Subject: The regiment of the Hussars — part 4 The usual disclaimers apply. If you shouldn’t be reading this please don’t. The copyright of this story is held by the author. This story is an original work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. This is a free electronic story. No part of this electronic story may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means electronic or mechanical including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, without written permission from the author. If you are not of legal age in your location to view and read adult material, please close out of this story and delete any material you have downloaded or copied to your computer- This story will contains descriptions of sex between men and boys. If these things offend you please leave in peace. ************ All comments are welcomed. Let me know what you think. ************ Please remember Nifty and make a donation to help them to continue bringing us these fty/ Story code: military, historical, incest ============================== The regiment of the Hussars — part 4 ============================== Walliams noticed that the taller one was working slowly looking at them from under his brows… Provocatively, Walliams decided to take all his clothes off and helped Jarvis do the same. Lieutenant Jarvis was also a big man, six feet, completely white blond, the whitest skin, deep green eyes, and almost hairless but for some pubs, whisks in pits and hairless face but for the blondest moustache with long thin curls in the extremities. A good head of hair albeit thin. He had a pleasant face, attractive smile and a good disposition that made him the best travel companion. Lieutenant Jarvis being nineteen years of age had progressed in his carrier due to his knowing eye, orientation skills and complete fearfulness when engaged in battle with a ferocious determination to control the situations. He was admired by his soldiers and respected by his seniors. Since he had been posted to second Captain Walliams he had learnt plenty with him. He was lucky. Most Captains abused their staff with demands and long hours bossing them around without any considerations. Besides, he loved to be by Captain Walliams’ side. We was gorgeous. Took really good care of his men and cared for them. Jarvis was having these thoughts while taking his uniform off. He approached Captain Walliams to offer his help. He sat on a small bench in front of Captain Walliams, smiled and pulled one of his booted legs up on top of his already naked body. His hands started by taking off the boots and massaging his feet. Walliams laid back with is hands behind his head. Meanwhile the older of the farmer’s sons, a lad with around seventeen kept looking at the officers with hunger in his eyes. Walliams decided to engage and asked, “What’s your name?” “Tim.” Replied the teenager. “Get our boots and clean them, can you do that? “Yes Sirs, I’ll do that right away.” Walliams continued, “Do you have tallow to apply after washing them properly then?”, “Yes Sir.”, Answered Tim, “I’ll bring them back as soon as I can”, and Tim left in haste. Walliams looked at Jarvis and winked. “Do you think the boy is interested in messing around?” “Definitely!” said Jarvis. “Are you up for it, Jarvis?, replied Walliams, “I’m always ready to have some fun.” Jarvis smiled and said, “I haven’t sucked you in a while and I’d love to.” Walliams looked across the passageway to where Rogers and Schmitt were getting ready to rest. They heard the exchange and decided to join in the fun. Schmitt was a dark completion stocky man with a preeminent nose, gray eyes, high forehead with a very full Howie black mustache balanced by a dimpled chin. He had to shave every two days otherwise he would look shabby. He was five feet six inches tall and very elegant but not thin. Very proportionate, his chest was hairy, flat stomach and a bush he liked to keep trimmed. He was the only one that liked to trim his bush and he was always looking for somebody to do it for him. He had a set of long hanging balls hidden by a wide 8 inch cut cock a shade darker than the rest of his skin. His legs were hairy with well-formed thighs. By the time Tim got back, all four officers were stark naked reclining on the bales of hay drinking snaps and passing each other’s hip flasks. Tim stopped when he saw all that nudity. The front of his tunic immediately betrayed his excitement but he was still standing with the pair of boots on his hand. Schmitt asked Tim, “Can you help me out?” “Ye… yes Sir. How can I be of service?”, replied Tim. “Bring me a small pitcher of water and a pair of scissors.”, requested Schmitt. Off Tim went running. He did not want to be far away from all these masculine meats that he admired so much. He had dreamed so often of finding a man he could mess around with. He had seen his father naked every Saturday when he was washing himself in the pail. But he was old and every time his father saw him looking he got mad and spurned him away and called his brother to wash his father’s back. He had jacked off lots of times thinking of the ideal man he wanted to touch and feel. The farm didn’t have that many visitors let alone passers-by. He knew the group would leave in the morning and if it was not now he wouldn’t have another chance. Tim came back into the barn and approached Schmitt. “How can I help Sir?” “Help me out with the trimming of my pubs.”, said Schmitt. That was odd, though Tim, but then he could get closer to that man. He knelt down in front of Lieutenant Schmitt. He was salivating and his hard dick was pocking a tent in front of his own trousers. “Do you mind holding my dick out of the way while I trim my pubs?”, asked Schmitt. Red faced Tim babbled yes and started holding on to that long manly shaft. Unconsciously, Tim was massaging Schmitt’s dick paying no attention to what the officer was doing with the scissors. He was feeling the hand-full of meat that sat peacefully in his hand. He concentrated on his senses and appreciated the fullness and warmth of that wonderful piece of meat. He was aware, on the back of his mind, that his ministrations were provoking an enlargement of the prick he was holding. He started to feel the veins and ridges of the skin, the swelling of the shaft and he started to compress it and decompress it lightly which increased the hardness and size of Schmitt’s dick. Suddenly he became aware that those four officers had quieted down and were looking at him. Some were holding their pricks in their hands, others were just contracting their penile muscles making their dicks hit their stomachs. Tim stopped and let go of Schmitt’s schlong, looked up and said, “Sorry, Sir. I got carried away. I had never felt a dick in my hand besides my own, and I just….. couldn’t help it. I’m so embarrassed Sir. Can I be excused?” Schmitt replied, “If you want to. But I think, looking at the front of your pants, that you would rather see what is happening here. And I can assure you, and speaking for my comrade friends, that they would welcome you if you want to seat with us and share a few moments. One condition thought….” “And that would be what?”, replied Tim happy but nervous… “You also have to disrobe. It wouldn’t be fair to us if you remained clothed.”, replied Schmitt. Tim went quiet for the briefest of moments, stood up, and took his clothes off. He was not shy at all and to the surprise of all the officers Tim had the biggest dick they had ever seen, a twelve inch phallus that was a beauty to behold. How could such a young izmit escort teenager have a schlong that size was a wonder. It was thick, curved slightly to the right and a massive glans tapering towards the base. Walliams called, “Come here Tim.” Tim left his clothes on the floor and, completely naked, moved over to where Walliams was. Walliams remained sitting down on the straw bale and reached with his hand and grabbed Tim’s dick slowly. Tim held his breath and his dick pulsated wildly in Walliams’s hand. Meanwhile Jarvis stood up on the side of Tim and started rubbing his hands all over Tim’s body. For the past minutes Tim had been so excited he was at the brink of orgasm and was about to cum and said, “Stop please, I’m going to cum.” Walliams leaned forward and started sucking on Tim’s glans at the same time that Jarvis went behind Tim, stepped forward to stablish skin contact with the boys’ back and round ass as the young man ejaculated. It was such an overwhelming experience that Jarvis had to hold him with his arms under his pits because Tim almost fainted with the intensity of his orgasm. Walliams was smacking his lips swallowing the spooge. It took a couple of deep breaths for Tim to recover his senses. But he was not ready to go yet. He smiled to both Walliams and Jarvis and sat down on a bale of straw on the side of Captain Walliams. Jarvis stayed standing in front of them. Now everybody was horny as hell. Jarvis started jacking himself off but after the third stroke Tim raised his hand and grabbed Jarvis’ balls and started rolling them in his hand and in a moment he himself was hard again. He took Jarvis hand off his own dick and started sucking that pecker enthusiastically. Meanwhile Walliams reached down and started sucking on Tim’s huge schlong. Rogers and Schmitt had been sixty-nining and looking to the other three and they decided to join in. They got up, Schmitt knelt behind Jarvis and started licking his white blond ass while jacking himself off. Rogers approached Walliams, rimmed him, spited on Walliams asshole and stuck his dick inside Walliams’ ass and started to slow fuck him. Poor Tim was so excited that he did not know where to look. When Captain Walliams was penetrated by Rogers he let Tim free to move. Immediately Tim knelt on the floor looking between Jarvis’ legs toward what Schmitt was doing on Jarvis ass. They forced the still standing Jarvis to open his legs further apart and Tim started sucking on Jarvis balls and is taint crossing tongues with Schmitt. They started dueling, sucking each other’s tongues, kissing back to the ass, and then both men started sucking Jarvis’ dick at the same time. While one sucked the head the other sucked the shaft, they would meet at the glans and slurp each other’s tongues exchanging spit. They tried to kiss having Jarvis’ dick in their mouths. That was so exciting! Tim got hold of Schmitt’s dick and pulled on it for a while. “I’m gona fuck you Jarvis. Lift your leg.”, said Schmitt to Jarvis, moving out of the way so Jarvis could angle his leg up. Tim did not want to let go. He had his mouth glued to Jarvis crotch and his hand on Schmitt’s cock. Meanwhile Schmitt jacked a couple of times, approached Jarvis ass and started guiding his dick in. “Let me do that.”, said Tim. He grabbed Schmitt’s cock gave it a suck and guided it into Jarvis hole marveling at the blond rosebud completely awash shining with the spit, starting to open up to receive Schmitt’s dong. At first only the tip got in. Tim, determined, took it out, sucked Schmitt’s dick a couple more times and tried again. Finally the dick went in. Tim marveled at the event while Jarvis moaned and steadied himself because of the push Schmitt was giving him. Tim looked on as the big dick went in and out, each time with more speed, Schmitt holding on to Jarvis hips while pistonning and making a slapping sound every time his crotch met Jarvis ass. Tim’s hands were busy fondling both men’s balls when he notice some juice coming out of Jarvis ass. He immediately stuck his tongue out and slurp the mixture into his mouth ― man juice. He grabbed Schmitt’s dick out of Jarvis asshole, gave it a couple of licks and stuck it back in Jarvis ass. Suddenly he felt a wet mouth on his own dick. He had been so entertained with Jarvis and Schmitt that he did not notice what Walliams and Rogers were doing. While this was happening, Walliams was being slowly fucked by Rogers. Walliams disengaged from Rogers and started sucking Tim’s wonder schlong. Walliams really wanted that dick up his ass and he talked Rogers into helping him accomplish that. Walliams speaking to Tim said, “I want you to fuck me now.”, turning his ass to Tim. Rogers, stood beside Tim and guided the schlong towards Walliams ass that was already open to receive the monster. Tim was trembling, felling Rogers’s hand on his heavy dick. For comfort and excitment, he started holding on to Rogers’ dick that was kept hard. The tip went in and Tim could not believe the sensations he was having. His dick felt enveloped by a warm hand as suave as felt. He loved the feeling. Suddenly he felt Rogers on his back sticking a couple of wet fingers inside his hole. He was wet up to his pits. Rogers did not make the smallest effort to avoid Tim’s pain. He just stuck his dick inside that virgin ass so tight and pushed in. Tim gave a yelp but he was so overwhelmed by all the stimulus they were giving him that he just continue fucking Walliams and continued being fucked by Rogers. Walliams was on seventh heaven. He had the feeling that the tip of Tim’s dick was reaching his throat. He had never had a cock so big inside him. It dislodged his insides in a good way. He was full of dick and it felt good. Each time Tim forced his schlong in his special place it got hit and explosions of pleasure went through him in waves. He was completely lost in the pleasure of that marvelous fucking. Jarvis and Schmitt decided to join the others. They momentarily disengaged and aligned behind Rogers fucking Tim. Schmitt decided to go forward and, taping Rogers on the shoulder traded places with him. While Schmitt was penetrating Tim’s not-so-tight-anymore ass, Jarvis pointed his dick head towards Schmitt’s asshole at the same time he felt him shoved his dick in Tim’s. Now, all four men and the teenager were fucking each other in a train holding on for dear life, grabbing each other, pinching nipples, Walliams was being jacked by Tim while his left hand went to his back to feel Schmitt’s dick pile driving him. Jarvis was behind Schmitt, and Rogers finished the train. The chorus of moans was intense and intensifying. They reached orgasm almost all at the same time, heads turning back and forward searching mouths to kiss and spit to exchange. Their legs buckled falling on the straw some of them still spewing cum. The only one still with stamina for action was Tim, slurping cum remains from cock tips, licking here and there, from his hands from the officer’s balls and dicks and he didn’t stop until all were completely clean of any vestiges of cum. He let himself stretch down on the hay with a perfect and content smile on his face falling in the deepest sleep dreaming of how heaven was like. Men to fuck, to fuck him with fountains of cum everywhere. Walliams turned to Rogers and commented, “This kid will not forget this experience so soon. He could be in display for the wonder he is. I’m going to talk to his father tomorrow. Rogers, you still need a replacement for the orderlies you lost to the hospital. Who knows! We can get lucky, we never know if we don’t ask.”, finished Walliams. He embraced the teenager, spooned by Rogers and they fell asleep immediately. Jarvis and Schmitt still had it in them to lock their lips for a deeply felt sensation to finish off that session. kadıköy escort They laid down to sleep in each other’s arms as a pair of lovers soon to be. It was a calm night with no events disturbing the peace. Early morning Tim woke up under the spell of the night before. While he brought himself to complete wakefulness he was thinking that he realy, realy wanted to have sex with men and that was not going to happen in the farm. He was thinking about it but he just couldn’t find a solution for that problem. He felt good in the arms of Captain Walliams and he wanted to keep on having that feeling. He could feel Captain Walliams’ hard cock nesting on his ass ridge and he loved the feeling. But he couldn’t get over the sensation of being inside Walliams’ asshole and how it made him feel. It was better than fine, better than good, it was outstanding! But life had to go on and his father had ordered him morning shores to attend to. So, with sorrow, he got up put on his clothes and, without disturbing the officers, left the barn. Shortly the officers started to wake up, came out to the pump and washed their faces, crotch and ass before returning inside the barn to get into the uniform. They were glad to see that all his man were almost ready to go. While preparing to break fast Captain Walliams decided to take Rogers with him and go and talk to the farm owner who was by the cattle pen. “Good morning,” said the farmer, “I’m getting some eggs ready and bread plus milking some cows for you. Can I help you with anything else?” finished the farmer. Walliams retorted, “Thanks my man for the lodging and food for me and my man. It was nice of you to receive us and accommodate all my troops.” “You’re welcome Sirs. It’s always a pleasure to serve your Highnesses’ men.”, replied the farmer. Walliams asked, “Have you considered helping out your Royal Highness more?” “I’m afraid I can’t. If I give any more cattle I lose all my income, and then what?” frowned the farmer not liking one bit the turn of the conversation was taking. “You can always supply hand work to your Royal Highness’s army. It will be well paid and when the war is in recess you’ll get your manpower back for the farming work. What do you say?” asked Walliams. “But I… it’s only me and my two sons in the farm. I don’t have any indenture workers with me, I cannot afford those. Don’t you see?” Said the farmer with a worried look on his face. “I’ll make you a deal. Let your oldest son come work in army on the baggage train taking care of the travel trunks, we’ll pay him, or you, his wages, and with that money you will be able to hire two workers. He does not need to have fighting skills and he won’t run into any peril because the baggage train is behind the battle lines. What say you?”, inquired Walliams. The farmer was processing the proposal, thinking he could still get the better of it. He would get the money, he could hire just one worker, keep some money to buy more cattle and send Tim away to get straighten out in the army. He didn’t care for the inclinations Tim was showing. It just gave him the creeps. So he asked, “When were you thinking of recruiting him?” Walliams replied, “If it’s the same to you, he can join us now and ride with us. We’re leaving today and join the Regiment latter. He can borrow one of your mules for which I will pay, so he’s able to return when it’s over, carry some provisions for us that I’ll also pay and he can start learning the officers’ names and his own duties. Does he know how to ride a horse?”, asked Walliams. “Not a fancy horse nor in a fancy way but he knows how to ride a mule, yes he does, Sir.”, replied the farmer. “It’s Ok then. This pouch has six napoleon coins to pay for our exchange. You’ll get news from Tim whenever possible. Please inform your son of your decision to let him be recruited and prepare the mule with the supplies for a week for 25 men ― bread, lard and salted meat. We will be on our way shortly.” Walliams left the barn, the farmer tipped his hat and turned to go find Tim. He was glad to get rid of Tim. He worked well but was always with his mind aloof, distracted and seldom enjoying the farm work. He knew his son was looking for an excuse to leave the farm and he was happy he got some money out of it. He could always get other mules and supplies. With six Napoleons he could make some changes in his life. He could even find himself a woman to warm his bed and give him more sons. After all, he was a happy man. He finally found Tim moping around in the larder room, looking sad and doing nothing. “Tim?”, called his father. Tim approached, “I think you need to get your head together and start thinking what you’re going to do with your life. I don’t like what I see here and I thing you better change fast,” said the farmer to his son. “But father, I don’t know how to do anything else but farming. I know how to take care of tack and animals and cook some food. Nothing else. What am I to do?”, asked Tim with a sad tone in his voice. “I was asked if I could release you from the farm to work in the Royal Army of His Majesty and I accepted. I am allowing you to join.” Said the farmer looking at his son. Tim lowered his head because he did not want his father to see the smile on his face. He started to quiver with excitement thinking of the possibilities. His father continued, “My decision is final and you have no voice in this matter. Stop trembling and don’t cry. You have to man-up once and for all. I hope you don’t soil our good name with your behavior.” “Yes Sir. I respect your decision.”, said Tim not raising his head. His father added, “You go get the mule we use to carry provisions and load it with one carrier sack of loafs of bread, some strips of lard in greased paper and some dry salted jerky. Take only one extra pair of pants and tunic. The army will provide if you need more. You are joining to work only for food. You’ll get no pay. Run along. The Hussars are leaving and you don’t want to leg behind. Say goodbye to your brother and be on your way. I’ll wave you away by the gate.” And that was it. He was leaving. He was very happy. He stopped himself short of jumping with joy to avoid any change on his father’s mind about the whole business. He hurried himself with the charges enlisting the help of his brother using the time to explain what was going to happen. By the time he was finished packing he ran into the house he was soon to leave, grabbed a dagger he had hidden under the floor, and a pair of short boots plus his spare clothes. He would never go barefoot again. He ran out the door grabbed the rains of the harness and started walking behind the mounted Hussars. After waving to his father he looked forward and the biggest smile brightened-up his face. He was free at last. Walliams was also smiling. This new addition to his stable would do wonders to his happiness. He had to arrange things with Rogers but that was no problem. They had covered five and a half leagues yesterday and they were approaching the enemy lines. They had to be careful now. Walliams had looked at the map and there was a ridge of mountains to the left of the road. There was a copse of tall trees by the side of the running brock. So Walliams decided to split the squadrons leaving Tim with the mule and provisions plus two men to organize camp for that evening. Walliams and Rogers decided to each take his nine man plus the Lieutenant, separate one squadron going round the hill to get behind the ridge and see if there were any artillery present while Rogers took his man down the road through the valley and turn back behind the ridge to catch any enemy by surprise. And so they did. Walliams’ Squadron came upon a single lonely battery canon which has a crew kahramanmaraş escort of ten man, one pointer with five crew, two ammunition carriers, and two horse carriers, its usual garrison defending the fork of the road in the valley. And before they were able to fire back against them, the squadrons charged on horseback the position with sabers drawn and slashed six men leaving them for dead. Rogers and his Squadron went for the 6-horse team used to pull the artillery train and the remaining four crew who finally surrendered to Rogers. Walliams ordered the site to be searched. They also found two ammunitions wagons some powder, wicks, besides the gun-howitzer 12 pounder Napoleon mounted on a two wheeled cart behind a wall of dirt bags and blocks of stones. They searched for the fourth missing gunner or bombardier and any documents that could enlighten them about the position of any other guns in the vicinity. Finally they discovered a boy, tied to a horse harness behind the protection of some house ruins lower down the ridge. Walliams decided with Rogers to collect all equipment and bring it to the encampment under guard and after they rejoin their base. Captain Rogers ordered the four enemy soldiers to disrobe and confiscated their clothes. That would make it more difficult for them to run away. They were going to interrogate them but first he was curious about the boy. The four officers conferred in an informal meeting to call the boy and see if he knew any other information. The boy was brought to the officers and Rogers asked, “What’s your name boy?”, asked Walliams seeing that the boy was frightened, “Roy Sir, my name is Roy.” said the urchin. “Why were you with the artillery battery?”, asked Walliams. “You’re too young to be conscripted”, the Captain insisted. The boy replied, “You don’t remember me, Sir? Do you?” “No I don’t. Do I know you?”, Williams asked. “Yesterday morning I broke fast in the house you were staying in town. You woke me the night before when I was sleeping outside the barn. It was me.” “OK.” Replied Walliams. “How come are you here now with the enemy?” “The men you killed grabbed me after crossing the bridge out of town and brought me with them. They raped me and tied me up in those ruins.”, said the kid. “How come you left town? I though you lived there…,” questioned the Captain. “As I told you I don’t have nobody.”, and Roy started to tear up. “That’s OK. You’re safe now. Do you know of any other artillery guns posted around here?, asked the Captain. “There was another gun and the gunners but they didn’t stay around. They left towards the sunset, I don’t know where.”, replied the boy. “Go get something to eat and wash yourself in the brook. Captain Rogers will sort you out.”, said Walliams winking at Rogers. “You have to make do with the clothes you’ve got until we reach the main encampment.”, turning to Schmitt, Walliams continued, “You take eight man and convoy the Howitzer to release it to the Major. Take most of the food and the mule. I’ll rejoin the Regiment in two days’ time. I’ll write a message to him.” And so the troops hitched the howitzer and the ammunitions wagons again and left the base camp taking the four naked prisoners. Walliams called on Tim and told him to prepare food for the three officers, Walliams, Rogers and Jarvis, for the boy and for him. In the meantime to let the horses graze and water. Rogers had taken the boy Roy to the river after giving him a slice of bread and a bit of meat. In a sunny spot he sat down and started to help the boy taking off the clothes. It was a quick affair because he didn’t have much on. Roy started trembling and Rogers pulled him over and gave him a hug. “Don’t be frightened, you’re safe now.” And the boy really started to weep wrapping his arms around Captain Rogers’ neck. He had been so frightened. One man from the artillery had grabbed him and put him laying across the saddle and galloped on. He was so shaken that after a while he fainted. He regained consciousness when the horse stopped. Then the man had forced him to such his dick while another put his dick in his ass. It hurt a lot and he still had difficulty walking. He only could remember the pain. After a moment, when the boy was calmer, Captain Rogers asked the boy to help him get his boots off, what he did diligently. Rogers took the boy by the hand and in a bit of shallow water started to help the boy get himself washed. He cupped both hands and poured some water over the boy’s head and shoulders. The water was cold and the cleaning didn’t take long. But Captain Rogers insisting that it had to be thorough. He asked the boy, “Have you cleaned up your ass?”, the boy replied, “Yes, but it still hurts a bit.” “Can I check it? I’ll be gentle.”, asked the Captain. And the boy nodded slowly. “Let me see. Bend down please.”, said the Captain Rogers. He started to run his finger on the ass clef and felt a bit of swell in the asshole. “Squat down in the water.”, and while doing that he pushed his finger gently on the rosebud inwards forcing the swallowing in. “Now close your ass and hold on for a minute.” “Feel better?,” asked Rogers. “A bit, Sir. That is helping, Sir. Can you do something else?”, eagerly asked the boy. “I can, but you have to trust me. Can you do that?” continued the Captain. “OK Sir, be gentle, please.” “I will.”, said Rogers, “Lay down on the grass face down.” Roy still naked put himself in position and noticing that Captain Rogers had not taken his clothes off, remained calm. He felt the Captain’s hands grab gently his bum cheeks and spread them a bit. Right after, he felt warm air blowing in his hole. He was feeling the warmth and the wonderful calmness of it all. He was surprised when he felt a wet surface pass over his hole, which continuous motion gave him the chills. “What are you doing, Sir? It feels so good…” “It’s called rimming. I do it with my tongue so it makes the hurt go away. Is it going away? Do you like it?”, asked Rogers, “Oh yes Sir, it feels so go. Keep doing it please. It’s going to get better real soon.” Rogers started stopping his tongue over the hole making pressure going in and out, alternating rolling his tongue in a tube and poking directly on the hole, trying to go in. “Relax Roy. I’m not hurting you, am I? Just open up your ass for me and I promise you’ll feel OK again.” And so Roy let himself go, relaxed his asshole and felt a wonderful sensation, an intense pleasure, running all over his body. This man was doing him good like no other had done before except Captain Walliams who had given him food. Gently, Roy felt Captain Rogers’s hand turning him face up and start to lick his balls, wetting his groin completely. He was surprised that his pisser was hard and he reached it with his hand. The Captain took his hand away, and another surprise…. he put his mouth on his pisser and started sucking and liking it up and down. The pleasure was so intense that he thought he was going to piss himself. After a couple of minutes he felt his body tingling all over and waves of pleasure washing over his body. Captain Rogers released Roy’s dick, licked his own lips and asked, “Do you feel better now? Are you OK”, and Roy felt very good. He sighed and nodded with his head. He reached for Captain Rogers turned him on his back and laid on top of him face to face with his savior. He smiled, lowered his head and touched Rogers’ lips with his, using his tongue to paint Captain Rogers’ lips with his saliva. And it felt good. The Captain’s mouth opened a bit and he stuck his tongue in and lost himself in this new sensation. He could feel the volume of the Captain’s crotch on his upper legs. He leaned up astride the Captain’s belly and took his hand to the volume between Captain’s legs and he felt it pulsating, move with desire, excited. Roy asked, “Do you want me to do that to you?” “I will, but not right now. You’re still hurting and I don’t to hurt you more.”, replied Captain Rogers. Let’s get something to eat. ************ Let’s see where this story is going. Hope you enjoyed it. Comments are welcomed.

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