Subject: The Physical Training Instructor Ch.15 The Physical Training Instructor. Chapter 15 More trouble for David The work load decreased quite quickly as David got organised, and with Chester helping enormously. With more free time he took to wandering round the school looking in on different departments but not interrupting classes. He wandered into the photography studio one afternoon to find Lui, the smallest of the Asian boys also in there looking at the equipment. “What are you doing in here young man?” Lui looked flustered. “Nothing. Sir, just looking. I hope to do photography when the instructor is here full time.” “Where should you be at the moment?” “Free period, Sir, and I have no extra work.” “Alright, come and sit down. Tell me more about yourself.” “I don’t know that there is a lot more to tell.” “Alright, start at your earliest recollections and work towards our first meeting.” The boy first remembered being on the street in Vietnam being looked after by an older boy. He thought he was about five. “I have never known family, Sir. The older boy looked after me for about five years. He taught me to read and write and do numbers. When I was about eight he started earning money from hiring me out for sex with foreigners. That went on for several more years during which time he got hold of Chou as well. When Chou was nine a foreigner paid a lot of money to fuck him. He was bleeding when he came back to us, but he healed quickly and was then used regularly for anal sex. When I was ten I was used as well. I don’t know whether you would call it good or bad, but we were both used so badly one day that we had to go to hospital. It was there that a child welfare organisation found us and we ended up in Singapore. It was like heaven for us. There was no more sex, apart from with each other. Chou used to fuck me sometimes and I liked it because he was gentle. I had never fucked anyone until I did it to you.” He sniggered then and David joined him. “No one really knew how old we were so they judged us by our schooling ability. We think Chou is about sixteen and I may be close to that as well, but have settled for fourteen.” “So what are you doing on the sex front here at the school?” “If I tell you, no one will get into trouble, will they?” “I don’t think so. Attitudes to sex here are very liberal as long as there is no coercion.” “Oh good, because I do like sex. One of the senior boys makes proper love to me sometimes. He is very nice and never hurts me even when he sticks his large cock in my bum.” David tried not to laugh. “I see, and do you ever get the chance to be the top, to expand on the knowledge gained with me.” Lui looked as though he was going to fall through the floor he was so embarrassed. David realised that had been a stupid comment and moved round to take the boy in his arms and stroke his back. “I’m sorry, that was crass of me to word it like that.” “I’m alright, Sir. You were very thrilling and I wanted to try it again. Chou let me fuck him a few times. It was very exciting, Sir. But doing it to you was totally amazing. I still get an erection every time I think about it.” They both looked down at Lui’s groin. David smiled and ran his hand over the bulge. Lui just opened his mouth and gasped. Feeling wicked now, David got up and went to lock the door to the studio. “I think I ought to examine that. So, undress for me Lui, everything.” Given the chance to scope him out completely, David realised that the little lad was in fact very well developed. His cock looked very tasty. He had gone a little soft while undressing so David moved in close, took the cock in hand and brought it back to an erect state. “That is something to be proud of Lui. Please don’t be embarrassed. I am being a little wicked, but I wanted to have a good look at you and this appeared to be a golden opportunity. Looking at your body development and genitals, my guess is that you are probably correct. I would put you at sixteen as well. I didn’t really notice you when you were like that before. I was too spaced out.” Lui had a little smile on his face and David melted. The boy was so cute. “I think I should make amends and get rid of that for you now. Make yourself comfortable and open your legs.” David knelt in front of the boy and gently stroked the pretty, but not so small cock. He leant in then and just kissed the end. Lui’s intake of breath almost sucked all the air out of the room. Next step was to cup the balls in one hand and gently masturbate the cock, only for a minute or two. Then he sat back and took in the whole picture. Lui looked as though he was already half way to heaven. “Please sir. Would you get undressed as well? It would be so much more thrilling for me.” Ever the exhibitionist, David was very quickly naked. Before he could get back on his knees, Lui had dropped in front of him and taken his cock in his mouth. David knew he should stop this. It was already beyond any acceptable limit, but the boy was so cute, and he was so frustrated without Dominic. Instead, he lifted the boy up and kissed him. “We shouldn’t be doing this Lui. It’s all wrong. You now have a double secret to keep because wrong or not we are going to finish this. Come along, we’ll use the divan and go 69 so that you get your wish and I get mine.” Once they were settled on the divan, the boy bent his bottom leg a little and his top leg he turned up and bent completely, exposing the whole of his genital area including his very pretty little rosebud. David took the boy’s cock in his mouth and swabbed the glans making Lui gasp, before he did the same thing. His soft little mouth sent David off into outer space it was so sensual. Development from there was David playing with the boy’s arse. He licked through to the anus which he tried to tongue fuck before easing a lubricated finger over the sphincter. Lui’s sigh of contentment acted as a spur and David started rimming the boy and alternating that with some delicate fingering. Lui was so turned on that he lubricated David’s penis with as much spit as he could, and then he pushed David onto his back, quickly straddled him, and before he could stop it, Lui had sat on David’s cock taking it all in one go. David could see the pain from inadequate lubrication, and the sheer size of his cock. “No, Little One. It is done now, but you must pull off ataköy escort and let me lubricate you properly.” “Promise you will go back in afterwards?” David nodded, dislodged the boy and ran to the place he knew Dominic kept proper lubricant. Back, lubricated and he took the boy in the missionary position. It brought tears to his eyes. The boy’s eyes were full of desire, his cock was so hard it looked painful and amazingly he was using his gluts to make it even more sensual for David. He used a very slow action to try to make it last. The boy was divine. He placed the boy’s feet on his chest so that when he leant forward to kiss him, the penetration was greater. Lui was keening then and when David sped up to orgasm Lui started as well, and without touching himself had an incredibly intense orgasm. Orgasm complete for David but he kept fucking the boy gently as he went soft. He fell forward and gave the boy a kiss that made him pass out it was so intense. David rolled sideways, slipped out of the boy and pulled him into a cuddle. It was several minutes before Lui raised his head, looked into David’s eyes and whispered. “No one has ever made love to me like that, Sir. Please say you will do it again sometime.” David stroked his little man and knew he shouldn’t, but equally knew that he would. Whatever would Dominic say? “Yes little one. I will send for you ocassionally. Our secret, yes?” “Oh yes, Sir, always.” They showered together, both getting erection and both receiving very quick hand jobs. David checked his watch and realised that they were just the right side of trouble. “Off you go, or you will be late for your next class.” Lui almost bounced out of the studio and David sat down to think. `I must be totally mad to seduce a student in this manner,’ was his thought. But then he smiled. `But it was amazing.’ He knew it would happen again, probably in the headmaster’s house, and he would have to tell Dominic, who he hoped would understand. *********************** The conversation when Dominic came home was a little tense. Dominic was not best pleased. Taking a senior to bed, or a staff member would not be a problem, but a year 9 student, he thought was stupid. “He must be very special, David, but it is still not very clever.” David hung his head knowing that Dominic was correct. “I know my Love, but the boy is just so damn cute.” “David, there are going to be hundreds of cute boys pass through here while you are head honcho, many of them gay. What will it do for your reputation the day one of them blabs about having sex with the headmaster?” “I’m not considering going to bed with a string of cute ones. I love you so much that when you come home for good I’ll be monogamous if you want me to be. When you are away I will no doubt fall ocassionally, but I won’t be taking any more year 9 boys. This was definitely a one of and if I do it again with Lui it won’t be any worse than doing it once, plus he already had ammunition if he needed it from fucking me the first time. Say no and I will stop all sexual activity when you are not here.” “No I can’t do that, it wouldn’t be fair. I have a romp with Michael or Darius frequently when I am away, restricting you would be selfish, but please, David, be careful.” David nodded and they were soon back to normal. “You may well have Lui in one of your intro classes this week. He wants to take photography as a major.” Twinkle in his eyes, Dominic replied. “Oh good. I like to concentrate on portrait and human body photography in the intro lessons because then we don’t have any silliness when we start serious modelling photography. I will have to organise it that Lui gets naked for one of those lessons.” Lots of laughter now, and loads of loving later. ******************** “Good morning boys.” “Good morning, Sir,” came back from the group of mixed year boys sat in for their second photography lesson. In the first lesson Dominic had gone through what he was going to teach. This one he was going to go through the basics of the kind of photography they would do during the semester and how it would dovetail into the full course at the beginning of the next school year when he would be a resident tutor. “Portrait and modelling photography makes up a good part of the course. Artists use models to show their ability because the human body is a complex and beautiful subject. No less so with photography. Light and shade can turn a quite ordinary snap into a prize winning shot if the light is right and the model uses his body well moving from pose to pose. We’ll start with some head and shoulders shots, so all of you pick a partner and take one digital camera between two. No more than ten shots each and use the light from the windows to get light and shade the way you think they look best. In some ways the pairings were perfect. Older boys picked younger boys. Sets completed and Dominic ran through them quickly. It was quite obvious that Lui and his partner had used light and shade to the best advantage. “I think we may have two stars already. Lui I know, so who is your partner?” The boy answered for himself. “My name is Andre Avon, Sir, I’m year 11 so I hope to have one full year with you, taking this as a major.” “Well, Lui and Andre, your obvious ability is going to be embarrassing for you today because I am going to use you for the body shots now before we discuss all the shots. So will you both just go behind the screen over there,” Dominic pointed, “And undress for me, completely.” Neither boy objected, and it was some months before he found out why. “That is good. Now stand on the two podiums and initially just change your poses to suit yourself. After a couple of minutes, class, you can suggest other poses, and even assist the boys into those poses. Try not to fall over each other getting the poses you want.” Dominic watched, and as the time passed the poses became more erotic by suggestion and because Andre was quite a sexy boy. Lui wanted to emulate his older partner so the result was some very good poses just short of being pornographic. When Dominic stopped it, both boys were erect. In Andre’s case the erection was breath-taking. “Thank you boys, get dressed again now before I have sex scenes to control.” Everyone laughed and a few comments flew, like, “Ah, spoilsport, Sir.” Dominic noted that boy and made merter escort him and his partner undress to allow Andre and Lui a quick session. Andre was definitely the extrovert and had the new boys erect in no time. He and Lui also had the best shots of the session. Analysing all of the boys efforts on the big screen after he had downloaded each camera’s contribution was constructive and gave them all plenty to think about in the use of light and shade, as well as the actual poses. Class finished and Dominic took Andre and Lui aside. “I don’t have a great deal of free time while I am here part time, but I would like to fit in a few late sessions with you two between end of instruction and supper. How do you feel about that?” Both boys were eager for the extra tuition and agreed three evenings that week. Dominic told David his plan and the names of the two students. The second of the three nights and Dominic had both boys naked, and himself. They were swapping camera work and modelling so that Dom could get them taking shots of another model, him. He was also getting dual scenes. Intertwining, loads of touching, but nothing sexual. Because Dom was concentrating on the work he was flaccid, but both boys were erect because Dominic was so sexy with his gorgeous flaccid cock. Dom was on the dais with Andre when David walked in to observe. He remained at the back and was unnoticed. The scenes changed and Dom and Lui were together. It was quite obvious that Andre was choosing poses that were as close to sexual as Dominic would allow. David thought they were quite sensational, and it got better when it was the two students on stage and Dominic choreographed the positions. They were quite erotic without being pornographic. The next stage was Dom downloaded all the pictures and then started working through them on the giant screen. That was the point at which David let it be known he was there. “Perhaps I should make this a nudist school. You three would be fine examples to use in advertising for students.” They all turned looking a little shocked at the headmaster standing there fully clothed. “Please, do carry on, I am just an observer.” Dominic looked a little apprehensive but turned and continued his class. Analysis completed and Andre, feeling wicked made a suggestion. “This could easily become a porno shoot, Sir. How would you start the poses if it were to go that way?” He was disappointed if he expected to fluster Dom. “That would be easy following on from the last poses. You two have been erect for some time so get back up on the dais. Andre stand angled to my camera, feet slightly apart, hands on hips. Lui, close in to Andre but on your knees. Again slightly angle yourself so that my camera picks up your penis as well. Now, use your right hand and cup Andre’s ball sac, keep your left hand near the top of your thigh and lean in so that your mouth is only about an inch away from Andre’s cock head, your eyes looking up at him. Andre look down at Lui with a little smile on your face.” Dominic quickly took about half a dozen shots varying his position only slightly. “Ok, while I download these, get dressed we will be finished after looking at them.” They looked incredible as they came up on the big screen, giving David a monumental hard on. Dominic picked the one he thought best suited the wished for situation. “Now, look at that picture. Tell me what you think and what you see.” “I’d like him to have leant further forward, Sir.” Dominic laughed. “No doubt, but tell me your impression of the shot.” “Not really pornographic, but suggestive of follow up action.” “Good. Erotic or not?” “I think so, Sir. I hadn’t realised that my eyes were giving away my thoughts.” “Well done Lui. Your eyes give the shot the perfect entry into porno shots. Lean you forward so that you have Andre’s cockhead in your mouth and we are on our way to a porno shoot, but you have both missed the most important thing. Composition of the shot and use of light and shade. Let’s call it a wrap for tonight. Next session we will discuss pure content of this evening’s shoot with emphasis once again on light and shade as well as the positioning of the models.” Andre showing his pedigree as an extrovert spoke to Dominic as he was leaving. “Couldn’t we continue where we left off tonight, Sir, only with you in Lui’s place?” Dominic grinned at him. “Go boy before we go even further than that.” “I don’t think there is any doubt that you have the ability to teach your subject my love. But how did you manage to remain flaccid with those two hotties running around with erections?” “Oh, I don’t know, I guess I was too wrapped up in doing my job.” “Did you ever remain flaccid when you were filming my orgies?” Dominic had to think. “Do you know, David? I’m not sure.” Two laughing men retired to the headmaster’s house for dinner and more talk. “So where is this going with Andre and Lui?” “I’m making them look at what’s important when they hit the button. I guess that is why I stay flaccid. This isn’t just a matter of point and shoot, like my orgy filming was. This is for art’s sake. That’s why I remain soft I expect. When we do moving stuff that may change because they will be concentrating on what’s in the viewfinder more, as will I if I’m filming them.” “What about your regular class?” “I’ll be doing the same with them, but these two are special, they have talent.” David thought Andre probably did, sexual talent. “When I come back next time, David. Would you take a movie camera on one of these private session? I would like to concentrate their minds on composition where they are setting the standard and the cameraman becomes a secondary consideration.” Without sounding too eager, David said yes. He knew that if he did it he would need to strap himself in really tight because he was sure he would be monumentally hard. The final session with Andre and Lui was scheduled for the last day before Dominic had to return to uni. ********************* “This session is much less about camera work than it is about making the right decisions on what you do and where you put your selves. I will run several fixed camcorders which you can effectively ignore. I will pick any useful stuff out of them some other time. I have set up three areas for you to consider. You can also have a mobile handheld for use when you are not in a particular bahçeşehir escort scene. The bedroom scene, a lounge area, and a playroom. The first two are easy to deal with. The third one I need to show you how to use the bench.” Instruction given and all the playroom kit shown. “Be careful how you use the playroom gear. We have done no porno and I don’t want this session to get too heavy. We will discuss and prepare ourselves for porno stuff, but much later in the course.” Andre looked at the bench and hoped he would be able to use it tonight. “Andre, to start, you think of a scene you would like to play out. Use Lui and me as your actors. You can join in when it is appropriate. Lui you will follow on so both of you, I’ll give you ten minutes to think through about fifteen minutes of film. You will direct and star as well. Finally, I’m going to link the handheld direct to the big screen so that I can see most of the take as it happens.” Andre looked a little shy, a first, as he spoke to Dominic. “This isn’t meant to be racist in any way, Sir. But could I do a slave scene with you as the slave?” Dominic laughed. “Well that will be a first for me so go ahead.” The boys talked quietly while Dominic checked out the handheld and the link to the big screen. “Ok, Sir we’re ready.” Lui was on the handheld and Andre started the dialogue. “You continue to think you are a white man Slave, so today I am going to show you that you are just an animal. Now come with me.” Lui filmed as he followed the other two to the playroom scenery. “Now, shuck down boy.” Dominic undressed completely and stood at rest in front of Andre. “I have been too lenient in the past just stringing you up for a whipping. Today I think you should see what being an animal really means. On the bench on your back.” Dom scrambled onto the bench as though he was deadly afraid. Rolled over in the correct position and let his eyes play over the large screen. He watched Andre secure his wrists above his head and then take a leg at a time and secure them to the uprights. He realised then how exposed he was. `My God, no wonder it took all of David’s fortitude to handle this,’ was his thought as he watched the screen. Andre stood back and looked at what he had and then moved back in and reattached Dom’s wrists to the uprights below the legs. The exposure then was even more humiliating. Lui now walked all-round shooting down on Dom before going end on to pan in for a close up of anus, cock and balls. Dom had to admit, the boy had the viewfinder image just about perfect, and he told him so. Andre moved in then and started stroking one of Dom’s thighs, right up to his bum cheeks. Then he cupped the balls and continued with his dialogue. “If I cut these off it might slow you down a bit. What do you think Lui? Shall we castrate him?” Lui speaks from off camera. “If you are going to take his balls you might as well take everything. Won’t get in the way when he’s working.” Andre laughed and moved his hand gently up to stroke Dom’s cock as well. “Mmm, that has possibilities leaving him with no cock and balls his anus could be a pussy and the other bucks could use him as well.” Andre continued to stroke Dom’s cock and balls while he was talking. Dom could see that the viewfinder shots were still just about how he would have had them. “This was not meant to get sexual, Andre, even though your hand is very erotic on my groin.” “Oh, this is just a little bit of playtime, Sir.” “Lui, how do you think we should decide what to do?” Lui knew where Andre was going with this now so he followed on in just the right way. “Well I wouldn’t want him to lose his cock and balls unless his pussy was good for action. You may need to find out.” Andre could see the box of toys and casually slid across to get a cock gag. He didn’t let Dominic see it until he was at his head and had told him to open his mouth wide. “We better inspect his mouth as well to make sure he can give the other bucks a good blowjob.” Dom opened his mouth and found himself with a three inch cock gag in place and now unable to forbid the boys any action. “I think what we need to do is firstly make sure that his cock is in working order. Then I’ll check out his anus.” Lui rested the camera where it would pick up the action and both boys started playing with Dom’s cock and balls. Lui got really carried away and started to give a blowjob. That had Dominic climbing walls. The little mouth was like velvet. Andre was playing with the balls and also moving around the anal area. Both boys divested themselves of their clothes and Dominic could only think of one thing they would do that for. He watched in horror as Andre started to open up his anus. Lui was watching the arse play and his own action blowing Dominic’s gorgeous cock. Too much for him, he had to stop and get naked as well. “I need to empty my balls, Andre.” “Ok, I’ll lube you and you can try him first.” Lui lowered the bench a little and then moved in. Dom watched it on the big screen as Lui slid into him. The feeling was amazing. This little boy had a magic touch. It didn’t matter how much he was against this action, when Lui orgasmed, Dominic did as well. Lui slid out gently, and like a professional, picked up the camera again and continued filming. Dominic then had the best view of all watching Andre lube his long uncut penis before sliding into him as well. `I can’t believe these two daring to effectively rape a member of staff, but they are so sensual,’ was Dom’s take on the action. Andre appeared to go on forever. He was incredible waking up every nerve in Dominic’s body. He wanted to scream at him to fuck him harder. When he did orgasm it was a monster and took Dom with him for another one. It took Andre and Dom a good ten minutes to calm down enough to resume anything. Andre took out the cock gag and then released the restraints. “I’m sorry, Sir, we over ran the fifteen minutes a bit.” Dominic didn’t know what to say. For the first time in his life this boy had rendered him speechless. The cheeky little sod was only apologising for the time over run. Eventually he could speak. “This lesson is finished. Get dressed and go.” Dom went to the toilet to unload all the cum and then showered before dressing and with the videos in hand returned to David. ****************** “I have four videos here. You won’t have time to watch them before I leave for uni. Give me a call when you have seen them and we’ll talk. No.1 first and the others it won’t matter in which order you watch them.” He wouldn’t be drawn and he and David had their usual last night together for a couple of weeks. ***********************************************************************

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