The Proposition – Part 3


Harry Blunstone asked why his wife Carol was having her breakfast of toast and coffee standing up and she said that there was no reason except that she was a bit short of time. The real reason was of course that her backside was still tender from the nine-stroke caning that she had received from her much younger boss, Duncan Henderson, the previous evening.Harry, of course, knew nothing about the caning or the fact that his sixty-year-old wife and her twenty-sex-year-old boss were now lovers. Carol’s guilt about the sex had led to her suggesting and receiving the caning but she fully expected more of both sex and cane in the future, although an element of guilt remained.”Morning Carol, how are you today?” asked Duncan on Carol’s arrival for her day’s work on Friday.”Very well thank you, although my bum is still sore,” she smiled back having made sure that nobody else in the office was near enough to hear.”I am pleased on both counts,” grinned Duncan a bit sadistically.Carol worked at her desk but she could not get comfortable in her chair because of the throbbing in her backside but she was also finding the throbbing to be very sexually stimulating. A little later, Duncan asked her to come into his office.”Sit down please Mrs Blunstone,” he said with a grin.”I would rather stand up thank you, Mr Henderson,” replied Carol.”I know, but I insist,” said Duncan grinning even more as he indicated the chair.”You bastard,” giggled Carol as she gently put her big arse on the chair with the term being from lover to lover rather than from secretary to the boss.Duncan was amused as Carol squirmed in the chair but both he and Carol were getting turned on, “Why don’t we go to my house at lunchtime kaçak iddaa and you show me your cane marks?” asked Duncan.Carol thought that a good idea and added, “Will we have time for a quick fuck?”Any concern about the guilt that Carol felt was fast disappearing as she longed for sex and more sex with her boss.”I would think that that could be arranged,” confirmed Duncan.Whilst Duncan was very serious about Carol, he was also very serious about the family business that he was now in charge of and he did not intend to take any liberties regarding the business. He would take Carol to his house at lunchtime and he would inspect her cane-marked arse and he would fuck her but they both needed to be back at work at a reasonable time so the fuck would have to be a quickie.As they did not want suspicions from within the office, or from outside, they went out at lunchtime in separate cars but Carol and Duncan were soon at his house and in his bedroom.”Let’s have a look at these marks shall we Mrs Blunstone?” said a highly aroused Duncan as he knelt behind Carol and undid her skirt and pulled that and her knickers down. Carol was trembling in mounting anticipation of the fucking that she would soon be getting.As the mature buttocks with red lines on them still very visible came into view, Duncan said, “Fuck, that does look sore,” as he gently ran a finger the length of one of the red lines.”It is but I love having you touching my arse,” replied Carol excitedly.Duncan caressed her backside for a little while but was aware of the time restraints so said, “Get on the bed arse in the air, we need to fuck.”Carol did as instructed as Duncan hurriedly removed his trousers and boxers and approached kaçak bahis the inviting sight with his penis rigid. He gently adjusted Carol’s position so that she was a bit closer to the foot of the bed and then stroked his cock against her vulva before entering with one thrust of his hips.Carol’s cunt seemed to grip the now well-known invader and Duncan started thrusting hard and fast because it needed to be a quickie and it was going to be one. Carol had been wanting his cock back inside her since she had left his house the previous evening and she was loving the treatment that it was giving her grateful cunt.Duncan had Carol cumming and did not attempt to hold back his ejaculation as he spurted fast into her.They both washed their sexual regions before getting reclothed and making their way back to work although they made sure that they arrived back there several minutes apart, again to allay suspicion.The weekend was about to arrive and they would not normally have any contact but the more time they spent together, the more time that they wanted to.”Is there any way that you can get yourself a few hours out of your house tomorrow to be with me?” Duncan asked hopefully late in the afternoon.”I would love to but I feel bad about deceiving Harry,” said Carol.”I really do understand but if you think of a way give me a call, I fancy a Saturday afternoon in bed with you,”  said Duncan.It was left like that but when Carol got home, Harry said, “I hope that you don’t mind but I am going fishing tomorrow with Tony that I used to work with.”Carol could have leapt in the air with joy but replied, “No, that is fine, why would I mind?””Well I feel a bit guilty because with you working longer hours illegal bahis now we do not get much time together,” said Harry, and he meant it.”Don’t feel guilty, we have had years together so being apart for a few hours on a Saturday won’t hurt,” said Carol.”It will be more than a few hours because we were going to do some night fishing, I will probably be gone the best part of twenty-four hours,” said Harry apologetically.The news was getting better and better for Carol but she kept cool, “Harry, I don’t mind, really,” she said and that seemed to reassure him.”But what will you do with yourself?” asked Harry.”I don’t know, probably spend most of the time in bed,” she laughed but that was quite likely what she would be doing.When Harry was having a bath later that evening, Carol phoned Duncan with the news that was better than either of them could have wished for and it was arranged that Carol would go to Duncan’s house soon after Harry went out. Neither Carol nor Duncan could see any reason why she could not spend the night there too because Harry was due to be out until well into Sunday.Carol was particularly happy on Saturday morning although she tried not to show it in case Harry asked why but soon after noon Harry had got all his fishing gear loaded in his car and came to give Carol a peck ‘goodbye’.”Any idea what time you will be back?” asked Carol, trying to sound casual.”Late morning tomorrow I expect unless Tony loses interest and we don’t make it an allnighter,” said Harry which put a potential damper on Carol’s plans.”When will you know if you are going to be out all night or not?” asked Carol.”Probably not until about ten o’clock tonight, does it matter?” said Harry slightly impatiently.”No, not really, but you go in the spare room if you come home late okay?” said Carol who now thought that her chances of spending all night with Duncan were as fucked as she soon would be.

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