Subject: Sins of the father – Chapter 11 This story contains consensual sex between adult males. Please be warned if you are under age or find this sort of material offensive. I retain the rights to this story and cannot be used or published without my consent. Thanks to Nifty for giving me the platform and means to share my first attempt at writing to you. Please donate to help pay for this service Please share your thoughts @ ail Marc’s Story Chapter 11 My granddad was in the kitchen when I walked in. He had made us both a cup of coffee and was sitting down at the table. He looked at me with so much love in those blue eyes. He was shirtless, looking so damn hot. “Fuck it amazing champ! You made me do things I didn’t know I was capable of doing anymore!” he said as I sat down. I look at him with a big grin on my face, “Glad to hear that granddad, so no excuses for what might happen in the future!” I told him. He laughed, “Do you ever get enough?” I frowned, “Hey I can’t help it; I just taste the joys of sex for the first time! And I must admit it is unbelievable!” I spoke. “I will have to make up for all times that will pass me by once I have to go back home!” I added. He was suddenly very serious, “You just be very careful and you must promise me not to tell anyone what had happened!” he said. “I promise granddad!” I spoke. We spoke some more about what had happened between us and both admitted that we had a great time and looking forward to some more time together like that. He then told me that I shouldn’t make plans with Max for that evening that he was planning on taking me out for dinner. It was just after midday when the phone rang. The phone was out in the hallway and got up to go and answer it. He returned a few moments later. “It was Max, he said he will be leaving for the river now and asked you to meet him at the swimming hole!” he said as he walked back into the kitchen. I look up at my granddad and smiled. I told him that I wasn’t really in the mood to go down to the river anymore, that I would much rather stay here with him. He bends down and kissed me on the lips. He admitted that he would have loved that very much and also said that he felt a little jealous knowing very well that there will be more than just swimming going on down by the river. He would much rather have me here at home with himself, his cock deep in me than Max having that pleasure. I quickly told him that he does not have to stress too much about that. If there is going to be any sex it will be me fucking Max. I told him we had a discussion last night and that it turned out Max liked to be fucked than to fuck someone else. My granddad smiled, saying that it was good news and that he liked my ass to be his. I told him not to fear, my ass will be his anytime he wants it. He also told me for keeping up appearances I should go down to the river, he had a few calls to make and some work stuff to sort out in any way. I got up and hugged him, kiss him quickly, “I can promise you one thing granddad, I will be thinking of you as I fuck him in the ass!” and turned to the back door. He slapped me on the ass and told me to have a great time and not to forget about our plans that evening. I told him I wouldn’t as I opened the door and walked out into the sunlight. I had the biggest smile on my face as I made my way down to the river. My mind filled we everything that had happened the last few days. I am not going to lie; I had just had three orgasms for the day and was walking around with yet another hardon. As much as I would rather have stayed home and had more sexual fun with my granddad, so was I suddenly looking forward to seeing Max had some fun with him as well. I had to admit as much as I liked the feel of my granddad cock in me, I couldn’t wait to feel my cock sliding onto that tight warm ass of Max. There was just something out the way its feel’s all clamped hard and tight around my cock that had me all horny and aroused. It was a short walk to the river and I got there about fifteen minutes after I have left my grandfather. The river running through the farm was on the borderline between my granddad’s farm and his neighbour’s farm. My granddad always said that he would like to buy the farm behind him, turning it into one or another holiday farm. The river was full and flowing strongly. Max was already at the swimming hole when I got there. He was already naked, standing knee-deep in the water. His back turns to me. He had a perfectly V-shaped torso. Broad shoulders and thin waist with the most amazing tight bubble butt. That picture there turned me into a butt person. To this day I can remember that picture. He was tanned all over, with no tan lines. Dead sticks crackling under my shoes announces my presence. It frightened Max. Turning around quickly to see who or what was there. A smile formed as he noticed me, relaxing some, and his hard cock pointed straight at me. So muscular and so manly, as he stood there, his chest and arms covered with a perfectly woven mat of hairs. His big nipples pointed out on his chest. Big bulging veins running from his shoulders to his hands. His cock was all shiny in the sunlight from the pre-cum oozing from his cock mouth, flowing down over his cock shaft running down over those big hairy balls of him. I could help to lick my lips as I took mental pictures of the scene before me. My eyes filled with lust, my cock throbbing with excitement. The water around him sparkling in the sun, making him seem more like a dream vision than a reality. “Are you just going to stand there or are you going to come down and join me!” he said, his voice seemed so far. “Earth to Marc.” He said again, a little louder, when I didn’t move or didn’t react to his question. This time I heard him, and it pulled me from my dream-like state. “Sorry . . .” I said, “Wow it’s. . . You look so fucking hot, standing there, the sun on your tanned body and the water all sparkling around you!” I said, still not able to move or to take my eyes off of him. He smiled, “You know what would look even hotter?” he asked me. I shook my head, “You, here with me, naked!” answered his question. My eyes scanned the area, “Wouldn’t we get caught here?” I asked him, remembering my granddad words, to be careful. He shook his head, “Nah, I am down here about every time I can get tanning in the nude, nobody ever comes down here!” he explained quickly and it made me feel a little more comfortable. I walked over şişli travesti to the place he had put his towel and his clothes. I put my towel down and quickly undressed. He stayed where he was, looking at me as I gave a private strip show. Naked I walked into the water, I expected it to be cold but it wasn’t, it wasn’t warm either but nice and refreshing as I walked in deeper into the river to where he stood. Like a compass showing me true north, my erection pointed out in front of me to Max, showing my true lust. I stopped in front of him. My eyes touched to big blue eyes of him, so intense, so beautiful. The longer I looked into it the more I became lost. He pulled me into his arms. The way he touched me suddenly felt so different from the previous times. Something changed between us since the last time we were together. I knew I told my granddad, that whatever happened here, I would be thinking of him. But from the way he touched me, and the way he looked at me I could not only feel feelings towards him that I haven’t experienced before, but I also felt this sudden need for him. I felt it as clearly as I felt his throbbing cock rubbing up against mine. Our bodies pressed together, his heartbeat racing just like mine. His breathing was shallow as he grinds his cock harder against mine. His eyes had changed, there was more than just lust calling out to me. He needed me as much as I needed him. I felt his arms tightens around me. His hands caressed my back, sending a shiver through my body. A sudden realisation shocked me. It was no longer just the touch of a friend or a sexual encounter. I had no words to describe what I felt at that moment. It wasn’t just lust as it was yesterday. What was more, it was exciting and frightening at the same time. His face moved towards me; his lips pressed gently against mine. I felt his tongue brushing against my lips. I opened my mouth inviting him in. His tongue slides into my mouth as it so many times before, continue to explore. Our tongues touched, more waves of pure pleasure, and other unknown feelings spread across my body. I heard myself moaning into Max’s mouth. The feelings I felt for the farm manager’s son were suddenly so overwhelming. I felt weak in the knees, then it hits me straight in the gut, this feeling that had overpowered me like a thief in the night. I was in love with Max. Not just because of what had transpired between the two of us these last two days, no, I had been in love with him ever since I can remember. My mind suddenly flooded with memories, remembering things that had happened long ago that then didn’t make any sense. Suddenly it all made sense. Tina’s words echoed through my mind, “Shit you can’t seem to stop talking about Max, if I didn’t know better, I would think that you are in love with him!” She had said that to me after the last visit I had here on the farm. I had all but forgotten about that day. I couldn’t stop talking about the wonderful time I had on the farm and how much I had enjoyed spending time with Max. I didn’t take it to the heart of thought about it much, I did remember telling her not to say something like that, that even though it wasn’t true it can still get me into a lot of trouble, being against the law and considered a sin. She just shrugged saying that it was a stupid law and that she can’t see how two people loving each other could be considered a sin. Although I wasn’t aware of the feelings I had for Max back then, it still made me think. The conclusion was even more shocking and troubling. It made me realise that I had some sexual thoughts of Max and my grandfather at one point in my life leading up to that time. But did he have feelings for me, or was I just some sexual relief for him or my granddad? With his mouth pressed against mine, his taste on my tongue, this wasn’t the time to worry or think about that now. Max eventually pulled his mouth from mine. He took a deep breath as he looks deep into my eyes, “Fuck it, Marc, what have you done to me?” he asked. “I just can’t seem to get enough of you!” he added. He kissed me again, again I felt my knees getting wobbly as more unknown feelings shot through my body. Unlocking my mind as I remembered more oppressed desires I have felt way back then when I was close to Max. Desires of seeing him naked, as I have seen him so many times before right here down by the river. The desire to be touched by him. To feel his nakedness against me. Those thoughts and desires thrilled me, shocked me. I had them pushed back as far as I could and forgot all about them never even admitting my true feeling to myself. I remembered getting short of breath, all sweaty, my heart racing and my cock getting hard when I had seen him, naked or not. Max’s hand moved down over my back down to my ass. Grabbed my ass cheeks in each hand, squeezing them making me moan into his mouth once more. His hands clutching me tight sent more pleasure through me as he pressed me even harder against his own body. Max moved his lips from mine, kissing me neck, “Do you have any idea how long I have dreamed of us together doing what we have done yesterday and this here today?” he asked me as he continued kissing my neck, sucking on my skin gently. I pulled back from him, “Why didn’t you ever say anything?” I asked him. He looked back into my eyes. “I don’t know, maybe I was afraid that you might not feel the same, but it didn’t stop me from giving you subtle hints all the time. Remember your last visit to the farm and all the time we spent down here by the river swimming naked?” “Why did you think I spend so much time in the water? Having you naked around me had me all hot and hard. I had to try everything I could think of to hide it from you. I was afraid you might think me a pervert or a freak!” I said, “I just realised that I had wanted this between us also for a very long time. But what about yesterday, what made you make the change?” I asked him. He smiled, “To be honest I don’t know why I did what I did. When I entered your room and heard the shower running in the bathroom it had me all hard and horny. I had to control myself not from storming in there to see you naked. I had to force myself to sit down on the bad and to wait for you to come out. I was so nervous and so excited at the same time. Many scenarios of how things could turn out once you entered the room had filled my mind. Some were very erotic, others not so much. I was just hoping to see you naked. beylikdüzü travesti You had seen me naked many times before but as you had pointed out the last time, I saw you naked was when we were still children having a bath together. I have to admit I wasn’t ready at all when I saw you entering the room. “It was as if something took over me, driven by lust and desires I lost all sense of fear. I couldn’t control myself any longer. I just had to take the chance, I had to find out how you would react. Luckily for me, it turned out the way I was hoping for. “It all still felt so unreal, like it was all just one long dream, until this morning when I woke up in your bed.” He said and pulled me back into his arms again, He leaned forward and kissed me. I gave myself over to him and the feelings I had for him completely. Whatever might happen from that moment on I told myself I would have no regrets. Still not sure what his feelings were towards me, I did not care to be honest. All I knew was that I was entering the most wonderful time of my life and I was going to enjoy it for as long as it lasts. “I think we should get more comfortable!” Max said as he pulled his lips away from mine. “Lead the way!” was all I answered. He moved his hands down over my body and took my hand in his as he moved through the water to the river’s edge. Once on dry ground, he let go of my hand. He picked up his towel and throw it open on a piece of grass. He then turns his attention back on to me. Standing in front of me, his eyes locked on mine he took my hands in his. He lifted them pressing them against his hairy muscular chest, the warm softness of his skin and the hardness of his muscles beneath made me gasp in awe. I had my hands on his chest before, had felt it before when I was overrun by lust and desire. Never just stop and experience it for what it was. I just never took the time to see him, to touch him, to experience everything he was. Max was touching and caressing my chest as I did his. I gave myself over to him and he took the lead and I was just too happy to follow where ever he was planning on going. I suddenly looked at him differently, experiencing everything differently. Everything was more intense, all senses more heightened. His fingers grasp my nipples and squeeze them gently. It made me moan uncontrollably as more waves of please run through my body. I wanted him to share in my pleasure and I did the same to him. He moaned softly, his eyes glued on mine, smiling at me as we continued to explore each other’s bodies. I knew my body didn’t measure up to his, I was much leaner, less developed and my skin much smoother, and after all, I was two years younger than him. But I was proud of the way I looked, I was much more developed than many boys my age and from the way, he looked at me it was obvious that he liked what he saw. Max’s hand slide down to my body, to my hard cock I moaned softly as his hand wrapped around my hard cock, I could feel my cock throbbing in his hand. His eyes still dancing over my body taking in every little detail. “Do you have any idea how beautiful you are?” He asked me. His voice was husky, honest and down to the point. I smiled, “So are you!” I said as I reach down took his cock in my hand and gently squeezed it, making him moan softly. I was still very intrigued with how an erect penis felt, so warm and soft, yet so solid and hard. Max still had my cock in his hand and was still stroking it. I too was softly moaning and groaning with the pleasure his hand gave my throbbing hard manhood. I look up into his eyes. He looked so damn sexy. His lips came down on mine and I moaned softly into his mouth. I was feeling my hormones getting out of control and I knew if we didn’t stop, I would shoot my seed all over the two of us. I pulled my lips and body away from Max, let my cock slip from his hand. My heart was racing, my breathing heavy and hard, “Sorry I was getting very close!” I told him quickly. Max just grinned as he took my hand in his. He laid down on the towel and pulled me down with him in his arms. Our bodies pressed hard together, our cocks throbbing next to each other. His hands caressed my back, moving down to my ass, grabbing my ass cheeks as he pressed me hard against him, slapping my ass. I moaned, “Do you like that?” he asked grinning from ear to ear. I smiled shyly and just nodded. Still grinning he slapped my ass once more before his hands moved back up onto my back. Holding me tight he rolled us over. I was pressed back onto the towel he climbs on top of me. His cock throbbing rubbing against my belly. My cock throbbing next to his as he grinds his against me, my arousal getting sky-high. Both of us moaning and groaning. Pre-cum from our cocks lubricated our bodies, making our bodies slide together much easier. My arousal grows bigger once more. I reached up and grab his head, my finger twining in his dark blond hair, pulling his mouth down to mine. Our lips connected and both moaned with pleasure, my body started to tremble softly as my orgasm crept closer once more. Max must have noticed it. He struggles free from my grip, he pulled his lips from mine, “Don’t you dare shoot your spunk!” he said as he moved his head down kissing my neck. His body moved down over mine until his lips kissed my chest. His lips moved to my nipples, sucking on them. My back arched as more moans of pleasure escaped from me. “It feels so good!” I moaned. His head rose from my chest. Those big blue eyes all sparkled as he looked into mine and just smiled as he moved further down my body. His tongue gathered all the traces of pre-cum on my belly, moving further down until his face was just above my hard cock. He buried his face in the hair surrounding my cock. I heard him taking deep breaths and heard him groaning as he did so. “I love the way you smell!” he said as he looked up once more into my face. He lowered his head again, I felt his tongue, licking up my cock shaft, tasting my juices. I moaned, his tongue inflamed my senses and sent them reeling as he engulfed my cock in his mouth, his tongue swilling over and around my cock head. I was moaning uncontrollably. “Fuck!” I moaned, as waves of pure pleasure shot up from my groin through my whole body. “That feels so fucking good!” Afraid that I might reach my climax he let my cock slip from his mouth as he moved further down my body. Licking my balls, sucking on it. The pleasure was as intense, my ball istanbul travesti sack reacts and pulled tight against my body. He then moved down further to that little patch of skin between my balls and my ass. Max used his hand, lifted my legs back up and spread them. He licked up and down between my ass cheeks and over my hole. Chills and shivers exploded all over my body. His tongue teasing my hole, pressing hard against it. I was screaming with pure ecstasy. I still couldn’t believe how pleasurable it could be as his tongue slides into me. I knew I had come down here to the river to fuck him in the ass, but at that moment I wanted nothing more than for him to fuck me. I would have begged him to fuck me too if it wasn’t for my orgasm creeping on me once more. “Max!” I screamed. He pulled his tongue from inside me and looked up at me. I could feel the build-up of my orgasm receded with the removal of his tongue. But my cock was achingly hard, still throbbing pre-cum oozing out of it. Max realises what all the commotion was about and grinned at me. Instead of going back to what he was doing he rose between my legs and took my cock in his hand, his eyes locked on mine as his tongue flicked out and began licking the clear fluid oozing out of my cock mouth. The wetness and warmness of his mouth and the thrilling roughness of his tongue on my shaft had me crying out its pure pleasure. I moaned with more pleasure and had to try my best not to shoot my load just there and then. “Fuck it, Max, if you keep that up, I am going to cum!” I warned him. My warning had however exactly the opposite effect I was hoping for. Mas began to suck my cock with more speed and power. It was as if he was trying to suck the life out of me through my cock, I was trying to fight against the onslaught of my orgasm. I didn’t stand a chance. It took only a few seconds and I was screaming out as my cock erupted emptying my ball sack into his mouth, completely unable to stop myself. The world around me went all blurry as my orgasm took me over. When I eventually stopped shooting my seed into his mouth, he let my cock slip from his mouth and moved up next to me. He pressed his lips hard against mine. I felt his tongue against my lips again, I opened for him and I felt and taste my seeds as it flows from his mouth into mine. I loved the salty taste. I loved his warm hairy body on mine. I loved his hard cock pressed hard against my cock. I was surprised to find that I was still rock hard. I pulled free from his kiss, “I want to fuck you!” I whispered. He felt my hard cock still pressing against his. He smiled. He wanted it as badly as I wanted it. He climbs on top of me. Straddled me, my cock in his hand guiding it to his hole. I felt him rubbing my cock over his gaping hole, lubricating it with a mix of my seed and pre-cum. He pushed his body down onto my cock and I felt myself sliding into him. I pushed my hips up feeling me sliding further into him. Once in all the way, he leaned down his head inches from mine. “Fuck it, Max, you feel so good inside. You fucking drive me so crazy!” I moaned as I tried to push my cock deeper into him. He grinned at me, “And you feel so good in me! Now please fuck, fuck me hard!” he pleaded. I need no more encouragement. I began ploughing my steel rod up in him. The power of my thrusts had Max crying out in pleasure, his cock oozing pre-cum dripping all over my belly, fucking him as he asked for, knowing very well that his tight warm ass would have me cumming again in no time at all. Faster and faster, harder and harder I bred him. He was riding me as I fucked him, his moaning and groaning deafening as he grabbed his cock and stroking himself as he slides up and down my cock. I bred him hard and deep until he could no longer take any more. I felt his ass clamping down around my cock and then start pulsing as he reached his orgasm. His cock erupting, shooting his creamy strings of seed all over me, emptying himself. His pulsing hole around my cock drove me over the edge and I emptied yet another load in his warm body. He wanted my seed, and he got what he wanted. He collapsed onto me. Both spend from our lovemaking. We slowly drew our strengths back and he sat back up straight, my cock still firmly planted in him. He smiled as he looked down at me, “Fuck if I could I would stay here all day, feeling that cock of yours in me, always ready for more!” “I have no problem with that!” I said as I reached up, hands behind his head pulling him down on me kissing him. Holding him tight against me I rolled him onto his back, making sure my cock stayed in him. I positioned myself between his legs, lifted it against his chest. “Just say when you had enough!” I said with a huge grin as I start to fuck him again. I watched as his cock grows hard again. Again he sprayed us with his seed as I shot yet another load into him. This time I collapsed on him, both of us trying to catch our breaths, I stayed there on him, our hot, set and sticky bodies pressed together and my head rested in his neck. “That was super amazing!” he said to me as his arms wrapped around me, pressing me hard against him, we laid there as our heartbeats return to normal. I could feel my cock going soft inside him and felt hit slipping out on its own. I got our between his legs and lay down on the towel next to him. “Fuck it, it feels like I have just taken part in the Comrades Marathon!” I said, taking a few deep breaths as I tried to get my heartbeat back to normal. “Well, if the Comrades Marathon is nearly as pleasurable as this, then I would run it every day!” Max replied and we both laughed. When we eventually got everything back to normal when did get back into the river even if it was only to clean ourselves and get rid of the smell of sex that was clinging to us. We sat down in the nude on the towel and talked so more. He did eventually ask me if we could see each other again that night and I told him that my granddad had already made plans for us. I did however tell him that I will see what time we get home, maybe we could meet up then. I knew that it was probably not going to happen, but it did make him feel a little better. It was late afternoon when we got dressed and decided to make our way back home. We said our goodbyes by the river as he went his way and I went mine. I have to admit it felt kind of strange and sad not being able to have gone with him. I was looking forward to spending some time with my granddad and wondering what he had planned for us that evening. Well the evening turned out to be much more than I could have imagined, and a new man, James, my grandfather’s neighbour became part of my life that night, and needless to say, he turned everything upside down.

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