The Start of Something ?


This is the first story I’ve posted, any feedback is welcome, good or bad. Please don’t just slate it, explain where you thought it was wrong. Helpful tips very much welcome!She’d teased me often enough that it should have been no surprise. Yet I was still shocked when I felt Karlie’s tongue slide into my mouth as she drunkenly kissed me goodnight. Her sister Sam was passed out on the couch not five feet away, too! As Karlie pulled her lips from mine, her eyes held a saucy look. I stood there quietly, heart in my throat, as she turned and walked to her car in the darkness, heels clicking lightly on the concrete of my driveway. And as she got into her car and I stared at those long, delectable legs and tight ass, I knew I would have her. It was just a matter of time. ********** Sam and I had dated for over a year. I’d met her family numerous times. Karlie was the middle of the three sisters (the other being Katy). She was quiet and reserved when I’d first met her; Sam told me later this was because her husband had been there. He was – along with his other flaws – a jealous man. I’d taken an instant dislike to him when we met and his behavior the past few times we’d met at family functions only set that opinion in stone. Sam always enjoyed taking me to her family get togethers. I was quite an upgrade from her ex and although she never said it, I could see she clearly enjoyed the recognition that she’d “traded up” as it were. For my part, Sam’s long dark hair almanbahis şikayet and her abundant enthusiasm in the bedroom made her incredibly attractive. Over the past year I’d grown to love her. Since I’m normally a reserved person, that’s saying a lot about the kind of woman she is. She’s been incredibly giving, not least in the bedroom! Sam’s earthy nature obviously ran in the family. Away from her husband and three kids, Karlie was a regular firecracker. I’d mentally given her the nickname Boom Boom – it fit both her fiery temperament and her way of walking. Those hips drew attention when she walked, like a metronome keeping a beat they swayed lightly from side to side, drawing attention to what was clearly a fabulous ass. It was too bad she kept it all hidden under loose clothes most of the time. I was curious about what she’d look like in a bikini. Karlie liked me and clearly thought I was a good influence on her younger sister. Since we’d met, Sam had dropped some weight and was much happier in general. I can’t take credit for that, but I think Karlie believes it’s my presence that helped Sam realize how great a person she is. Karlie also made a habit out of lightly flirting with me at get togethers, at least when her husband wasn’t there. This Sunday, she’d ratched things up a couple of notches. We were celebrating Sam’s birthday when Karlie mentioned that she wanted to lick the birthday cake. Little did she know that Sam had a almanbahis canlı casino just taken to licking my cock in the bedroom and saying that was her way of laying claim to it! Of course, Sam and I burst out laughing and Karlie didn’t let things rest until Sam explained the inside joke to her. I was a bit mortified that Sam shared it, but I kept my game face on. What baked my noodle was the next comment out of Karlie’s mouth. “So, what hasn’t she laid claim to on you?” Karlie asked, eyeing me up and down. Sam and Karlie laughed together at my expression. “Everything below the waistline is taken, sis,” Sam replied as she slipped an arm around me. I managed to find my voice and said, “Yup. There’s not much available except the lips!” We all laughed together, but when Sam walked away to take cake to their father Karlie licked her lips slowly while holding my gaze. “I think I could find a use for those, Gav,” she said, before slapping my arm playfully and heading out after her sister. I just shook my head and wrote the episode off as another one of her playful moods. ********** Back to where I started this story, more or less. Ok, let’s start a few hours before that kiss. Sam had invited her sister to come and hang out with us while I made some BBQ. It was girl talk time while I did the cooking. Recently, Karlie had been having more troubles with her husband David, who had left a bruise or two on her after a recent fight. No cops were almanbahis casino called, but Sam and Karlie’s father Jim had talked to David about what would happen if his daughter were to show up bruised again. Jim was a retired steelworker who still intimidated me at age 55. He had muscles on top of muscles. So the girls were chatting while I cooked the food. They’d started a bottle of Janz Brut Rose wine, which I also had a small glass from. However, when I had the ribs ready, I opened a second bottle, Apothic Red. There’s nothing like a shiraz wine to go with good BBQ. We all talked for the hour or so we took to finish dinner. After a while, we moved from the kitchen to the living room. Sam had two glasses of the rose and was drinking one of the Shiraz. She’s a funny drunk and had me laughing so hard my sides were hurting. Karlie just kept snorting in this cute way she has. After one of her bouts of laughter, I noticed she’d managed to get some BBQ sauce on her chin. “You’re a mess, Karlie,” I said, leaning over to wipe the sauce off her chin with a finger. I grinned at her as I licked my index finger clean. “And my sauce is too good to be wasted.” “Well, you missed a spot yourself!” Karlie said, returning the favor and wiping a bit from the corner of my mouth. She locked eyes with me and slowly sucked her fingertip. Sam roared with laughter and fell over sideways onto the couch, not seeing Karlie slowly run her tongue around her mouth before picking up her glass of wine. Karlie sipped Shiraz to cover up her grin as Sam looked back at us both. “You two clean up. I’m going to put my feet up,” Sam said, kicking off her sandals and curling up on the couch. Her eyes closed and I could see her starting to relax.

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