Subject: The Premotion Part 23 gay adult youth I hope you like this chapter.If so give a donation to Thanks for all the emails and of course Zero my editor. The Premonition Part 23 Written By Eric Murphey Edited By Zero Moss I wake up with a little imp on my chest, staring at me. “Good morning, Jack.” “Good morning, Daddy. It’s 3 weeks until Christmas and it’s Saturday and you said that today we would go find us a Christmas tree.” “That doesn’t sound remotely like something I would say.” He rolls his eyes at me and reiterates, “You know you did.” “Do you have witnesses to corroborate what you allege I said?” “Daaaadddy!” “Jaaacky!” “So, are we going today?” “Yes, as soon as we eat we will go get Earl, Tina and your little buddy. Then we will go hunt for a tree.” He shoots off the bed like Flash Gordon, and I hear him getting Eddie and Jim up. “Come on, it’s Christmas tree day. Get up, lazy bones!!!” I think Jack is a little excited about getting a tree. I sigh, climb out of bed, and head to pee. Afterward I put on some shorts and a tee. “Oatmeal good today, boys?” I inquire of three excited and smiling boys. “Yeah, that’s the fastest,” Jack replies. “Why don’t you see if Earl and them are up yet.” Eddie walks over and picks up the radio. “Big Elf calling Little Elf, over,” Eddie says into the microphone. “Big Elf, huh?” I chuckle. He grins back. A moment later I hear Joseph. “Little Elf here. Over.” “Santa’s Helper wanted to make sure you’re up. Over.” “Been up forever. Had breakfast and waiting. Over.” “Be there in a ten minutes. Big Elf out.” “Little Elf out.” I put the oatmeal on the table and we eat in a hurry. The boys do the dishes faster than I have ever seen them, and yet they still do a good job. I had to check; dried oatmeal requires a sandblaster to take off a bowl. We hop into the truck and head to get Earl et al. When we arrive, Joseph is the first out the door, which was no surprise to me. He hops in the back with my boys. Tina and Earl come out a moment later. They hop in front with me and we head to the Washingtons’. Once we get there we see Mike sitting on the front porch with Jerry. It’s a really mild day today. The truck said it’s 50F outside, so it’s not a bad day for December. We all pile out and walk to the porch. “Why don’t you guys go and look for the perfect tree. When you find it, come and get us and we will chop her down and take her home,” I suggest to the boys. “Sure!!!!” I hear excited agreement from all of them as they race off. I go sit next to Mike, as does Earl. Tina heads in to talk to Sarah and comes back a moment later with two cups of hot coffee for Earl and me, and then she goes back in. We men are just watching as the boys take off into the woods. “This is going to be so much fun!” Jack exclaims to the other boys as they enter the woods. “Christmas was always fun before because we got presents. It’s not like we will this year,” Eddie says, feeling a little bummed. “Yeah, but we made daddy a present. Mr Washington helped us, so it will be real fun surprising him,” Jim adds. “And my mommy and daddy will be super excited, too,” Joseph. says. “Yeah, I suppose I understand now what they used to mean by `It’s better to give than receive.’ I can’t wait to ardahan escort see what dad says,” Eddie adds. “I like this one,” Jim announces, standing next to a tree. “Jim, it’s like 20 feet tall. It won’t never fit in the house,” Eddie cautions him. Jim looks at it and wistfully says, “Yeah, but it’s pretty.” “For sure it is. But we need to find one that will actually fit, buddy,” Eddie replies with a smile. They stop talking and continue looking at the trees, every now and then stopping to examine one more closely. They see one that appears perfect, but then discover it has a bad side, so they decide not to get it. They have been looking for half an hour when they hear Jim say loudly, “You’re a girl!!!” “No shit, Captain Obvious,” they hear in a young girl’s voice. The boys race to where Jim is and sure enough before them is a girl of about 12 and obviously Latina. “Wow, where did you come from?” Eddie asks. “From my mom.” “Where are you staying? Is there more people with you? You aren’t gonna hurt us are you?” Jack rambles out. “Calm down there. I stay over that way a few miles. It’s me, my mom and dad, and my two little sisters. I am hunting. See the sling shot? And no, I’m not going to hurt you. I think that was all your questions.” “I’m Jack and this is Eddie, Jim and Joseph,” Jack says holding out his hand. “I’m Layla,” she responds, shaking his hand. “How come you’re hunting?” Jim asks. “For meat, why else?” “Oh hey, you should come meet our daddy and Joseph’s daddy and mommy and Mr and Mrs Washington. Mrs Washington is our teacher now. We are looking for a Christmas tree,” Jim blurts out to her without taking a single breath. “I don’t know. My dad said not to trust no one,” she says while rubbing her chin. “I promise we won’t hurt you,” Eddie responds, holding up his hands. “So you guys aren’t like the people that roam around and try to hurt people and take their stuff?” Layla asks. “Shoot no, we don’t like those kinds of people. We are good people,” Eddie states emphatically. “I guess it would be alright. But I got to get a squirrel or something. We don’t got any meat. We got lots of vegetables and stuff from the garden, but not any meat.” “Well, if we have to, we will help you get some. Just come meet with everybody. They will be happy to meet you and hopefully your family, too,” Jack says with excitement. So the girl follows the boys up to the house. I’m sitting with Earl, Jerry and Mike and we are telling dirty jokes back and forth to each other, just because we like to do that on occasion. “You’re Irish, right Earl?” I ask. “Yeah why?” “Well, I was wondering if it was true?” He looks at me through half-closed eyes, sure that I’m setting him up. “Is it true that it takes 4 Irishmen to change a light bulb?” “What? No.” “Well, I hear that one guy holds the bulb and the others drink until the room spins.” “Fuck you,” Earl says, laughing. Mike chuckles and adds his own joke. “You know why a woman’s pussy and ass are so close together?” “Not a clue,” Earl and I answer. “So if you go drinking and they get out of line, you can carry them home like a bowling ball.” “Oh, that’s just bad,” I laugh. Earl is laughing at that too, probably picturing himself doing that to Tina. artvin escort I look up and see the boys. “Is that a girl?” I ask and the two others look up. “It sure looks like one,” Earl pipes up. “I’ll be damned,” is Mike’s response. “Shoot yeah, it is,” Jerry says, grinning. We all just sit and wait as they walk up to us. “Hey Daddy, guess what we found?” Jack asks. “Santa’s secret workshop?” Jack giggles. “No silly, a girl hunting.” “Jack, don’t hunt girls; that’s not nice.” “No daddy, she is hunting.” He giggles again and the girl smiles at me for pulling his leg. “You are like my dad, always joking,” the pretty girl says to me. “What are you hunting for?” Mike asks. “I was hoping to get a squirrel or two so we can have some meat.” “Are you hungry?” Mike asks. “Yeah, we had supper last night but nothing since,” she admits, looking down at the ground. “Well, I think the first thing we need to do is get your belly full. Come on in and my wife and Earl’s wife Tina will get you something to eat.” “Are you sure?” she asks. “Honey, one thing I am always sure of is to feed a hungry child,” Mike replies as he gets up. We of course have to follow him so we can learn what’s up with this little girl. “Sarah, the boys found a girl that’s hungry,” Mike half-hollers as he walks in the door with all of us following. Sarah and Tina pop out of the kitchen. “Oh my, aren’t you a pretty thing,” Sarah says, gushing. “Come on in the kitchen with Tina and me, and we will get you something to eat. All them boys can just sit in the living room and leave us be,” Sarah announces as she looks at all of us. The girl and the ladies walk back into the kitchen. “Huh. I can tell when I’m not wanted,” Mike grumbles to us. We laugh at him and sit in the living room. Once we are seated, Jack climbs up on my lap. Joseph climbs onto Earl’s; it makes me smile to see that his relationship with his son is closer than ever. Eddie sits between Earl and me on the couch, and Mike is in his chair. Jerry went to his room, I guess. “So boys, what did you learn from her?” I ask. “Well, dad, her name is Layla. She lives over that away and lives with her mom and dad and two little sisters,” Eddie informs us. “They ain’t got no meat, neither,” Jim adds. “Yeah, but she said they got lots of veggies,” Jack tosses in. “Well, we can’t have that now, can we?” Mike declares. He gets up and I follow him out as Jack tags along. Jim, Eddie, and Joseph. decide to play a game. We walk out to the chickens and Mike reaches down, snatches one up, and snaps its neck. “Now they can have some chicken,” he says. “I can’t have children being hungry when I got so much.” “I agree, Mike. Buddy, let’s go get some stuff from our supplies and get a care package put together. Jack grins and observes, “It’s like we are Santa.” I chuckle, “Yes I suppose it is like us being Santa.” “First we need to find out a few things. I will meet you at the truck.” I walk through the back door into the kitchen. “Layla, does your family have a way to cook things?” “Yes sir. We got a ginormous LP tank and it’s mostly still full. We just use it for cooking now.” “OK, I just wanted to find out. Please don’t leave; Jack and I are going to our house to get you some things.” ataköy escort “You don’t have to, sir. We can hunt for things. I know you probably can’t afford to spare nothing.” “Honey, we can spare it, believe me.” I walk out to the truck and see Jack behind the wheel, acting like he is driving, bouncing on the seat holding onto the wheel. I just chuckle at him because I remember doing the same thing at his age. I open the door “You driving us there?” “I would, but I can’t reach the pedals,” he says in all seriousness. “How about I work the pedals and you work the wheel?” “For real?” “Sure, what am I going to get arrested or something?” “No, silly,” he giggles. So that is what we do: I get in and he sits on my lap. He steers us back to the trailer, grinning ear to ear the entire way. Once we arrive I look at him. “What do you think we should get them that they would like the most?” “PIZZA!!!” “You mean you would part with a pizza?” “Daddy, there are 5 of them. They need two of them.” “I suppose you are right. We also got the cans of beef; we should put a few of those in as well.” We go through our pantry and by the time we are done the back of the truck is filled like the first of the month for people on food stamps. So in other words, it’s a lot of food along with other things we think they may need. We head back to the Washingtons’ and Jack is happy to “drive” again. Once there, we walk into the living room and head to the kitchen. “Layla, Jack and I got some groceries gathered up for your family. Since it’s a lot, I figure it would be best if we drive you back. It’s way too much to carry.” “That’s very thoughtful of you, Rick. But I think it would be better if Tina and I took it over instead of a bunch of big tough men like you guys,” Sarah proposes. I laugh at her. “I don’t guess I have ever been called `tough’.” She smiles. “Think about it. Who is less threatening when they show up with your little girl? Two ladies or three men?” “I see your point. The keys are in the truck when you’re ready. Mike got a chicken for them, too.” “I know, he he told me that, and he got a few dozen eggs together as well. He is getting some live chickens together for them, too; he is putting them in cages now. I had to remind the old fool to add some chicken feed.” “Well, I reckon I better go help him load it in the truck.” “Earl is already out there helping. Just get you some coffee and relax,” Sarah tells me. “Well, alright,” I say, feeling a little left out. Jack goes out to find the other boys and quickly gets into their game. About ten minutes later, the ladies and Layla leave in my truck and bring a radio with them. I made sure to grab it when we were at our house. Mike and Earl come back in and we talked about our new neighbors, wondering what they are like. We are hoping they are all like us, just nice folks who got fucked over by the greediness of our politicians. After the ladies are gone about half an hour, Sarah comes over the radio. “Big Daddy, this is Little Momma, come in.” Mike laughs. “I love how you got everyone using silly names like back when I was a boy and the truck drivers had the CB radios.” “I saw `Convoy’ once and it was funny,” was my reply. “Big Daddy here, what’s shakin’, Little Momma?” I just laugh. What’s shakin’? Really? “Met the neighbors, they are super nice and would like to meet everyone.” “Sure thing, Little Momma.” Mike gets the information of where they live. We all get into Mike’s quad cab and set out to meet them.

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