The Perv Neighbor


My name’s Alyssa.My friend Aubrey called me up and asked me to cat-sit one weekend for her, while she went to see her mother in Miami. Aubrey lived in Atlanta and I had sit for her a few times before. I was happy to help her out because that’s what friends do. Plus I love hanging out in Atlanta, I have several friends in the area. She has been trying to get me to officially move there for years. When I arrived at her apartment she had left a note telling me where everything was and to make myself at home. There was a P.S. at the bottom of the note that said, “Watch out for my perv neighbor, he likes to watch you.”The way Aubrey’s apartment was laid out, the sliding glass doors in the living room opened to a balcony that looked directly into her neighbor’s apartment. Last time I was here, an older lady lived there and she kept her blinds pulled down all the almanbahis time. I got settled in and called a few of my local friends and went out for dinner. When I arrived home later that evening I got comfortable, put on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and plopped down on the couch to watch TV. Aubrey had the blinds to the sliding glass door taken down (she said they were tacky) and she had curtains hung instead. I kept looking over at them, wondering if the perv neighbor was home.I decided to take a look and I pulled the curtains open. Her perv neighbor was a nice looking guy. He was sitting on the couch in a pair of boxer shorts watching basketball. He had a slightly muscular build, sandy blond hair and a touch of a tan. I could handle a perv that looked like that. I decided I would leave the curtains open for the weekend. Just to see what happened. He glanced almanbahis yeni giriş over every now and then but nothing creepy. I was beginning to get tired and I noticed that he had turned off his game and headed to bed.The bedroom window also looked into the neighbor’s bedroom window, so I decided to open those curtains as well. His blinds were open and I could see in the mirror on his dresser, that he was laying in bed watching porn. I turned off the lights pulled a chair up to the window. Apparently I was the perv neighbor now. I saw him reach into his boxers and pull out his dick. It was pretty big, not sure exactly how big but a nice size. He reached for a tube of lube on the side table and squirted some in his hand. Then he began stroking his dick. I had never watched a guy jack off privately before. It was arousing.After a few minutes almanbahis giriş I felt my pussy begin to get moist. I found myself massaging my breast and pinching my nipples. I imagined that it was me he was watching in the movie and that his dick was hard because of me. I slid my hand into my panties and began to circle my clit. I watched his intensely as he jacked it harder. This made me rub my pussy harder and faster. As he shot his load all over his hand I jammed my fingers into my pussy and climaxed. Afterwards, I crawled into the bed and drifted off into a peaceful sleep.The next morning I woke up with one thing on my mind, the neighbor. I pulled out a cute hot pink lace bra and pantie set that I knew would show off huge my DD breasts perfectly. I am in good shape and I love to show my body off. My long black hair falling just above my round ass. My shaven pussy gently caressed by the lacy fabric of my hot pink panties. I made sure all curtains were open. I was leaving tomorrow so I wanted to have fun today. I went to the kitchen, grabbed a bowl of cereal and sat on the couch to eat.

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