The Perfect Woman


I sat down on Alycia’s bed still wary of what is about to happen next. I was wondering if she would come out laughing at me telling me it was all a prank or if she would knock me out and some men in medical suits would steal my organs. She approached me a few hours earlier which was already weird in itself women like her don’t appro guys like me. When she said she didn’t like drinking alone and I noticed I was the only guy sitting at the bar by himself, I pushed my suspicious nature aside.

My friends and I rate women on three different scales. The natural scale, the subjective scale, and the fantasy scale. The natural scale measures their natural beauty without any enhancements, the subjective scale takes into account makeup, surgical enhancement, and so on and finally the fantasy scale is all about our own preferences; what we find physically attractive like hair colour, eye colour, height, body shape, etc…

Because of that, the perfect woman is a lot more difficult to find because someone on the low tier of the natural scale can be in the average tier of the subjective one and at the top tier of the fantasy scale. Alycia was the first who came up to a total of thirty. She had flawless skin, mesmerizing eyes, plump lips, an hourglass figure, and long legs along with other factors which gave her a natural ten. Natural ten meant she had a subjective ten. What gave her the fantasy ten was her naturally curly red hair, her emerald green eyes, her busty chest, her flat stomach, her thin waist, her fat ass, and her thick thighs all things I liked in a woman since my teenage years.

Our conversation was pretty casual at first talking about us mostly and our honest opinion on different subjects. When she started flirting with me, that suspicious part of my brain that believe that nothing good ever happened to me started acting up. I was trying to find out what was wrong with her that a woman who could get any guy would settle for an average guy like me. When I didn’t find anything wrong with her, I was trying to figure out what her angle was; how was she going to take advantage of me.

Light touches, eye contact, flirtatious tone, and innuendos quickly turned to dirty talk, turn-ons, sexual preferences, and favourite porn. My brain was on high alert telling me this is a trap but she was intriguing and my curiosity got the best of me. Even if she was not trying to recruit me into a sex cult or if she was not a psychotic nympho, that woman would chew me up and spit me out into small pieces. The more we talked the tighter my pants felt and the wetter she was getting because for some reason my hand made it to her inner thigh high up enough to feel her soaked panties.

She suggested I pay our bill while she got us a ride back to her apartment. I down the rest of my drink and paid our tab, the waiter gave me a knowing wink. Which through me off a little, was she a high-class escort and she would at a later time ask for payment. I didn’t mind at all I was too horny to care. When I got out of the bar, I didn’t see anyone, was all that just for me to pay her tab? Then she whispered my name, I turned around to face where I thought her voice was coming from. I approached the alley next to the bar tentatively, she grabbed my arm and pulled me into her in a dark spot of the alley.

Alycia put her arms around my neck and told me we had ten to fifteen minutes before our ride would arrive. I knew exactly what to do from our earlier conversation, she wanted me to take charge, to tell her what I wanted her to do, and be in complete control. I was raised to be respectful so telling other people what to do is hard for me since I don’t like being told what to do. I can give my opinion and suggests what I would do if I was in their place but for some reason, it came naturally to me. I pulled her closer to me and told her to spread her legs apart and lean back against the wall and place the palm of my hand against her wet panties.

I told her to move slowly and alternate from a circular motion to a come-and-go kaçak iddaa motion every once in a while. She tried to kiss me but I pulled back and whispered that she had to earn the right to kiss me. She moaned in frustration at that and breathily promised that she would be a good girl. Her laboured mouth breathing turned into whimpering and loud moans of pleasure. I pulled my hands away a few times to let her pleasure die down a little, reminding her I was in charge. I think she enjoyed it as her pleading was full of need and her eyes were lustful. We stopped when the car arrived and she groan in frustration. She gives the driver her address and we fondled each other in the back seat till we reached her apartment complex.

That brings us to now with me freaking out over what was going to happen next. I close my eyes and try to slow down my breathing. My heart rate goes down and my mind cleared a little, you can do this I repeat to myself like a mantra. Then she emerges from the bathroom wearing a completely red attire because I mentioned that it was my favourite colour. She has stilettos, her tone legs are covered in stockings held by a lace garter belt. Her puffy labia are framed by her crotchless panties and her big boobs were held up by a demi bra. She even put on red lipstick and red eyeshadow and eyeliner. I thought she was perfect before I was pleasantly surprised that she can look even better.

“Damn…” I whisper, walking towards her. She smiles and bites her lower lip. She strikes a pose as I walk circling her feasting my eyes on her lingerie-clad body. “Damn” I repeat standing in front of her.

“Touch me,” she says needy almost pleading. I run my fingers lightly down her stomach stopping at her waist and then going back up. I watch closely as goosebumps erupted on her skin wherever I touch her. I place my free hand on the small of her hips and turn her around, she immediately arched her back as soon as she faces away from me. I ran my fingers along her back and her sides. I kept going along her sides till I reaches her calves and then went back up. I then pull her into me and grab her boobs, she starts grinding against me as soon as her bum made contact with my crotch.

I kiss her neck and shoulder while massaging her breasts and rolling her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers. Her breath catches in her throat when I pinch her nipples, she reaches back to put her hand in my pants but I take a step back.

“Not yet,” I say trying to sound authoritative, I want her to feel like being able to touch my penis was a reward. I pull away from her and sit on her bed again, “crawl to me sweetheart,” I say, taking off my shirt. She gets to her hands and knees as quickly as she can, she arches her back a little and looks straight into my eyes. Her mesmerizing green orbs are glazed with lust, she approaches me like a feline in heat. I spread my legs, letting her know that it was her final destination. “Take off my pants,” I command, she places her hands on my knees. She runs her hands up my legs and thighs, she unbuttons me and leans her head closer to the flap of my pants. She grabs the zipper with her teeth and unzips it.

She keeps my boxers on, she draws closer to me and looks up. I bend down and capture her lips; she kisses me back immediately. She stays passive following whatever I am doing when I suckle on her lips she suckles back, when I gently nibble on her upper lip she gently nibbles on my lower lips. I reach down grab both her thighs and pulled her into my lap. As soon as our crouch connects, she starts to gyrate her hips. I smack both her ass cheeks and pull away from her. I shake my head no and wait for her to show that she understands.

“Sorry, Daddy,” she apologizes in a small voice.

“Don’t call me that, please” I respond trying not to kill the mood.

“Sorry, Sir” she corrects.

“Better,” I affirm before crashing my lips to hers. I encircle my arm around her pulling her closer to me; one hand on the small of her back while the other is on her kaçak bahis neck. I pull away after exploring her mouth with my tongue for what felt like five minutes. “Are you a good girl?” I ask.

“Yes,” she says shaking her head yes. I smack her ass cheeks again a little harder than before and shake my head no again, I would never smack her ass if she hadn’t told me earlier that she enjoyed impact play. “Yes sir,” she whimpers.

“Get on your knees and take my cock out,” I assert. She jumps up and gets on her knees between my legs in seconds. I raise my butt a little to let her take my boxers off. “Play with it,” I say, she smiles devilishly at me and went to grab my dick. “No hands,” I say, smacking her hand away. She put her hands behind her back and adjusted herself so that my erect penis was aligned with her mouth. She darts her tongue out tasting my precum, she moans in satisfaction. Then she plants small kisses on the head of my cock, she keeps kissing going on both sides of my cock. She then nudges it upwards using her nose and kisses it up and down my shaft.

Alycia pulls her hair back into a ponytail and bows her head presenting her ponytail to me. I grab her ponytail firm enough that her hair would stay in place but let my arm loose so that she can move her head freely. She goes straight for my balls licking than and putting them in her mouth and sucking on them. After doing this for a few minutes she stops and looks up at me, “can I use my hand” she says almost pleading. “I promise I won’t stroke it,” she added before I could answer. I shake my head yes; she grabs my dick at the base and lightly taps it against her face. Twice on both cheeks and three times on her forehead, she rubs it on her lips from side to side. She opens her mouth wide and sticks her tongue out, she taps the tip on her tongue before burying it into her mouth.

She bobs her head slowly her tongue still sticking out. Then she goes deep, her nose pressing against my pelvis as the tip of her tongue flicks against my balls. She pulls back up and spits on my dick and pushes my cock down her mouth again this time trying to hold it in as long as possible. She pulls away and catches her breath before doing it over and over, staying longer every time. She leans back after doing that a couple of times, “would you like to fuck my tits sir” she asks while holding her left tit with her free hand and tapping my cock against it. I shook my head yes maybe a bit too eagerly.

She reaches back to unhook her bra but I grab her arm before she could. I place her hand on both sides of me, I hook my finger into her bra and pull it towards me a little. I place my dick behind it and Alycia adjusted herself so my cock is buried deep between her cleavage. She starts moving up and down slowly and drools on her boobs every once in a while, to keep my dick and her big mammaries slick. It doesn’t take long before I start bucking my hips in rhythm with her, I am dazzled by the sight of my dick going up and down between her breast, jiggling every time they meet my hips.

She stops all movement and pulls my dick from between he boobs, “fuck my face please sir” she pleads after a few minutes. I welcome the little pause because I was about to bust. She opens her mouth wide as I place my hand on both sides of the top of her head. I make a slight adjustment to the position of her head as my dick approaches her mouth. I go at it slowly at first and build up a rhythm, then I push further burying myself deep, and start to count. When I feel her pull away, I remove my dick from her mouth. Once she catches her breath, I went back to fucking her mouth, slowly at first building up a rhythm then going deep holding her head against my pelvis.

Alycia manages to go up to twenty-two seconds, she wants to keep going but my orgasm was close so in the last round I am buried deep and start to pull out when I feel myself about to cum but she encircles her arm around my waist and pulls me back into her throat. My legs buckle a little as I feel her swallowing illegal bahis my sperm down. She pulls away once my orgasm is over, she was a mess. Hair all over the place some strands sticking to her face thanks to the drool, lipstick smeared, eyeliner running down her face, drool all over her body. She looks like a pornstar after doing a deepthroat video.

“Go and make yourself pretty again,” I say. She sprung to her feet and sway towards her bathroom. I sit back down on her bed “wow” I whisper; I lean back down thanking whatever entity that allowed me to experience this. I felt her lying next to me a few minutes later.

“You okay tiger,” she asks.

“Yeah,” I reply turning on my side to face her, “you’re amazing.”.

“Thanks,” she says with a smile, as she moves closer to me. Her hair is combed again, and her face was clean and makeup-free. She is as beautiful as ever.

“Is this the part where you knock me out and some men take away my organs?” I say trying to sound sarcastic.

She chuckles, “doing it in the alley would have been easier,” she replies, “then again I wouldn’t have experienced this if I knocked you out then.”.

“You really enjoyed that,” I ask, she responds by shaking her head yes. “You’re twisted and I love it,” I say pulling her into a kiss. “Hmm, minty,” I say pulling away.

She kisses me again, pressing herself closer into me, and our hand starts to roam each other. “Ooh, time for round two,” she enounces when she feels my growing erection. I spin us around so that she is sitting on my lap our mouth engages in another kiss. She got rid of her bra; I pull her down on my lap when she tries to pull away to take her panties off. She grinds against my now throbbing erection and I thrust up into her until I feel my head penetrating her. She pulls away from our kiss to let out a breathy moan. I lean back once I was buried to the hilt. Her tight pussy enveloping my dick with its wet warmth.

Alycia starts bouncing up and down, playing with her hair. I place both my hands on her hips, looking up at her bouncing tits. Her eyes are close enjoying the sensation of my dick penetrating her. Her moans grew louder as well as the sound of our slapping flesh as she increases the pace. I move my hands from her hips to her pussy. I spread her lips to have access to her engorged clit. I put my thumb in my mouth coating it with my saliva then put it against her clit. I draw small circles with my thumb, she seems to enjoy it as her pussy clamps tighter around my dick and her moans turn to screams of pleasure.

“Keep going I’m about to cum,” she said between wails of ecstasy. Her pussy starts twitching, and her whole body starts trembling. She leans into me still trembling, “fuck me till you cum,” she demands. I fuck up into her fast chasing my second orgasm of the night. I grab onto her hips again to steady her as her pussy is still quivering and her body is still trembling. I figure she was still sensitive from her orgasm. It doesn’t take long before I feel my ball churn. I spin us around and place her on her back and pull her legs up. She puts both her legs against my left shoulder once she regains some composure holding them together with her arm. “Yes, fuck me harder,” she screams. I feel her leg shake she is about to have another orgasm. I pound into her like a mad man, “cum with me,” she screams. It is all I could do to keep it in, I empty my ball deep inside her as she screams her second orgasm. I move to pull out, “no,” she pleads. I forgot that she also likes to feel her partner soften inside her.

I move to put us on our side and pull her into me. She buries her face into the crook of my neck. “What are you doing,” I ask when I feel her pussy pumping on my dick.

“Trying to see if you can go for round three,” she replies innocently.

“Alycia it’s late and tomorrow is a work day,” I state.

“I have the day off tomorrow and you said you mostly work nights,” she says.

“We’ll see how long we can go at it some other time okay?” I tell her hoping there will be another time.

“Fine,” she concedes, I almost throw my fist in the air knowing there will be a next time. We stay like this body entangle, my hand running along her back until we fall asleep.

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