The Step Daughter Pt. 02


A few weeks went by, and I didn’t see Ginny. We kind of went back to our regular lives and I was left to enjoy the memory of that night when she rocked my world. It was as good as I imagined it, different but just as intense and hot as I thought it could be. She was very uninhibited but also mysterious and able to keep things under wraps without a lot of drama. It just made her all the more appealing.

One day Harry called and asked if he could borrow some of my carpentry tools. They didn’t live far, and I told him I would drop them off in the morning on my way to work.

The next morning, I swung the car up their driveway and brought everything around to the side door. Harry said he would be gone but would leave the door open and he was as good as his word. I was dropping the saws on his work bench when I heard the door leading to the house open up. It was Ginny, standing there in her pajamas and looking at me.

“Hey stranger, feel like coming in?” she said, in that husky brown voice of hers. She smiled suggestively and I felt my crotch getting hotter just with the sight of her.

“You better believe it” I answered and dropped everything on the worktable. I also reached over and locked the door behind me. I had a feeling we were going to need some privacy.

I strolled over and walked right into her waiting arms. She was firm and warm, and curvy in all the right places. She gave me a big smile and brought those gorgeous lips up to mine and kissed me passionately. Her lips were soft and wet and very red, and oh so fuckable. I could only imagine the untold pleasure she could unleash with that mouth.

“Why klasbahis yeni giriş don’t you come on upstairs with me?” she said. I held her hand and we made our way up to the bedroom.

The bed was neatly made already, and Ginny sat me in a lounge chair and began to dance seductively for me, and slowly remove her clothes. Oh god, her body was perfect. Her hips gyrated as she removed her pajama bottoms to reveal a ruby red set of lace panties, with just enough to cover her mound of Venus, and still leave a little to the imagination. Next her top came off to reveal her perfectly shaped B cups, with large dark aureoles and upturned nipples. She danced around the room, and I admired her exquisite ass and lovely legs. She laid on the bed and slowly spread her legs, revealing just the edges of her dark brown labia. The thin material in her panties sucked up inside her pussy, and the long curves of her box glistened with her feminine juices. My erection was rock hard and at full attention. She beckoned to me.

I stood up and let my clothes slip to the floor. The last thing to go was my underwear, and my cock sprung to attention.

She smiled that mysterious smile and crooked her finger, and I moved forward to the bed. I could resist no longer. I put my hands on her panties and pulled them off gently past her butt, down her shapely legs and off to the floor. I put my head between her legs and her pussy was revealed in all of its glory. She had a beautiful mound of Venus, and a long wet slit, fresh and nubile. Her labia were glorious in their dark brown majesty, and I buried my face in her pussy and klasbahis giriş tasted her. She cried out for the first time, as I pleasured her slowly and with much lust. I licked her up and down and found the hot center of her box and pushed my tongue up inside. She moaned and squirmed as I lapped up her juices. I found her protruding clit and swirled around it and on it. She was tight and juicy and the musk of her pussy was all over my face. I worked her clit until she exploded from the bed and bucked up in my face, orgasming hard. Then she settled down and I massaged her with my tongue until she stopped thrusting.

Then it was my turn, and I stood up and flipped her over. She was on the edge of the bed on her knees and elbows, and I found her pussy with the head of my cock. I’m average length but thick, and I spread her tight pussy walls slowly. She moaned, out of control now, as I entered that juicy pussy and began to thrust. I had her at my mercy, as I pinned her down with my torso and hammered hard on her box. God what a fuck. She was so athletic and toned, and she moved with me as I opened her up and pounded her hard. She was up for it. She didn’t flinch as I pushed it up inside her faster and harder.

I felt the familiar feeling as my come made its way up from the base of my balls and exploded inside that marvelous cunt. I came again and again, until I had poured every drop inside of her.

I slid off her and lay beside her on the bed. We relaxed for a little while, with her head on my chest. I felt her hand slide down to my cock, and it began to awaken again. She massaged it slowly, letting it klasbahis güvenilirmi build up. Then I felt her move down, and now she was on her knees on the floor in front of me. She got between my legs, and I looked down to see her full red lips getting nearer to my cock. She stuck out her long wet tongue, and licked my balls, while holding my cock with her hand. She stayed there, and then her tongue was on my shaft. She looked at me and smiled, just before putting her mouth around my prick. I groaned as I finally felt that mouth where I had always wanted it.

She didn’t take her eyes off mine. She moved slowly down, then up, half closing her eyes in pleasure as she felt my stiff penis in her mouth. It seemed like hours, that she held it gently with her lips, and let me feel the wetness of the inside of her mouth. Those lips. That tongue. The eyes staring at me.

She began to move a little faster. I was in ecstasy. Now faster. Now slower. She worked me into a lather, and when I didn’t think I could take any more, she let me come hard in her mouth. I spasmed hard, but nothing spilled. She took it all. Then when I was done, she ran her tongue up and down, cleaning me up an inch at a time.

She talked to me a little and my shoulders twinged at the sound of her voice. I had possessed her completely. She was an amazing, flexible, and uninhibited screw.

Later on, after we cleaned up, I headed for the door and work. I was feeling weak from the hot sex we had, and as I walked out I took one last look at my little Aphrodite, standing at the top of the stairs just clad in panties. Her long brown hair was over her shoulders, and she was all femininity, and it was a memory I would not soon forget.

This is a work of fiction and any resemblance to any person living or deceased is purely coincidental. This work is copyright protected and is for the personal use of the readers only.

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