The Reluctant Wife (a Lori & JT story)


The Reluctant Wife (a Lori & JT story)”Does your husband know?” I asked her. I was chatting with a beautiful southern lady named Lori I had happened across online. She, like many of us, was spending her day watching videos and fantasizing about the possibilities. Eventually, as I probed her with questions she began to open up to me and tell me little things about herself and her desires. As the days went along we continued to chat and laugh about silly things, like, who picks up guide dog shit, and we explored the idea of a chance meeting. I knew I could make this happen given the opportunity, if she was willing. As the days rolled into weeks Lori became more and more willing to take that chance. She finally agreed if I was ever in her area that she might be willing to meet me at a grocery or some public place. This was all I needed to purse that chance. I loaded the coach and headed for her home town. I found an RV park that suited my needs and then let her know I was in town. “JT, I love my husband.” She told me. “If he ever found out I am not sure what he would do.”I explained that I understood and if she didn’t want to meet it was fine. I have been many places where a woman or a couple had agreed to meet but at the last minute decided they couldn’t go through with it. It doesn’t bother me at all when this happens. Everyone has to make up their own minds of their level of comfort.I had made plans to stay around for a few weeks. We continued our daily talks and one day she said, “JT, I need to go to the grocery store. Do you know where the bahis siteleri Publix is?”I assured her I did know where one was and said I needed to go myself. I asked if that was the one she was going to. She told me it was but she needed about an hour before she’d be ready. I laughed and said. “So I either need to go now or wait for an hour, huh.””If you wait an hour I would like that.” she replied.I smiled simply at my monitor screen and felt that excitement stir inside me.I drove the jeep over to the store, walked in and grabbed a cart. There were a few items I needed so I had not lied to her. As I turned down the candy isle, always need chocolate, I saw her and we made eye contact. But she was talking with another lady. I grabbed a bag of Hersey’s and continued to the next isle. I was not totally confidant that she had come alone, or that she even liked what she saw in me. I waited for a few minutes and when she didn’t come around the corner I continued with my shopping. Disappointed for sure because she was very well put together, and my body was longing to be pressed against hers.I finished with gathering the items I needed and made one more pass through the store but I did not see her anywhere. I paid and walked out to the jeep. I was loading my groceries into the jeep, figuring she had changed her mind, when a truck pulled up behind me. “Follow me.” Commanded the voice. I smiled.I followed her through a residential area until she pulled onto the side of a street and stopped. She motioned for me to come forward.”My house is the 3rd canlı bahis siteleri one down this street.”I smiled.”I can’t let you go any closer. My husband will be home shortly. I just wanted you to see it.”I nodded and with that she blew me a kiss and pulled away. I watched as she turned into her drive. I knew exactly what I would do next. The next morning a woke early and logged on to read my messages. The only thing I received from Lori was a quick note saying she hoped to see me again soon. Little did she know she was about to.I stopped the Jeep in the same place I had the day before when I was following Lori. I walked the short distance to her front door. I knocked.Her eyes widened as she opened the door and saw me standing there. I placed three fingers over her mouth as she began to say something. I placed my other hand on her chest and felt her heart beating rapidly. It was early morning and she was still in an old T-shirt she slept in. Her breast were full and her nipples pierced the soft cotton. She slowly moved backward as I followed her inside still with my hand over her mouth. She backed into a wall and I pressed my body against hers. I removed my fingers from her lips and covered them with my mouth. She kissed me back and ran her tongue into my mouth. I slid my hand down her body and found she was not wearing panties. My fingers dug into her wetness as I kissed her. She slid down the wall and grabbed the top of my shorts pulling them down to reveal my cock that was fully erect. She placed her mouth over me and began to suck canlı bahis as if her life depended on it. Each time her head moved forward to take me deeper into her throat her tongue slid under the head of my dick and down the shaft. I closed my eyes. I knew I could not hold back much longer from this woman. I pulled her back to her feet and moved her to the kitchen table. She lay on her back and I plowed my cock deep inside her for the very first time. Her breath caught and she wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me deeper with each trust of my hips. I felt her pussy tighten around my shaft as she came for the first time. Her body began to shake and she screamed harder! I pulled her off the table and turned her around. I pressed her now naked body against the refrigerator where her breast were pressed against the coolness of the door. I slid my cock in from behind and slammed into her body with all my might. She held to the door and pushed back into me giving me all I could take from her. I could no longer control myself and with one last forceful trust I exploded deep inside her and collapsed on her back. We stayed there for a moment with my cock inside her as we both tried to catch our breath. Finally I pulled back and she straightened and turned to face me. I looked and my cum was dripping from her cunt. A beautiful sight. I leaned down and slowly began to lick her creamed pussy. She placed one leg over my shoulder and rocked into my tongue until she came again. She pulled me up to her and kissed me tasting our cum all over my tongue. “JT,” she said. “I wanted that.”I said, “I have dreamt of it.”I gathered my clothes. Kissed her one more time and walked back to my Jeep. I stopped for a moment and looked toward the door. I knew I’d be back for more of her.

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