The Shy Asian Student and the Lonely Beach


When I woke up it felt late. The room was bathed in sunshine, and the bed was empty. I sat up, looking for my young Asian girlfriend May, it was our first holiday together, just twenty-four hours earlier we had enjoyed our first fuck after a long, patience-sapping wait of five months. As I looked around, the reason for both became apparent. She stood in the window, dressed only in her sexy, cute little doll outfit, holding the curtain slightly open and peering out, her tiny eighteen-year-old body ablaze with curiosity. ‘What are you looking at?’ I asked, getting out of bed. She turned quickly, her finger to her lips. I hurried to the window. ‘Put your shorts on, they will see you!’ She frowned pointing to my exposed morning erection. ‘Who?’ I asked, obeying and wondering what she was talking about. I joined her at the window and followed her eager eyes to the adjacent terrace were our Dutch neighbour, Jan sat in his half open dressing gown. Between us was a slim, long-haired oriental woman, and I recalled lying in bed the night before, hearing Jan fuck her seemingly relentlessly, whilst my girlfriend mentally joined in, her fingers replicating his thick, thrusting cock, unaware I knew what she was doing. Jan had shown a keen interest in her from the first moment he saw her and had clearly enjoyed her eyes on his tight, revealing swimming trunks on the beach the previous day. Now, from our viewpoint, we could see little of the woman he talked to, except her hand and the wedding ring upon it. May was shocked; this was a whole new world for her. We heard a mobile ringing and the woman stood suddenly, moving away and anxiously answering a call, glancing back to where Jan, her seducer, sat smiling. Then as she reached the path that wound through the resort, she waved silently and was gone. ‘Oh my god!’ May cried excitedly, ’Do you think that was her husband calling?’ ‘I have no idea.’ I didn’t share her childlike wonder, but I was becoming increasingly aroused by the thought of Jan seeing my girlfriend dressed as she was. ‘Anyway, why do you ask? Are you jealous?’ ‘Don’t be silly! She shrieked, her face playfully pretending to look hurt. His eyes had long left his lover and now glanced at our window. May jumped back in fright, which made me laugh. ‘It’s not funny,’ she moaned, stepping further behind the curtain, ‘he nearly saw me!’ ‘But you like him looking at you, don’t you? You enjoyed it yesterday.’ My voice was calm, teasing her confession of the day before back into the morning light. She didn’t answer, uncertain of my placidity in the face of her guilt, her confession of yesterday that she had been aroused by his staring at her in her bikini. ‘It’s okay,’ I reassured her, ‘Your bikini is more revealing, you can let him see you in this.’ ‘No!’ May hissed, flashing me a look of confusion. ‘How can you…’ Realising it was going to be an unanswerable question, I grabbed a dressing gown, laughed and went outside, onto the terrace where Jan nodded warmly. ‘How was your evening?’ His smile gave no hint of his thoughts. I told him of our dinner and he nodded disinterestedly, his eyes betraying his interest in the window behind me in which he had spotted May. When his eyes finally met mine, it was to direct them to the window. I wondered how clearly he had seen her in her cute and sexy nightwear. ‘I was meaning to ask you whether May could almanbahis help me with a translation problem. I leave tomorrow and am trying to book onward tickets at the travel desk.’ ‘They don’t speak English?’ I asked, glancing behind and noticing May was no longer in sight and was leaning into the mirror, applying face cream, singing a song in Thai. ‘They don’t understand my English accent,’ he laughed. ‘I am sure she will. Come, I’ll get her,’ I offered, pausing as my conscience battled briefly with my burgeoning arousal. Jan crossed the few steps to our terrace and sat down, head tilted as he looked expectantly at the window. With my heart quickening, I slid the terrace door slowly, quietly and fully open. Jan leant forward trying to peer around the curtain and I held it to one side so that he didn’t need to, affording him a clear view into our room. He grinned and his eyes slithered down my girlfriend’s tiny body to her sexy ass in her tight, silky white panties. Jan smiled, leaning forward to see the front of her in the mirror. May continued singing unaware that her body was being visually inspected in her cute, doll-like nightwear. I let the curtain fall back into place, hiding Jan from her view, my heart thumping at the wrongness, the excitement of what I had just done. ‘May!’ I called into the room, ‘Jan wants your help translating something.’ May came to the doorway, and when she suddenly saw how close he was, she hurriedly pulled the curtain across her so that only her face was visible, oblivious to that being too late. She smiled sweetly as Jan greeted her and I excused myself by saying I was going in to make a coffee. I went behind May, out of sight of Jan and began kissing over her bare shoulder as she spoke to him. ‘Wh-where do you want to go?’ May asked, stuttering as she felt my lips over her bared shoulder. As Jan spoke, I pressed my body behind her, the curtain hiding her body from his view, and gently stroked her through her silky nightwear. Stroking over her firm breasts, her young nipples, as ever, hardening immediately and I knew once erect, they would be clearly visible through the white silk. That thought aroused me further and my hands continued to stroke down her, sliding over the silky, clinging outfit and groping her firm young body. Slowly I tugged the curtain back. At first, she gripped it tightly, but as I pressed against her, as my hands groped the pert curve of her ass, her grip relaxed. Gradually, the curtain slipped and her tits, cupped and by and covered only by the silky, lace trimmed top, were exposed to Jan. Her dark brown nipples jutted against the tight white silk and were clearly displayed for him. With the curtain now around her stomach, I could not resist. My trembling hands groped her ass and then, without warning, I yanked her panties down to her thighs. May gasped, but was unable to move now, aware that if she let go of the curtain, her little Asian pussy would be completely exposed to Jan. Aware to that if she was not careful, her panties would slip to her ankles and let him know she was naked behind the curtain. I felt her breathing quicken, her sentences beginning to scramble unintelligibly as my hand stroked up her inner thigh. May, in mid-sentence of extolling the virtues of Koh Samui, squealed as my hand opened her thighs and my fingertips brushed over her moist brown slit. She almanbahis yeni giriş was utterly helpless to prevent my finger slipping up, into her young Asian cunt, as Jan asked her about the best dive spots. She shifted uneasily on my gently probing finger, pushing deeper into her tight little hole. ‘Are you okay?’ Jan asked. ‘Yes, but I need to go to bathroom, sorry!’ May gasped and stepped back, hurriedly drawing the curtain. I quickly pressed her against the wall, kissing and biting her neck, my finger still wedged up her pussy. She stared up at me open mouthed and wide eyed in shock that I would finger her with Jan merely a curtain breadth away. Yet knowing what she didn’t know, that Jan had enjoyed a good look at her in her sexy little doll outfit and had clearly seen her young Asian tits, had filled me with both guilt and an insatiable lust. ‘May, what time shall I call on you?’ Jan’s voice called suddenly through the curtain. We both jumped, thinking he had gone. ‘After we come back from beach, okay?’ She replied in an uneven voice. We waited to hear his footsteps retreat, but didn’t, or couldn’t and I couldn’t stop myself. I pushed her thighs further apart and slid a second finger up her hungry little pussy as her eyes closed, biting her lip to stifle the squeal she wanted to emit. ‘He would love to have you,’ I growled quietly into her ear, my fingers now thrusting up her tight little cunt. ‘Can you imagine his big, white…’ May could no longer suppress her squeals and collapsed in my arms impaled on my fingers that were fucking her. My free hand felt behind her, groping her firm bottom cheeks until my finger found her little asshole. I tried in vain to squeeze my finger into the unyielding hole. ‘You would love to see his big white cock wouldn’t you May?’ She didn’t, or couldn’t answer, head bowed in my arms, unable to prevent my fingers fucking her roughly and she began squealing rhythmically, I knew the signs by now, knew her climax was close and I stopped. I wanted to keep her horny, my plan, to which she was oblivious, now firming in my mind. ‘Let’s go to the beach,’ I sighed, stepping back. As we walked to the beach my head was filled with the same mixture of guilt, jealousy, and excitement, the same emotional tug of war, familiar feelings to those of us who have shared our loved ones and merely a foretaste of what lay ahead in the hours and months. My guide book, having promised a deserted beach beyond the headland, was now entrusted to take us there. We had glimpsed it when we approached Railay Bay in our little boat, yet then it appeared cut off by the sea. The promised beach, backed by a semi-circle of karst cliffs offered escapism in its purist form, complete isolation from the crowds on the main beach and no one knew we were going there. Well, at least that was what May thought. I carried my guilt silently as I followed her slight figure towards the headland, the memory of telling Jan exactly where we were going and how to get there after my girlfriend had returned to our room at breakfast. I guessed no I knew, from his sly grin, that he would follow us. Reaching the tumble of seemingly impenetrable rocks at the end of the beach, I took the lead, clambering, climbing and scrambling until the beach behind was hidden and in front of us stretched an empty expanse of sand. After helping May down we ran almanbahis giriş across the deserted beach and the romance of the setting and situation made us unable to stop holding hands and snatching kisses. I began to regret telling Jan of our plans, but I sensed it was too late. We swam, ran and then as May spread her towel out and lay down in her pink bikini. The seclusion eroded my girlfriends’ shyness. Safe in the knowledge no one would disturb us and lying face down in the sun, she had hitched up her pink bikini bottoms, revealing a hint of her pert Thai ass to the sun for the first time in her life. Yet, beyond her, I could see the tall figure of Jan scrambling over the headland and again my emotions were pulled simultaneously in contrasting directions. ‘Take your bikini higher,’ I dared her, ‘No one will see.’ May giggled, and to my amazement she did; reaching behind her she pulled her bikini bottoms right up to her hips, her pert Asian ass now almost completely exposed. As I knelt to take her photo, as Jan drew closer, my desire to protect her, especially her shyness and her modesty, the trials I had fought through to see her body, urged me to warn her of his approach and ensure only I had the privilege of seeing what only a loved one should see and recover her bottom. Yet again, my growing arousal as he neared, the knowledge of what he would see, held sway. Now he would not need to wonder what her ass looked like beneath her panties, now he would see it all and know. My dick stirred seeing my girlfriend, the girl I was falling in love with, so explicitly exposed to another man. ‘Does it feel nice?’ I asked, trying to control the excitement in my voice. ‘It feels sooo strange, tell me if anyone comes.’ She giggled, putting her earphones on. ‘No one will come,’ I assured her, lied to her, watching Jan getting closer and closer to us. As he neared, he removed his sunglasses so he could have a better look at my girlfriend’s sexy ass. May lay oblivious, her head turned towards me, as Jan stood over her, grinning victoriously, his eyes sweeping up from her ankles to the back of her neck, then lingering admiringly on her bared teenage ass. Finally, he lifted his eyes from her bottom to my eyes and the smugness of his silent grin needed no words. He liked her ass and wanted to see more. Suddenly May shrieked, span around, saw him and hurriedly pulled down her bikini in a futile attempt to hide her already exposed young bottom. Jan talked casually as he took off his shirt and lowered his shorts to reveal the tight, obscenely revealing trunks he had worn the day before. May tried, but could not resist dropping her eyes to the very obvious bulge of his cock. Only this time, he seemed to notice and the air was instantly heavy with sexual tension. Jan sat next to her, positioning himself in a way that his tight trunks were within a metre of my girlfriend’s face and May, assuming no one would notice behind her dark sunglasses, could not take her eyes off that manly bulge. She confessed much later how she followed the length and visible shape with her eyes, trying to work out what it would look like bared and erect. Having heard the effect of it in action during the night, May could not stop wondering what it would feel like to touch, kiss and suck such a big white cock. And as she imagined straddling him, her body began to ready for him, her little pussy moistening as she pictured herself astride him, lowering herself onto that big cock that now faced her temptingly, threateningly. Jan seemed well aware of her fascination and sat open legged, inviting her to stare.

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