at my pussy, he would stick a finger up my ass and vice versa whenever he tongue was on my asshole. I wanted to slap him and kiss him all at the same time as he made me cum for the second time that day, but not the last….Yeah…. I do need to get out of this place.

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